Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman 2022

Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman 2022

Let’s make Yuto our shared penis☆”

Spring. The boy, Yuto Amemiya (you), who started living alone after his father moved to a new place, is spending his days freely, although there are a lot of hassles. Perhaps it is because he has been living alone with his father for as long as he can remember, but he often felt a sense of loneliness at the spaciousness of the family-type condominium immediately after he started his new life, but he soon got used to it. It may be thanks to the wives of the neighbors who took care of Yuto in their spare time.

Megumi Morisaki, a beautiful ex-Yankee widow, is a little bit foul-mouthed but very caring.
Anna Okudera is a beautiful, intellectual wife who has a problem with being too uptight.
A calm, gentle, motherly, goddess-like beauty – Mako Suzumoto.

Although different in type, these three wives have been close friends since their school days.
You help them with anything they need, as they tend to be short on male helpers due to their own circumstances.
The three of you, who don’t know their mother, are always there to take care of them, sharing dinner and other things with them.
Peaceful, calm days, holding each other’s hands.

Then the seasons change, and it is summer.
The summer vacation is just around the corner, and when the three of them learn that you will be spending your birthday alone, they decide to celebrate your birthday with you.
You ask, “Is there anything you want for your birthday present?
You whisper in a sweet voice to your Mistress, her cherry-red skin glistening with alcohol, and you say something that you’ve been meaning to say for some time.

I want to have sex with you.

You watch with bated breath as she realizes that you, who she thought was a child, are in fact a full-fledged male, and that her face is changing from that of a man’s wife, to that of the parent of a child, to that of a woman. …… And then you know.
That the wives are former slutty wives who have graduated from the flower garden of sex-loving JKs called St. Slutty Academy.

The sweet, sweet summer vacation begins, where the heat of summer and the heat of your skin meld together like caramel.

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  2. Is this a repeat of the “Wives Once Wild” VN? Or is a refinement over that one perhaps?

    Just a bit confused is all.

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