G-senjou no Maou

G-senjou no Maou

You play the role of Asai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city – a beautiful girl from your past named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as Maou. Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.

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  1. There is no Dude here says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand the hype with this one. Was kinda bland, the characters are meh, and it’s full of cheap twists that feel anticlimactic.

    And screw Kanon, she’s such an arrogant brat who is so full of herself. Also she looks like 90% of anime girls from the 2000s. Basic ass.

  2. Mastertank says:

    Does this version have everything in it like the original game if not is it the best version for now?

  3. dude... DUUUUDEEEE says:

    Dude, all I have said for the last hour is duuuudeeee! I just finished haru’s route and dude, it was beautiful, but I’m contemplating whether I should do tsubaki’s or kanon’s route or will I be too disappointed compared to haru’s ending

  4. Matt says:

    so i downloaded and extracted everything, and i mounted it. but when ever i run the set up it shows up like when you have your system local not set to japan. so it doesnt run properly. any suggestions

  5. kazu says:

    is this the 18+ version?
    or it’s just the all-ages version

  6. Stitched up leftovers says:

    this is the HD version right is it voiced??

  7. km says:

    if anyone is wondering, it is voiced.

  8. Kazuki says:

    Is this voiced?

  9. string says:

    is this version voieced or voiceless ????????????

  10. Tim says:

    Is this voiced?

  11. Mr_An0nym0us says:

    I loved the work as a whole… But chapter 2… I thought there would be a limit to how good something could be, but G-senjou no Maou proved me wrong. Highly recommemd to everyone.

  12. zaid says:

    Is this a censored verion?

  13. Raffro Singh says:

    Can any one tell me how to install this english patch thingy :((

  14. sad face says:

    When playing g string maou I get an information screen outside of the school that stops me from playing help!!!!!!

  15. ASA says:

    guys what the heck is this??!!
    when i install the JP game it does not work when i try to open

    When i try to install the patch i cant get through because the JP game is not detected.

  16. James says:

    See my comment below!

  17. James says:

    I’ve just managed to install the game and would like to share how I did it!

    1. I first downloaded all the files from “DA free” on this website
    2. Then I selected all the zip files in file explorer (I have Windows 8), and extracted them all at once

    3. Download the DA English Patch
    4. Download, install, and open Power ISO
    5. Using Power ISO, click “Open” and select the file named “gstring.mdf”
    6. Highlight all the files you opened and extract them
    7. Run the setup “g_setup.exe” to install the Japanese version of the game
    8. Run the setup you downloaded from this site, in step 3. Make sure you install it in the same folder as you installed the Japanese version, and you’re done!
    9. Don’t forget to change your system locale to Japan!! Happy gaming!!

    • Concord says:

      the english patch always says stopped working. how do you fix this. if possible please tell me what buttons to press on the step 7. how do i change my system locale to japan as well?

      • Maou says:

        Hi Concord,

        Here are the steps for installation. I verified these steps just now on Windows 7.

        1. Download Power ISO software and mount gstring.mdf. You will see a virtual drive appear in the My Computer with the name gstring. This drive is now the virtual disk.
        2. Now click into that virtual drive and set up the japanese game. You won’t be able to read so just go with the instincts and install it.
        3. Once you are done with the installation, find the 14 Mb English Patch.
        4. Place that patch anywhere. Desktop, or some folder, anywhere is fine.
        5. Install the patch. They will show you the installation path to C:\Program Files\AKABEiSOFT2\G-Senjou no Maou English
        Don’t change it. Let it be like that and continue with the installation.
        The English patch will automatically extract files out of the Virtual disc gstring and install the game in English.
        6. Once the installation is complete, you will find the game icon on the Desktop. Enjoy!
        7. Alert: Don’t try to install the English patch in the same folder as the Japanese version. It crashes! I tried and failed three times. Then I realized that I shouldn’t try to install both versions in the same folder.

  18. Julian21 says:

    I cried my eyes out at the end one of the best games ever but what is litte girl’s name at the end ? I still couldn’t figure it out

  19. Shunsuke-kun says:

    Played this after playing “A profile” which is also from AkabeiSoft… Screw this circle for making me waste so much tears in a week T_T 10 out of 10 I say.

  20. Sally says:

    How do I extract the files from the .rar. folders? I am using win7 but it will not work. Keeps saying part1 failed partway. HELP?!?!

  21. kamith says:

    Download-Link for Part 3 does not Work
    ”File Deleted”
    Hope for new upload soon cause i cant play it

  22. Sam says:

    So I downloaded the .rar files. How do I run them?

  23. Kazami_Kota says:

    I cried. and it was well worth the tears spilt. Thanks again Admin.
    This stuff does wonders for a frozen heart.

  24. Corinlee says:

    hey guys i gt a bit of a problem. i downloaded all 6 parts of G Senjou No Maou, but in each file folder it just has the gstring.mds and gstring.mdf files… did i miss something while i was downloading the parts? because i can’t install the japanese version of the game so that i can install the english version… could use some help on this one…

    • Corinlee says:

      haha nevermind, Sineade’s comment helped me figure out how to get the japanese game to install. now i am just waiting so that i can put the english patch inside it so i can install that too.

  25. Lolzxd03 says:

    One of the best VNs I have ever played. And I have played a LOT of them.

  26. Corinlee says:

    i have been looking EVERYWHERE for this Eroge VN! FINALLY i can continue where i was (after i get to that point again xD)

  27. anon says:

    Tip: use winCDemu instead of daemon tools lite to run the game installation since daemon tools has less crapware

  28. Central says:

    I really wanted to like this one but the writing is really inconsistent. Like in some routes the Maou is one character and in the true ending he’s another. Characters make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make and is against their character and motivations. That said, I still liked Maou as a character, especially since he sounds like Lelouche from Code Geass. Gotou was great too, just unapologetically evil. It’s too bad everyone else brought it down thanks to shoddy writing.

  29. Sineade says:

    I managed to get the game to work, so to answer Tank-

    I downloaded DAEMON tools Lite and WinRAR which being new to this I didn’t realise I needed (see site FAQs for download info, you’ll have to google to find a download link for DAEMON tools though.)

    Run WinRAR, select all the Gstring files you downloaded and click “extract to”, this should create a folder with two files in it.

    Load DAEMON tools and click “quick mount”- find the folder that was created when you extracted your downloaded files and “mount” the file that’s available. After this it will ask you if you want to run the file. Click yes. It will bring up an installation screen which is all in Japanese, but it’s not difficult to work out which button means ‘yes’ or ‘I agree’ so work your way through that.

    Then load the English patch you downloaded. The game should no longer ask you for a disk.

    Sorry if this is stating the obvious for a lot of you but for those of us who don’t do this every day it’s useful to have a basic explanation.

    • Shoichi says:

      I would like a tutorial as to how to install this. I’ve already downloaded all parts, but when I try to unpack them into one folder, I keep being asked to replace them. I don’t think it’ll work if I rename them, so I don’t know what to do next… If I were to know how to mount all of them at once, or merge them into one file, it’d be great.

  30. Sineade says:

    I have the same problem as Tank- I’m being asked to insert a disk upon installation, although it doesn’t seem that anyone is responding anymore.

  31. Anon says:

    One of the best VNs ever, if you’re starting to take an interest to Visual Novels, then start with this.

  32. Haha says:

    Very recommended.
    So many manly tears fall during the ending.

  33. Tank says:

    So im installing it and it tells me i need to instert the disk of the game yet ive already downloaded all the things needed? what do i do?

  34. Anon Hystoric says:

    Hello, I tried to click on one of the download link and it says I have to pay to download files that’s bigger than 1 gigabytes or something like that. Can someone help? (Provide me the installing package or a better download link?)

  35. mat says:

    Haven’t tried this one yet but there’s a chance your antivirus might be blocking the installation of some files, it happened to me in the past and I had to shut it down to enjoy the game…

  36. AnAnon says:

    Problem: Can’t extract the multi-part archive

    I’ve downloaded all 6 parts + eng patch and have them in the same folder, however when trying to extract part 1, it says some parts are missing/ doesn’t recognize them and can’t extract the file.

    Downloaded each part again, in case one of them was corrupt, hoping it would assemble from the intact parts. Didn’t work.

    Any tips/help, please?

  37. govinda says:

    How much space does this take up in all? cus i cleared about 4 gb seeing that its only supposed to be 1 but after extracting bits of this its saying that each of the .rar files takes up like 2 gigs. Kinda new to this so maybe I’m doing it wrong but definitely a pain in the ass.

  38. I-Am-X says:

    How do you get by the bluescreen/syntax error?

    It was mentioned several times yet no reply to it.
    Seems whenever someone asks for help regarding it, it gets ignored.

  39. Zelja says:

    The cocky description of this game was a turn off, but the game was incredible. It’s already been a few years since the forum-goers here recommended it to me. I don’t know if I ever thanked them, if not, I’d love to do so.

    I really believed it would be as good as I was told, and like many of my other favorite h-games, trudged through stupid things, things I didn’t agree with, things that made me feel shit, all the way to the amazing things, and felt no ill or hatred for the parts that on their own I wouldn’t have liked. I found myself questioning my own life, my relation to my mother (similar in some ways to Kanon’s mother, similar in some ways to Kyousuke’s, both serving chilling reminders to me…) which I normally dare not to question.

    I remember the sex scenes as depressing, overwrought with wrongness. That was realistic; it’s sad, but true. Reminders that I don’t want my life to go this way, I don’t want to pursue what’s wrong, I want to be comfortable with myself and my partner. A lot of the time, people are going to do it wrong, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong thoughts, at the wrong times, we’ll do so for all our own reasons and live with these mistakes. We’ll try to connect to someone and at the same time believe we can’t.

  40. Merovingian says:

    This VN is so awsome~ πŸ˜€
    I love the story also the Soundtrack/BGM of this VN.
    especially, the “TRUE ROUTE” from this VN, my tears came out whlie I’m playing it T_T

    One of the best VN’s which I have ever played.

  41. Zayir says:

    i love this game nice story and loved the ending and the songs i loved them

  42. Moonlight_Eclipse says:

    One of the best VN’s I have ever played. Very plot twisting and emotional story 10/10

  43. Naim says:

    Tears don’t come from my eyes, if they did it could form a hot spring. One word “truly beautiful”. I would recommend this Visual Novel to anyone. Its been a really long time I felt this way.

  44. Eu says:

    i already installed it but everytime i play the application for the game something’s just pop-up… then automatically close the game

  45. man699 says:

    thanks ! a damn great game

  46. SpicyBeef says:

    Just finished it and really enjoyed it. This was actually the first VN I’ve read, and I gotta say this might be a good VN to introduce someone if they’re new to this genre.

  47. Kawaii says:

    Well, I’m kinda new to this things. I really want to play this game, but I can’t install it.

    Can someone explain how to do it?

    Thanks, and keep the good work!

  48. moeXix says:

    It seems that I can’t unlock Tsubaki’s 3rd H-scene…. Someone have a clue?

  49. Tomo says:

    Holy shit this VN is simply stunning.
    Good visual and a great musical background, loveable, cute and well written characters, excellent storyline with some unexpected twists and a true ending that made me cry like a little girl. I give this a 10/10, it might get hard for any VN I read in the future to top this, but we shall see.

  50. Chowder says:

    When I try to install it says I have a ???????????????(syntax error)what do I do?

  51. slithe77 says:

    hey, i got the game all set, but its in japanese. but when i try to download the patch it says i need to save it in another area since i \dont have admin permission\. even though i am admin, so how do i get the patch? it says its exe not rar.

  52. subhajit says:

    umm I have played this game for a while and have completed the first chapter . I wonder that how many chapters does this game have and how long is this game???

  53. Mirey says:

    On of the best VN I’ve ever read
    Makes me cried on the true ending

  54. beaststatus says:

    such an amazing vn. By far my favorite, thanks for the download

  55. beaststatus says:

    Wow, thank you so much for the download. Cried so many man tears, 11/10

  56. Duncan Idaho says:

    Why doesnt the owner makes an extra set of mirrors on mega?, faster DL speeds and less of a hassle to get the files.

    • admin says:

      … and traffic limit that would get used up in about 4-6 hours of current usage ( depending if you count downloads at peak- or off- hours ).

  57. zodios says:

    maou’s voice is turned on, yet I hear nothing. how do i solve this?

  58. Seph says:

    I have a problem, can anyone help? I already downloaded the whole version together with the English patch. But every time I try to launch the game, there’s an error that always intervenes with the whole game. Can anyone tell me what to do?

  59. Vesshar says:

    That was fucking amazing.

    I had some initial problems getting the game to work (Apparently, firefox crashing whilst downloading will corrupt some of the files, even when the download restarts), so despite not having any voice acting, reading through that story was worth every single second.

    I’d highly recommend everyone interested in a very well-written story, exellent music score, (presumeably) great voice acting and good humor, to check this one out.

    If you’ve ever played the “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” games, or know of them, you’ll appreciate the style, or at least get a kick out of this, in some minor regard.

    In conclusion:

    That was fucking amazing.

  60. Syahdu says:

    Why can’t Maou’s voice come out? In the setting’s page it had been set as ‘on’ but there still no voice every time maou talks? Is it an error? please help

  61. devilking says:

    after i download it how can i play it ?

  62. haif says:

    so i download all the parts then whats next im new to this i dnt know what to do

    • TWH says:

      First, before downloading, set your locale to Japanese.
      Then download Power ISO or some similar program.
      Download all the parts in one go, extract them or whatever with winRAR or something, then once you have the stuff all downloaded, using your ISO reading program or w.e, use that to extract the files again.

      • Tsukiko says:

        as for me.. i really didnt do that.. cause i dont have a language pack cd.. cant download one either.. what i just did is extract.. mount.. after installing, uncheck the last checkbox at the end of installing.. then open english patch and voila.. i was totally surprised leh.. πŸ˜€

  63. Yujeen says:

    The character voices aren’t working. Help, pls?

  64. Lolzxd03 says:

    Pretty famous erogame. Don’t know how I never heard ’bout dis.
    Found selecting \Random VN\ in VNDB. Is that… the meaning of fate?
    Anyway, time to play!
    I shall be back later to leave a comment ’bout it.

  65. Cen says:

    i finally installed it, but one thing..why maou’s voice doesn’t come out? anybody?

  66. Cen says:

    hmmm, i finally could play this game,but..why maou’s voice doesnt come out? -_-a

  67. Noob-san says:

    So im a complete noob and I have both Daemon tools and all the rar files downloaded. So any idea on how to set up the game so I can play?
    >Im using windows 7 and I have all the rar files (english patch included) all in the same folder. Now what?

    • helper says:

      you only need one of them. The Daemon tools is if you have a fast internet connection to download it straight. The rar is for people like me, who internet is slow.If by rar you mean the patch, then you need it.

  68. Archangel says:

    what a nice vn i ever read πŸ˜€

  69. Mark says:

    is this VN is censored verson

  70. Devtt says:

    are all links are working!

  71. GeanC says:

    Definitely one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever seen 20/10.
    Plot is amazing, characters are extremely lovable, drama is epic, funny moments are hilarious and doesn’t force you to replay to watch route endings. Simply Perfect.

  72. some guy says:

    My favourite eroge ever. I loved this. It was so enthralling that I played/watched/read it non-stop for about 4 days. And I’m usually a fast reader. Very emotional and by dealing with pretty shady topics it just gave it more of an impact. 10/10. Kinda wish there was a sequel but I kinda don’t. The main ending did leave unanswered questionsbut I would love to see something like this again.

  73. Ian says:

    I installed the game but the English patch did not work and when i ran the game a blue screen came up.

  74. huehue says:

    this vn made me cum buckets of tears best vn ever hands down

  75. TheVeryBest says:

    THE VERY BEST VN ive ever played

  76. necrokamios says:

    I’m more surprised that after 1 year’s worth of comments no one said they want to see an anime of this.

    • some guy says:

      As epic as it might be, I really don’t want to see an anime of this. As a VN it is amazing and whilst it might get more publicity (which it really deserves) it might also mean there is more pressure to change certain elements of the story. Hell, it might even mean they make a sequel and if they do that then they’ll ruin all the emotions left by the unanswered questions in the original. Oh, and I don’t think anime will be able to portray the story as well as the VN does. A key factor of this eroge is that you can read at your own pace and take in the emotions it presents fully. An anime would rush it. Rant over.

  77. Nico :3 says:

    thank you very much for uploading the game and the effort to climb such incredible visual novel!!

  78. TinkleWinkle says:

    Lmao, in my first play through, I managed to get three good endings.
    I saved just before the choices, of course.
    I got Tsubaki’s route, Kanon’s route and the true route (Haru’s route).
    I wonder what a bad ending is like… well, off to find out!
    Anybody else get multiple routes in their first play through though?

  79. LOL says:

    Usami Ending is soo sad!

  80. TinkleWinkle says:

    I’ve got no clue how I did it, since it was my first time using anything related to ISO files…
    but I managed to get it to work. In under ten minutes. πŸ˜€
    English patch and everything.
    The only hard part was installing the game for the English patch, I had no idea what it was asking me since it was all in Japanese.

  81. TinkleWinkle says:

    Mount a file… dafuq do I mount?
    I don’t have an ISO file… was I supposed to get one after downloading?

    • TinkleWinkle says:

      Nevermind, didn’t realize…
      is it just me, or is there something with how the posts are showing up?

  82. Orpachu says:

    I loved this novel. It tricked me and made me cry. This is now my favorite.

  83. clr says:

    This VN is awful. The protagonist is the most despicable asshole you can imagine. You could compare it to Death Note, but there the protagonist is righteous and well meaning.

    I could not get through this holding down ctrl, and that is after a year of coming back to it.

  84. heritz says:

    great storyline..
    tear jerker VN.
    A/V 10/10
    highly recommended!
    I cried on Usami Haru route
    Thank you for the game download

  85. huki says:

    I played this and Sharin no Kuni series… any other VN with similar themes?

  86. cookies says:

    great visual novel. i totally reccomend this one.
    the story really kept me hooked, enough to play all routes in 1 sitting ( yes i had to make 2 all nighters and finished halfway on the 3rd but i didnt got tired at all ).

    after 538 anime’s god knows how many manga’s and lots of visual novels i always for some unknown reason avoided G-senjou. after a long time since i was out of anything good i thought lets just try it. well it kepts me hooked good. especially the proloque of the true route ( haru ) its been about a year i guess since i cried that much and all i can do is blame my own stupidity fo not watching this VN earlier.

  87. Kaoriy says:

    Is it normal dat i’ve no decisions for the first chapter?

  88. Meh.... says:

    Here’s how you can easily install, if you were wondering…

    1) Download all rar files and patch.
    2) Extract
    3) Mount the file (extracting the setup file directly often
    doesn’t work).
    4) Mount with any image mounting software. (daemon tools doesn’t work with windows 7)
    5) run the patch (the patch installs the game from the mounted file)
    6) Play πŸ™‚

    Notes: There is a walkthrough in gamefaq.

  89. lilwashu says:

    yah just cant freakin wait to play this

  90. Ailmaster says:

    This is imho the best VN ever made, on par with Muv Luv Alternative… There isnt a VN that gets you as hard as this one.
    All mentioned VNs have great storylines but my vote remains on G-sen, not even ever 17 or yume miru got me like this xD

    Anyways for those who have trouble installing its the same as always i guess (since well i didnt dl from here).

    A: Have (please have, must have, YOU must have)jap locale
    installed on your pc, follow the fag of the site for install

    B: Mount the image file with your preferred mounting tools and run the installer like any other one.

    -You may have to change folder names in order for it to work (like the jap named folder name it G senjou or something) that happened to me idk this version

    Run the patch .exe, locate the game folder, and install

    If you find a famous NoDvd patch thats around then good for you if you dont you must mount the image everytime you play

    Run the exe ON JAPANESE LOCALE, or with applocale if you prefer, but anyways you must have japanese locale

    Good luck and enjoy akabeisoft masterpiece :p hoping for Joker from akabeisoft3!

  91. Tonymac says:

    I got everything done and when i started the game it won’t run and said


    How do i fix this

    Please help

  92. Chetan Yadav says:

    I was reading comment on this game and there are so many of them about, How emotional this story is. but really I played about 99% of game(All 5 chapters) without even shedding a tear(Not even when Kyosuke’s childhood story was on screen) but at last when he sees his daughter(at the very end) I burst into tears. I mean such an awesome story with Perfect Background Music.

    Hats Off to the Creator of this “Masterpiece”!!

  93. Chetan Yadav says:

    Damn!! I’m a kind of dumbfounded after playing it. I mean “No Words” can explain this. This is just way too awesome.

    Awesome Story, Awesome Music, Awesome Emotions,and last but not the least “Awesome HCG”.

  94. Chetan Yadav says:

    Oh MAN!! I can’t believe this “MASTERPIECE” only got 213 Likes(What’s wrong with people here).

  95. dLordzAndrex says:

    How to use the Patch? it asked something like a user password or something, when I choose the 1st choice a message shows up saying like “This user is not an administrator” and when I choose the 2nd choice it says invalid pls help :/

  96. Shinuaiz says:

    This game got H?

  97. snakeman says:

    I got all the way to the screen and then it says something about a dvd πŸ™ i downloaded about 3 different extraction files and changed my language settings to Japanese restarted my computer and set it up but when i clicked it a notice pops up about a dvd or something it’s like the last thing i need to get past to play this game can someone help?

  98. Rhythm says:

    This visual novel is already among my favorites and I only finished the 1st bad ending and it was EPIC! Honestly, I usually fastforward/skip the bad-ending routes, but G-senjou no Maou has such good bad endings. Love this game even though I’ve yet to reach the 2nd heroine’s path let alone get the good ending for the 1st heroine.

  99. Tarion_ says:

    I cant find out to set the game up can someone tell me how i
    set it up i really wanna know

  100. hellfish says:

    Haven’t even finished a single route yet, and I already feel obliged to tell everyone this is one of the best visual novels I’ve played. It’s almost on the same level with Umineko, and that’s definitely saying something. If you like Death Note, psychological thrillers, well-written VNs, or all three, you should definitely play this. “The Devil on G-String” is genius.

    • Chetan Yadav says:

      This is not 1 of the best. It is The best Story I’ve ever read in whole Life!!
      It really explains you the thin line b/w Good and Evil!!

  101. Firedawn says:

    its all well untill I try to play and then I get ANSI?????UNICODE??????????????????

    and the game wont start any suggestions ?

  102. Nimrod says:

    I get an CRC-error, when i try extracting the first file.
    Downloaded already two times (third one right now..), but the error remains – actually i’ve had this one already with the old files from megaupload..
    Anybody able to help me? =)

    (btw. how come the megaupload ‘version’ was 7-8 parts a 250mb and this one is 5-6 parts a 200mb? oO”)

  103. Nimrod says:

    I get an CRC-error when trying to extract the 1. file. Downloaded already a second time (third time right now..), but the error is persistent. Actually, i had the very same error already with the file from good ol’ megaupload.
    Anybody able to help me? =)

    (btw. how come the game was ~ 250mb in 7-8 parts at megaupload and is now 5-6 parts a 200mb? Something left out?)

  104. Nekozawa-sensei says:

    it won’t let me download the game >:^(

  105. meef says:

    my god this was a baeutiful game.

    at the end i bursted in tears, even though im a guy. this game moved me, character development is amazing

  106. Krasus says:

    Warning Spoiler.

    Normaly i hate spoiler, but i realy want to know how Asai Kyousuke is realtet is to Maou, i can only thin of 2 option, he has a brother or he has a splitt personality.
    I thinks its the second one, but i am at chapter 3 and do not want to go on if this realy is a splitt personality, if i play this game more houers and in the end he is the bad mann, it would be realy frustrating.

    sorry my english is not very good, but i hope someone cann help me.

  107. O-Okami says:

    It’s really AMAZING…
    The plot, BGM, and art is Beautifull…

  108. orzpenny99 says:

    WHY MUST THEY DO THIS TO ME??!!! Every time I try to download part 1, WRONG IP flashes up on the screen and I’m like NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU T~T

  109. warrof says:

    Hey, Part 6 is acting up for me. It says it’s only 383 kp large when I try to download it.

  110. Dax says:

    Saxz try yume miru kusuri, kazoku keikaku, little my maid and yu-no ^^

  111. Velusk says:

    part 2 dead

  112. Alphonse says:

    Why is it every time i attempt to download the fourth time it just goes to a white screen saying Expired? It does it everytime. getting every other part working fine but not the fourth

  113. Saxz says:

    This one is good…No…Its perfect…
    After playing this…
    I lose my interest for playing another VN…
    The other VN are too…Flat…Or Bland or near that…
    I don’t even have the will to continue Little Buster…
    Damn….What’s wrong me…

    So…Any reccomended other VN like this??The one that can make you angry,sad,happy,etc and keep you read word by word without without even yawning…

    • Riptos says:

      Sharin no Kuni is made by the same people as this and though I’d say it’s not quite as good. It’s still the same sort of thing with some very dark twists throughout.

      A game incidentally which is also on this very site =)

    • Some guy says:

      Ever 17 made me feel the same way.

    • Shikyo says:

      Muv-Luv Alternative, definitely. Ever 17 was more like me being incredibly impressed with the storywriting than a huge amount of emotions in a way that G-Senjou no Maou gave me. Muv-Luv Alternative however has still had the biggest impact on me.

      • gurusame says:

        Muv Luv Alternative ftw. If you say this game’s in par with the chunks of emotions in muv luv alternative, then this is worth my time.

  114. Swagsta says:

    I cant download the english patch link is broken omg

  115. Swagsta says:

    where do i put the english patch?

  116. shaxul says:

    Parts 3-6 are down.

    • Bluegreenman says:

      I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that it’s just that you can only download from two links at a time. Hope that helps.

  117. vagrant says:

    BTW, if you want to feel the emotions , you must follow the story from start to the end. I do the same and i really grateful that my precious time don’t become waste.

  118. vagrant says:

    this really reallllly reallllllllly good game. It has good story. the story make my tear down several times. Like shadow says, this game has emotional feelings. Sad, excitement, angry, sympathy, etc, all of these emotion can be found in this game. This is my first time playing VNs that can make me excite and sad and make me cry several times. I really recommend this game for all of you that want to play VNs with great story in it.

  119. Luxfero1000 says:

    Hey,please forgive me for bothering you but i wanna ask this when i installed the game a bluescreen appeared and didn’t play properly,why;Thanks.

  120. oldtimer says:

    Links 4, 5, and 6 are dead. Can we get those re-upped please?

  121. shadow says:

    BRILLIANT game.. very witty and emotional. The review is right. It’s like Death Note on a different level

  122. shizuka-chan says:

    when i installed this, it said “Insert your Japanese G-Senjou no Maou English disk”.. i don’t have that disk? where could i find it? what should i do?

  123. Anon says:

    None of the links work after the second. Could you re upload please admin? :3

  124. Banger2 says:

    pls can anyone give me a save file i formated my pc so my save file was deleted πŸ™

  125. Nyx says:

    Haru’s ending was a real tearjerker. I wish Yuki had a route though being one of the cutest girls in the game.

  126. Step says:

    Um, when I extract the folder, there are only two files, they’re named gstring.mdf and gstring.mds


  127. Zero says:

    Do someone know how to unlock sound mode?, by the way this novel is amazing ^^

  128. peter says:

    it says you need the following volume to continue what does that mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. ryuushima says:

    wow , just wow. I really liked this visual novel.
    It has a very strong storyline and the way the game goes trough the routes is also very nicely done.
    Only one of the routes dissapointed me but that is just personal taste. The final route I did was really frigging amazing. God that tension and the music to back it up.

    Much love for this game and I doubt i’ll ever find a game with the tension this game has again.

  130. Nano says:

    MMMm I have a problem,is in the very first part, when you walk to school with that pink haired girl, It says “After a short fifteen walk, we arrived before the gates” and after that the game crushes
    ???? : g01.ks ? : 397
    ?? : eval( ? ????????????????????????)
    and more stuff that I suppose it’s the access route to the game, please somebody help me!!! I dont know what to do.

  131. Decadence says:

    I started the game after not playing it for several months and all my load data and CG data and such was gone. I opened documents and found the “g-senjou no maou english save data” with stuff in it but for some reason the game won’t recognize it. Does anyone have an idea of how I can get it to work again?

  132. ryuushima says:

    Heya , I just completed the Tsubaki route as my first route and I must say that i’m very impressed with the game so far.
    It was a really enjoyable route , and even though tsubaki wasn’t my favorit character the story by itself made it a very enjoyable route.

    Now off to hoping the other routes will be just as much fun πŸ˜€

  133. Azepael says:

    Absolutely excellent. I can’t say that I know a lot of VN’s as this is the second one I’ve looked at (The first being Sharin no kuni) but I certainly did not expect such an amazing story.

    I laughed, I cried, and the ending of the true route left me in an emotional mess. Excellent story, truly a pleasant surprise.

  134. erocra says:

    I downloaded the patch and the game works fine but the text is showing in Japanese even though it says it’s the English version??

  135. John says:

    Any idea on how to get Usami Haru’s hscene?…….I miss 1

  136. Yar says:

    does anyone know how to access the 2nd “event” with haru?

    • ctypewriter says:

      I got the 2nd event after I “replayed” the game while choosing all the “pro-haru” choices. My first play through I picked all the anti-Haru choices and missed the scene.

  137. Reicher says:

    Good Story,….
    This is the second time shed tear becouse play VN(Visual Novel)…

  138. Rei says:

    Thanks for the help, I got the game to work properly.

    I just finished the game (all the routes both bad and good) I must say it’s a good read however, the plot is somewhat…inconsistent on certain parts. Regardless it’s a great read worthy of recommendation to others.

    On a side-note: I seem to be missing 1 Haru Event Scene and 2 CG’s (They’re both most likely related to one another). Can anyone assist me in getting my 100% completion of this VN?

  139. Ryoichi says:

    Is there any VN like this other than Sharin no Kuni?
    Any recommendation anyone?

  140. terence says:

    how do u combine all the folders ??
    i am a real noob at all this

    • Ryoichi says:

      you don’t need to combine all the parts, just unpack part1 then mount the mds/mdf file using daemon tool or other image mounting software. Then install it normally like any other games/software. After install patch it to english.

  141. terence says:

    i am a real noob in this kind of computer stuff can someone explains how all this works

  142. Ed says:

    Hello, I have downloaded the game and extracted it, but when I run it using Daemon Tools, the download process and the download window are all in random symbols and not words, and when the download completes, it ends up with a “Syntax error” window and another window with more random symbols (definitely not Japanese), what should I do?

  143. Wolfsbane706 says:

    Will 7Zip extract the files correctly, or is WinRar required in extracting the files?

  144. Reicher says:

    Excuse me,….
    Do I need to change my locale to Japaness to play this game,…?

    Thank for you all Attention ^v^

  145. len says:

    part 5 for mediafire seems to have problem

    Access to the webpage was denied
    HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

    maybe it is my internet or something @[email protected]

  146. sinister says:

    This game is incredible. The only complaint I had is that Yuki should have been an unlockable character.

  147. Disky says:

    This game is bad news. The first time I played it some time last year or maybe the year before I felt empty almost to the point of it becoming depression – for over a week after finishing! Of course it had to be a test week so I failed every subject quite admirably on top of being late every day because I didn’t want to wake up – or rather, stop dreaming about g-sen.

    I remember crying a good half of the game on the first play-through. I just finished the second play-through and well, seeing how red my eyes have become, I must’ve spent the better half crying again.

    On my first play-through I actually missed the true end – I though it ended at the kiss scene on the wharf and quite after the credits started scrolling but this time I couldn’t shake the feeling that there might be something after that. And lo and behold, there was the epilogue.

    Anyways, G-sen has been the #1 on my list since I first laid my eyes on it for obvious reasons. The characters were well-done, the story was deep, the soundtrack was great, …

    There’s no choice but to give it 10/10 on all aspects. Now I have no choice but to go to sleep to savor this sweet emptiness and once I manage to pick myself up something next week I should probably start looking for work.. or play Sharin. I reckon I will put priority on the latter tho.

  148. Davey Collins says:

    Got most of the way through Mizuha’s route and I have to say as characters go, this is a damned fine piece of work.

    The plot is pretty gripping as well.

    I just wish Tsubaki’s character was a bit more interesting but luckily once you pass her route, she is a negligable presence.

    Probably be completely finished it by Monday…best VN I’ve played since Little Busters easily. Also the soundtrack for this is absolutely stunning, I have never heard such a fitting OST in a VN.

  149. Ryougi says:

    Awesome game , if you ever play it, i really think it’s worth of your time. The plot is just incredible.

  150. bigfan says:

    I can’t seem to run the file…
    When I click the game, two windows pop up, a small one with 5 icons, and another with a lot of japanese the only english being ANSI and UNICODE

  151. Rei says:

    So…this would be my first time downloading a Visual Novel in pieces. Just a quick question: I downloaded all six pieces and was wondering, why do I only needed to mount part 1 to fully install it? Do I need to install the other parts as well?

    • Scruff says:

      Once you’ve extracted all the parts with Winrar you should get a folder with 1/2 mountable images. .mds or something like that. Just double click on it with DaemonTools installed and the the installer should start up. That’s all you really need to do.

      Then just drag the patch in and start playing.

  152. Jjredster says:

    i Agree with topa’s statement this game is truly a masterpiece, it appears the walkthrough didnt cover everything though as im still missing three CG’s, but despite that this game was really good and after just finishing up Sharin no Kuni i had high expectations for G Senjou no Maou and this game met every single one of them. The heroines were very likeable especially Haru the story was outstanding i felt like i was watching Death Note all over again with haru and maou. and it was a very touching love story. Of course i recommend this to anyone out there who hasn’t played it as always thanks for your hardwork at getting the downloads back admin without it i might not have gotten to play this great masterpiece and it shall always remain a part of my collection.

    I apologize this is so long i feel like im writing a review but after finishing the game i just could not contain my resolve about praising this game, Akabei Soft 2 did an outstanding job with both this game and G Senjou no Maou, Truly one of the greats.

  153. Vezzil says:

    hi when i’m installing the game, its language is gibberish is that normal?

  154. topa says:

    this game never gets old. its a masterpiece i swear!!

  155. Tummy Bomb says:

    Please help, when i extract the the game i only got 2 things that i got after extracting :- gstring.mdf and gstring.mds how do i do this?

  156. PhoenixRising says:

    is there a walk-through for this, like a more understandable one than the one in gamefaqs?

  157. project omega says:

    is it normal that its without voices?

    • admin says:

      No. Maybe it’s just start that is unvoiced? don’t really remember, as i played it long time ago, but the game definetely has voices.

      • Zetsu says:

        I’ve got the same problem. Basically, whenever I try to prompt a voice playback (the game runs normally, albeit w/o voice acting), an error window pops up and the game becomes non-responsive; I have to reboot the game to continue,

        Any idea what the problem is? I’ve yet to re-install, by the way.

  158. DLC says:

    No, really, where are we going to acquire the files to play the game?
    Maybe uploading to another server would solve the problem.
    Well, could someone upload it… PLEASE.

  159. DLC says:

    What’ll happen now that Megaupload is down?
    How could we be able to get the files?
    Are we doomed?

  160. bulletshell56 says:

    Admin-sama I know yall are probably running around trying to fix things because of the megaupload/filesonic issues but I was going to request that this be one of the first eroge you fix. I have read the reviews for it and multiple sites say this one is one of the best of all time. I think this one should have some priority. If yall have the time to do it I’m sure many of us would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time if you do read this.

  161. Zero says:

    When is the file gonna change?

  162. sanchez says:


    I have to enter username and password when I tried to download. Wat do??

  163. Gaerik says:

    Fix the links soon, please!

  164. sanchez says:

    I tried to download the game, but got this message instead:

    All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

    If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager.

    Wat do?

  165. Terra says:

    Everyone,I need a little help.. How should I open the .mdf file?

  166. Takeru says:

    Best VN ever made

  167. kyuubi says:

    Excuse me, i would like to ask about something. For some reason sometimes when i wan to save or load the data the game would crash and my comp would auto restart itself. Any idea why?

  168. erogedlfan says:

    after i mount it, i tried to play but i get syntax error D:

    • admin says:

      You didn’t change locale to japanese, prior to installing the game. Change it, according to “FAQ” instructions from this website and try again.

  169. erogedlfan says:

    how do i open it?? im getting .mds x.x

  170. Hgames says:

    Thanks For The Game. Will you have Harem Party soon?

  171. Ghosty says:

    This game is amazing, correction the true route for this game is amazing the rest of the game is good but the true route left me all over the place I swear I couldn’t help but get so emotional that I gave myself a headache, I would definitely give this game a 9 out of 10 stars.

  172. Anonymiss says:

    I installed the game correctly and put the English patch in the game folder, but the text is still shown in Japanese. What did I do wrong?

    • admin says:

      Did you rename the patch file by any chance? it has to be named like that, otherwise game engine won’t load it.

      • admin says:

        Oh. that explains everything. You installed the game to “privileged” directory (most likely “Program Files” as it is the default one) – on newer systems you need administrator privileges to modify files there – without it patch installer cannot copy patch files there and game will remain Japanese.
        You have two solutions:
        1. Uninstall the game and install it in non-privileged directory ( for example your home folder or just “C:/Gstring” (later one might not work either, depending on system configuration)
        2. Run the patch installer as administrator – the password you’re being asked for is the one you set-up during windows installation (“administrator” account)

        • Anonymiss says:

          Where can I see which directory is non-privileged and is the password I have for my administrator account the same as the one I have to use after booting up my laptop (because that one doesn’t work :/)?
          I’m sorry for asking these noobish questions. orz

        • admin says:

          1. “Priveledged” directories are the ones containing important files – for example “C:/Windows”, “C:/Program Files” etc. I don’t think there’s a list of all directories like those – just try to reinstall game to your “my documents” directory or straight to desktop – they contain only your own files so you should have no problems with permissions there.
          2. No, this is different password – when you install windows operating system, as one of final steps you’re asked to create accounts – first for administrator, then for each user of the computer.

      • Anonymiss says:

        Thanks a lot for your help! It works fine now.

  173. UkiiYuuki says:

    How should I Install it? after I Mount it and click the setup
    sure, there’s apear the installer and after I click next there is two choices and just one that checked, which one i must check? should i check the both of them?
    first try i just check the first one , after the install it’s done and i try to click the file .exe , it’s kinda eror
    what is this? have i do something wrong?
    can someone tell me how to install this without problem ?

    *after patch with english patch*

    whoah so like this tings gonna work huh, problem solved

    so sorry for post like this, maybe things like this will help someone who through trouble like me πŸ˜€

    btw Thx Admin for share I Really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  174. Confused Guys says:

    Is the download links lead to the right files? why is the file named gstrings?

  175. spaz says:

    this game… had an amazing storyline to me. If you ignore the comic relief moments, you have a better more realistic version of something like Deathnote. Haru is epic, and if it was possible, she’d be like the one animated character I’d like marry XD. allergic to tomatoes.. like me, favorite animal is penguin…. like me, long black hair…my favorite, and can get into a decent debate with me. Although I only found one inconsistency, but I wont spoil it to see if anyone else notices

  176. γ—γ‚‰γ¨γ‚ŠγΏγšγ― says:

    I want to know that G-senjou no Maou has any Sequel ><

  177. Falcon says:

    Can someone offer me some kind’a similar Eroge? Not Sharin no Kuni, himawari no shoujo. Some other, and it should be already translated in English (hate reading Japanese Eroge’s .. I have to put a lot of effort to understand half of the words in the text when I’m reading it)

  178. happenstance says:

    I always get surprised at how long visual novels are. And Kanon is so freaking annoying.

  179. carl liu says:

    I SWEAR THIS IS THE BEST EROGE I EVER PLAYED!!!! i hope they make this to an anime someday

  180. xxBigBoyxx says:

    Is their an uncensored patch you can put on this game. (^_^)

  181. AznNoProblem says:

    Ohh man, the story for this VN was so great. One to remember.

  182. Kaito says:

    Uhmm… may i ask Why is the part 4 of G Senjou no maour Rar isn’t working always sying Error when ur Extracting it

    i already download this when it came out but now i download it again the part 4 of the rar isn’t working is it me?

  183. FrenchFry says:

    hay you got any eroge in here that has Masochist/SM theme in it?
    really want to know if got any?trying new type of eroge……hrm…

  184. Arco says:

    This VN was supurb. 100 percent amazing. It had perfect construction, amazing music (I think I may be becoming a classical fan now), and genuine characters- heck, even the comic relief character meant a lot to me. I feel lucky to have been able to read this one, and I thank you as always, admin.

  185. Robert says:

    I have trouble play it
    I’m use 7 ultimate and change keyboard language to japanese
    but the game still not work any idea?

  186. Luiz says:

    BTW, is it me or does the voice actor for Maou sound like the one who did Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass?

  187. theonewhocan says:

    If Jun Fukuyama is one the voice actors you know you’re getting something good IMO

  188. Abiable says:

    I never thought I’d find a novel I’d enjoy more than “True Tears”, which have been my favorite for long, but oh god. This is now my favorite novel BY FAR.
    A huge reason for that might be Kyousuke, I like him more than any other protagonists I’ve seen in other novels, and even anime & manga.
    I seriously felt empty after finish this.
    Seriously, I need more of Kyousuke.

  189. Zero says:

    Is there a 64 bit version of this game ?

  190. Zero says:

    Man does anyone know why the g_setup.exe says

    “Version not compatible with the version of Windows im running”

    is this a 32 bit game or 64 bit

    im preety sure ive got 64 any ideas?

  191. ~SiLENT_AUDiO~ says:

    do i have to change localize to Japanese to make this game works?

  192. Toothless says:

    Awesome game. adamantly its lacking H scenes befitting an eroge but god damn…the story was fucking great. very nice plot twists

  193. Phx says:

    What is the ‘Nudity Free Patch 1.1’ in tlwiki do? Does anyone know?

  194. ERoHERo says:

    Quick question:

    The H part censored or uncensored?

  195. Nelke says:

    *sighs* the unzippig fails. Win7 says the gstring.mdf of part 1 is damaged – already re-downloaded it from both mirrors several times through. Any ideas?

  196. Reicher says:

    Are this VN need Daemon toll for me to play it ????

  197. ryan says:

    can u give me instructions on how to get this game started

  198. ryan says:

    where do u put the english patch at?

  199. Dark_Walker says:

    Minor Spoiler Alert:

    This game was awesome, allthough Haru’s ending really pissed me off. I mean really. The hidden twist on who the Maou really was was not backed up at all from previous chapters in fact it they could have done fact checks from previous chapters, it’s like they pulled the Mauo out of their arses.
    Also all the shit our protaganist goes through, his dead family members and Haru knowing the whole time who he is while knowing who she is, and he like oh well I’ll fukn forget it without any emotional examination or revelations.
    Sorry the Haro path just pissed me off. Dude has been screwed up the whole game, it would have made sense if he was the protaganist and antagonist. Grr whatever I’m just pissed it was so awesome then such a dissapointment at the end.

    • spaz says:

      major spoiler alert
      if you notice at one point during chapter 2.
      it was obvious that the main guy could not be Maou.
      When he has tea with Tsubaki, while that is happening her brother is kidnapped by Maou. That was the one instance Maou’s timing was off. Every other time trie to point to the idea of split personality disorder, but he ends up with Psychogenic amnesia, which is forgetting periods of time, not becoming a different person.
      Although they didnt even bring up the existence of the true Maou until chapter 4 which did throw me off a bit and in chapter 5 where they prove it.

  200. Nanashi says:

    Hello Administra-san!

    I have a question. And the question would be whether you know maybe why I was not into Akabeesoft2 Official Website’m coming? Perhaps the website is dead?
    I would appreciate it.


  201. jimkricket says:

    This is an awesome VN! I suggest to anyone wondering if it’s any good.

  202. don says:

    is there anymore translated novel by akabeisoft2 xcept for sharin no kuni that you have?
    thanks for this VN…

  203. anime lover says:

    i love this game one of the best i played in a long time i loved the characters like they were real and i will admit i cried a couple times i was mad that the story stopped i wish it could have just kept going and going and going i love it i am going to keep in touch with the company that made this is was so perfect to me i loved it :))))))))))))))))))

  204. OMG says:

    OMG part 3 is corrupted from all mirrors

    • admin says:

      No, it isn’t. If you read earlier comments you will find out that many people downloaded and played it without problems.

      • OMG says:

        which comment? I know I downloaded filesonic file twice and fileserve once and they all say its corrupted

        • Nanashi says:

          Maybe you should check your PC, maybe there is the problem, or is at as well download was interrupted once when you kurtz. Probably it is also that your network was a little slow, and that’s why this is so. Just look after.

  205. don says:

    and i thought DC2 was the best VN…
    but this…..
    LEGEN……wait for it….

  206. nomnom says:

    Holy [beep]!! The ending was nuts. This has been the most epic and prowess visual novel I have ever played (so far). It really resembles anime Death Note. If you guys ever watched Code Geass, notice that Lelouch’s voice actor voiced Maou πŸ˜› It’s making me want to watch Code Geass again xD I really recommend this to everyone. Thanks for the VN/Eroges Admin. Keep up the good work!

    • nomnom says:

      Addition to my earlier post.. It’s more like Code Geass, because he was getting all the blame like Lelouch at Code Geass did ;P

  207. raitou says:

    best visual novel i played so far…

    btw, i did’n have problem when installing it, succes in first try.

    what kind of tools did you use??

    i recommend daemon tools.

    • neonewbe says:

      i’m using daemon tool.

      when i choose [ignore] the setup continue installing the game.

      but when i try to play, the game suddenly freeze.
      the game just stop with no text displayed. (the text just [email protected]@!).

      bah, maybe the file was corrupt anyways

      • Nanashi says:

        Yo, Neonewbe!

        What operating system do you have? Because before installing you should first set your PC on Japanese system, because help FAQ XP or Vista (or Windows 7) area. There, you can quickly check what you should do in such a situation. Maybe you should also look the same for FAQ daemon tool.

        Finally hope this helps, bye!

  208. neonewbe says:

    when i install the game it stop in the middle and give me this message


    and give me choise [abort] [retry] [ignore]

    i try to retry dozen of time but it did’t work πŸ™
    i using jap in system locale,
    try it in win 7 and XP
    but both give me the same result.

    what happen?

  209. Tagrenine says:

    So I downloaded all five parts but when I extracted for to mount, I didn’t get any mountable files, I only got two files…any help?

  210. Superbia says:

    Glad to notice others have spotted the Death Note comparisons, as well. I have to say, this vn was the only one thus far that nearly drove me to tears (upon finishing true end). It seemed to me like each heroine had depth to their story… And the way that the story develops, with every brilliantly developed strategy and counter-strategy, is nothing short of amazing.

    It took me a while, but after finishing this I can say that my summer did not go to waste.

  211. Robert Gani says:

    Wow the story is great …

  212. Tony Han says:

    umm… sorry but the file got deleted in filesonic

  213. lioto says:

    finally we love master is out one its posted ill be playing that untill Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ Garden~ Harem Party DEARDROPS and Conquering the Queen come out im really looking forward 2 Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ and DEARDROPS

  214. lioto says:

    thanks now all i have to do is watch the rest of d.gray man and linebarrel until its release.

  215. Crim says:

    So, can anyone give me a hand with this game? Just want to know if ending is all sad cuz’ honestly I don’t really like emotional VNs, they bring me to tears. Unless it has a good ending. Thanks in advance.

    • Caelistas says:

      The ending (very last scene after credits) is very emotional and touching… but in a good way. I ALMOST cried, Haru’s story was… wow… damn.. EPIC.

      This is one of my favorite VN’s next to Ever 17 and Tsukihime.

      • Crim says:

        Thanks for reply. So it ends well in the end then. Guess I should give this game a try. Might I ask you how is the protogonist? What kind of personality does he have.

        • admin says:

          Personally, he reminds me of Light from Death Note – cold calculating bastard, staying hidden and moving the stuff from behind the scene. That comparison is especially valid, since Haru is just like “L” from the same series – socially awkward, but brilliant detective. Their “cat and mouse” games are the best moments in this game – reader has sometimes hard time to follow, but once everything gets revealed you go like “omg, how i couldn’t think about this”.

          • Caelistas says:

            Couldn’t describe it any better, agreed, definitly the Haru – L comparison.

            Kyosuke did get forced into his current lifestyle, and will repent in his own way (something you don’t see Light Yagami doing :p)

      • TBG says:

        Could put it better any other way. Her ending was amazing.

  216. Say41Plz says:

    Thanks as always.
    So, now trying the top 1~

  217. Dj says:

    For some reason i can’t get Haru’s second h scene.
    finished all routes.
    can anyone help?
    much appreciated

    • admin says:

      Haru second scene depends on how many “points” you accumulated by being nice to her. If you don’t get enough, you still finish her route but skip the second scene. Check walktrough for details.

      • Dj says:

        thanks your a legend
        So basically I should just do the game again and be nice to her?
        where is this walkthrough?

        • Austin says:

          Actually, you have to get it by playing the straight through the entire game (you can still save and continue) by making set choices. You also can’t finish a different route and then continue using an earlier save. You need to aim for Haru’s route first. Though please note as this is just my theory. Another player also reported something like this and I even got the second already, it’s a bath scene with Haru and occurs after the revealing of Maou’s identity but before the main conflict (chaos throughout the city). EPIC ending btw, one of my faves!

  218. dizzy says:

    filesonic mirror is deleted

  219. miichan19 says:

    where do i put the english patch?

  220. JohnSmith says:

    the epilogue was the best ending ever.

  221. JohnSmith says:

    Damn, Mizuha is just so cute!!

  222. Nanashi says:

    Konnichi wa, minna-san!

    Thank you for downloading the full version (Filesonic)! Good working!

    Sore ja mata!

  223. Tresviri says:

    Fantastic novel!!!!!
    Went For Haru first thought i was going to be another depressing ending like when i only went through one route of Ever17 but it was a good novel……..
    On the verge of tears several time i should start reading these less.
    But their so good to make me feel emotions.

  224. rehanma says:

    umm…just finished downloading this but i don’t know to run this game?

  225. dhianeila says:


  226. Toxie says:



    You can read the choises for the routes on this site.

  227. dhianeila says:

    can anyone tell me where to know the routes i cant find it in any sites, yeah i suck please help

  228. Toxie says:

    Just finished playing the Haru route aswell. Damn really, it was tottally beyond EPIC! It made my eyes teary during the last chapter many times, but still, it was incredible.

    12/10 for this game (to be honest, numbers are not enough to describe the awesomeness, at least for Haru route), definitely the best VN i played among many so far. Voice, Story and Art were top notch.

    A total recommendation and a must play for everyone!

  229. kankyaku says:

    I tried downloading part 2 of Mirror 1 again since I thought it’ll work for the second time after it reported itself as a Broken File. But, this one keeps appearing in the download site:

    Your IP address is already downloading a file.

    I was wondering if I try downloading it some other day, it will work but apparently, it didn’t. Do I need to wait a few more weeks?

  230. Kaizercupich92 says:

    the best eroge i’ve played
    i just finished the last arc for me Haru’s(usami) arc
    and damn i’m fcking crying like a baby TT.TT that was such a bittersweet arc by far the best arc i’ve ever played

    Kanon’s arc 9/10 really interesting didn’t like the ending completely but it was a good ending
    mizuha’s arc 9/10 loved her completely
    Tsubaki’s arc 10/10 totally cute, nice and cozy
    Haru’s arc 10000/10 EPIC (lol it’s over 9000)

  231. jan Mikaeel says:

    Admin May i have a request can U Upload “Mighty My Master- English” cuz i cant find the english?

  232. A-Gamer says:

    If you guys plan on playing this, I recommend going for Usami’s route. She’s the main heroine and the one with the “True” ending. Plus, all answers and an “ultimate selfless sacrifice” is waiting at the end of her route. The ending’s quite amazing, if I do say so myself. It’s not too sweet, not to bitter. Just right. Though you’ll have to play it to find out what happens.

  233. Kyon says:

    Hi i only want say than patch 1.01 is already done… XD check in Life is LV home page bye πŸ™‚

  234. Asva says:

    10/10 despite of reading only tsukasa route as yet.
    The first thing to impress was seiu work. Most adorable are Koorogi Satomi (Kanon-chan) and Mizusawa Kei (hero-chan) because of their unusual, charming voices.
    Second was impeccable logic of the story. Though the logic problems are common, the game is an exception. From the beginning I didn’t trust authors too much and found a flaw or two (share stealth f.i.). Yet after hour or two got some realization bout who was the stupid one ==.
    Graphics, music are good to the needed extent. I don’t mind some more graphic effects… ah nevermind.
    Finally, the game is hard! I don’t mean u need to click fast indeed or choices are messy and illogical or mobs are cheating. The plot is twisted and there are way too much details for untrained brain to get the puzzle into one. Personally for me, it was the border of my comprehensibility (maybe that’s why i enjoyed it so much).

    PS DeathNote is pale in comparison despite of having magic things i like.

  235. Tresviri says:

    Ok i got evry thing working no plroblems but one question. Is there a specific order i sould play in or can i just go strait for Usami Haru?

  236. Ravathos says:

    I just read in the previous comments that this is a censored version. Is the censorship still bearable, i.e. you can still enjoy the H scenes without going on a rage?

    Also, are the voices english or japanese? Or are the text the only ones english?

    Been downloading the 5 parts since last night (I have slow internet) and can’t wait to play this. Just finished Koihime Musuo.

  237. zedja_11 says:

    how do i start the game full explination please

  238. MoeLover says:

    wew.. i cant access the fileserve link
    fix it!

  239. mushroomnoob says:

    they should make an anime of this !!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Kaizercupich92 says:

    yay finally i was able to put the english patch i just dowloaded from another place i don’t know how LOL

  241. deke says:

    sorry horrible grammer right there πŸ™‚

    *how do i put in the english patch

  242. deke says:

    im new at this…
    what do you do after downloading everything

  243. Pingas says:

    They should make an anime of this game, the story is awesome!

  244. Ciel says:

    I was wondering why can’t I download the files from mirror #1 after I restarted my laptop.before I rebooted my laptop it was ok but now…. =(( it could please help me admin?

  245. Leonzell says:

    just wanted to say that for people who don’t like H scenes TLwiki put out a no nudity patch i’ve checked it out and it skips the scenes properly it doesn’t just put a different CG in place of the H one.

  246. Vainz says:

    9/10 great game i actualy cried

  247. Nameless says:

    Sweet, downloading it now. But I’ve been wondering something. You said the direct download makes you do a short survey to pay for bandwidth right? I don’t see a single survey on it. Only really annoying downloads. I don’t suppose you know of any way to trick them?…

    • admin says:

      About year ago it was indeed mostly surveys, like “do you shop at wallmart?” or “are you going to buy new iphone?” – unfortunately quality advertisers started to enforce new rules about content that can be offered – company split affiliates into three categories, depending on type of content they provide – since this site hosts content that it both unauthorized by copyright owners and often contains adult themes we ended up with with lowest category, which means it’s mostly low paying surveys and downloads/facebook promos – it’d be possible to cheat company by setting up fake quality site and redirect downloads there – but like i said earlier about putting adsense on site – we don’t want to break any company’s terms.

  248. Revirrim says:

    Download Error

    The file that you’re trying to download is larger than 1024Mb.
    trying to dl it from filesonice…. just over by about 30MB… sigh fileserve…. wont even start dling T^T admin, please do something >.<

  249. L says:

    Is this the censored ver. ,and if so do you know where to find the uncensored ver?

  250. Guy111 says:

    Is this an 18+ game/H-game

  251. Luffty says:

    This is one of my favorites games of this site GREAT JOB

  252. Bading says:

    how do you install this sorry first time would love some help please :). i have done downloading all the parts from fileserve and i have the english patch just don’t know what to do next

    • Caelistas says:

      Extract the parts with winrar & make sure that your applocale is in japanese ( see F.A.Q )

      url: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html (choose your language + 32 or 64 bit type pc)

      After installation, extract all your downloaded files (“parts”).-> Select the files->right click->option extract here (or to a location).

      After extraction you’ll get a folder called “gstring” and the english patch (“[TLWiki]_G-Senjou_no_Maou_English_1.0”)

      Inside the gstring folder are 2 files gstring.mdf and gstring.mds. Mount the .mdf file with free mounting software like deamon tools or virtual clonedrive (google one of them, it’s free)

      Once mounted ( see site deamon tools/virtual clonedrive HOW TO mount .iso’s and other image files) , follow the installation (if auto-run’s enabled) or go to My Computer and locate the virtual cd/dvd drive now called gstring. Double click to start the installation. (yes it’s in japanese, just click next to install and continue to press next until it’s finished)

      Now the only thing left to do is to run the english patch we’ve extracted, you’ll see that the english version will be located in a seperate folder. Now only thing left to do is to double-click the g-senjou no mao shortcut and you’ll get to enjoy the game.

      If you have any questions left just ask.

      • Jesse says:

        So when I try to extact one of the files it tells me I need to extract the second one as well (or insert a cd) but it won’t let me extract the second file. How do I extract all five at once?

        • admin says:

          Download all archives into one folder. Start extracting first one and winrar should be able to find following parts automaticaly. Do not rename archives or winrar might have problems finding following parts.

  253. Taiga says:

    y i run the english patch it somehow didnt run? like some error??
    can anybody explain it?

    • LuigyH says:

      Install the game first then Install the Patch. That will fix your problem. (I’m still not finished with this game too lazy to im still in Chapter 3.)

  254. Tofu says:

    Could someone tell me what do I have to do once I finish downloading the 5 parts? D: PLEASE~~!!

  255. James says:

    Im sorry im having a tough time with this..what are all the programs i need to have on my computer for this to work.

    • Lamia says:

      The programs you will need are WinRAR and Daemon Tools. Select all 5 parts, right click, and extract. You should then have two files, gstring.mdf and gstring.mds. At this point it’s a good idea to make sure your computer has Japanese set as its locale (in Windows 7, that’s Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative tab -> Change System Locale).

      Open Daemon Tools, mount gstring.mds, then install. After installing, run the patch, and viola~

      • James says:

        Thank you so much that was a MAJOR help.

      • Tofu says:

        Lamina, when I highlight all 5 .rar files and then right click there is two extract options. Which option do I click on and then what do I do afterwards?

        • Tofu says:

          also, how do I work Daemon Tools? I’m confused with that part as well. Sorry for asking so much but I’d appreciate it if you can tell me ^^

          • zehel says:

            actually u don’t need to highlight all of them.. i think u just need extract the first part.. =D

  256. James says:

    Okay so what program should I download to get the 5 game parts to work?

  257. James says:

    So Im new to this..which of these files do I need to download to play this game? Sorry for the trouble but I would greatly appreciate an answer.

  258. T-Boy says:

    For some people if you are confused about not getting some stuff ever tho u finished all routes you gotta wait until the credits finish for the epilouge πŸ˜› Just Saying Anyways, Admin Ty so much for uploading this this is the best eroge i’ve ever played ^-^

  259. ikki says:

    God After 5 Days Im Finally Done, This Was The Best
    Im Not Gonna Make A Full Report,
    Definitely Better Than Death Note *IMO*
    I Think The Voice Actor For Lelouch Lamperouge Is The One Voicing Maou (Just saying Nothing important)

  260. Mr.Bombastic says:

    Tsubaki route/ending; Nice and cozzy…
    Kanon route/ending; …giving me the urge to hit on her head
    Mizuha route/ending; so-so… though i like her tsundereness

    Haru route/ending; … HELL IT’S BEYOND EPIC!!! IT MADE ME CRY AND I RARELY CRY DAMN IT!!! (and I still have my teary eyes when i made this comment)
    11 OUT OF 10!!!!
    On the side note I think their kid named after his youngest sibling…

    thx for introducing to us this epic game, admin

  261. iriz says:

    wow this game consumes time but it is worth it the other character routes is epic this is a nice game

  262. Danilo Antunes says:

    Man this game is 10!
    Thanks admin.

  263. Kurimuroze says:

    i thought this game was just mediocre before i finally finished haru’s route. damn, haru = EPICCCCC!

  264. Slippie says:

    Dear god… just finished this game (haru ending) …epic beyond belief. Thanks for this admin.

  265. Mystro-X says:

    Completed it around a week ago… and I have to say… this is one hell of a game admin…

  266. Giovanni says:

    Finished the game 4 days ago…damn it, that was epic as hell.

    That said, any Kanon fans here? ^_^

    • Caelistas says:

      Are you refering to the VN, or in-game character?

      If it’s the last:

      Haru all the way….

      Kanon reminds me to much of well… lets say Da Capo 1: Nemu & Da Capo 2 : Yume. Whenever i hear “nii-san” more then 3 times in a row, i don’t like her anymore. (Sorry Nemu you fucked it up with your constant nii-san whining)

    • Caelistas says:

      And if it’s the first: yes

  267. Caelistas says:

    Finished the game (True Haru ending)… damn that was so sad/happy at the same time. This VN is a masterpiece, it’s one of the best VN’s i’ve played this last year.

  268. Jcboy says:

    Looking forward to this game . .just finished soul link. .=

  269. yay says:

    read the faq page on the website

  270. BTW says:

    So HOw Do I Run This Game, I Havent Quite Finish Downloading Though

  271. yay says:

    lol played first chapter i like it so far though parts of it remind of death note for some reason so far so good i hope it dosen’t with like your character being maou but if it dose it dose.

  272. Caelistas says:

    NICE, fileserve rules, no more waiting periods in between !

  273. yay says:

    admin i’d like to know if you are uploading everything on file serve so i can cancel my hot file accout please respond

    • admin says:

      Yes, from now on everything will be uploaded to fileserve, since it supports bigger files and responds less frequently to copyright requests.
      Sorry for trouble.

  274. moe lord of the sith says:

    files are all removed or deleted. any chance of reups please?

  275. Blackreaper says:

    Yeah I seem to be having the same hotfile problem as Kai (it seems to be asking for some username and password but then it turns out they were deleted anyway). Admin could you please upload the links again.

  276. Kai says:

    Ok, so i tried to download this game, but it won’t let me enter hotfile, dunno why. And when i finaly got there, i just see that the file was deleted. I can’t download any of the 10 other games i tried after this. Could you upload them somewhere else please? Like Mediafire, megaupload, dunno, it’s your call.

    And the survey thingy is pretty dumb too. I can’t make that survey because those ppl didn’t bother to get any surveys for my country so i can’t download even if i made ten handstands on a camel. Guess i should just go play solitaire in the corner x.x

  277. VN lover says:

    I do like Sharin no kumi more that Gsenjou no maou. But, this two VN now is one-two position of my collection !

  278. DestructorCN says:


  279. Regis says:

    OMG this game is so damn GREAT, i can hardly put it into words. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  280. Zaros says:

    Thanks you guys for this download also I thank Howard for his intructions

  281. Eurus says:

    1.9 GB

    BTW, this VN was awesome. Thx so much for uploading it!

    • Orion says:

      dude, that’s the size of the extracted download file only. Not to mansion all the rar files already consume 1G plus the capacity of the real game can be estimate like 3.5G or something..

  282. Orion says:

    yio…can someone tell me how much hard drive capacity that this eroge needs entirely cause my drive is totally full(cause of the unlimited eroges download from the web). I thought if i save like 3G space it will be enough but no..man this sucks. Reading all you guys comments tells this eroge like it’s the ultimate eroge or something. I really want to play this eroge..TT,TT

  283. Brock A.C. says:

    It took a few days (and nights!), but I finally finished this game.

    I feel more like I’ve reached the end of an epic story, rather than an eroge… seriously, this game now takes the #1 spot in my books. Perhaps its just due to my own weird personality, but I don’t even care to go back and play the alternate routes and screw various characters… this was a thuroughly enjoyable tale and I don’t even feel like ruining the mood ^.*

    Big thanks for uploading this. =D

  284. darkmind35 says:

    “This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city – a beautiful girl from your past named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as Maou.”

    –> “a beautiful girl from your PAST” <–

    A bit SPOILER there admin?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think it’s that important – those descriptions are pasted from official websites/wikipedia etc. Hardly anyone reads them, and even less people would notice it. Out of hundreds people who downloaded this game you’re the first one who noticed it.

  285. satsu says:

    I’m missing 2 CGs(the second h-scene of Haru).

    I can’t get her 2nd H-scene, can anyone help me?

  286. jinken says:

    when i try to mount the image with daemon tools, nothing happens. how come?

  287. mr.pervert says:

    Hi, I am having trouble installing the game. I have set my system to Japanese, downloaded the game and the translation patch. Once I mounted the game, everything is copying until I got an error message saying that a file is corrupt. The corrupt file was fgimage.xp3. I choose to skip this file, and all proceeded with the installation but the game crashes without this fgimage.xp3 BIN package. Are the RAR archives corrupted?

  288. allan250 says:

    hey is there a path for yuki’s ending

  289. micro says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that this VN was great, one of the best I read so far, thank you admin!

  290. darkwings02 says:

    Koitate yukino patch is out ^^

  291. vandes says:

    deliver his saved money to tsubaki family

  292. Kyou says:

    what did miki-chan did at the end for asai kyousuke didnt quite get it

  293. Nyte says:

    best game I ever played

  294. ShiroFreeter says:

    For me,i didn’t change anythings include the locale.
    I just download 3 rar and the english patch,
    extract the rar,mount the file and install it,
    and then i launch the english patch,
    after the patch done i can play it with the shortcut create after the english patch installed.
    Both my computer and laptop with windows professional and windows 7 also work very well,didn’t have any problem occur.
    [BTW,i just ignore the syntax error after install and just launch the english patch]

  295. thanatos says:

    excuse me, i’m already trying install this game, but the patch don’t work. please help.

  296. darkwings02 says:

    download the english patch just below the three parts

  297. oh no says:

    hi guys i downloaded the game installed and everything but when i play the game its all in japanese im on vista can someone help me please!!???

  298. YenZ says:

    this is a great game i luv it!
    Haru’s ending had me crying and it was really touching… however the other 3 girls story was so short and really uninteresting which makes Haru’s route the only way to go :/

  299. James says:

    *Cough* A clockwork orange *Cough.*

  300. Romdeau says:

    Does anyone know of a torrent or direct download for all the BGM/songs? I’d like to be able to listen to the songs I like on shuffle, which I can’t do using the player built into the game.

  301. Zippyfan says:

    Thanks a lot!

  302. king98765 says:

    is there OST for G-senjou?

  303. arukas says:

    btw is it uncensored?

  304. Romdeau says:

    This visual novel…is just wow. Just when you think the surprises are over, no, it just keeps coming. Great read, recommended to anyone who has an interest in VNs. 10/10

  305. Manman02 says:

    Guyss!! Pls help me ..
    I really dont know how to play it ..
    I already downloaded the 3 rars ..
    but it said that i need a disk to install it..
    Pls help me anyone πŸ™ ..

    • Romdeau says:

      Try mounting the images you downloaded onto Daemon tools (or similar application) then running the English installation.

  306. RK says:

    Glorious game with a glorious soundtrack

  307. hayate135 says:

    Yo leo, try out Sharin no Kuni, Hiwamari no Shoujo. It’s by the same developers, and I liked it more the G-senjou. It’s a really great game, try it out.

    Also, admin, is there some sort of forum or boards related to this site? It’d be nice if users can discuss downloads there, suggest VNs that aren’t uploaded yet on the site, or ask for technical assistance. I find that users are always asking for help are scattered all over the place, and the FAQ doesn’t quite accommodate some of the technicalities as there are problems specific to particular uploads/games. Just a suggestion.

    On a last note, do you plan on uploading Quartett? And thanks for the uploads btw… otsukare-sama!

  308. king98765 says:

    =.=” it is censored…

  309. Sumo says:

    This is my first eroge and didnt know what i was getting into but its pretty fun but im curious as to timewise how long it is taking everyone to get through the game?

    • Romdeau says:

      Many hours sir, I use the default auto-reading option and it has taken me quite a bit of time to read through the main arc. Must’ve been at least 20+ hours, probably significantly longer.

  310. leo says:

    great game, can anyone recommend me vn’s with these kind of setting / endings?

  311. dark_signer08 says:

    hello, this is y first time downloading it. I can play the game but i can’t save. Is there a problem in my installation and by the way I’m using windows starter. Can u pls help me to fixed this problem?

  312. Manman says:

    I`m new in here ..
    Just want to ask if I need a disk to play this game ?
    or I can play it without any disk ? .. Please nid help πŸ™

  313. Zaku says:

    They just released a patch for “Quartett!”. I was wondering if your going to upload that game next.

  314. king98765 says:

    GAH! I just finished downloading! Can’t wait to play this!!!

  315. Hyun says:

    This is so far THE best ending of all the Eroge i have ever played.
    Haru’s ending was the best ending…
    It literally made me cry…
    Although reading the constant long essays length of adjectives was a pain in the ass but it was all worth it in the end.
    It is one heck of a game.

    Thanks for the upload πŸ™‚

  316. Howard says:

    Maybe this will help…

    Extremely detailed instructions for Win 7 install.

    1. Download the three rars and mount the disc image inside. (Demon Tools is best but not required)

    2. Run applocale AS ADMINISTRATOR! and select the exe on the disc. When selecting the language, japanese is always the bottom-most choice on the drop-down box.

    3. Once the install program comes up, select all the default options, except change the install folder, removing any japanese characters… this is REQUIRED. (Slashes with look funny, but ignore this)

    4. Download and run the patch. Notice that the game actually installed to a folder (with japanese characters) within the path you specified instead of the root of that folder. Select this path and run the patch. Once complete, the patch will try to run the game but give an error. Just ignore it and close the program.

    5. Now you need to take that japanese folder and rename it to something english because the freshly patched exe can’t handle asian characters. This game isn’t tethered to the registry, so once this is complete you can move this folder wherever.

    6. Play the game, it should load, error-free without any special settings.

    This is how I installed it on my win 7 machine, first try, without error.

  317. darkwings02 says:

    after you pass chapter 4 its all linear

  318. Gonan says:

    Anyone know how to get Haru’s second h-scene? Thanks

  319. nNyte says:

    a syntax error appears when I install it…
    how should i install this?

    • ehliopeh says:

      did u change system locale to Japanese before or afer the installation? if u did it after u should delete,change the local and then reinstall.make sure to keep the locale on japanese or else it wont work

  320. king98765 says:

    How come this one does not appear in the download list?

  321. OneManArmy says:

    I set the unicode to Japan and installed the game and after that the patch and all worked fine.

    So mabye AppLocale didn’t work this time.

  322. daby says:

    I can’t play and I have installed the asia oriental languague and I use the Microsoft AppLocale and even so I couldn’t play it, what could be?

  323. Blasterion says:

    Was a great Visual Novel ABC2 has me well convinced with Sharin no Kuni and G String as a great VN writer =D
    I really like these anti-hero main characters, some what badass, and not spineless

  324. L says:

    Sorry for being off topic but could you work on some “trap” eroge ? I have some sugestions:
    – Happiness
    – Cross Days. Obvious title is OBVIOUS
    – H2O -Footprints In The Sand-

    Might be hard but I would definitely appreciate it .

  325. Bob says:

    After 1 all nighter i have finished every route. (Thanks to the guide.) And god this game is touching.Except 1 of the ends was a little bit to sad for me πŸ™

  326. Xerbi says:

    so it worked great untill i complete my first play through and now my problem is on the way back through my dialogue choice boxes have no text in them. Any ideas as to what would cause this?

  327. kazehaya says:

    excelent game thanks admin, when is the next new eroge going to be put on the site??

  328. noulis says:

    I downloaded all the 3 parts but when i extract the first part with winRAR it goes up to 60% and then ask me to insert a disk for volume 2…idk what to do…

  329. shuk says:

    can anyone help me with this?

  330. shuk says:

    hey i cant get audio in the english patch. cant even get jap audio. dont know what to do? never played a vl b4 but i’m there should be audio, not just text

  331. Andy says:

    the epilogue made me cry……

    ps. has anyone noticed that the blurb for the game says you’re Asai Kyosuke with an S not a Z?……. I iz dying from the irony poisoning.

  332. noulis says:

    sorry i’m not familiar with image mountain tools…should i download daemon tools standar,advanced or any other version??

  333. darkwings02 says:

    Here’s what you need to do
    After downloading all 3 parts, extract it (Winrar should be enough). now mount the extracted file into daemon tools or any image mounting tools… and the setup will pop up (if find the g-senjou icon in my computer (mine is E:)
    the setup is in japanese here’s the trick when you enter the setup the choice line up shoud be


    second up to the last choice


    well that’s how setup usually go so just click next until it install

  334. noulis says:

    hi…this is my firt time ever playing an eroge game and also the first time i downloading from this site…can u tell me what i need to do after i download the 3 prts and the patch??

  335. FallenAngel says:

    I don’t know what to say ya know….
    the ending is just to sad..i make’s me want to cry..
    i really liked this game this is the best!

  336. Verlindios says:

    Wow, this game is amazing !

    It can get ya quite emotional.
    And when you finish it… you want more !

    Quiet a sad ending though if i may say so.
    Eight years in prison… well in the end it’s a good ending in it’s own way.

    • darkwings02 says:

      btw i didnt get the name of the girl in the last scene….
      anyone know what it is?

      • Verlindios says:

        Well i dont know the girl her name…

        I think that i left that out.
        I checked several times.

        Well it’s a cute girl though.
        Well i am playing other visual novals now.

  337. Gingabishounen says:


    You have to do her bad ending too. I hate bad endings, it’s not like GAMEOVER it genuinely pisses me off. Like, they want you to think Kyousuke is the scum of the earth but the true roots shine. I’ve only fully played one root so far. I like to think of myself as a fast reader but some people I don’t even know…..Anyway the ending to Tsubakis chapter was fantastic.

    • darkwings02 says:

      i have to agree with you there
      for me tsubaki’s route is next to haru

      • Nobody says:

        Tsubaki probably has the best story outside of Haru’s. Mizuha’s isn’t bad either since it ties neatly into the main story as a legitimate “what if”, also its probably the story that puts the main character in the kindest light. Kanon’s however can really let you down since theres very little for the main character to actually do in that route and the climax/ending feels like very little was actually resolved.
        If I had to rate them I’d give them:
        Haru: 10
        Tsubaki: 9
        Kanon: 5
        Mizuha: 8

  338. whoami says:

    this game sure epic!! but i got a problem to unlock Tsubaki’s 3rd Event pic/mode… X_X i’ve played chapter 2 more than 10 times to find the way to unlock this scene.. T_T help….

  339. Kyou Ayasaki says:

    this game is really cool….
    i’m glad i’m alive

  340. darkwings02 says:

    use winrar or 7zip

  341. whoami says:

    how to extract it? i’m using win 7 32 bit.. please help.. i already downloaded all files (part 1 until 3 & the english patch)… thnx.. =)

  342. hmmmm.. says:

    can someone help me? how to install the game??
    because this my first tym downloading in this website.

  343. Giovanni says:

    I just wished they invested a little more time and thought with the other girl’s routes…I thought Kanon’s route would have tied nicely with the whole Maou story…so I wasn’t expecting it to end like that.

  344. dmm says:

    is this the best visual novel u played??

  345. rim says:

    This is the most brilliant story oriented visual novel i have ever read. I played it two times already. Haru’s route brought so much tears to my eyes each time that i wanted to cry (Specially the Epilogue). Everything is great, story, graphics and music. I highly recommend you play Tsubaki, Kanon and Mizuha’s routes before Haru’s if you want to complete all the routes. Otherwise go straight for Haru’s route since its the real story. If I’m to give a score out of 10 to each route, I’d give 10 to Haru’s route but no more than 6 to each of other routes.

    I wish more VNs such as this one was available.

    Thanks for sharing.

  346. Giovanni says:

    This game was epic!

  347. dmm says:

    thx darkwing ^-^

  348. kazehito says:


  349. TallOne says:

    Just finished this game today


  350. dhonxean says:

    Just install the extracted game using poweriso or daemon tools,,, then install the patch,,, that’s there all there is to it…

  351. dhonxean says:

    i’ve got a problem completeing the third event scene of tsubaki…. waah,,, anyone get that one yet? I went straight for Usami… It’s a cool but i guess I was a little disappointed with the development in true route…

  352. darkwings02 says:

    try this procedure
    okay from Lower left of screen
    start> All Program > Microsoft AppLocale
    if you cant find it there try this
    then launch apploc

  353. dmm says:

    darkwing i have window xp home edition can i get applocale … i thought i had it but it was the instill for it … i instill it but it dont show up

  354. dmm says:

    i just instill east asian language ^-^ …. can i burn these games onto a dvd-r cd???

  355. darkwings02 says:

    I totaly agree with you i just wish the story continue even a little bit…

    this one made me cry i recommend playing this…

  356. dmm says:

    im trying to play baldr sky drive 1 its in japan languaage but i need east asian language instill on my xp home edition can any1 help me plz xjis.nls files

  357. somebody says:

    i hav a problem after a extract the files and try to set it up it saids i need to insert a disk can some one help me

  358. Despair says:

    How do you display on your computer to read Japanese?

  359. dhonxean says:

    yeah… nice comments cant wait to play this…

  360. kazehito says:

    any walkthrough?

  361. lolibeast says:

    Thanks. admin, still holding on tho the hope that you’ll put up Shira Oka.

  362. shinnstellar says:

    Finished it today. The game was fantastic. Anyone know of any eroges like this one?

  363. thanatos says:

    Hello, Why the english patch don’t work?
    Please help.

  364. dhonxean says:

    @ ikki, i think you need a jap locale,,, can’t wait to play this game… trying to download,,, wait for feedback… is the patch complete?

  365. ikki says:

    64 Bit Home Premium Win 7. It Seems I Cant Play On This Laptop. =(

  366. fifty says:

    AMAZING game. epilogue was EPIC and had me in tears. play nao folks

  367. thanatos says:

    i have uninstall adn reinstall many times, but still don’t work without mds and the patch don’t work. what should i do?

  368. grandime says:

    thx for this.. I LOVE THIS (and u)

  369. TallOne says:




  370. dmm says:

    thx u 2

  371. darkwings02 says:

    its nice to hear that it finally work and yea its easy to find applocale in google

    have a nice gaming…

  372. dmm says:

    wow it works now thank you darkwing and do i just find applocate on google?

  373. Lefie3 says:

    Good game, but kinda long. Unlike most ero games, the humor works in this game and I was loling at some parts.

    However, towards the end, the main story arc begins to drag and you start to notice inconsistent or bad writing. Not expecting war and peace, but there are some “wtf, that’s a stretch” moments.

  374. darkwings02 says:

    did put the crack in the game folder and run it?
    coz i dont think da capo need east asian language
    and i tried running the crack outside the game folder and i get that error your saying

  375. dmm says:

    *east asian languages

  376. dmm says:

    the error tht comes up when i try to play dacapo
    [system.arc:ipl._bp] is it bec i dont have the east languages ?? srry darkwing if im getting on your nerves lol

  377. dmm says:

    how do i use applocate

  378. darkwings02 says:

    try using Applocale instead of installing east asian language

  379. TallOne says:

    Very simple and easy to download.

    Thanks admin for your hard work

  380. dmm says:

    ok i guess i cant play this 1 then????? lol thx darkwings02

  381. darkwings02 says:

    dunno what i have here is a whole bunch of padding file and a I386 folder language file

  382. dmm says:

    do any1 know how to get xjis.nls files i need them all to get east asian language

  383. YagyuJubei says:

    Happy New Year to all of you.. *Forgot to greet on the last comment :P* πŸ™‚

  384. darkwings02 says:

    i’m glad to be of some help to you guys

    Hapyy New Year..

  385. YagyuJubei says:

    It’s running smoothly now and I’ve just finished Tsubaki’s Good and Bad Ending, Thanks for the help darkwings02 πŸ™‚ I’m being such a noob that I didn’t notice the English Translation file below it.. πŸ™‚ Any way, This games is great! Thanks for Uploading this admin and thanks for the help again darkwings02.. Wishing this site to be more powerful, enjoyable, and always updated about new released English VN’s πŸ™‚

  386. dmm says:

    lol i just text u on the other side im going to try to find the east asian language for my computer… my computer is a window xp home edition dell

  387. darkwings02 says:

    this game need japanese locale so yea you need to install east asian language. some uses AppLocale but i’m not sure how to use it. they say its simple

  388. dmm says:

    do i need to install the east asian languages to play some of these games and if i do ….can i apply the asian languages without the disk ? bec i dont have 1 -_-

  389. dmm says:


  390. dmm says:

    damn im srry dominus lol im new to this i didnt know koihime musou right now drakwing helping me on da capo

  391. darkwings02 says:

    @YagyuJubei and Noob

    download and install the english patch

  392. Noob says:

    I managed to get it up and running but it isn’t translated ; A ; sorry for all the trouble.

  393. Lovegurl18 says:

    Hello Admin. Can i reguest a game with name Fortune Arterial?
    is has reales with a english Trial Edition with Translation Patch on their site.

  394. Anrelo says:

    For all of you that encounter this!

    Ive encountered a problem were you get a message saying:
    ???? : g29.ks ?:577
    ?? : eval ( ? ???????????????????)

    After pressing OK it just acts like it should exept that the text stops, skipping, quicksaving, changing font and all that doesnt work.

    Uninstalling then reinstalling solved it for me.(Woohoo, didnt have to download again!^^)

  395. YagyuJubei says:

    Uhmm.. I’m having problems, I have downloaded it here, and installed it, but the problem is, why is it in Japanese?? Why is it not translated on me? Help me please, I’ve set my unicode to Japanese. Thank you.

  396. darkwings02 says:

    download all 3 parts and the patch then extract it using winrar (7zip for me) i didn’t get my copy from here but according to newm from above post you will get .mds and .mdf after extracting….

    @newm too
    now mount the .mds in daemon tools and normaly the installer will autorun. the wizard will guide you through instalation or not coz its in jap.
    well try to guess which button is which.and one more thing try changing the name of the target folder of your instalation i think some os cant read some characters in the original folder of g-string that’s what i read in other forum…
    now all that’s left to do is run the english patch and your ready to go.
    good luck

    hope i’ve been some help

  397. Noob says:

    This is the first time I have ever tried an eroge. After I downloaded the first part when I open it, it takes me to windows photo viewer, how can I change it so it will take me to the right program? I also installed DAEMON Tools Lite and installed Japanese support. I have windows 7 if that information is useful…

  398. ps2dude says:

    Thanks again for the upload! This site is great!

  399. Salt says:

    admin , could you approve my comment at “Installing Japanese support for Windows XP” (@ FAQ)
    i’m sure that the comment will help many ppl

  400. dominus says:

    Hey the guyΒ΄s good but he doesnΒ΄t have a time machine koihime musou(englis oficial release) only gets out in the end of january so calm your horses until then .

    And another things this in not a small time eroge(dont be fooled by the small files).

  401. dmm says:

    dude can you get us koihime musou??? tht looks gd ^-^ thx anyway

  402. newm says:

    why extract 3 file.rar has gstring.mdf and gstring.mds file. How do u install this?

  403. johnny-sasaki says:

    I’m impressed that,despite having hentai scenes,they got some big voice-actors like Jun Fukuyama(Lelouche from Code Geass)and Ryotaru Okiayu(Zero from Megaman X games and Vamp from Metal Gear Solid 2)for this game

  404. dmm says:

    gd job admin keep the new games coming im playing soul link now but soon im get this

  405. wtf says:

    No choices?

  406. OneManArmy says:

    “Umm This Is My First Time Downloading An Eroge, Well Not Really But. (Long Story)But Is It Possible To Play This On Windows 7?”

    It is, I played it on w7 64bit.

  407. sasori231 says:

    why this game to short can they make it long.

  408. serhoth says:

    Wow just found this site and its great. Thanks for this site.

  409. xamlsora says:

    It’s out finally! I was about to check on the English translation page. Thanks alot admin πŸ™‚

  410. Shinichi says:

    Many, many thank-you’s for this website. The Anglophone eroge fan community has enormously benefited. Your efforts qualify you for Man of the Year, admin.

  411. thedutchman says:

    it probably is possible, i would however advise to play it with windows XP compatability and as an admin.
    not doing so with Tears To Tiara royally screwed over my

  412. ikki says:

    Umm This Is My First Time Downloading An Eroge, Well Not Really But. (Long Story)But Is It Possible To Play This On Windows 7?

  413. admin says:

    Yes, it’s complete english patch.

  414. naem says:


    yes it is

  415. iceking36 says:

    is this a 100% english patch?

  416. Sefiroth says:

    this is full[100%] English Patch right?

  417. hellooo says:

    How do u install this? PS im new here.

  418. Dio says:

    Happy holidays, and as always admin delivers thanks!

  419. Lolibeast says:

    Happies! Thanks again admin!

  420. Zaku says:

    Thanks for this admin. Your work as always is greatly appreciated.

  421. pchan105 says:

    Thanks for the upload once again =) Keep it up!

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