Akai Majo

Akai Majo

Dark fairy tale.

5 Responses to “Akai Majo”

  1. I hate Internet Explorer says:

    interesting story…
    also very depressing
    and I lol’ed when I saw the Captcha for this comment
    “route one”
    “One Route”
    “One Road”
    how oddly fitting

  2. omedete says:

    Essentially a short fairy tale. Takes a few minutes to play through, no scenes, but decent.

  3. fuckensickcunn1 says:

    very short game

  4. Ziogen says:

    A short and bittersweet fairytale.

  5. casey says:

    hmmm no comments? well seeing as there is no description. Ill try it out and make one.

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