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  1. hi, someone pls help me. in chapter one after kurisu’s death, the mail with white noise (nothing happened in this mail, just a “ssskkssk” sound) whenever i press enter, it just going back to the previous scene. i tried press any button yet nothing happened. is it a bug or i press something wrong? i’m using v1.10 cuz i can’t find the 1.20 patch. i can’t save it either so it just end up with repeating the same scene again and again. pls someone help me, thank you so much.

  2. I am trying to get the achivement who require to erase a mail without reading it. But I tried everything and I still do not know how to do it. I even begin to think that mail can’t be erase. Can somone please tell me how to get this achivement. I am searching a anser for days.

    1. You just gotta not read a mail, and then do the time leap thing. You get the achievement when you reach an ending so don’t worry.

  3. In Chapter 2…

    Call from Mayuri
    Action: Answer it

    Suzuha: Actually
    Choose: captivated me by first sight

    Ruka: About my family
    Choose: Older sister

    Call from Kurisu
    Action: Answer it

    But so far I only able to answer Kurisu’s call, but I didn’t receive Mayuri’s call, Suzuha’s mail and Ruka’s mail either.

    Will these affect the outcome of the game?

  4. im playing the movie version and i dont know how to get to the Kurisu route. it just stayed in the normal route that leads to Mayuri ending.
    anyone help please~~~

  5. well, i followed the walkthrou entirely, but for some reason, when i reach the chapter 9 of kurisu ending, i don`t get neither of theese…
    Kurisu: Contact me, idiot! Choose:anxious
    Kurisu: Re:Re:Contact Me, idiot! Open the mail
    so i though, oh well, might as well follow with the walkthrou…then in chapter 10 i dont receive:
    Kurisu: where are you?
    So now i am stuck since i just can choose between the true ending or the kurisu one, so i just got a depressing ending(wich i think is kurisu`s) and couldnt get the true one…i`ve seen many ppl have this problem, but has anybody found a solution?

  6. in chap. 7 when Kurisu emailed about ‘key’, i choose ‘house’, but the next ‘home’ message doesn’t appear. anybody has same problem or know the solution? [to get the last frog image]

  7. How am I supposed to know when I should make a call? During the Feiris route, I have to call three times between Mayuris’ messages. There weren’t any hints that I should call, so I ended not calling at all. I know that they are not important story-wise, but still.

  8. Following this walkthrough, I won the 4 endings, the only thing i did different (Because it doesn’t say what to do), after Kurisu’s final mail, I didn’t answer the phone call from Mayuri.

  9. The only negative about STEINS;GATE is that there’s no Moeka route. Seriously, what the balls. /cry

    Thanks for the great walkthrough by the way. The phone nonsense was really throwing me off for a bit.

  10. I just finished Feiris’s route but I have trouble getting to Ruka’s route because it just ends up doing Feiris’s route. I made at save point 3 in Feiris’s route, right after Kirisu called ( I did not pick up) and for Ruka’s I have to send the d-mail but he doesn’t send it. How can I fix that?

  11. All the bugs are a result of the mails being checked after a particular event. The first one with Ruka about exorcism is due to the mail being checked after seeing John Titor’s posts. Be careful to look at all mails immediately when you know a bug is coming up.

  12. Thanks for the walkthrough.

    I have a problem though. After beatin the game, when I try to do another playthrough, I get stuck because the address book/contact list in the cellphone is empty of all contacts except for one name. Feris is the only name in it, meaning I get stuck the first time you call the microwave on an additional playthough. any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  13. What are Save A,B,C,D for? I don’t see them needing to be loaded throughout the whole walkthrough. I’m a little bit sad there’s no Moeka route.

  14. In the rukako ending I never received a mail from kurisu, after mayuri sent me the “you know?” mail, stuff happens and they i get the choice of sending or not the dmail skipping the kurisu mail. Is it necessary to get it so I can unlock an achievement or is it unimportant?

  15. Thanks god for this walkthrough. I’ve no idea that this game choices are in the cellphone. Really? I was thinking that this game is kinetic novel or something like that. Seriouly. I didn’t even know how I’d ended up in Suzuha end.

    1. Me neither. I was like, “Alright! I’m going to aim for the true ending first!” then I realized I’m heading towards Suzuha instead. Frick.

  16. Hey, can someone tell me on how to get the “Rai-net Hero”,”Gero Froggy”,and “Seira (?)” Achievement?

  17. Hey, can anyone explain what saves A/B/C/D are for? The numbered ones make sense as they are when the routes diverge, but I don’t see any explanation about the lettered ones.

    1. «From the save A»
      PHANTASM “ニャ best ~ ♪ PHANTASM” Feirisu Chapter III
      “Is about the frog child” Luke I do not reply
      Moe Yu do not read e-mail
      Do not check email 6D Lotto
      Feirisu “vocal Pretty” Chaos
      Feirisu attachment] [“Re:: Re Pretty vocals” (track 2)

      «From the save B»
      Cosplay “I was glad that today,” Mayuri Chapter V
      Open the mail “trigger” Mayuri

      «From the save C»
      Kurisu Chapter VII “key (ノ Д`) “house
      Hyahha “home” Kurisu
      Phone calls to Feirisu
      Phone calls to Dar
      Phone calls to Feirisu
      Truth “Gogogogogo” Kurisu (ry
      “The more heat burn!” Kurisu [attachment]

      «From the save D»
      Kurisu Chapter VII “(゚ Д ゚)” frog
      “Not change vomit” Kurisu [attachment]

      CG100% will be doing the all of the above, the display “Achievement of all has been released” from out of that, when you open the Achievement.

      Here for the last achievement, and for the ABCD thing.
      Still, I can’t reach the rainet summaries, I only get few… 🙁

      If someone know how to get it !

  18. Hey, I’ve completed the game, gone through all endings…and I’m missing one CG. On the CG library, it’s literally the last one, right after the one of Dr. Nakabachi talking on the news. To further clarify, it’s on the first column, but the only one on it’s row. If any knows what this CG is, the event you get it in, or what flags to trigger to get it, I’d appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    1. Nevermind, I posted that then saw the answer in a previous post. Guess I jumped the gun a little bit 🙂 Sorry!

  19. I complited the game but im missing 1 CG(the last one to be precise).I follwed tthe walkthrogh exactly.Is there more to the game??After the true ending I mean??

    1. You need to get all of the achievements to get the last cg. Some of those things involve getting certain mails from people, answering or not answering calls, etc.

  20. Kurisu: Contact me, idiot! Choose: anxious
    Kurisu: Re:Re:Contact Me, idiot! Open the mail dont get these D:
    Also its confusing when its written load from save 5 which is chapter9 not 10 so its kinda confusing….

  21. I can’t do the true ending i don’t get the 2 last messages of Kurisu for the kurisu ending and the true ending.
    What shall i do to get those messages?

  22. I cant seem to get to the true ending. I just dont get the phone call during the credits?
    But im pretty sure i did the right choices, since the ending equals the one of the anime at that point.

  23. Ahh.. I see, you need to open the mail before you start reading on the forum about John Titor. I didn’t realise that you sometimes receive mails without hearing the ringtone because it was received earlier.

  24. Ruka: About what happended Yesterday Choose: excorcism (can’t select?) Yes

    ^ I don’t understand this. Are we supposed to be able to select this but its bugged out? When I open Ruka’s message it opens as if I have already selected one.

  25. When the instruction says “Choose: something (open attachment)”, should I send a response mail with that choice in addition to opening the attachment or only open the attachment and not send a response. For example, in the first chapter Mayuri sends “Mayuri: Don’t trade it for funds ><” and the instruction is “Choose: kakeru-kun (Open Attachment)”.

    1. THe only time I found a problem was with Ruka’s text about RaiNet. Opening the attachment was okay but reply to it messed it up. THat’s the only one though. The rest you can reply to.

  26. i finish the game, more or less 35 h of play i finish the 6 ends, its a good game don’t care if okabe realize the action for self its okay the final its showed (sorry but i`m comment this at 0:05 am and my mind don’t process very well).

  27. Do not read her mails (for this entire chapter)

    I can’t do that for Future 2 mail from Titor =.= It just forced me to read it. Will this action change the ending ?

  28. it’s strange, during chapter 3, about loto 6, i don’t have the option “not to check”, after the change of divergence (sent the loto 6 to the past), the story will force me to check the loto 6 mail. And then, after that, about John Titor, after Suzuha told me to ask John Titor about the future thing, I don’t have the option not to send either. The story forced me to send as well.

    How to fix that ?

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