Distant Memoraĵo

Distant Memoraĵo

Rin – An ordinary high school girl lost in a parallel reality that looks just like the Japan she knows, but where everybody speaks an unfamiliar language called “Juliamo.”

Coming to her aid are:
Ruka – An angelic girl who’s taken it upon herself to be Rin’s caretaker.
Rei – A woman with a little bit of a mean streak.

In this sequel to The Expression Amrilato, we’ll get to see…

Their past together, unknown to Rin.
Their present together, unknown to anyone.

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2 comments on “Distant Memoraĵo

  1. Just like it’s prequel The Expression Amrilato, this also seems to be missing the cross-platform .sh launcher file. 😐

  2. Is this a visual novel using a fictional language based on Esperanto?
    I did not know i needed this.

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