Visual novel adapted from the youth horror novel written by Hajime Ninomae and illustrated by yoshitoshi ABe.

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  1. Mauz says:

    wait, that’s it? It just ends with hey welcome to the other side? Nothing comes after or am i missing something here?

  2. -M- says:

    The book-like game options now appeared at the forth try…

  3. -M- says:

    This \strange\ genre make \strange\ change. When I first downloaded this VN and run it — as long as I remember I’m not install it — just extract, copy the patch, and play (about one and half years ago, so I don’t really remember, but I still have recorded video from Youtube to remind me). As long as I remember, there’s book-like game options which one of them is option scenario to play first (Fall of Flow), but this time it doesn’t appear, I’m not even play this yet since that time, but this time, I choose one of the two options at the bottom left, which the left option make me out of the game, and the right option make me go through the game… Nice scary thing, even though those scary eyes doesn’t make my sleepy eyes refresh again late at midnight…

  4. Zombie Fapper says:

    that girl is straight up kuroneko…lmao

  5. HazeNightmare says:

    No images???
    I thought that the intro was naturally black screened then i was like \ umm images and sounds are taking a bit too long to come up\ and then i noticed the game didn’t show them in the first place! help anyone?

  6. Laira says:

    Ummm… what to do? The game seems to work fine, in the introducton, but then when the narrator says “I’ll say it again, this story shouldn’t be known” the game crashes. What do I have to do…??

  7. Kimiko says:

    Am I missing something? Every time I try to start the game, I just get a black blinking box that automatically closes. I can’t get the game to function properly at all 🙁

  8. zys123 says:

    Does this actually have any romance or ecchi in it, or is it more of a horror story?

    • TheNightWalker says:

      There are no ecchi or hentai scenes of any kind.

      And actually there is no romance (the heroine doesn’t care about love).

      Basically, this VN is pure horror, but with a gothic mood (no guro, no detailed description of violence…).

  9. erogero says:

    To Miki, Arurie and wadezig, I solved your problems by running Windows in Japanese (from Regional and language options). The readme file says you should rename the folder to remove non-latin characters which is wrong.
    First make sure you are running your system in Japanese, then install the vn and copy the files, run the batch file and play the vn by running the Phenomeno_en icon. The menu will appear in Japanese, the storyline is translated.

    • Arurie says:

      Thank you so, so much! I had no idea it was actually in English the whole time… I feel so silly.
      It’s also a good thing I have a basic understanding of Japanese or else I’d have no idea which option to choose.
      “I want to listen.” “I do not want to listen.”

  10. wadezig says:

    I hate to be a bother by asking a question, but no matter what I do (even after doing what the read-me says) the game always plays in Japanese.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    And as always, thank you for uploading this, admin.
    same problem here…

    • randomanswerer says:

      I first thought mine was in japanese too, but the first bit of japanese that comes out are actually just like intro, and are not translated, along with the menu and title screen. Just wait a bit and after you get past the title screen (just try all the choice) you will reach the english part of the story.

  11. Arurie says:

    I hate to be a bother by asking a question, but no matter what I do (even after doing what the read-me says) the game always plays in Japanese.
    It’s infuriating since I am a large fan of both Yoshitoshi ABe and Nitro+.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    And as always, thank you for upload this, admin.

  12. Miki says:

    I have a problem here, the game just shows the intro and then it blocks, any suggestion on what might be?

  13. Kami says:

    Is the that the full ENG patch for the game, or just a “trial” (hence the name)?

  14. Thylmar says:

    A great little VN which captivates you for the 1-2 hours the ride will last. Wonderful artwork, as one would expect, with a nice and dark setting. The story is pretty intriguing and solid.

    Many thanks! 🙂

  15. The Krypt Angel says:

    woooo yoshitoshi ABe I just KNOW that if I play this its gonna drive me to dust off my serial experiments lain box set 🙂

  16. anon says:

    Will Ivan be putting up torrents for all the eroge?

  17. the last protag says:

    I like the new trend of dark games being posted. Thank you Admin.

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