Steins;Gate – Linear Bounded Phenogram

Steins;Gate - Linear Bounded Phenogram

You followed Okarin through the labyrinth of time and space; now relive the twists and turns of Steins;Gate through the eyes of Kurisu, Suzuha, Daru, and the rest of the Future Gadget Lab members. See how they faced the startling events of the game; hear their thoughts and experience their battles firsthand. This incredible visual novel gives you the rest of the story, with new revelations that will amaze even the most jaded Steins;Gate fan. The drama of Steins;Gate continues. Don’t miss it.

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  1. VN_Lover says:

    Are there some update patch for this?
    I dunno how the “F” they translate but change the program with renpy, but looks like that cause this game so buggy, blank words in log, in phone too, @channel blank, F***!! 🙁

    • Avi says:

      It appears like this is broken, can’t get past the first chapter as a lot of the texts that should be clickable arent.. really would like an update for this

  2. Nobody says:

    It would be nice if you place thumbnail of game

  3. Korawaki says:

    I’m so happy. I love steins;gate and I’m sure I will love that game as well (^~^)/

  4. Eusly says:

    Can u tell me the story this game
    Is this zero….

    • Willy says:

      It’s sort of like a collection of side stories on different worldlines, each from the perspective of a different character. (Well, Okabe gets two but I guess that’s his privilege as the protagonist.) It’s more of a fandisc/supplementary material type deal than being a major story in its own right like S;G and 0 were, but I think it’s still interesting and worth playing if you like the characters and setting.

  5. Eusly says:

    Tell me what is this…
    Is this new series like zero time line or what

  6. molitar says:

    Does not work says missing SLD2.dll. It seems a primary file pointing to necessary DLLS are broken.

  7. Garuda says:

    Huh, I’d have thought it was from an official translation but I can’t find it anywhere.

    Admin, any interest in putting up The Bridegroom Training Diary of Tsumugi-sama? It got a fan translation maybe a year ago but I can’t find a copy of the game.

  8. Ashura Knife says:

    O.O Oh god, yes!!!

  9. Revvo says:

    there is more?
    Oh my god…. there is more… *sobbing*
    thank you for this.
    thank you!

  10. Darthjamesy says:


    P.S. Thanks admin \o/

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