White Album 2

White Album 2

As if to match the guitar I play in the afternoon music classroom.
As if to match the piano someone plays in the next room.
The pure singing voice from the rooftop connects the three disconnected melodies.

It all started on such a day in late autumn.
At that time, someone fell in love.

Everyone was doing their best. Everyone pushed on. Everyone was intent and honest…
We formed a bond and obtained a precious moment.
That’s why someone fell in love. A love that was too late, a love that shouldn’t have occurred.

And then comes winter. The falling snow covers all sins.
And spring eventually comes, melting the snow and imposing all punishments.

The cold breeze chilled me to the bone, a singing voice reached my ear-

That frozen song from 3 years ago,
It once echoed in the classroom, in the empty cafeteria, in the silent campus.
Born from passion, evolved by love yet ultimately, vanished as a “lying song”.

The winter where they were “three” was no longer. A new winter started as “one and one”

The season is late autumn.
A foreboding change is approaching although the scar of the severed bond is yet to heal.
2 lonely melodies attracted each other and hurt each other, summoning new one in the process.

The new winter will arrive soon.
The winter without her.

There will be no more white album, because I won’t sing again.
There will be no more unreachable love, because I won’t love again.

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  1. So is the premium version of Downloadani.me worth it/safe? It’s beginning to become a hassle having to download the parts separately on my crappy internet.
    Thanks again though, admin.

  2. Hey guys, I need some help, the game crashes repeatedly (first at start up before the title screen, and now when clicking on NewGame), I’ve tried to set my locale to jap and english, but neither work. Is there some dark compatibility option I need to select ? (I’m on Win10).

    1. Ok so I managed to make it work somehow after a few tricks: first I updated the drivers of my gpu and cpu (graphic chipset) ; and then I kind of supposed it was an error in directX so I renamed the d3d9.dll to make the game fall back on the dll provided by windows.

      Anyway the game was REALLY good, totally worth the pain it was to install – I’ve spent almost all my holidays on it, it went by in a flash :3

  3. Oh shit, this is fully translated? Both introductory and closing chapters?? Someone please confirm, because holy shit! I never thought I would see the day this VN gets fully translated. I’m doubting reality, someone please pinch my fucking cheeks.

  4. I was waiting for this translation for 6 years at this point. Said to have been one of the best VNs ever made and just the introductory chapter left a mark to everyone who watched the anime as one of the best romance/ love triangle to ever come out. Simply put, I will enjoy this

  5. Okay, I’ve finished everything except the Kazusa true ending and I can say for sure that this is one of the best VN I’ve ever read. Here are some of my thought for anyone who is interested.

    First of all, the characters are very well written and relatable, in particular the main trio: Haruki, Setsuna and Kizusa. Even if one character trait is missing among these 3, the scenario and direction of the story can never take shape. The VN shows that many contradictory feelings can exist inside a single person, each person has their own flaws and strength, how they behave is not always simple as it is and there’s no true black and white just like in the real world. Even the side characters and side heroines are interesting and my most favorite among them is Takeya, the MC best friend as the side character and Chiaki as the side heroine who seems to be simple at first but complex with their own relationship, their own thought and action. The character is likeable which makes it very difficult for me to read the Kazusa true ending after having read Setsuna true ending since I’ve attached too much to these characters. I don’t know if I can even finish this route since I’m so invested.

    About the plot. the game is divided into 3 parts: Introductory Chapter, Closing Chapter, and CODA. Each of them can stand on its own with its proper conclusion and theme but they shine the most when you’re playing all three. IC is the usual high school setting, CC is the rare university settings and CODA is the hard-to-find adult real-life setting compared with other VN. The 3 true endings hit the most with each having a very different feel, thematic and very resonating, The pacing is well balanced, not too rushed but also not too lengthy, every scene seem to have its own place and even the 3 side heroines story mingle well with the true route, making a heavy impact on the MC.

    About all other aspect of the game, the art is well drawn, the sprite is comfortable to look at, the choice of music is phenomenal. Still 2 things that surprise me the most is first how the game takes control of your playing at emotional scenes and the quality of the H-scene. You don’t have to click or choose an auto mode, and the scene is just slowly depicted in front of you without any input and it creates time for you to leisurely take in all the emotion of the scene. The H-scene are very well written, some having more impact than others but they are important for the story. Some of the examples are the last H-scene of IC, which in my opinion is the highest emotional climax of the chapter, the H-scene in Setsuna route of CC, which represents the everlonging feelingg and affection of Setsuna, or the series of H-scene in the cheating route of Coda, which represents the impending doom of where they go. I feel so spoiled now that I’ve read high quality H-scene I gonna over analyze other H-scene in other VN in the future.

    Overall, for me, the VN is 10/10. one of the classic romantic VN. The VN is not for everyone as it’s very emotional and can create a vastly different opinions among different people. Still, I will put it in the must-read category recommending.

    P/s: Btw, does anybody know how to access the Kazusa concert choice in CC cuz I can’t find how.
    And I’m team Setsuna all the way.

    1. Team Setsuna too. Finally i’ve done her route after that ending of the anime. Very satisfying. But boy…this vn is really long. 😀

  6. Wow, what’s an unusual big VN. I don’t know what’s this about but seeing the size,

    I can sort of tell the quality of the game. Thank you so much admin

  7. Hey Guys I need Help. I can´´t seem to pick the choice (I can´´t lie to Kazusa) to get her ending, anyone has a simple walkhrough for her route?.. Tnx!!.. I followed some japanese walkthroughs but still no luck, the choice is not highlighted.

    1. It seems to me that you have to play through Setsuna true end route to be able to enter Kazusa route. It’s like Chiaki route in CC, the first time you play they don’t show her side of the story. Kazusa true end route can begin when you can see her monologue in Coda.

  8. This was excellent timing, have waited so long for a full translation of WA2! Best thing about it is you aren’t forced into a ‘one true end’, Setsuna and Touma each get their own true end which is a nice change from the usual lengthy vn. I’ve read this translation up until Coda starts and they’ve done a damn fine job.

    Thanks as always Admin, Merry Christmas everybody!

  9. Is coda translated or just the closing chapter? Closing chapter has been released 2 years ago so no point. Without coda white album 2 is useless more or less

      1. oh gosh. i dont know if im in a good enough place to finally read it. i feel like I remember ppl saying some of it is soooo sad

        1. It’s a great romance drama, and while I don’t know what place you’re in now it’s not, it might lead to its themes resonating more deeply with you. Indulging our emotions even negative ones, as long as they don’t overwhelm us and we can keep proper perspective, isn’t actually bad and quite healthy. Whatever you’re struggling with, I hope it gets better.

          1. It’s funny what kind of deeply philosophical comments you can find on websites with sexual content 😉

    1. Admin is a legend.

      Thank you for being a champion and bringing all these goodies for everyone here throughout the years. Your work is appreciated. Sincerely.

      Happy holidays Admin!

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