Atelier Agnes

Atelier Agnes

Agnes Lavlie” is a girl-chemist running her business in the suburbs of the Trading City.

Even though she lost her parents in her childhood, she still lived modestly with her younger sister, Lufa, at her grandmother’s house, who appeared to be an alchemist-
She couldn’t stop worrying about her sister who was suffering from a weird disease called “Sleeping Beauty”; A disease that makes her sleep for most of the day.

One day, when Agnes was on her way to gathering in the woods, she meets her master of alchemy, Bell Faris, for the first time in 7 years.
Because Bell had a debt that she had to return, she decides to utilize Agnes’s talent, beauty and her credulous character.
While she acts as if she were teaching alchemy to cure her sister, she tries to repay by making her take part in secret businesses.

On the other hand, Agnes has to grind herself to gather ingredients for her alchemy, and during her journey, she gets involved in many happenings.

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  1. admin, could u upload this “The Modest Handmaid’s Sex Work ~I will be your partner in place of the young mistress~”?

    1. As someone who’s played that game, I just wanted to mention a few things about it. I found the scenario super hot and the art was beautifully done too. But there were some major drawbacks, the most important of which were: the sex scenes were waaaayyy too short. The guy freaking lasts like 30s it feels like, lol. VNDB even has the short-sex-scenes tag or something on it which I’d never seen before. The second disappointing part was the maid’s voice actress. She’s the same woman as the mom in Oppai Cafe and Hitozuma Tenchou. Maybe its just me, but she sounds like a granny to me. She has no business being in as many vn’s as she has.. seriously needs to retire.

      1. i think you are obsessed with her, i’m not looking up seiyuu’s other work unless she has really special characteristic in their voice.

        1. Lol.. I’m the type of guy who can hear a voice in FF14, think to myself that it sounds oddly like All For One from Boku no hero and then do a google search to find out I’m right. I’m not obsessed – I have good ears. Think as you like though. Doesnt change the fact that this voice actress = totally trash

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