Soukoku no Arterial

Soukoku no Arterial

Shuuya lives with his younger sister Mirai and attends Academy Tengyou Daini. However, their peaceful days come to an abrupt end as their world is taken over by an alternate world called Waibin Sekai – one where angels and demons battle each other and monsters called ‘creators’ roam freely. The students are forced to decide to ally with the angels, side with the demons or do neither. No matter which choice they make, they would be hard pressed to survive in this dangerous world.

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  2. The prepatched game has the pop-up error. Admin, can you add the fix and also update the game to the 2.0 version?
    Thank you very much.

  3. Every time I try to download this game it doesn’t work. I have the premium version of the downloader, so it isn’t a problem with the seperate parts linking up. Basically, when I open the extracted folder all of the files are just out in the open, and when I click the application button (AGE) It pops up with an error that doesn’t say anything, just a bunch of random symbols and the only thing I can do is click a cancel button. Anyone know what Im doing wrong?

    1. if it doesnt show up as japanese then you probably haven’t set your system locale (language for non-unicode programs) to Japanese (Japan) under Control Panel > Clock and Region >Region > Administrative tab.

    1. Had to reinstall from the base installer
      I chose lower graphic settings during installation process just in case
      However, the solution is probably simpler than having to reinstall, or as extreme as having to go low graphics
      I noticed some differences between my new install and the previous one

      So I checked out WInMerge, this files are missing from my first install
      $1$ALT001R.agf $1$ALT003O.agf $1$ALT003P.agf $1$CM000GA.AGF $3$ALT001V.agf $3$CM000HA.AGF ALT001A.agf ALT001B.agf ALT001C.agf ALT001D.agf ALT001E.agf ALT001F.agf ALT001G.agf ALT001H.agf ALT001I.agf ALT001J.agf ALT001K.agf ALT001O.agf ALT001S.agf ALT001T.agf ALT001U.agf ALT003Z.agf ALT004Z.agf ALT034Z.agf CM000AA.agf CM000BA.agf CM000CA.agf CM000DA.agf CM000EA.agf CM000FA.agf CP000CI.agf SO008.agf SO009.agf SO012.agf so017.AGF SO018.agf SO019.agf so021.AGF SO022.agf SO023.agf SO024.agf SO026.agf SO028.agf SO029.agf SO030.agf SO032C.agf SO034.agf SO035.agf SYS4RK.BIN TU000A.agf TU000C.agf TU001A.agf TU001B.agf TU001C.agf TU001D.agf TU001E.agf TU001F.agf TU002A.agf TU002B.agf TU002C.agf TU003B.agf TU003C.agf TU004B.agf TU004C.agf TU004D.agf TU005A.agf TU005B.agf TU006A.agf TU006B.agf TU008A.agf TU008C.agf TU009A.agf TU011A.agf TU011B.agf TU012A.agf TU012B.agf TU014A.agf TU014B.agf TU016A.agf TU018A.agf TU018B.agf TU018C.agf TU018D.agf TU022A.agf TU022B.agf TU039A.agf TU039B.agf TU039C.agf TU039D.agf TU039G.agf TU039H.agf TU039I.agf TU039J.agf TU039K.agf TU039L.agf TU039N.agf TU039O.agf TU039P.agf TU039Q.agf TU039R.agf TU039S.agf TU039U.agf TU040A.agf TU040B.agf TU040C.agf TU040D.agf TU041A.agf TU041B.agf TU042B.agf TU054A.agf VI420.agf VI807.agf VI848.agf

    1. press alt while you are full screen, the top tabs gonna show up, choose the right most option with japanese (O) >> japanese (W) >>> there are 2 options japanese (F) and japanese (W), choose the W option.

  4. Kinda works but pops up an error message kinda frequently where you have to ignore error to continue, ignoring errors seems to work every time but it’s kinda annoying
    Also not sure what’s going on with the difference in GUI and example images?
    In the example images I find everywhere there’s no japanese text in the menu…
    All I know is there was an old translation and this is the new one?

    1. Also some stuff in the options menu isn’t translated like it is in other example images either..?
      Installing the custom font doesn’t seem to do anything either..?

      1. Solved the GUI difference, you need the extra images from the drive download.
        Also imported data files as well, though only a few were larger/difference?
        Not sure if this step was already done but I redid it anyway

        Random error messages still seem to occur though which was my main complaint?
        Could be a direct X thing maybe..

          1. Ah i remember that problem when i played the boring one, the one with music and battle royale. (Hate that theme but in that game especially boring).

            Anyway, i fixed it by deleting all folder in that game directory (i got the problem because i made a folder in it to store some SS)

          2. Same happened to me, i did look around for another source to download from and other versions worked fine without the popup.

            Maybe the admin can look into it and maybe upload a new version (this one also doesn’t have the latest update)
            Till then i can only recommend other to use google if they really want to play without the popup.

          3. Reply chain limit won’t let me reply to the other comment, but
            I ran OCR and it says Data Corrupted, Reinstall Game Continue?
            I had a theory that maybe it was the custom Image UI that was causing that specifically
            So I tried installing just the new data files (linked on the patch release VNDB), no GUI
            Still happens though, might be less frequent.. likely a placebo
            I guess I’ll go download the base game and install it myself, then apply the english patch to see if that works.

        1. This is a problem is every Eushully game. There is a Patch for the problem on the Eushully Forum in the Rhapsody of God portion of the forum. It has a link to the File on MEGA. I don’t use it because it messes with the text a little bit and changes the resolution somewhat. I would rather click yes then see the blur effect on the text.

        2. Sorry i’m too dumb to find it, but what drive download? It drives me crazy not being able to customize the options. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Haven’t played this game but I did play other Eushully games and you need to change your region to Japan, Locale Emulator won’t work.

    1. its more like an edited mtl as far as i know. yeah its still sadly an mtl, but probably the best we will ever get since i cant see eushullu games being ever picked up

    2. Apparently, they spent two years doing the editing. I’m not saying that it is perfect, but they definitely put a lot of work into it.

    3. Impressive for an edited MTL. At the very least, the grammar so far is of acceptable quality. Maybe there is some divergence in meaning from the original JP text (or not?), but english speakers can’t tell either way.

    1. Try set your system locale (language for non-unicode programs) to Japanese (Japan) under Control Panel > Clock and Region >Region > Administrative tab. Also run program as administrator, these make me stop crashing at options.

  5. worked hard on long grind gameplay to get the heroine got raped, mind break, netorare. Yeah if i want that genre then i would have played Taimanin instead. Same reason why i don’t play Ikusa Megami

    1. Everything but the devil route is okay. I do have to say, this is the worst example of an evil route I have ever seen.

      1. Oh? how bad is it? Not a demon king route where you rule over the world?
        I haven’t played this yet so no major spoilers please.

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