Steam Prison

Steam Prison

There are two kinds of people: the rulers and the ruled.

The Heights are a gorgeous utopia. The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland.

Our heroine, a Rank One police officer, raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those below.

Now an observation mission requires her to descend into that world, and the gears of fate have begun to turn.

“Justice is more important to me than my own life. I will not ignore a crime.”

25 Responses to “Steam Prison”

  1. grecios says:

    How do you download this?

  2. celestle says:

    Does this one included Fin’s route? Or without DLC?

  3. ANON says:

    ” No Sexual Content 🙁 girls are thirsty too ya know” lol sad but it looks nice im still gonna dl this game.

  4. Liane says:

    Hi. I have a problem with part 10, when I try to unzip it, it says the file is corrupted or needs a password :c
    Please, help

  5. den says:

    how to save the game?

  6. Naochan says:

    I’m so happy it worked for me 😆💖💖 Thankyou so much for uploading this admin! 😘

  7. Alex says:

    for everyone who struggle launching the game,when the icon appears but is not responding seems like there is temporary solution:

    1. Open the Font folder and install “LinBiolinum_R.otf” and “LinLibertine_R.otf” to your PC.

    2. Go back to the game directory and delete the “Font” folder

    3. Launch Game.

    This method worked for me i hope it does to you guys as well.

    • Lunafreya says:

      omg thank you it worked! 😀 I had this trouble and didn’t know what to do about it , I thought some files were corrupt or something and thought to download it again, you saved me from wasting time downloading the files again and achieving nothing in the end

  8. izumabakumatsu says:

    You know what? I’ve never actually managed to get through an Otoge game, but this is… right in my lane. A very good and enthralling game. One should try it if you like plots and steampunk.
    The only thing I think I’d prefer to avoid is the sudden closeups of the guys face. XD

  9. Christine says:

    Man, this game would be sooo much better with H content. When you have high stakes and a bunch of heightened emotions and a prisony atmosphere, that makes for a fabulous setting for passionate rough sex.

    Still gonna play. I guess there’s a lot of girls that just want an innocent story and devs run the risk of alienating them. T.T

    • Fe says:

      Devs seem to think they can cater to both children and adults. What they dont know is that children dont read. So stap with this innocent crud and bring me some filth please.

      I just cant play another boring otome where the player pussy foots around a guy she obviously wants to jump.

  10. Brittania says:

    Sadly for some unknown reason the game doesn’t load right when unzipped from the winrar files. as soon as you try and open it the game disappears and you only see the icon and then it immediately starts to go unresponsive making it so you arnt able to even play the game at all.
    I have checked per steam for the proper system requirements and i have all the essential programs running on my system and everything was installed correctly per this site however i think sadly it may have been uploaded on this site improperly somehow. (sooooo not bashing the admins or anything. Love you guys for uploading my favs to the site) Just trying to help with reporting what i see so far.
    I would really like to get the game but i always come here first to try the games out and if liked i then purchase them but sadly imma have to wait a bit longer till this issue is resolved. So if someone in the admin can give it a quick checkup that would be SUPER great and i know it would be super appreciated by my fellow gamers who are dedicated to this site as much as i am.
    Love you admins and Thanks for the game upload and look forward to the issue being resolved.


  11. Kinunatzs says:

    Does anyone have a 100% save file? can you please upload it and give me a link

  12. Kinunatzs says:

    How long is this game? since theirs no information for that in the VNDB

  13. King Knarf says:

    When I try to run this game the icon for it shows up and nothing else seems to happen. It quickly becomes unresponsive. It loaded the first time I tested it but now it just doesn’t load anything.

    • Hajime says:

      Same problem here, maybe needs steam to be played ?

    • Anon says:

      It doesn’t need Steam. Had this problem too. Just tried running it with all other programs closed and the wifi off. That seems to get it to work. You can also try running it as admin, maybe? Good luck~

      • King Knarf says:

        I tried both of these, but sadly, no dice. I guess the only other step is to try with a different computer.

  14. Unlimited Loli Works says:

    Thanks for the upload. Not my cup o tea. Those who love these, enjoy.

    BTW saw in mangagamer Rance Quest is fully TL and edited… wonder when they will release it..

    Thanks again admin.

  15. Yes says:

    You guys are so fast! Thank you so much for this

  16. Xeal says:

    Oh man, I was just looking at this on steam and it looked interesting, even if it is tagged as no sexual content. Is a H-patch planned for it or is this what it shall remain?

    • Kappa says:

      Says 17 plus on vndb even for the japanese release, so I don’t think there’s any h scene/patch at all.

    • penny says:

      no hscenes in this one, sadly 🙁 i really want more lewd otoge in english, dammit!

      i’m glad mg is giving us more, but kalmia8’s games aren’t my favorite– if they somehow got in cahoots with sugarbeans or mirai, THEN i’d be a happy gal

      all horny rambling aside, steam prison still looks really good. the heroine seems so cool!

      • Luna says:

        Sugar Beans is indeed awesome! ^_^ Love Under the Moon and Ijiwaru MyMaster! ^_^ So Hot! ^o^ :3 I plan to Translate Ijiwaru MyMaster to English… :3 Already finished the Common Route… ^_^ :3

    • Xeal says:

      Oh, well that’s a shame. Not that it’s necessary I just like to have the option in case. I’ll play this one anyway because it looks pretty good.

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