Sayonara o Oshiete

Sayonara o Oshiete

The protagonist is a trainee teacher who commutes to a certain girls’ school.
Safely finishing the daily practice period, and becoming a regular teacher is his goal.
However, his mind begins to tire.

Uneasiness and nightmares come in sudden attacks, causing a strain, a social phobia, begins to grow more and more every day.
Slowly a fear of the girls he meets with after school begins to emerge, yet at the same time, a desire and passion.
Disgust, a kind of taboo, such a feeling is directed to the adult women who are his colleagues.

“Am I really fit to be a teacher?”

Day by day, the pressure builds.

Even when the lessons are over, the lights are off, and the school is closed for another night.
He cannot help but wander.

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11 comments on “Sayonara o Oshiete

  1. Holy fuck I was so hype to see this finally translated i audibly gasped scrolling by! Until reading the comments and seeing its a bad translation…. sigh. I’ll take this as a sign of progress, at least, and that it IS being worked on and not forgotten forever. I really want to play more classic denpa!

  2. UGHHHH I was so hyped to see it finally getting a translation. Sadly the translation is so bad, it got taken down. BEST if we wait further improvement. This game should only be read with the best possible translation ;_; Else it will really ruin your experience, as the story are very poetic!

  3. PLS someone translate the remake version of Ai Shimai ~Futari no Kajitsu~ it also got hentai animation but the eroge is so godd pls

    1. Reading the comments from reddit, it seems I should wait further for the correction. I want to read the game in all of its glory.

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