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  1. Hey admin, I think the download files might be corrupted somehow. Because I extracted the contents of the .rar files into a separate folder, but when I click the .exe to start the game, absolutely nothing happens.
    I’ve tried running it as an administrator, and even with Japanese locale, but still nothing. It’s not that the game crashes — the game completely refuses to start.

    1. Update: I’ve tried everything I can think of now, to no avail. I even tried changing the system locale to Japan, but the game still won’t run.

      1. It’s a registry-based DRM, tacked on to this and a couple other games by dlsite (I think?). Anyway, it’s very much crack-able, just a matter of finding time. This and Itsumama2 use the same system, though some idiots added malware to their crack (hence it being removed from this site entirely).
        Shouldn’t take too long to do once started, but my list is long enough as-is, so if no one else picks it up, expect it in like a month.

        1. Holy shit, I had no idea Itsumama 2 actually had malware. All this time, I’d thought it was just my antivirus turning up a false positive on the game’s .exe file.
          Anyway, thanks in advance, if/when you finally do get around to cracking both games.

        2. Wait so don’t download the games because they’ve had viruses added to them? Or are they good to download and work?

        3. what kind of malware? because crack itself is a kind of malware, so the antivirus often detect it as malware/ virus, usually it’s a worm type, so just want to ask to make sure, what kind of malware? is it a true malware or it’s just people think the crack is a dangerous malware because the antivirus reacting to it?

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