Sensei 2

Sensei 2

Growing up in the same household… A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion, of the natural love between experience and innocence.

A teacher and student… An invisible wall separates them.

She suddenly confesses her truth: “I’m engaged to be married…”

Finally, he realizes the depths of his yearning for her, moving around inside him like a tangible thing. He hears the voice inside him, crying out to possess her.

The warning bells ring. But by then it is far too late…

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13 Responses to “Sensei 2”

  1. Mazo M*nko says:

    True, Yuko’s route does intermingle with that of Shoko’s, but only briefly and with a purpose, don’t remember what though as game was as shitty and boring as can be. So it doesn’t default to Shoko, not if you follow Ben Woodhouse guide at least.
    As for the game itself, it sucks, period. It’s so predictable, art is terrible, maybe the first few minutes were ok but then you get a rich(?) kid mind breaking teachers (sometimes turning them into babies…ughh)with drugs and other kinky devices that only god knows how he gets. And all because of revenge? For what? Maybe the only ok route is blue haired teacher and her daughter’s kidnapping attempt? Anyway with a plot this retarded what more fitting score for Sensei2 than a 2.

  2. Billy Mays says:

    Can confirm, Yuko Seno’s route is broken. That, or both guides i have found are wrong – it keeps defaulting to one of Shouko’s routes.

  3. RouteProblem says:

    There’s something wrong in this game. Whatever choice I will choose, the game take the same path’s, the path’s of Aoyama Shoko. And I want to do Seno Yuko path. (And not the entire path, I help me witch a playrought.)

    I re-install the game, and the same problem appear again. I’m on windows seven with japanaise location.

    Admin, have you got the same issue ? Or an idea to resolv this ? It’s bother me, as an eroge fan.

  4. kos says:

    yahoo this great

  5. honestly speaking i dont really like the game…. it doesnt have a CG it isnt even the same with the genre it has very low sexual content, its even late sexual content

  6. JJBBOOYY says:

    I extracted the game, ran it on winemu, and now im installing but halfway through it says unable to copy file??? Help plz.
    Im running it in admin already

  7. Kratos says:

    Hey how do i dont get the message of voice fail, its quite annoying

  8. HirOtaku says:

    please put sensei2 cd in your cd-rom drive

    it say this what should i do??????? :[

    • HirOtaku says:

      help plese someody !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nobody of importance says:

        To play this game you must mount the ISO or disk image file. There is not a no-cd exe file to my knowledge. Also Sensei2 and Virgin Roster(which also requires an image file to play gave me difficulties when I tried to mount them with Magic ISO or other programs. Daemon tools lite, however, allowed me to play the games with ease. Try mounting the cd image file using Daemon tools. This should solve your problem.

  9. Richard says:

    @juan : try to change the compability mode into Windows XP
    @man : quite good but don’t expect it to much. Much surprises although.

  10. MAN says:

    is it good? cause it seem a bit boring

  11. juan says:

    hello i just downloaded the game, and install it, but by runing the game, the screen resolution goes to 600 and more importantly the game does not goes on , it is just a black screen and freeze.

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