The city of afforestation, Kazamatsuri.
In this city built upon the ideal coexistence of civilization and the environment, Tennouji Kotarou spends his days with his friends, Kanbe Kotori and Yoshino Haruhiko. In this peaceful city, a tumultuous event shakes the foundations of Kazamatsuri once a year.

The Harvest Festival. Within this immense scale event, Kotarou collects all sorts of information. There are always rumors about unidentified creatures and the occult.

At the same time, mysterious happenings keep befalling Kotarou. He takes up the offer to help Senri Akane, the club president of the Occult Research Society and begins an investigation that will end up involving his fellow classmates.

To Kotarou, this created a lively and adventurous feel. To be able to spend time with this energetic and boisterous group was just right for him.

But there’s something Kotarou doesn’t know.
He has yet to learn that his adventure is connected to a journey towards the “truth” that no one else has discovered.

-Is it possible to rewrite fate? Her fate?-

First released in 2016, Rewrite+ features new content and several updates to the original Rewrite.

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  1. I always have mixed feelings about games by Key. The stories are really good, but some parts are just too depressing. Especially this one. I liked a lot of the characters in the original Rewrite, but most of the endings seemed like they were just trying to make you cry. It was a good game, but don’t play it if you are bad with tragedy.

  2. If this is the steam version, do not download it.

    This review on the steam page sums it up very well:

    “This version of Rewrite is an insult to its source.
    I love Rewrite. It’s a story that changed me and my life in many ways, that will forever stick with me. Kagari is and has been my waifu for six years now. But this version of it is an insulting joke in about every way. Unlike most reviews right now, this is a review of this version of Rewrite, and not of the original game.

    First off, ignoring all bugs, the translation quality is subpar. A lot of important plot points are missed and ignored, jokes and quips are lost in translation, and any deeper meaning is hard to find at all. Especially the Moon route loses a lot of its shine by having a lot of its smaller details completely lost. But, the translation isn’t the only problem, far from it.

    Starting up the game, you are almost immediately greeted by untranslated text, broken buttons and other jank.
    Half of the names in the game aren’t translated (just showing up in Japanese).
    Text constantly goes out of its borders, and the font is hard to read.
    Major plot points are untranslated (as in, the last paragraph to Lucia route is completely untranslated).
    My waifu’s name (Kagari) is often typoed to Kagami. (rude)
    Actually, there’s just a lot of typoes, grammatical errors etc. in general. A lot of important quotes are ruined due to this, too.
    The game crashes and errors constantly. UI assets look like they have been edited with MSPaint.
    Buttons are available that shouldn’t be. Character names are scrambled in the menus.
    The UI has a random button removed, which creates a hole in the UI. Random code appears in the script.
    The title bar is only translated sometimes.
    The openings, endings, credits and other videos are not translated (and barely work).
    Talking about credits, the added credits by Sekai look miserable (again, made in MSPaint), only show up in two of the seven routes, don’t have any music, and break the preceding official credits. The names aren’t even aligned properly.
    Save data is not saved properly; steam cloud won’t work, update deleted my 100% save already

    That aside, Rewrite+ in general (even its original Japanese release) is a downgrade from the original. Its story has been simplified, making changes which most people do not agree with (changes that either cause confusion, or worse, simplify the ending too much). It’s comparable to the types of changes made to Terminator 2’s ending.

    For some background: this game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It got $200K in funding. The kicker? There is already a fan translation by Amaterasu, which was developed on a $0 budget (they don’t even take donations!), that is FAR higher quality than this one (it’s actually translated, for one).

    The general business practices around this game’s release have been shady, as well. Many delays just kind of happened, as no updates were sent out from Sekai even after the project was funded. The “monthly updates” promise was not upheld. On the LAST DAY, suddenly changes were announced, and the only response from Sekai was to suck it up or get a refund. Other promises, like that the game would launch alongside its fandisc “Harvest Festa”, were silently backed up on as well.

    I’m the kind of person to tend to stay positive. Similarly to the Rewrite anime (don’t watch it, by the way), even when others were already worried upon seeing the publisher, I stayed hopeful. Once again, my hopes have been shattered. I don’t want to even imagine how many people will have their first (and likely only) experience with this fantastic novel ruined by this sheer and utter lack of competence. Just holding CTRL to skip through the game to see if it doesn’t crash would already be enough to see that this game needed more time in the oven….although, at this point… it’ll need a rewrite.”

    So please, get the Fan Translation version by Amaterasu.

    1. Wow. I finished the original version a long time ago but waited for this version to go through everything again. Thanks for the heads up. I will stick with the original version for now.

    2. Since then there were big updates. All problems with bad looking UI, untranslated text, typos, bad font, game crashing etc. are fixed. Also the translation was revised, they allegedly made over 1500 changes. Maybe it’s not that bad now?

  3. I’m a bit confused you said this site was only for 18+ games but on vndb this game has no 18+ version the highest is 15+ and it has a no sexual content tag. Also all the screenshots are sfw which normally shows it’s not 18+ too. Can anyone let me know if this doesn’t have sexual content because 6gb and a 70 hour playtime is a bit much only to find out later.

    Also curious if admin is back to uploading all age games here

    1. This site actually has games that are not for 18+. These games have a “no sexual content”, and really has no sexual content. The original Rewrite game doesn’t have sexual content, but in my opinion, it’s a good game deserving a playthrough if you’ve never played it before. It’s got a great story, though some routes are better than others. Some of these all ages visual novels have a sequel/remake/fandisc/sidestories that includes sexual content and extra content (like Little Busters Ecstasy for Little Busters), but you can see them if you check in vndb. Rewrite also has a similar fandisc, but that’s called Rewrite Harvest Festa. That said, I feel like this one probably doesn’t have noteworthy changes from the original, so if you played the original, you might not want to play this one. But that’s just the feeling I get without playing this, and I could be wrong.
      The admin doesn’t upload all the all age games here, but he/she does upload some from time to time. I don’t know his/her standards for uploading these though. If you see a “no sexual content” tag, or can’t find any nsfw screenshot and tag, it most likely doesn’t have sexual content.

      TL;DR: Most likely no sexual content. Could have some version with sexual content later, but this one probably doesn’t have it. Admin still uploads some all ages games from time to time, no idea what his/her standards for choosing what to upload is.

  4. Assuming this is the recently released Steam version, 3 of the CGs got swapped with the corresponding ones from the Japanese PS4 release, to satisfy Steam content rules. Info from the project’s kickstarter update(December 16)

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