NekoPara vol.1

NekoPara vol.1

What’s NEKOPARA? Why, it’s a cat paradise!

Minaduki Kashou, the son of a long line of Japanese confection makers moved out to open his own shop “La Soleil” as a patisserie.

But upon moving out, hidden amongst his things were two of the catgirls (“neko”), Chocola and Vanilla, that the family had been raising. When he tried to send them back, they begged and pleaded until he gave in and now they’ve opened La Soleil together.

With two nekos who really, REALLY love their master trying their very best and occasionally failing — a heartful comedy opens for business!

See the Sayori NEKO WORKs’ mascots Chocola and Vanilla like never before, moving, and in full voice on screen. And now with the E-mote System, the characters smoothly move on screen changing expression and poses in countless ways.

The scenario is written by Yukijin, and the theme song written by KOMEWORKS and performed by nao.

374 comments on “NekoPara vol.1

  1. For anyone getting the ‘Copy Failed’ error when installing.

    You have to use WinRar to open and unzip. If you try using the right click and unzip to (here or unzip files) it will not work and you will get the error.

  2. Whenever I try to install it always fails saying “Installation Aborted” with the reason saying copy failed.

  3. Ummm I know Im late in downloading this but is the 1.8gb nekopara and the nekopara with parts still the same

  4. How can I save data without losing it? Because I tried to save them but I didn’t find them anymore. Please tell me if there is a way!

  5. I know that this is really late, but does anyone know if I can use this version to ‘patch’ my steam version?

    1. After I download these what do I do unzip them with winwar or so I need a specific app or system to play it on because i only have steam and a ps2 simulator

  6. Why does Japan classify censored (animated-)porn as 18+? So it’s preteen-friendly no matter what? Anyway does this work with AppLocale?

    1. All Jap porn (I mean even all, real people, hentai, games, etc) have mosaics.
      Any uncesored are non-Japanese or where someone made them uncensored once they came from Jap

  7. I Just downloaded all the parts and I am having trouble playing. When I go to play it. It says Script Exception Raised Cannot find Storage startup.tjs.

    I looked back through the comments and while the issue has come up before. It was never addressed.

    Please help me

    1. No it’s not I just tried to download the .rar and I keep getting sent to an error screen so yep no Neko girls for me or anyone until it’s fixed

  8. I’m currently facing a problem with the animated scenes. They’re really laggy and choppy no matter what I do with the advanced settings.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    1. I think the hardware is not enough for the game. I am playing vol 2 and 3 now but 3 gives me a slightly​ choppy feel when I unplug my laptop’s charger.

  9. after reading all the first page comments i havent found a solution to the problem i have. after the into cutscen/movie/song it gives me an error that some scrips has stopped working and it crashes. i would really like to play this game further. any idea how to fix this? will installing the game and running it from the setup folder perhaps fix this issue?

  10. Guys, can I ask that the +18 PATCHES for Nekopara vol. 1 and 2 are posted here as addons? I tried using the patcher but it doesn’t work on XP for me and I can’t find actual workign patches, and the entire game posedhere will take me more than 6 hours to download all of it.. Unless the patch is as big as people have told me

  11. just go and do the same thing… but step no:1,click free. step no:2,exit out of the new tab it opens. step no:3,wait for however long it says. step no:4, write the number in and click download

  12. Hi, I was wondering how to make this work, I always get the startup.tjs error, can anyone please help me?

  13. Some people said the game is uncensored but when I looked at the HCG it looks like it is censored to me. Everything is blurred.

  14. Just can’t make the game work ~_~…
    The game screen/window always appear white and I only hear sounds then when I try to blindly press/click the start of the game, it always says ‘invalid object’ or whatever…

    Is it because the requirements regarding the system, software, hardware hasn’t been fulfilled or what?
    Admin! Please answer!

  15. Hello I was wondering upon the release of Nekopara Vol 2 on February 20 that there will be a free download for it here? :3

  16. Hello, i just wanna know if its a hentai game, i mean with sex scenes or is just ecchi meaning showing their panties etc

  17. is it complete? like, with all the routes, cause i’ve downloaded a version that ends without me doing anything.

  18. It’s error
    At the food stand scene..
    It’s say
    Cannot convert the variable type
    ((Void) to object).
    Help me how to fix it please..

  19. having problem when i play it in halfway .it say “cant convert the variable type(void) to object.. what ita mean and how to fix it ?? Thanks

  20. Hello! I am having the same weird issue again, i got parts 3-5 but part 6 when i press download it says this webpage is unavailable error invalid response, and i was wondering if this was an issue with the host or with the upload? Thanks!

  21. Hi! When I finished setting up the game and tried to run it, it says ‘Script exception raised. Cannot find storage startup.tjs’. Please tell me how to fix this ^-^

  22. Hey, I am having the same problem as \needloadsofhelp\ the first 2 parts downloaded great but part 3 gives me the error \page not available\ or something along those lines. after i put in the code for verification and press download, please fix thanks! 🙂

  23. hey admin every time i try to download after writing the code it always says file not found. is this a problem with my browser?

  24. Hello im having a problem
    Whenever i try to play nothing shows up but i can interact with it and when i hit play this show up
    A fatal error has occurred. File: start. ks line: 17 tags: Unknown (- might also shows the front and back of the tag that caused the error) Invalid object context

    Can someone pls help

    1. This also happened to me T_T.
      I wonder what’s the problem? Hopefully someone will answer and tell the reason and solution to it.

  25. I hope they put vol. 0 on erogedownload
    Its coming out the 16th of august from what i’ve seen on the official website

  26. When I try to start the startup,norton antivirus shows me setup.exe has virus/trojan called SONAR.Heuristic.132 so it is still safe to download?

  27. thats not whats causing the issue as i wait till each part downloads b4 starting the next and i even wait 5 mins between each so as to not cause any problems when im down loading the next part

      1. You can only download two parts at once as a free user. Wait until parts 2 and 3 finish downloading and part 4 will start just fine.

  28. Hi,
    I installed the game today. Everything is great, but the voices aren’t working at all. Every other sound is fine. I can’t even hear anything after clicking “test sound” or something in config. Any idea how can I fix it?

    1. Just to put obvious stuff out of the way: Are you sure speakers aren’t muted? (No offense, I helped user troubleshoot similar problem with different game before, only to find out he had headphones plugged in…)

      Do you have any “unusual” sound setup? (external USB sound card etc. Japanese game developers are really behind times with a lot of stuff (as evidenced by still using non utf-8 character encoding etc.) which might cause strange issues on non-typical systems.

      Did the archives unpack properly (no errors)?

    1. There are mosaics on the genitalia – this is requirement of Japanese law, and no version without mosaics exists for this game. “uncensored” in this post refers to no annoying fog in bath scenes for example, as well as presence of actual h-scenes (which the version available on steam store has none of).

  29. Hi everyone i was wondering if someone could help me with the installation? It fails at about halfway then and says “Setup was not completed successfully.” when i look in the details of the error it fails when it tried to copy the plugin textrender.dll.

      1. I unzip it then double click the Startup.exe press install>Next>Next>(I don’t change the destination folder)Next>(Saved data location is the same as installed path)Next>Install. Then it fails. I should say that I did download the game before, I think, it was offered on steam then moved it to my external hard drive. When i wanted to play it again i moved it back and it didn’t work I, then deleted it and downloaded a new copy and got the error from my last post. I did get it to work but i made an entirely new windows 7 virtual machine to do so. I was sure i deleted everything related to my first install but since it worked on my fresh windows 7 virtual machine now I am not so sure…

  30. so if i’m DLing the free version, do i need to DL everything before i can unzip it? never used this site and i’m kind of a rookie. do i somehow compile it into one file and do it all at once or…?

  31. I’m sorry for the noob question but how can I play the game as though I’ve downloaded the 1-click version but rather the free version while maintaining the same data for each?

    1. What do you mean? They’re the same game. If you don’t know how extraction works, select all the game files at once (highlight them all), right click, extract somewhere (you may need a program such as 7zip or winrar). The folders for the game should now exist.

  32. Hey guys, when I start the game there are still censors on the 18+ scenes. Is there something I should have done to get it uncensored or was I just completely off thinking it was uncensored to begin with?

  33. Hello my good man, I am the Pube Snaker and I would like to ask if the download links are a legitment way to acquire the game? Because I’m not in to that pirating stuff because I would like not to have to worry about getting in trouble with the law.

    1. You could always search for the game’s creator, find their official website and buy the game from them if they offer it for your location. Normally they have a “Buy the game: Support game’s author” link but they must have not put it up yet. There’s something for the Admin to do if they get bored. Haha.

  34. is it possible to remove the adult version ?
    actually..i really like the game but the adult version kinda too much for me i think :p

      1. well, do removing it also adding steams in bath scenes and removing sex scene? my nephew wanna play this but… I just can’t find the normal version and it’s only in steam.

        1. No idea. Like I said, I never tried it. People over here usually aren’t interested into turning games with hentai content back into all-ages ones – the trend is mostly the other way around. Why don’t you try doing it yourself, ctrl-skip until relevant moments and share your findings here? Uhm… for science!

        2. A little bit late , but better than nothing (even if you probably already found it out by yourself). Deleting the files should work. Went to the bathing scene. Steams are there^^
          Didn’t went further because i played only a little part of the game and dont want to spoiling myself.

  35. ADMIN, or somebody else, pls help me. Ive already installed the game but its all white screen, theres VOICE but no display, only white screen. Is there something wrong with my installation? can somebody cite me how to properly install the game? I dont use Daemon but i do have Winmount app.

  36. I’ve installed the game, but when I played, only voice display, but i can still push the button. is my computer not support? please help

    1. Where u get the link download ?
      I juts click the link download and it’s transfer me to another website… can help me ?

  37. hmm for some reason my graphic is all pixelated and looks really bad… anybody know what’s up with this?

  38. Hey admin, I have a problem. My Computer say, if I try to start Nekopara, he cannot find the storage startup.tjs. Please help.

  39. Hey admin, is it possible for you to upload Sakura Angels (same maker as Sakura Spirits, so it’s non-H)

  40. So it says for me “cannot load plugin textrender.dll”

    Would someone be so kind and help me how to fix this?

  41. Wow..the graphics are great!..but my computer is laggy when the character moved T.T..anything can do to reduce the graphic quality??

  42. I had no problem when installing it or playing it, EXCEPT for that food stand scene, I always get an error that says something in japanese and there is something like \cannot convert the variable type ((void) to (object)\…. Does somebody know how can I fix that?

      1. If anyone facing the error problem when go to food stand,the solution just to skip that text pressing skip button, before that go to config and select skip all not skip read only

  43. So once I install this (pretty new to this) it comes with the adultsonly.xp3 and what not. With those in the folder I can have all the good bits yeah? Because during the opening credit (after the story line stuff) there was a picture of them nude but there was censored bits. Would really appreciate if someone could elaborate onto this for me. Thanks in advance.

  44. Help Folks! started the game (quite nice) but after 15 mins of game time Lag started every 5-6 mins lag occurs again….any fix? tried unchecking the 3D option on advance still lag occurs. THNKS

    1. Nvm i fixed it.. i unchecked da one on da advanced settings 3d idunno? I forgot itz name.And iz now working properly :3

  45. *Jumps on the bed* Yes! It’s not All-ages.

    Lawl. Below when it asked me “Enter the following: puppy dog” xD

  46. For some reason all I’m getting is a white screen with the intro screen music playing in the background. Any fixes for this?

    1. Ders a settings on da upper part of da game when u launch it ryt? Ders a help bar there click da show advance settins then uncheck da option on da lower part..3d blablabla? forgot its name. Then relaunch nekopara :3
      it fixed mine

  47. hi Admin i would really apricate if youll start putting censored/uncensored tags 3rd game i download and its censored…

  48. Can this game run on 10.1″ ( 1024 x 600 ) inch/resolution ? TuT . I’m broke with a NetBook, hope it runs.

  49. i’ve download the partial link (part01 – part10)
    and then i try to extract them, but..
    each part has same output folder (NekoParaVol1Adult)

    and my question is :
    how must i extract it ?
    if i combine each part, i must replace setup.exe (each part has it)

    *NB : sorry if i have bad grammar
    dont say R.I.P english please >.<

  50. Hi.

    Just a quick question: How do I get voices to work?

    I’ve had this issue on all VNs I’ve downloaded

    Other than voices sound is fine

  51. Admin i salute you, i have been looking for this game for a while and I found this game here and not only one game but a ton of it
    Thanks admin
    Here give me a high five

  52. Admin i salute you, i have been looking for this game for a while and I found this game here and not only one game but a ton of it
    Thanks admin
    Here give me a high five

      1. Fixed !!!
        I went to the Advanced Settings tab on the top toolbar, checked the last three items, and it got past the place where it was crashing. I unchecked them individually, but it continued after all three were unchecked, so I don’t know which one fixed the problem.

  53. For someone who wants the all-ages version…i have a solution for that…
    -After you installed the game, go to \Name of your disk\\Program Files (x86)\or \Program Files\NEKO WORKs
    ekopara_vol1 or wherever did you install that.

    -Then you will see there \adultsonly.xp3\ and \adultsonly.xp3.sig\.

    -After that remove them from the folder and place whereever you want but don not put it on the installation folder.

    -And there you go! you now have an all-ages version of neko para! Enjoy!

  54. Serious Admin…thank you. this site has been a awesome resource for the past couple of years. its been sating my VN lust ever since I found it. keep up the good work!

    1. They probably won’t make a second volume for a bit… if possible maybe around 2 or 3 years time?

  55. guess i found the solution to our dilemma:
    try reinstalling directX, then restarting your pc
    hope that helps^.^

  56. Hmm, it turns into chinese subs after the movie of the game airs. Does english translation actually stop there or do I have to do something magical to make it back to English? Lol.

    1. Buddy, I think u just hit “c” by accident. That changes it to chinese subs. just hit “e” to change it back

    1. Retry? It’s pretty straightforward. Extract all the rar files together into one file and then copy paste the eng patch into the the nekopara file, replacing all the overlapping files.

  57. Caberman: *Tries downloading game off of*
    Trodsite: Nope, you can’t download a file bigger than 200 MB, but you can download MULTIPLE files that are 200 MB.
    Caberman: What the fuck? Why?
    Trodsite: The owner programmed me to be an asshole, based off the real thing!
    Caberman: Ok, I guess ill download mulitple fil-
    Trodsite: NOPE! You have to wait 5 minutes inbetween file downloads!
    Caberman: What kind of bullshit is this?
    Trodsite: Trodshit.
    Caberman: Ok I guess ill do that,
    Trodsite: Wait! Before you do that I need to know if your human!
    Caberman: What th- What the fuck?
    Trodsite: Yep!
    Caberman: Fine ill deal with your shit.
    Trodsite: You missed a letter! Your not human!
    Trodsite: Sorry, based off the real person!
    Caberman: *5 Hours later* Finally I got it, download now and….
    Chrome: This download will take… 8 hours
    Caberman: It’s fucking 200 MB… WHAT THE HELL CHROME!
    Chrome: Blame it on Trod.

    Trod is an asshole so I based the download site you used with Trodsite, and Caberman is me but I replaced me with my friend.

    1. While I find your story amusing, that issue has been discussed many times already.
      If you find me a host that allows storage of 1,5TB of data and monthly usage of 170TB of bandwidth, isn’t bitchy about DMCA and doesn’t cost an arm and leg, then I’m open to suggestions.
      Note: I got my account at mediafire removed twice before (they are as “unlimited” as Comcast) and proIII tier (30$/mo) premium monthly bandwidth allotment would last just a bit longer than day.

      1. Admin, such a pity seeding is illegal in your country ='(

        Real pity the host is the only one with good cost/benefit. Now that DawnAmber mentioned Zippy, I would love to know if they have limitations like that? All I know is that it has great speed and I can even use IDM. And of course, that’s only the download part. I do not know about bandwidth limitations or anything like that. No idea about how the upload is.

        1. Some filehosts i found still working on (even if they’re old links) anime sites:


          this is only from downloader perspective of course – i dont know if it meets ur criteria, i guess u’ll have to look it for urself, admin

  58. What’s wrong with part 10? I can’t download it.
    Someone please help……already try to download it 3 times

  59. I have about 190 GBs of VNs on my hard drive.
    What I want to say is; Thank you very much for your work and I wish you the best, in every imaginable way.

    Keep being awesome.

  60. i can see that there are a lot of people having problems playing this VN.. well, just do what B016 tells you to, and you should be fine. i tried this method and it works. i don’t know what effect it’ll have on the gameplay / reading experience because i haven’t really started reading it yet, but at least i don’t get a white screen anymore..

  61. Admin, pls help me

    I installed the game properly and I can hear its BGM but, It doesnt have a screen on its own.. Im actually in the game but my screen is left in the desktop

    pls help me admin Q_Q

    1. lol I solved my own problem ..

      I opened (BootStrap) application on the same folder instead of the main app (nekopara vol.1)

      1. go to the game settings (on the very top).
        click ‘Help’ opion > click ‘show advanced settings’
        click on ‘advanced settings’ then uncheck ‘use direct 3DE mode’

        that should work for you and more importantly, click ‘display’ and click the ‘Enable Smooth Zooming when resizing window’ ..

        thats all I know

  62. Well,the program runs normally,except the fact that it doesnt show me a single picture.Meaning:
    I can see the options on top(help etc)
    I can hear the music
    I can CLICK the game options and such but,i cant see a thing.Got the latest direct x.
    . . .plz help me before i smash my pc.Also i use windows 7

  63. For anyone who get the Copy failed or Setup is not complete problem. Just re-extract the game again then install it again.

  64. I keep trying to download it from setup.exe and after a short amount of time it says \Installation aborted\ with details saying \Copy failed\. Can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?

  65. should I change my system local to japanese that is required by other games to play this game?
    or not necessary

    1. I have my system locale set to Japanese and it works, may or may not work without, I usually just have mine set to Japanese all the time, and I haven’t run into a game that didn’t work with that from this site.

    1. DA-1click is a single file download, but it requires premium account at file hosting to download. DA-free is split into 200MB parts as separate files ( 200MB is maximum filesize that can be downloaded as a free account) that need to be downloaded one by one. Both options contain exactly the same files after extracting.

        1. If patch is bigger than 200MB (only a small portion of games have that big patches) then, yes, they are split the same way too.

  66. Uhh, these comments haven’t been all that helpful…

    How do I intsall the game once all 10 parts are downloaded??

    1. After downloading all the parts, use a program like 7-zip to extract the first part. As long as the parts are all in the same file 7-zip will automatically extract the entire game. Once finished, select setup, and you should be able to install the game, if you run into issues, changing non-unicode to Japanese under region and language.

      (this is all assuming you are using a windows machine)

  67. I keep getting an error message part way through the game saying “thread attempts to read or write to a virtual address it doesn’t have access to” then crashes.

    Anyone know why its happening and/or how to fix it coz I really love this game and this error is preventing me from properly enjoying it

    1. same here and google didn´t help me either >.<
      i already tried reinstalling it several times, even in another path, but it always crashes at the same point( when vanilla starts to get in heat -.-)

  68. This VN is censored and there is actual high quality animation and voice sync even included in the H-scene, makes this of the best and no more still cg picture.

    1. nobody translated Madou Koukaku yet. Only machine translation (like google translate, really bad), but somebody is working at it (maybe in 8 months it will be ready??)

  69. Guys, guys please I need help. Does anyone know or can anyone provide a save from after the video (what I guess is to be the opening video) that plays after the prologue?

    Sorry if I sound confusing, but yeah I got this working on my mac but then it just shuts down after the screen fades to white at the end of the prologue. I’d really like to play/read this. And hearing from others that it’s good I’m a also buy a copy even if I can’t play that one.

    But yeah, please. Anyone. I’d be really grateful. Sorry for the comment being too long.

  70. i bought it on steam – they are so lovely cute its enough for me to get diabetes and a nonstop joyous feeling 😀

  71. This thing is on steam at place 12 on top sellers. People in the steamshop comments are talking how to get the r18 content on. A new age is dawning upon us brothers and sisters…

  72. I’m getting an error for “Invalid Object Context” whenever I’m trying to start game or load up an existing file. Can anyone help?

    1. I went to adv option and unchecked DirectX and it works again, but I’m not sure if it’ll come back. Is this the solution or is there an actual solution?

  73. 100% Seal of approval!! excellent!! Thank you for the VN!! It has so much moe that it makes me feel like want to puke rainbows…

    1. Nope. All load fine for me.
      You can’t download more than 2 parts at once as a free user – that’s probably why you’re getting “file not found”/”bad gateway” errors.

      1. That seems to have been the problem. I’ve always been able to download more than 2 before as a free user. Maybe they got smart and fixed their site so I can’t exploit it anymore ^^

  74. Am i only noticing it has very bad Graphics with Direct3D emote system option on? and when turned off, it has very low FPS.

  75. I downloaded this in 10 parts, some of these parts overlap and have the same file – they end up overwriting each other.

    when i installed and tried to run it i got an error

    cannot find storage startup.tjs

    any idea what i’m doing wrong? =(

    1. If you have all 10 parts in one folder, just extract from first one – WinRAR automatically pulls data from following parts.

      1. extract from part 1 folder or the folder that contains all of them? , I made a folder and put all 10 parts inside it

  76. So if this the 18+ version why are there still mosaics in the sex scenes? Is there a way to remove them?

    But thanks for the upload and happy new year.

    1. All Japanese Eroge are censored out of the box! The only way to get them uncensored is if Western publishers (Jast USA, Mangagamer etc.) negotiate with the Japanese company to publish it in English. The law of Japan forced adult materials to be censored. Even Japanese AV, hentai manga are all censored no exception.

      1. Alright thanks for the answer. So basically it is a japanese VN but with already included english subs and not a western made VN with japanese voices.

        1. I highly doubt that there are ANY made in the west that bother to use Japanese voices only. My only recollection of anything even CLOSE to a VN that had English voices was Sakura Wars IV for the Wii. I don’t really think there’s anything else that has engish voices exclusively when it comes to VNs. Also, nobody in the west makes VNs, they all come from Japan as far as I know. Like stated above, unless fans make an uncensor patch or the western distribution company negotiates to sell an uncensored version in the west, eroges always put a mosaic over the genitals right out of the box.

          1. There’s also Casual Romance Club which was, oddly, translated by the developers themselves, and there are English and Japanese voices included.

  77. Am I doing this wrong? I downloaded part 1 and when I extracted it to a folder it said one of the files inside was broken. It said the same thing when I extracted part 2 to the same folder.

      1. admin, there a way to PM you about something? or maybe you can email me. nothing major, just have some info you could use.

  78. I have a question, this game will have more releases? just because is too good to let it pass so i wanna play some more of this *¬*

  79. Is there a way to lower the fps? The very smooth animation on my very out of date 2 core PC does all right but I want to do other tasks. Fiddling with the BootStrap > Engine settings, I didn’t see any fps there. I read it can be adjusted but couldn’t find it.

  80. Presumably this is the unsanitized adult version and not the All Ages version up on Steam, right?

    (Steam really should just give in and let me play adult games, they keep putting up butchered VNs like Cho Dengeki Stryker.)

    1. press Alt -> help -> check display advanc config -> go to advanced config -> uncheck the “Use Direct3D” thing, that should do.

  81. For my part, I have a big problem with the game as when he said he missed the d3dx9_43.dll file, more than during the game when we begin to advanced, I do not know if it’s you do that too, but I play it shows me a notice of error and as soon as I’m doing okay, the game stops automatically.

    What should I make you think that I mayest enjoy the game again without incident

    1. Not working here,should I refresh when it says “you have to wait 5 minutes and [..] for each download” or in the 120seconds waiting page?

  82. Hey sorry to bother you again admin but i have download each part (10/10) and what i do with them do i open them and put all the file in one folder? Or take all the folder and put them in one??

  83. Admin, can you link to the site to buy the game (if you can) like you did with mangagamer games so people know where ( This is a good game and it’s a shame if some people outside Japan don’t know where to buy it

  84. just wondering can you use this to patch the steam version so it can 18+ version? going to buy the steam version and the limited physical for collection XD

  85. Thanks for the game, admin! Not trying to be ungrateful here, but are you also going to upload Fault Milestone One despite it not being an eroge?

  86. If you liked NEKOPARA please support the developer and buy it on Steam, DLSite or Denpasoft.
    If the profit is to low, they won’t make sequels!
    I for myself bought it, because it is realy high quality and it would be a shame if there were no more sequels.

  87. Hey i am dowloading the differente part but when i try extract the part 1 it says you have to put the disc who contain chapter 2 so how do i make that? :'(

  88. Awesome VN, short but a cute little story with Amazing visuals. Hopefully we get some progression with the other cat girls(and sister) in future parts! Officially bought.

  89. I can run the game just fine without parts 2-10. I already got through the second sex scene too. Why are parts 2-10 even a thing?

    1. Works fine out of the box.
      Protip: If the game does require crack and one isn’t available yet, it’s always clearly stated below download links.

  90. Thanks admin!

    When I run the game, I cannot hear any voices despite having the appropriate settings. I checked to make sure I have voice.xp3 and voice.xp3.sig, and also reinstalled the game more than once, but encountered the same problem. Could this be related to the checksum error I got while extracting the files, and is there a way I can fix it (besides downloading all 10 parts again)?

    1. Yes, It’s most likely caused by corrupted download on your end, as you’re only one encountering this, and the files i posted are extracting fine. Try checking filesizes of parts you’ve downloaded – first 9 parts should have 200MB each, and if size of one differs, you can re-download that single part only.

      1. hi dude i know you part of MG, can you tell to them “If you can get the real data(data with uncensored CG) from them, better not ever localize their game. And if your negotiation still worse/stupid, hire damn japanese to do that stuff)

        I really anger after brough Secret Sorrow of the Siblings(bad story and damn it’s censored to), total waste of times. censoreship from hentai doujin far farrr better

  91. Oh yes this is what I’ve been waiting for since I’ve heard that it’s been greenlighted on steam months ago. Have watched the introduction videos and cannot contain the moe-ness, what’s with the animation and nekomimi and tail and moe~(≧▽≦)
    Been a fan of NEKO WORKs/WORKi because of their amazing Touhou artbooks. Gonna purchased the all-ages version too for my little sister. Thank you admin and happy new year..!!

  92. So if I have the Steam version, can I just copy and paste the adultsonly xp3 file into the steam version and have it run fine?

    1. Either way, install using the Setup.exe or just extract the Nekopara vol 1 folder to wherever you want and run the exe in the folder

  93. By the way, this is the digital version. The hard copy is already sold out in Japan. No wonder denpasoft will wait until Feb 2015 before shipping it.

    1. Extract the inside file into any folder you want. If there is a rar file inside, then just open it and extract the folder name “nekopara_vol1” into any folder you want your game to be in.

    1. You just have to download it one by one with about 5 minutes wait in between each part if you don’t have premium membership

    1. No, NEKO WORKS had in house translation that simultaneously included Japanese, English, and Chinese all in one game and you can switch to any language at any time. Therefore, the game still falls under Japanese law and is censored unless a Western Eroge company localize it though I doubt that will happen.

  94. I already pre-ordered Starless, Neko Para, and Eden Plus Mosaic. Next year will be great for VN. Grisaia is coming, too although not the 18+ version.

    1. yeah too bad…when i read grisaia sequels were begin translated i was all WHOHO then i read “all ages version’ and went fuck epic fail mode…

  95. If you like this game, please support NEKO WORKS by buying the hard copies from Unfortunately, the game shipped in Feb 2015. Only volume 1 is released. I think depending only how well it is sold, you might get to see volume 2 or maybe 3.

  96. Unsure what engine this is but I think Emote is just what they call having the sprites being heavily animated, meaning for this game that they have some slight movement to simulate walking to and from the main character and they can also move to any side of the screen plus their lips and certain other parts (ears, tails) can also move.
    (Graphics seem to be scaled for a 1280×720 resolution which is pretty good for these games.)

    There’s also a slider for bust movement although I think it just looks off if it’s set to anything higher than default middle position.

  97. EMOTE system you mean the one they used on that game, what was it again? i think it was called agarest or something…. yea, the sprites on that game looks like shit

      1. nah man, it’s “Agarest: Generations of war zero” i bought it with a bunch of games recently from the steam sale… its shit though, i just recalled the “EMOTE system” i mean jesus, even for japanese developers that name is just cheesy

        1. I’m not sure how Agarest zero is, but the first game in the series isn’t to bad, as long as you like that style of combat. Plus, no emote system as far as I could tell. Well, at least on the PS3 it was alright. They may have changed the PC port.

        2. No, Agarest does NOT contain any sort of EMOTE system. In this, the EMOTE system is a unique system that animates sprites/portraits to make them seem more alive, i.e. breathing, fidgeting, a bit of boob-jiggle, etc.

          The more you know.

      1. I asked because I already downloaded from two other sites and both were marked 18+ but were the steam version… so just making sure

          1. Could you tell me where you found the steam versions? I’m actually looking for an all ages version but I can only find 18+ ones.

          2. Give up on that. The Steam version needs to be cracked, while this one can be copied right away. I doubt anyone will waste time cracking the censored version.
            Liquidacid is probably talking about mosaic censoring, which is present in all versions.

            Tell me if you find it though.

          3. You can dissable the adult content in the settings of this one. Plus, i think you could just delete the adult only xp3 files.

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