Sweet Young Bride

Sweet Young Bride

Due to the declining birth rate in Japan, the “Government-Sponsored Marriage Program” was created, pairing men with their perfect mate. Kouta is chosen as one of the lucky candidates, and when he goes to meet his future bride, he meets Hazuki, a beautiful young girl. They are married the same night, and Kouta’s new wife makes a request of him:

“Please… Please do lewd things to me.”

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  1. Polishing the banister says:

    Nothing to write home about here really, I mean this is Natsuiro mikan all over again, with same VA, but less plot.

  2. bdog756 says:

    Can’t recommend. Sure it sounds like a great game but I have a few gripes with it. The girl sounds like she has throat cancer. It has mosaics. Within the first few minutes, youve already got an H-scene. Even though this was released like a month ago by mangagamer it looks really old. I mean were talking early 2000’s.

  3. nothinglynothing says:

    hello admin. i may need some help over here. i cant seem to download this game. when i try to download part 1, it keeps telling me the server cant be reached. i would appreciate some help thanks

  4. DidItAllForTheNuki says:

    Pity it’s censored. Oh well.

  5. AstA says:

    We Must Get This!

  6. Bshiro says:

    Due to the declining birth rate in Japan, the “Government-Sponsored Marriage Program” was created, pairing men with their perfect mate.

    – Koi to Uso????

  7. D gamer says:

    “Please do lewd things to me” she said “it will be fine she said”

  8. Mefo says:

    Thanks, im waiting for this game.
    BTW, is compatible with kirikiroid2, no patch needed

  9. pervybro says:

    Officer i swear she was the one

  10. kidlat020 says:

    imo the biggest problem with this title is the voice acting. it’s like she’s trying to sound like a loli, only that she fails at it. nevermind the generic H-scene dialogs and being there just for the sake of it.

    the H-CG themselves are what I’d expect from a loli nukige. showcasing the girl at the right spots, being DFC and all, and the arousal factor is just right.

  11. The Police says:

    Just gonna lurk here…

    Don’t mind me.

  12. stkrge says:

    Thank you Ivan

  13. kyon says:

    Thanks again admin…really love all your works..:3

  14. molitar says:

    Thank you! Thank you!

  15. Heroine says:

    “Please… Please do lewd things to me.”

    … Well, if you *insist*…

  16. Zag says:

    Loli only? Guess I’ll pass on this game

  17. infernoosef says:

    Thanks a lot admin, love u <3 Can you upload neko para vol 3 next time ^^

  18. Chris Hansen says:

    To whoever is downloading this game:

    Please have a seat over there…

  19. AyanoTatemaya says:

    Raviolli Raviolli gimme the loli pussy~

  20. HardgoreAlice says:

    those tags… superb. thanks!

  21. Krasus says:

    Thanks for this game

  22. kidlat020 says:


  23. FoRtIsS146 says:

    1st~ tnx admin

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