Beauty Paradise

Beauty Paradise

Welcome to the Blue Ocean Resort, an idyllic paradise on the beach within Paradise Cove.

You find yourself at your grandmother Umi’s beach resort. Looking forward to a great summer where they can finally put the past to rest and reconnect with this side of the family.

But there is a catch
When you find that your plans to relax are ruined as your grandmother is ill and she asks if you can help fill in for her whilst she recovers. Now your time here will be filled with work at this beachside resort instead of play.

Still there is an upside
The resort is filled with a whole host of beautiful female staff to work alongside.

5 comments on “Beauty Paradise

  1. Wait, this is just Beach Bounce with a Yuri makeover. That’s what the developer’s doing now? Are they going to do this with their other games?

  2. What a joke and nerve of the developers selling the same game three times, I must give them credit because this time they are targeting female players.

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