Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji’s normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles? The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there’s four heroines who are already at max affection with him.

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  1. For anyone planning to play this, after installing everything MAKE SURE to go to the translators website (you can find it under the english release of this on VNDB) and download the “new update”

    If you don’t replace that 1 file the text and voice are off at random parts throughout the game.

  2. How the hell did you people manage to get this to work? I’ve tried all walkthroughs in the comments and still nada.

  3. Hi and thank you very muck for your great work.
    So, I downloaded this game Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru but I can’t get it to work on Windows 10.
    Does anybody know how to set it up properly?
    I get error [1200] and [1503] every time I try to launch it.
    I copied the No-dvd file to the game folder, tried Locale Emulator and all the patches and updates I found on internet for no use.
    Is this game still playable?

  4. Was able to bypass all errors by changing the System Local AND Home location to Japan (Control panel/clock and region/change date,time,or number formats/ Location=Japan/Administrative-change system local=Japanese

    Applocal doesn’t seem to work on windows 10

  5. I have read the comments, and I too was put off…

    AND … in the common route, yes – it feels like pure unadulterated punishment without any justification (which it is, but… )

    *** SPOILER – minor ***

    IF you can keep in mind that much of all that is explained later on, especially in Ryuu’s route (I think I still remember her name correctly? The cousin)

    You find out that the protagonist **SPOILER** is….
    pretty much superhuman. The “punishment” is nothing to him…
    He is pretty much the baddest-ass badass of virtually any VN I’ve read – and I include Yuuji from Grisaia. This guy does put up with a ton of abuse, verbal and etc.. but it’s because he knows what you don’t — the girls are all twisted up, and express love with totally bogus instults, criticism etc..
    *** SPOILER not-so-minor**
    He gets in to a rumble with like 30+ guys and kicks all of their asses…. and the truth is – Ryuu? Totally in love with him. Sister Eiki? Totally TOTALLY in love with him, Tsumugu? Same thing… see the pattern? They’re all hopelessly in love with the guy, pretty much. I’m not saying it’s for everybody – but it’s not about masochism, for sure. Just because some folks don’t keep an interest in it, I’d say — I’m not one for witless prattle… and sure, it drags _at times_ a bit, but – not that much really. I ended up liking the story for the most part, _especially_ with Ryuu’s route. AFTER I played her route, the other routes were far less annoying because I knew that he was _intentionally_ holding back – because for one thing he could kill somebody quite easily if he flew off, and also – well, he made a promise. SO – factor in cousin and blood-related sister ichaicha, a pretty hot “janitor” girl who’s pretty messed up but a nice girl beneath it all.. and – well, I still have the other route to go – Nagi-san or something? She’s not mean to him anyway, she’s just kind of an airhead.

    Try it, get through the punishment by telling yourself – he could care less usually, he could crush anyone in that school if he wanted to… he’s pretty much the most popular guy in the school, despite all the (fake) abuse from cousin and sister… and just get through it.

    Just saying – if all the talk of total abuse is what deters you – don’t let it. It amounts to nothing.

    HjM jr.

  6. Goddamn, this game is tedious to sit through. I’ve played nukige with more engaging dialogue and interesting characters than this pile of shit. The music is the only good thing about this game. If you’re into anime like Seitokai no Ichizon, with its lazy reference based meta comedy, then this game is for you (but this is much much worse). Hell, even the art is quite similar.
    And I’ve not even gone into the needless violence the protagonist is subjected to, which is something I could’ve at least tolerated if the writing wasn’t so godawful.

  7. put a Xbox controller in when you play the game and the 1 Frame bug is fixed. Its not a 100% solution but it works

  8. For those who need the install instructions:
    1. Always do this before trying to install any translated VN: Change your system locale to Japanese.
    2. Extract and install the Ikikoi game (be sure to know where it installs to, default is your C drive).
    3. Extract and copy the English patch and update to the folder that it installed to, and overwrite the one file. Install the font that comes with it as well just to be safe.
    4. Put the “No DVD crack” .exe file in the folder as well. Then run it.
    5. Use the bootmenu app that is in the folder and select the top most choice (for me, it had the top one grayed out, so I used the second from the top)

    I have only got it to run so far and have not tried to play it yet, so I hope there are not any problems later on.

  9. I have no idea who the author of this particular VN is, but it’s pretty apparent that whomever they are, they really hate men.

    The common route consists of pretty much nothing but four girls being total assholes to the main character, who rarely – if ever – deserves any of it. Constant accusations of being a pervert, a blockhead, a dumbass, and other negative slights against his personality…funny then, that for all the girls’ bitching about how much of a shithead this guy is, he’s always shown as being nothing but nice to them.

    I think these girls need to clean up their own backyard first, because it’s pretty clear that, in this story at least, they are the shitheads, not MC-kun.

    I don’t know why writers of visual novels (and anime) keep going with this kind of crap, where all males are perverts, and all females are pure, innocent, sexless beings that have absolutely zero interest in sex, boys or dongs. Well guess what, writers of VNs and anime, I’ve been to high school, and unless Japanese schoolgirls are from another dimension where puberty and hormones don’t exist, then you better fucking believe they are every bit as interested in sex as boys are.

    I’m so tired of the ‘females = superior beings’ trope in this kind of media, so I find it ironic that the girls in this story who are presented as being cool, aloof, tsundere’s with the MC wrapped around their little fingers, who can do no wrong, are so superior, but they all have the personality of a steaming pile of dogshit.

    1. Well it’s a known fact that Japan is one of the least sexually active countries in the world. A ton of herbivorous men over there who can’t be bothered to actually try and get a date. No doubt some of the ladies over there are a bit jaded as well. Probably explains the imagination of many of these VN and Hentai authors. They have to express this stuff in some form.

    2. I know this is a late reply… but it’s really ironic for you to say this considering *minor spoiler* there’s literally a story arc about one of the girls being extremely sexually frustrated to the point of spending whole nights masturbating.

  10. If, for some reason, you find the game running at 1 frame per second, plugging in an xbox controller while it’s on will fix it. Don’t even have to leave it plugged in when you’re done. No, I’m not sure why this fixes the problem, but there you go.

  11. Holy shit Ikikoi shocked me. I’m 15 minutes in and was not prepared at ALL. I figured with the “ikikoi is kamige” and “ikikoi is kusoge” memes that it would obviously be somewhere in between but I did not expect to get so immediately drawn in.

    Majikoi was comfy. It set an atmosphere and had attention to detail that made me attached to the characters and setting.
    Princess Evangile was engaging. Despite the numerous shenanigans it had a way of telling the story that made it a good, not great, read.
    My first impression of Ikikoi is that it’s just fucking FUN. Makes no sense and will probably jump around too much to make sense plotwise, but I can’t get rid of this wide grin on my face, nor do I want to.

    Please tell me that that is the kind of ride I’m in for, because I don’t want it to stop. The setting is not as good as Majikoi and the storytelling is not as good as PE, but regardless of that I am thoroughly enjoying myself because of how well it pulls off making utter nonsense seem like a good time.

    1. can tell me how to install this visual novel? i already download all and extract the file but i can’t play it. is there error in this files or something?

  12. I have an issue: Everytime i want to unzip it, my PC says that part 13 is damaged, even a redownload didn’t helped.

  13. i just downloaded all parts english patch and the no dvd patch and i still cany play the game i get an 1200 message i need help or did i do something wrong

  14. I’m having an issue with the audio, the audio and text doesn’t match up, i hear the audio first and then the text of what character was saying. it’s confusing to read.

  15. Admin I believe that something is wrong with the DA-free: Game Download files. I downloaded all 17 parts, the first 16 were exactly the same size and I have tried downloading part 17 again in case an incomplete download was the source of the problem. I extract and get DAEMON Tools to start the autorun. I select the folder I want it to install to then i start it installing. this is where the problems start, after little more than a second of instillation two things happen first i get a message from the installer that is mostly Japanese characters but in the middle it says [k:/uninst.exe] and it stops installing. at the same about a second after that my antivirus program pops up saying that it has discovered a TROJAN upon opening uninst.exe. I have tried extracting twice and downloading part 17 again with no change in result. also I want to say keep up the good work this, is the first time I have had any problem like this with anything connected to this site.

  16. This VN does have its ups and downs. The common route can be a little of a pain in the ass to read due to the MC constantly getting picked on most of the time by Eika and Ryou and they will sound like quite the bitch at times(I lied most of the time in the common route and early in their routes). Tsugumu picks on the MC at times but it is funny and Tane is just the funny OP ditz. If you manage to get past or skip the common route you will find the routes and comedy more enjoyable with later the MC becoming more of a badass as you find out more of his past. You will probably find the most interesting characters to be Tsugumu and the side character Loli teacher Karen in my opinion. Sadly while Ryou and Eika do get better in their routes their constant…harassment(Putting it lightly) kind of off puts me cause the MC seems to never get a real break.

  17. This title features the worst attempt at humor in VN-history…
    but also the horniest imouto one could imagine.

    All they do is verbally abuse the protag. 24/7. Or kick his balls, depends on the situation.
    Gets old after 10minutes and annoying soon thereafter.

    Eika’s route is funny though.
    Incest^2, total masturbation-madness and Niisan-addiction.

    My suggestion: skim/skip the common route, read Eika’s ending … and then dl something better.

    …like \Ayakashibito\ : Suzu is totally awesome ( Tsundere/Yandere-loli-kitsune-demon … what else do you need to know ^^)

    …or \My girlfriend is the president\ + fandisc : funny scenario and likeble characters ( Ell is so darn cute *head explodes into candy* )

    1. Thanks for that. I fucking HATE stories where the dude is a verbal punching bag much less a physical one. Tsundere attitude is one thing being a punching bag is another.

  18. Can somebody help me?
    I know what to do and i did as it is in the instructions but i doesnt work.
    I extract the english ver.0.8 into the ‚¢‚«‚È‚è‚ ‚È‚½‚É—ö‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é folder nad do no dvd patch too but there are still errors. The DvD patch ditn work either.
    what should i do?

    1. your problem is probably because you havnt changed your locale, normally that text your seeing should show up in japanese. just change you system locale and it should work

  19. Did everyone overlook the fact that if you choose Eika then Ryou dies??? That is way too fucking sad.

  20. Very nice. To those complaining about the verbal abuse, it does lighten up once you’re out of the common route. Especially with Tane and Tsugumu, both of them become criminally sweet. Eika softens up massively too, while Ryou defrosts…somewhat.

    Suggested route order Ryou (get it out of the way) -> Eika -> Tane -> Tsugumu

  21. Haha…
    At first i didnt bother playing it anymore after a few hours
    But after i decided to play at least one route..
    I finaly relized that it gets interesting later on…
    And i realy liked this title

  22. Hahaha Tane cracks me up,her boobs have minds of there own just about every time is shows her one boob is going north and one is going south.

    The translation is ok IMO its not that bad at all i have beat all the routes.

  23. I avoided this at first due to comments about tsundere, but its not that bad as all (love hina being bad).

    There are couple of things that I did have issues with.
    1. The ceremony. Straight out of fatal frame. Only 1 ending solved that, others led to belive that the ceremony was completed.
    2. The sister route. I was expecting the usual non-blood related stuff, but then you even get hit with their parents situation…wth.
    3. The girl that I tought would have a interesting route (Tane) was the most boring one.
    4. After finishing there is one red line. If you have sex with any girl you will get thrown out of the house (even thou its really big)…unless its your sister.

  24. Thx for the game but can’t install the game except if I don’t install CSG and if I don’t install CSG I have no images and my mouse dont appear on the screen. Anybody have an idea ?

  25. idk why people say its bad ryou and eika arent even that bad and i just thought the endings to each route would be good but i was mostly disappointed by tane ending

  26. It is so frustrating. I can’t bear it after playing for a couple of hours. It is just like the developer doesn’t know how to make a joke except making a characters abusing the protagonist. damn, have never hate heroins in h-games like this before.

  27. ok, for those with problem to install the game i will explain how to install(for win7).

    proceed this after download is done.

    1. use deamon tools(or other stuff) to mount ikikoi.iso.
    2. use applocale to launch install.exe into japanese(日本語).
    3. after installation is done, now extract IkikoiEnglishPatchAndFont.rar. the folder will be ikikoi english patch version 0.8 and a ikikoi_custom.ttf.
    4. copy EVERYTHING inside ikikoi english patch version 0.8 and paste it in your ikikoi folder(replace everything when asked).
    5. open control panel > front, then move ikikoi_custom.ttf into the ront.
    6. now extract IkikoiNoDVDPatch.rar into your game folder(THIS THING MUST BE IN YOUR GAME FOLDER!!!).
    7. now you should have [NoDVD Patch][110729] いきなりあなたに恋している.exe. use applocale to launch into japanese(日本語), and you’re done!
    8. remember to always use applocale to launch the game into japanese whenever you play(same for other japanese games).

    hope this will help~ 🙂

  28. So cs2.exe refuses to run at all, just sits in the task manager for a second or two, then disappears. Curiously, unpatched cs2.exe also ddoes nothing, but stays in the task manager permanently. Windows 7 SP1,jap locale, drivers are fine, so are the codecs, as far as I can tell. Also, Grisaia, what with the same engine, works ok.

    Is anyone eelse having the same issue? All the solutions on the Net are not consistent with the problem I’m dealing with.

  29. can someone post instructions on how to install it? i keep getting a issue using the boot menu i click install and it doesnt load up for me and then when i try to use the dvd patch i get a crc error

  30. -_- This game made me want to search for a bad end in which you ditch all of them… but couldn’t stand it more than 10 min so i uninstalled and erased it instead. This is probably best for people on the M side of the force, otherwise you might get the urge of bitch-slap/strangle them.

  31. Just finished playing two of the routes Ryou and Eika \sorta funny how i ended up doing the two heroines related to the protagonist by blood first :3 \ Well even though the translator gave up on editing, the quality of the translation wasn’t bad at all. Read through Ryou’s route with no problem \must have been one of the routes that got fully edited\ and Eika’s had a few typos but you should know what it meant to say. So if your into incest and tsunderes this is a good read \Although i have to warn you Ryou’s Bonus was very scary\

  32. This is a great moage but it’s a shame the translator and editors had a fallout. Still the translation isn’t too bad and Chouji is a likable protagonist. But I think tsundere haters won’t like this one.

  33. Just a heads up. Don’t dl this if you hate tsunderes or generaly don’t enjoy all the heroines verbaly abusing the main character for absolutly no reason. If your cool with all that, have fun. I know I didn’t -_-

    1. it will be a waste if you not play the game just because of that. Sure the girls have harsh words but they have they gentle side too & if you play though Ryou route you can see Choujin quite strong too, he just change so he won’t drag people into the trouble he made anymore. Also the part about the school mystery scare the shit out of me.

  34. I enjoy the 4 route the best all of them are no.1 to me and Tane she’s little bit like Usami Haru the way she do her gestures etc.”And Haru was my fav.”

      1. Tsumugu? really? i didn’t check who’s the seiyuu of the char. so i was little bit surprised…just little bit cause the way she speaks also like Haru with Tsundere personality….

  35. Overall decent but i am not really into the heronies treating your protagonist like shit thing, but if you into that, this is the VN for you!

      1. No pal, that’s not a tsundere. A tsundere reacts to tease and the sort with sort of aggressivity. In this VN, the girls (except Tane) are fucking assholes and verbally harass the protagonist for no reason 24/7.
        That’s being a bitch, not a tsundere.

    1. I feel you. Eika and Ryou have to be two of the biggest assholes I have ever seen.
      By the looks of the comments I can give up on seeing them dere.

  36. I got it to run, but now when I click on the cs2 program all I get are a bunch of Japanese letters and nothing else ever happens; when I click on Bootmenu a menu comes up with a bunch of things available, but a pop-up with Japanese text immediately comes up, and when I click either thing all of them get grayed out except for the bottom one that shuts it.

  37. How can this game have the proactive protagonist tag when he’s such a ginormous wuss. I’m hating the hell out of every single female character.

  38. I’m with these guys… I try to install the NoDVD patch, but it just gives me some stupid error message in Japanese. What’s going on here?

      1. I got it to run, but now when I click on the cs2 program all I get are a bunch of Japanese letters and nothing else ever happens; when I click on Bootmenu a menu comes up with a bunch of things available, but a pop-up with Japanese text immediately comes up, and when I click either thing all of them get grayed out except for the bottom one that shuts it.

  39. Help,after i installed it and i open the game it wont start and pop out another window with some japanese words on it

  40. In the Tsumugu route the text seems to be unsynced with the voices, the voices playing a line early, is there any way to fix this?

    1. It seems to start when it’s showing Tsumugu’s point of view checking the room for the first time, and then seems to fix it self the next time it goes back to her point of view later on.

  41. Anyone else having a problem with the text running one line earlier than the background and voices? Or is it the unedited parts mentioned?

  42. Error 1503 “Insert original disk”
    Copy No-dvd patch into your game folder then run it this will FIX the error.
    I`m the one post it here anyway lol

    1. I seem to be missing something. I also get that 1503 error. You say to copy the no-dvd patch into the folder, but I don’t see anything named that. I assume you mean the new cs2.exe? I can’t find anything that’d be a startable .exe besides that. But when I use it to override the first one I just get some message in Japanese. I’m following the walkthrough on their site but seem to either be missing something, or am retarded. Any advice would be nice. 😡

  43. The No CD patch doesn’t work it gives me an error but i can’t read what is says does anyone knows anything about this?

    ( in need it for the 1503 error)

    1. Can’t get this game to run no matter what I try, just get japanese text when I try running cs2. It’s a shame but I give up.

    2. you need to reinstall the game and then use the no dvd patch BEFORE applying the english patch. At least that fixed it for me.

    1. Yup I got the same problem and asked around.

      A few people have got this problem and there’s no fix yet from what I have seen.

      I’ve heard some getting it to work by uninstalling and rebooting the computer and then installing the game again, I have had no such luck but I guess just wait until someone understands what’s wrong.

      1. I also experienced the same problem before so I looked at the translation site about it.
        “Q: Help, my game running at 1fps.

        A:This is a problem that occurs on the original game as well. Unfortunately, I have no clue at to why it happens, and I wasn’t able to recreate it either. But its been reported by people who had this problem that restarting the computer works. If not, uninstalling first, rebooting(or log off user then login?) then reinstall works. After narrowing things down, I assume the “trick” to this is only restarting the computer instead of reinstalling. No other “tweaking” other than a restart/reboot proves to work. Some reported success on the first restart, some reported success on the third restart.

        There are those who cant get it fixed regardless either, hopefully someone finds out what causes this.

        Asides from that, keep it installed inside your computer. Maybe one day you’ll click it and it decides to stop breaking.”
        Well, in my case, I shutdown after installing yesterday coz its already midnight. Then I try to play it today and the framerate goes back to normal. Btw,sorry for bad english.

        1. I had the same problem with Sengoku Djibril, but it seems to fix itself after reboot. This problem never occured straight after boot, and could be caused by some other process that in some way “bothers” the game but im not sure about that. My only idea would be to take a screenshot of running processes while the problem occurs,compare it with running processes when it doesnt and then terminate the ones that run only when the bug occurs. Well its just my theory and I havent tried that method yet so try it if it really bothers you and if not then just reboot and the game should work.

  44. Walkthrough


    It might be something important again. Check it.
    Move forward.
    Keep my mouth shut.

    SAVE 01

    Honesty is golden.

    SAVE 02

    Watch her leave.
    Help out with Ryou’s work too.
    What did you say!?
    For a bout? Are we gonna fight or something?
    Well, yeah but…

    Ryou END


    Load SAVE 01


    SAVE 03

    Go shopping with Tsumugu.

    Tsumugu END


    Load SAVE 02

    Grab her arm.
    Open the message.

    Eika END


    Load SAVE 03

    Carry her bags? No thank you.

    Tane END

  45. Does not work for me I followed all the steps but when the game start it just has a black screen then it crashes any advice?

  46. Thank you Ivan (if you’re still the one running this site) for doing this for almost what 3 years now? never even once missing a new title. Just so you know, VN bishoujo eroge still part of my life for almost 10 years now.

    I’m 26 and i’m not ashamed to admit that i could not live without bishoujo vn in my life. Thank you so much for everything.

  47. What is this sorcery…..
    Fast as always admin…ur truly my hero saving me from boredom XD
    Oh well tnx as always for fast uploads!

  48. Oh…… at first I looked on the picture…… oh men another short VN….

    Then I look on the downloadable parts…….

    Well…….(Poker Face)

  49. According to the subbers, the quality is equal to Sono Hanabira 3 and 5. If you have read that then I am sure you get the idea. Otherwise the TLing seems to be fine, its editing that seems to be lacking.

  50. WOW!! another story-wise VN.. what an awesome day to start! Ill sleep now so that I can start reading it non-stop. Tnx admin for posting ! just waiting for MGQ 3,coz they are finished translating and just finalizing..

  51. Hmm. Apparently a sub-par translation, but impressive uploading speed as always. Thanks admin~
    Side note: If anybody is willing/able to, the author is fully willing to release updated patches of edited scripts if you provide corrections in something like a pastebin.

    1. Before I bother to DL it how sub par we talking ?

      Fine english but if you read the japanese you’d argue some of the wording bad or do you mean terible english one step up from a google translation?

      1. Minor errors. It was 70% edited and the translator had problems with editors, so she just released it 70% edited. It’s not even close to google/machine TL.

        1. Right, I apologize if I was misleading at first. The TL is easily understandable despite the grammar/spelling errors and slightly awkward phrasing you’ll find in some parts. If you’re the type that can’t enjoy a VN if it isn’t in near-perfect English, then avoid. Otherwise, it’s a good TL of a good VN.

          1. good as long as it isn’t google translated (no offense google but it still is shit) cause those give me headaches.

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