Princess Evangile

Princess Evangile

Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school! His purpose is to mingle amongst the Filles De La Vincennes (“Maidens of Vincennes”) as the single male “sample” to promote gender integration. How will these young, innocent, and otherwise pure maidens react to his presence?!

And just like that, his life at an all-girls school began…

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  1. Angela says:

    Anyone else noticed the UI is pretty buggy? Sometimes I have to click a command two or three times before the game registers the action. Holding down ctrl to force skip dialogue also does not work.

    The real pain of it is auto mode only progresses during MCs lines, any other character with spoken dialogue will halt the autoplay from working. Anyone have a fix for this? 🙁

  2. Domo says:

    This is my first post on this site, and I’ve been here for quite a while. I really want to emphasize this point because I’m usually a laid back person who can understand and let go of most things that bother me.

    This game though. Holy fucking shit. I’ve played about 2-3 hours maybe, and I’ve already had several rage inducing phases, after which I’ve finally dropped this game.

    Tldr of this post; DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Do yourself and me and everyone in the world a favor and just leave it the fuck alone. You will be happier for not having touched this piece of shit, and day would be immensely better for it. I’ve played Starless and had more fun watching girls get dildo-electrecute shocked to near death and taking in horse dicks than the 3 hours that I played this game. In case it wasn’t clear: I hated both of these.

    Mc = main character.

    Spoilers ahead, but since I only played a little bit of the game, but if you do decide to play the game, these spoilers won’t be much of a problem as its very early spoilers.

    This game’s MC is like a shoujo manga male protagonist. Basically, he does cringe shit that a 12 year old girl might find cool, and then gets treated like dirt and he doesn’t bat an eye.

    The protagonist’s circumstances are something like this. The MC has a deadbeat father who incurs a shitton of debt with the Yakuza. His mom didn’t divorce his deadbeat father until MC turned 10 y/o (basically grew up a bit), at which point she leaves the dad. MC won’t go with her despite her pleas cuz he has to ‘fix’ his dad. Few years later, MC works his ass off, while dad keeps to his deadbeat ways (doing literally nothing) and actually has to flee town to get away from yakuza. Few days after the move, the dad ‘transfers’ the debt to the kid, and goes on a trip and now the yakuza are after him. You know how the transfer worked? The kid was sleeping and his thumbprint was stolen on a new contract. Damn guys, some Shakespeare-quality brilliant writing right? This was my anger reaching a peak instance #1. Cliche as hell backstory, not at all realistic

    Next, while starving to death the next day, he saves this girl and runs away with her, away from her pursuers. She gives him food at a restaurant. After food, he checks his lotto ticket that his dad told him to buy a few days ago. You can see where this is going. Jesus christ. At this point my cringe meter is already boiling. NEXT, he runs away immediately to the bank to cash the check. Finding the bank closed, he stuffs his lotto ticket in his pocket and heads back to the girl.

    In the meanwhile, the yakuza noticed the girl was mixing with the guy and starts harassing her. They start dissing the guy, and the girl ups and bitchslaps the yakuza dude. Like.. you dumb bitch. Are you serious. And just as yakuza dude is about to break this kid in two, the MC rushes in and blocks the hit. Nah, he doesn’t do a flying kick on the yakuza guy or punch him, no. He takes the punch to his face like REAL MAN(tm).

    To shorten the story now, he apparantly immediately dropkicks the yakuza guy over a surrounding fence. Yakuza gets scared and leaves, team rocket style. Cringe meter is over 9000 now. It gets worse. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOTTO TICKET. That’s right, he loses it. They explain it away like he loses the ticket in the scuffle and a cat eats it. LITERALLY. I’M NOT EVEN JOKING, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS.

    Next, girl says to guy, since ur homeless, come attend this all girls school and we’ll cover you room and board. We need an upstanding dude to convince the school not all guys are bad. Guy gives the ok.

    Now for the thing that ticked me off the most now. Up until now, I could ignore all the bad stuff if the story got gud. I’d forget it all like a 90 year old with dementia. But nah dawg. You know what happens? A day after his enrollment and first day at school, at 5:30 in the morning the fucking STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT and her bitch friend drops by the MC’s room cuz they don’t trust him. They tell him to drop his pants and get the fuck out of his own fucking room cuz they need to search his room for porn. Mc is like.. ‘A-are you serious? o-ok.. i guess i’ll go and do that now.’ and he does exactly that. WHAT THE FUCK. WTFFFFFFFFF ARE YOU THINKING. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF IS GOING ON HERE????

    Please don’t play this game. I beg you. Just don’t.

    • ReaperofSouls42 says:


      It’s got its good points and bad points. Just go play it for yourself.

      Ayaka best girl

  3. LordDargor says:

    I hate steam for censoring the games!

  4. Ochinchin says:

    To good to be true, will be great if you’re hopless romantic person – or girls – otherwise, not really recommended

  5. 666666 says:

    If you hate religion don’t download this

  6. LIGHTDX says:

    I recomend to play the routes in this order so you can avoid spoilers while also slowly unravel the story.

    Alternative order

    Ayaka’s route has some big spoiler about Ritsuko’s route so it should be after.
    Chiho’s talk a little avoid Rise’s story but doesn’t really unravel Rise’s story more than the commun route already does so it may as well go first, but in order to take momentum for Rise’s it could be better for it to be previous Rise’s route.

  7. HT says:

    Is there a way to patch the steam version with this?

  8. Magatsu_Zenshi says:

    I installed it and everything, but why won’t it play? I clicked on it multiple time just to open it but it won’t even run it at all. There was no problem in the installation or download process either.

  9. MoeMoeWaifu says:

    Manga gamer recently just finished translation on the fan disk. When will it be uploaded to this site really looking forward to the other routes.

  10. Zero says:

    Sorry, I already figured it out… I just re-extracted it again and copy my save data from the old one to the new extracted user data.
    And it works.


  11. Zero says:

    Sorry, I want to ask why does the game crash on summer vacation when it was raining?

  12. charlbeef says:

    i just finished this game… it is amazing…

    @admin…. is there any news on Princess Evangile W Happiness english patch? i already saw the game on another site but not quite sure if its already english…. any news on the translation of w happiness?

    • admin says:

      W Happiness is currently being translated ( 50% done), but no patch exist for it (not even partial ones – they are doing official localization) – if you saw it on some other site, it was Japanese version. As soon as game gets translated, you will find it here, as always.

  13. Niflheim says:

    Admin, can I know when is the released date for Princess Evangile W Happiness (English Patch ), Thank You 🙂

  14. firby says:

    Any news on the fandisc?

  15. Byakura says:

    My tip dont get Rise and Ritsuko’s Route until you finished chiho and ayaka, and personally for me I’ll take Rise first then Ritsuko. You’ll understand why if you do it.

    • LIGHTDX says:

      I disagree. Ayaka’s route has a big spoiler for Ritsuko’s so it should be after and in order to slowly unravel Rise’s story it would be better for Ritsuko’s story to be first. Chiho’s route touch a little Rise’s but it doesn’t unravel the story more than what the common route already does so it could be either first or just before to take Rise’s route.

  16. sza says:

    whenever I run evangile.exe, it always shows me this error message:
    ” FCFile – open
    couldn’t find the pass specified on C:\windows\system32\ ”

    what to do? thanks in advance

  17. Mortis says:

    I cried a little when I saw Rise in bloomers…

  18. NvRCry says:

    I’m new so can anyone tell me what to do after I download all the files?

  19. NvRCry says:

    I’m kinda new so can anyone give me instructions on what to do after I download all the parts?

    • Decto says:

      Just extract the .rar files with winrar or stuff like that then play, u need to have all parts downloaded and extracted before u can play tho

  20. kapps says:

    hi everyone late comer here,, so reading all the comments made it interesting but the problem here is that I’m using windows 10 so I just discovered this kind of “game” ,, I have to say this kind of “games” is so AWESOME AMAZING so Addicting I might add , care to reply??

  21. Dx says:

    Got an error that one of the files (res2001.grp) is damages, although all the .parts have full amount of data and there seem to be no files missing.

  22. farsdewibs0n says:

    Is this the adult version?

  23. wahyu says:

    Is the game cut the sex content or its not have sex content?(sorry bad English)

  24. wahyu says:

    Excuse, I’m new on galge game n I want to ask something. Am I need to download all chapters to play this game?I already download 3 chapters but it won’t let me to play this game(sorry bad English)

    • admin says:

      Yes, you need to get all parts, otherwise game will miss some files and won’t work as a result.

      • Anon says:

        Hey, thx for the great VN. I downloaded it a while ago but now have a new computer. Better than the old one, yet downloading the files and running it has a crash. The crash is that the ExHIBIT has stopped working. The crash occurs as soon as I run the Evangile.exe

        • admin says:

          Do you have any “special” (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ )characters in file path/folder name? I remember one user from Germany had similar problem.

  25. anonymous says:

    can’t download part 6

  26. Ek says:

    I need help, i downloaded the game and everything and once i try to open it from the application it doesn’t open.

  27. firby says:

    Thanks. I havnt finished this yet but i can say for sure u want to play Ruriko’s route

  28. Lightknightz says:

    It’s now official that Mangagamer will release the fandisk of this game, Princess Evangile W Happiness both uncensored and all ages in english.

  29. Holy says:

    Ah, since the names are different, it’s likely that I do. TY.

  30. SiewcaYI says:

    nvmjust server error : >

  31. SiewcaYI says:

    part13 is down : <

  32. StevRich says:

    I cannot express my gratitude towards the people who cracked it. I finally have something to fill my holiday with.

  33. Hasura says:

    ahh sir i need crack only, i download it from old time, and my antivirus delete my crack T_T

  34. kimi says:

    why the game no have extras? i can’t click the extras?

  35. Fray253 says:

    Does any one have a 100% save

    • Lindo says:

      Of course, alot of people have a 100% save, but they’re not sharing it because they worked hard to gain it.

  36. imafire says:

    Just in love with this one! i finished it and i can’t stop thinking about it! Clear story! Romance! Goals! Turmoil! It is so fun to have played and has a nice opening song! I just wish it had more people to try to get endings with, like for example if it would have a Konomi route, a funny happy route is what i would see that as, but that’s just me. I recommend it to anyone who like VN romance!

  37. Robert says:

    Please,someone can help me? I have a problem…When I came at the evening of the stars in the 16° cap,the novel stops working. Do i have to redownload the game? .___.

    • A user says:

      I’m having a similar problem, whenever I get to the first “H-scene” on the Chiho route (haven’t tested other routes) the game crashes. Possibly because of a file being broken. I don’t know.

  38. Lel says:

    I extracted it and it appears as a .rar file. How do I start it from this point?

  39. Momo says:

    is this one have h-scenes??

  40. Excalibur says:

    I wonder if it’s possible to try another version of the game is : Princess Evangile 〜W Happiness〜

    Just thinking about it gives me shivers curiosity : D

  41. Pepz says:

    Boss the ExHITBIT is not working i can’t start the game, please help T_T

  42. Excalibur says:

    I’m do so many research for his Walkthrough but i’m not find, It’s so shame : (

  43. Aionis says:

    I already finished 3 routes the only 1 left is Ritsuko.
    I’m gonna wait for the fandisc if it ever gets translated that is I really want to do the other 5 characters routes!

    • Decto says:

      MangaGamer anounced that they WILL translate the fandisc last July but apperently it will take a long time and the steam version will be released sometime at the end of 2016

  44. billybobob says:

    know where i would find a english walkthrough or does this game not need one?

  45. erogefl says:

    When I try to extract the files it displays me that some files are damaged(it is displayed when it is hitting 99%) so I tried to redownloaded the last few files, but the error still occurs

  46. frankkintama says:

    It seemed you just update new download links, will there be any differences?

    • admin says:

      No, the content is the same. The only difference is that “new” version is pre-cracked – just extract and play. I always leave old links posted for a week or so, in order to let people who are already downloading let finish their downloads without having to start over.

      • Holy13 says:

        Uhhh… I downloaded part 6 of this on April 27, and then I forgot about it for a while… Do I have to grab 1-6 again?

  47. frankkintama says:

    Ritsuko has her route and Ruriko doesn’t even have one? Well, I hope Mangagamer will translate the fandisc soon. The game is good but without Ruriko’s route kinda make me feel displeased though =”=

    • LIGHTDX says:

      True, It really feel strange that Ruriko’s route wasn’t in this game and instead is in W Happiness. Having said that i would have liked for Tsuda Kayoko (she appears in Ayaka’s route) to have a route of her own as it could have been a great route.

  48. Nasir3000 says:

    Man this game is so meh. I feel as though I could have gotten into it if they did some things differently. The beginning was so good then the game fell flat on its ass when the main character met Chiho then things didn’t start to make sense and I got extremely mad when thrill was not a main character. This game gave me a headache because it could have been so good but was simply just meh.

    • Mecha says:

      Weird, I was the opposite, and though there where confusing moments, it more or less mad sense, best long VN I’ve played since Ever 17 imo. Any way, to those who did enjoy the game, I highly recommend you buy the game, as there is a fan disk that includes routes for the other 5 girls that didn’t get it in this one (the game starts around the point you start making your pick of girls, so it is a bit shorter) and the companies involved in it have stated that should this one do well, they will make an English release for it as well. So please, support the company by buying one of the two versions of the game ( steam version is a bit cheaper, but its the all ages version, just forewarning for those that balk at VN’s that have had sex scenes removed.

      • Nasir3000 says:

        Well it’s not that the game was bad, it’s just that when the game makes me aggravated it really makes ME aggravated to the point where I need to put it down. Though I must say Ayaka route was awesome.

        • RedMoon says:

          The part of the game that makes you really aggravated is what I believe that makes the game good. VN readers like us was able to experience the frustration that the MC was feeling during those aggravated times as well as experience relief whenever the MC overcomes his trials. To be able to feel what the MC was feeling is what I believe makes this VN superb.

  49. Sarksz says:

    Guys can u tell me wheres the save data location please? I cant find it in documents,or appdata in user

  50. anonymous says:

    the story if quite good actually. i hope that the fandisk can be translated sooner of later. i wish to see the after story

  51. Zita says:

    Ok I maybe kinda dumb for asking but I did put the Crack File over the original but it still ask me for activation code. Anything I should do?

  52. ichiroake says:

    Is it possible to get the all ages version because I want both for the different cgs

  53. Krunjar says:

    This is one of the first few porn games where I am actually having a lot of trouble finishing it. The sheer amount of bitchery and man-hate some of the characters engage in and then totally get away with just boggled my mind lol. In the end I was just thinking. If I was the protagonist I would let this school go fish any place this backwards deserves to fall into the sea lol. Though I guess being broke he doesn’t have that option.

  54. iwa says:

    I like rukiko but why ruriko route not avaible? i think ruriko avaible in route I hope get princess evangile 2

  55. AnonGuy says:

    exHibit.exe stop working totally,

    can’t even start the game anymore

    please send help

  56. Koeha says:

    what is the CRACK for?

    • Lo says:

      Once you download crack, as admin said, place the new evangile application in game folder. Folder should be located in your OS. If it doesn’t give you the option to replace, then you’re in the wrong area (most likely).

  57. Kazuya says:

    Hmm … i hope they gonna release Princess Evangile W Happiness Soon , i already played the japanese but since i havent mastered Kanji yet , i got some trouble xD Tamie FTW

  58. Doppelgaenger says:

    Thanks, this looks promising. I’d have tried it before but I was waiting for the english patch.

  59. Gaporigo says:

    Do i need to use the CRACK? i installed it anyway and im playing it but, how can i be sure i am indeed using the CRACK?
    Is the CRACK like for the +18 scenes or something like that?

  60. Need help says:

    Ive extracted everything, run the setup and downloaded the SDrt (is is needed?) but when i run teh Crack i get the message that teh libogg.dll is missing. Can anyone please solve my problem?

  61. Help says:

    Checked all the file sizes, have all parts. Everything is alright. Still getting a res2002.grp problem.

  62. David says:

    If you speak french prepare yourself.
    The french grammar mistakes are strong in this one.

  63. Psyrill says:

    I seem to be getting the same error as several others, that the ‘libogg.dll’ file is missing. Anyone know whats going on? I checked the file size and all are the right size.

    I’m hoping I don’t have to go re-download everything again, as it takes quite a while, so just really hoping that someone knows another way.


  64. Sorreah says:

    Question: Does anyone else notice occasional CG flickers/music stutters? the game is totally playable, I’m up to chapter 8, but the occasional stutter is quite annoying with the graphics. (it only does it on transitions, also its not terribly frequent, but it happens) am I the only one experiencing this? my laptop is kinda old (which actually works in favor of a lot of the VNs working it seems with all the issues I see posted from win 8 users). So yeah. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix this, that would be nice. Ah, also if the official version from Manga gamer won’t have this issue, that works, I’m already 70% sure I am going to buy this.

    • Sorreah says:

      nevermind. I am getting pretty disheartened over this. I had some pretty high expectations, I guess to high. I generally love these in depth stories that aren’t just nukeagi, but…yeah. This is falling quite short. Some really lazy scenarios with plot holes, and the frustration is getting to me that no matter what I choose in terms of choices, the game “forces” my decision. I realize its tallying up and determining the routes for me with the choices, but story wise, they don’t change or affect the situation when I am making them. Its a very lazy cop out. This is slightly better than a kinetic novel. You can put yourself on routes I guess, but…yeah. The player is just confirming who they want to see in the end. Its just…disappointing. I guess I feel this way because I generally have a high expectation from manga gamer and da capo like releases. anyway, if you see this, yeah. The story is fun, the characters are wonderful, (except some of the best ones are just support, which is vexing, especially since some of them are more relevant than a main heroine, who feels like shes only there to fill a certain “dere” quota.) but definitely not one of the better works.

      • Mecha says:

        You’re choices start to matter once you get to the choice thats actually about the girls, you actually start getting choices somewhat often for a while then, and it will change what you see. Why they bothered with the first three though, idk.

  65. Adrian says:

    I just installed parts 1=14 in order then the CRACK last. I tried to open Evangeline it didn’t work, tried part 1 it didnt work.It keeps telling me (The program can not start because libogg.dll id missing from your computer. Try re installing the program to fix this problem)
    That is what i did 3 times and didnt work. HELP!!!!!!!!

  66. Yoshi says:

    I installed it and put in the crack but it won’t run at all. Nothing pops up it just quickly opens the window and then goes away. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  67. GreekOtakuGamer says:


  68. GreekOtakuGamer says:

    I need Help…
    I wanted to run the Crack but it says that The Program can’t start because the libogg.exe is missing fro my computer..What do I do?

    • Ninjasticot says:

      Did you install the game before ? (decompress part01 and run ‘Princess Evangile Setup.exe’)

  69. Ninjasticot says:

    Once we downloaded all the setup parts, how are you supposed to put them together ?

    Thx in advance for your answers

    • admin says:

      Right click on part1 -> “extract here” -> run setup.exe -> replace game.exe in installed folder with the one from CRACK link.

      • Ninjasticot says:

        It will not work, I’ll always get a “The source file is corrupted” :S

        7zip also tells me “Data error”

        Should I redownload them or try to decompress them using winrar ?

        • admin says:

          As the error you’re getting implies, one of parts you downloaded didn’t download properly. Usually it’s easiest to check filesizes of downloaded files – all but last one should have the same size – if one differs then you should redownload that part.

          • Ninjasticot says:

            Right, I’ll do that then
            Thx for taking your time 🙂

          • Ninjasticot says:

            Well, that didn’t work
            It still says the files are corrupted from “res2002.grp” to all the following [maybe not all of them, but at least a lot]

          • Ninjasticot says:

            Finally, after doing thrice the same thing, it ended up working (windows’ ways \o)
            Thanks for the help though 🙂

  70. Random says:

    I just finished both bunny black and now princess evangile in a period of 4 days. I basically got by with 3-5 hours of sleep a day. And now i have to deal with the post plot depression that comes with any really good story. I intend to sleep for a few days straight now.

  71. izumi says:

    when i start or open the Evangile.exe, it said that i have a libogg.dll error

  72. Jiffy says:

    Is this game that bad ? I saw each comment in this eroge and it makes me feel down to play this. Anyone can tell me why because I really love romantic eroge and you know there are not much romance games in english. Sorry for my bad english

    • Mirei says:

      Not bad, just not on the standards of some people. It’s a long story and the fact it actually concentrates on it’s story and not just the sex is a plus, but it does has it’s contrived situations. Plus a few routes actually rehash the same conflicts from earlier in the story (Ritsuko’s is guilty of this). I’m also guessing that some people don’t exactly like it when an atagonistic force gets a mere slap on the wrist for all it’s scheming.

      If you do play it I definitely recommend doing Chiho’s route first and leaving Rise for last IMO, going by the way things are revealed in their routes. That’s if you want the overall events of the story to be revealed “naturally”… though a lot of the twists are easy to guess.

  73. Zeida says:

    Bravo…! Bravo…! Moonstone, you’ve really done it…! Good Job! 4 boxes of Tissues worth (For tears guys… -_-).

  74. egamanlanman says:

    yeah… chiho’s voice actor is the same as yumina from yumina the ethereal… keito mizukiri

  75. Zeida says:

    Never in my whole life have I wanted to kill someone else… until I met Masaya’s father… Thank God this is a MoeGe. Amen

  76. CHristopher says:

    I Really Need To Know. Are You Going To Transleate The Second Part Of The Game? (Princess Evangile W Happiness) If You Do It Are Going To Be Awasome :)))))

  77. Zeida says:

    T^T…. Crying… too many 360s in this game…

    P.S – how many comments have I posted…?

  78. Hawke says:

    Can someone help me ? It seem to show black screen during the opening, the audio seem to play normally though.

  79. Zeida says:

    3 days… WOW O_O! 3 days… and only one route conquered!!! It’s that amazing!!!

  80. mrrook says:

    I installed the game. But face win32 error. Anyone knw how to fix it?

  81. Zeida says:

    ahahaha… I’m not really one to nit pick but… This game has a lot of CG fails…-_-… Meh, hardly worth giving a crap but I might as well say it…

  82. Edward says:

    Man, I know the main character’s name is basically “Messiah”, and the game has a bunch of Christian themes, but the amount of forgiveness granted for genuinely awful acts in this game is baffling.

    • Zeida says:

      Also… after meeting a plethora of beautiful maidens… you can only take…4… -_- ok that is quite a dissappointment, but needless to say this is a MoeGe not a NukiGe, and the message of “Morality” was genuinely presented, but I do agree, that some horrible act’s were too horrible to easily forgive, but I digress…

      Either way it’s a really heart warming story that really puts you on edge IMO.


  83. coldwings says:

    is a good game but is werd this game is look like a cut dowen
    to Princess Evangile W Happiness is bit sad but the Princess Evangile W Happiness is not in english thats sad

  84. Zeida says:

    This is amazing…Meeting Ayaka, at first hand, she really irritated me… But wow, they really did a good job in making me do a complete 360, 🙂 good job Moonstone 🙂

  85. Jinuh55 says:

    So I tried to run the crack it says this

    The program can’t start because libogg.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem

    I already reinstalled it but it still gave me the same message….

  86. Ninetailz says:

    For some reason the game stops crashes in new chapter load / Sometimes in game too and i am forced to close program? Any suggestion on fixing this?

    • grim says:

      im havin the same problem. i mean i can start it back up after and its fine till it happens again, but id really like to know wat going on and make it stop.

  87. Zeida says:

    I could be wrong… But Chiho’s voice… I think it’s also Yumina’s voice from “Yumina the Ethereal”….

  88. rich says:

    I keep getting a runtime error when i launch it

  89. Zeida says:

    too bright,,,, this game is too bright… xD

  90. halp says:

    It’s asking for an activation code. What do I do? Did I do something wrong?

  91. Excalibur says:

    I’m guess not can say that someday but, I’m thank you for have uploaded that game XD

  92. beastmode says:

    does anybody know if they are going to the fan disc Princess Evangile W Happiness

    • Arandur says:

      I was so pumped for Konomi and Ruriko… and then after 3 Choices with only shifting for 4 Girls.. i got curios.. and after some googling i read that there are only thoose 4.. im so pissed now im not even motivated to finish a single Route atm.

      • Ellron says:

        I can understand somewhat why Konomi’s isn’t there, but looking at the story, there was no reason for Ruriko to not be a route in this, her having a route made more sense than Ritsuko having one.

        Ruriko does have one in the fandisc, but who knows if MangaGamer will do that.

      • beastmode says:

        i mean the game was good but some of the routes that ending i want to see what happens after and i do want to play the other routes just hope they do it

    • Random says:

      I doubt that mangagamer will translate the fandisk anytime soon. At the very least they need to see how well this game sells first. Even then, we will probably have to wait a few years. I really hope they do translate it eventually though. This was one of the best VNs i played in a long time.

  93. loli lover says:

    Have to say, just completed the Ritsuko route, loved Ritsuko but hated how they handled her ending portion.

    • Gooner says:

      Why is that? Is it a sad ending? I wanted to play he route after I finished Rise. But I´ll refrain from doing so if it isn´t a happy ending.

      You don´t need to tell me the whole ending. Just if it´s happy or not. Thanks.

      • loli lover says:

        No it is a happy ending there is just some aspect that that I didn’t like, I think most people wont even care about, so no worries.

    • dingo says:

      Yeah I didn’t really like Ayaka’s ending very much either. The twist at the end was unnecessary imo. Also chose to close on a kind of bittersweet note as well.

  94. Nds says:

    Very disapointed with only 4 heroins, i honesttly wanted to see other girls as routes on the game instead of the ones we get.

    • raitou says:

      Well, there’s a fandisc for this with 4 after story for original heroines and new routes for Ruriko, Mitsuki, Marika, Tamie, and Konomi. Unfortunately it’s japanese (Though I already played it XD)

  95. Crybabay says:

    Admin, why is this be re-post? Did the download file be change? I downloaded half of it so I hope it will still work for me.

    • admin says:

      No, it’s not a repost. I simply re-shuffled a few posts on front page, according to general interest and actual release dates. All download links are the same.

  96. AAA says:

    I doubt anybody would need it, but here’s the walktrhough:

    Common Route


    —SAVE 01—


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Rise.
    Rise-san, maybe?
    I want to kiss Rise-san.
    Go to see Rise
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Chiho.
    Chiho, maybe?
    I want to kiss Chiho.
    Go to see Chiho
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Ritsuko.
    Ritsuko-chan, maybe?
    I want to kiss Ritsuko-chan.
    Go to see Ritsuko
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Ayaka.
    Ayaka-san, maybe?
    I want to kiss Ayaka-san.
    Go to see Ayaka
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her

  97. Kuron says:

    Is there a way to use the original censored CGs or do I have to use the shitty uncensored ones?

    • Derp Derpington says:

      are you just asking, cause fan-made uncensored CGs are generally bad or are those uncensored CGs really that bad?

      • Kuron says:

        All uncensored patches are bad, imo. The original art is made around the mosaic and the the uncensored CGs never blend well. That being said, this is slightly better than standard fan patches, but I’d still prefer the censored CGs

        • admin says:

          Actually, nope. Original CGs are usually drawn normally, the pixelation is added afterwards. Some artists don’t put much detail into genital regions as a result.
          The CGs used in this release are the original ones, as were drawn by artists.

          • Kuron says:

            Oh, really? I wasn’t aware the uncensored CG were from the original artists. I assumed it was something MG did. I can deal with the uncensored CG is thats the case. Thanks for the info.

          • Korodoch says:

            As Admin partially stated, they look “bad” because in Japan (or Asia generally i guess) uncensored porn are illegal. So there is little reason for them to draw the genitals in any higher detail. One can hope that it’ll change now that these things become more popular over here as well. But we in the west are still a really small target market so it might not be worth the trouble for them to do it.

          • carlosott says:

            I think that censoring is just stupid it’s not like the sex will be any less “immoral” if we can’t see the pussy and the dick.

  98. Holo says:

    I tried it and it works now,

    • Zeke says:

      Whats the Crack File do?

      • admin says:

        Crack is basically a game executable with DRM portion removed. You need it to play pirated games.

        • Zeke says:

          Oh So where do I put the Crack cause Its asking me for an activation code?

          • admin says:

            You replace the original game.exe (which contains DRM asking you for activation code) in installed game folder with the one from CRACK link (which doesn’t contain DRM) – game will start normally, without asking for product id.

  99. Holo says:

    I just downloaded this game, princess evangile, and I started the game, but as I started it, it asked for an activation code. Can someone help me with that?

    • bankai6657 says:

      Did you follow these instructions fully?


      1. Start game from Evangile.exe.
      You can use any name for the game exe, ExHIBIT.exe was the engine’s true name, however the DRM does not use it under this name.
      2. Optional UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.

      Tested lightly. If more testing reveals any problems with the crack, I’ll make an updated exe.


  100. jojo says:

    So if you download the trial version from mangagamer, will the crack change it to full?

    • admin says:

      No. There’s more to the game than .exe file – you need graphics, scripts etc…
      What crack does is to remove DRM protection from game, allowing you to play without “product id” (cd-key).

  101. Jman says:

    Thanks a lot admin.

  102. Lucar says:

    Ah sorry, I’ve solved it by myself. 😉

    Great work man! 😀

  103. Zeida says:

    Oh thank god!!! Its only 2+ gigs… I just finished downloading MAJIKOI, and then this art…. This wicked art!!! My summer is gonna be… Enjoyable…

  104. Kukicha says:

    Since I can buy it on Steam as “All Ages” version, I guess there is also a “regular” adult version – and due the lack of “sexual content” tags I just assume this is the AA version?

    What is with the adult one? Will you get it anytime soon?

  105. Nightdragon says:

    I’ve noticed that too, sort of annyoing. On a relaited note, is there a route for Kamiyagi Ruriko? Cause I would really hate to have all that happened happen without that Route

  106. OnaniMaster says:

    Is this 18+ or?

  107. Yuusa says:

    Really happy for this game…..Thanks Admin-sama!!!! ^-^

  108. cerxer1 says:

    My fucking Norton 360 just deleted the Setup.exe for Princess Evangile and I can’t change the setting cause it’s not registered, and then the bastard won’t let me register, anyone have a suggestion how to fix this ?

  109. jjohnson1992 says:

    i find amazing that riruko dosent have a route in the main game but does in the fan disc she really feels like a main heroine more than a side charecter

  110. Anomanom says:

    Ayaka’s voice sounds sort of muffled, like it was recorded in a different location or using different equipment than everyone else, and it bugs the hell out of me. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?

  111. nasir says:

    Hey guys how do you use the crack file. i have it downloaded but i cant seem to use it, or at least i dont know how. it keeps bringing me to wizard setup when i click on the game and when i click on the crack it says it doesnt match up side by side. Help please.

    • admin says:

      First you install the game from setup, then place the crack file in installed game folder and start the game with it.

      • nasir says:

        thanks admin youre the best.

        • nasir says:

          okay now there’s another problem, it keeps saying that the file princees evangile setup.1a bin cannot be located in C: Games:Mangagamer:princess evangile. And i dont see the crack file.

      • nasir says:

        the problem is i cant install the game it cant find the crack file.

        • MisterTrebol says:

          Nasir if you run setup he will ask you where to put the Game just make a new file and then you put the crack exe in that order and it should work , i had the same problem as you Hope it helped

  112. Boner Men says:

    My boner is exploding

  113. M'6opper says:

    Hey there, i got some kind of question, basically i’ve done just a little research but is there any working method for running eroges on devices with android? I saw some VN screens from some app, and well i’m kinda curious, is it even possible, or just not worth effort?

  114. Vipervoid123 says:

    Thank you very much for the crack 🙂

  115. rrad says:

    got it thanks admin =) more power

  116. rrad says:

    how do you downlaod it? it said 200mb per download only. how you bypass it.? im just a free user.

  117. Kise says:

    guys i have this error The system cannot find the file specified ClassID: {00021401-0000-0000-C000-000000000045} how can i fix it ?

  118. lil o' says:

    can this be played on mac as well?

  119. abc says:

    it is, I thought that \Uncensored Game\ in the download box would give it away lol

  120. Naka says:

    so is that the 18+ version or nah?

  121. Anon says:

    Finished testing, you can get 100% CGs/scenes with this crack.

    The game may a bug, it crashed while skipping through a route. It doesn’t crash if you load from a save and don’t skip through that scene.
    The crash shouldn’t have anything to do with the crack. If the bug gets fixed in an update, an updated crack could be needed.

  122. Tetsuya says:

    Can you upload Cutie Bullet Admin.

  123. Anon Cracker says:


    1. Start game from Evangile.exe.
    You can use any name for the game exe, ExHIBIT.exe was the engine’s true name, however the DRM does not use it under this name.
    2. Optional UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.

    Tested lightly. If more testing reveals any problems with the crack, I’ll make an updated exe.


    • AllPraiseTheAnon says:

      Thank as always dear anon.

    • Muchaco says:

      ¡Gracias, amigo!

    • ShinV says:

      -bows down in reverence-

      Okay, off to play it now. Cheers. ^^

    • abc says:

      Thank you dude. See you next time :))
      note: hey Ivan can you change these capatch? most of them are unreadable, it’s hard to comment this way, I had to try six or seven different ones until I find a readable one

    • KotarouShiki says:

      Ivan and Anon Cracker…
      Together they make the world a brighter place!
      But seriously, keep up the good work.

    • Zero says:

      Love u :3

    • Leonheardt says:

      Thanks anon. btw, i don’t know about others, but it seems that after playing some time, the game crashed. For one route, I’ve experienced thrice. And it is not at the same scene. it’s just random. If this doesn’t happen to others then maybe it’s because of my computer. I just want to let you know that. Anyway, thanks again for the crack.

  124. passerby no.132182 says:

    This reminds me of a manga called “ore ga ojou-sama gakkou ni shomin sample toshite rachairareta ken” + hayate no gotoku.. lol

    anyway thnks admin. XD..

  125. DeLiWrAp says:

    Just waiting for the crack now, then it’ll be added to my long list of VN’s

  126. delapropia says:

    Thanks for uploading the game so fast.

    Does anyone have the crack for it? Cause it doesnt seem to be out there on the internet yet.


    • Anonymous says:

      The cracks are usually posted here first. But it’s pretty late so maybe the cracker won’t get around to it until tomorrow.

  127. Shrkrz42 says:

    Thanks admin
    This game looks pretty interesting. It’s always nice to see more games with actual characters, plot, and drama being released in english

  128. seta says:

    thanks admin

  129. damedame says:

    LOLI STRIKE AGAIN!!! prepare for impact!!

  130. Anondude says:

    When i try to see the links just refresh the page. am i de only one whit this problem?

  131. raitou says:

    Already read the japanese one, now replaying it again in English.

    FYI, this is NOT nukige. Moonstone has different branch called Moonstone Cherry for Nukige.

    P.S: The protagonist really remind me of Hayate :3

    • random Hayate the combat butler fan says:

      You’re right the beginning is ridiculously similar. Except in this game the protagonist literally wins the lottery in the first few episodes and pays off his debt.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Oh also the MangaGamer version of course has different DRM than the Japanese version so that’s a pretty worthless endeavor either way. Serials will not be cross compatible, as should be obvious.

  133. usamiharu says:

    THANK GOD! checking the website MORE than 5 times a day was worth it THANK ADMIN UR THE GOD! thank you!!!

  134. Ungrateful Leecher says:

    *Summons the legendary Anon-hacker*
    Please work your magic, sensei.


  135. Xenofart says:

    Is it any good? Like, funny or has some plot?

  136. Scyris says:

    Ohh nice, I heard of this a while back. It sounds a bit like otoboku just without the main char needing to cross-dress to get in. It might be pretty good, can’t wait for the crack.

    Also lol @ my capcha “filthy dirty mess”

    • Valerian says:

      Acutally there is a smiliar game that is being fantransalted – Noble Works. I have played the Princess Evangile demo and the Noble Works common route, and NW is a little bit better.

  137. ^-^ says:

    does demo exe works ? and if yes, can u post link ? (thx)

  138. Wafer says:

    Judging from image, now we have some medieval kind of visual novel with H-scenes.

    Great! 😀

    • Decay says:

      It is not medieval at all. It takes place in the present.

      • abc says:

        you would you even think that is medieval? all girls school didin’t exist in medieval times…It was more like all boys schools, but that wouldn’t be funny right?

        • Wafer says:

          Hmmmm, you know? Theres plenty of strange visual novels with strange storylines, so even the alternative reality like i mentioned wouldn’t be a suprise for me… 🙂

          (I think nothing can surprise me anymore xD)

  139. abc says:

    that generally means that the game is officially released in english and doesn’t need a patch

  140. Anon says:

    You assholes can’t even let a game go a day, can you? Jobless jackasses…

    • Drogan says:

      Why do you come here if you hate piracy ? Are you hypocrite or just retarded ?

    • Gabe says:

      Let the butt-hurt flow through you. Embrace it.. then realize that nobody cares. The crack isn’t up, is it? No. Does it have a link to MangaGamer’s site? Yes. So you can shut up, “jackass”.

      • Anon says:

        You obviously cared enough to reply. Go back to your mom’s basement, pirate. (Am I a troll? Duh. Am I a hypocrite proving I have too much time by bothering to insult a bunch of pirates on a pirating site who will never listen to me? Duh as well. Does that change the fact you’re a bunch of penniless thieves who are fun to piss off even if it’s just for a second? Nope!)

        • whitetragedy says:

          The maturity in this post makes me question whether you should even be on this site.

        • Churmite says:


        • Tymon says:

          I’m bored so, I just have to point out that piracy isn’t theft. Let’s use a real world analogy on something… Say… A library. If you broke into a library and stole all their books, that is theft. You are depriving the owner of their property. Now, Piracy is akin to copying. If you broke into that library and made a copy of all the books to take home to read on your own? Yeah, the library can still loan those books out, can still function, nothing was deprived from the library. Ergo copying is not theft. Piracy is also not theft. In fact, the vast majority of piracy is done by either people who cannot afford to buy it in the first place, so that sale would never occur, or, people who wish to try out whatever it is they are pirating first since quite frankly demos and previews often don’t give a real experience for what it is. Anyway, this at least entertained me for about 1-2 minutes while I wrote this little blurb of actual fact. I’m going to take a nap now.

          • admin says:

            This was discussed to hell and back in comments here a few years ago. Eventually whiners gave up, but it looks we have new knight in shining armor over here…

          • RANDOM_HERO says:

            Thanks, and lol.

          • Anti-Hero says:

            Save your heroics for someone who cares. I’m happy to get to download this since buying it is really difficult where I live.

            Thanks again, Admin.

  141. Icebolt10 says:

    OOOOOOOOOO Was checking daily for this. Thank you Admin!

  142. Ryuuzel says:

    english or jap?

  143. demo says:

    Why not try using the demo exe?

  144. HaruFan says:

    Hey Admin! Sorry to disturb you again :(, but can you upload No Thank You?

    • Gabe says:

      No Thank You


    • admin says:

      I don’t have the actual game – none of my usual suppliers bought it.
      Anon cracker prepared the crack for it long time ago (someone sent me the game .exe only), but without actual script/graphic files, crack alone is useless. If anyone bought “No, Thank you” and wants to share, (s)he can contact me at forum.

  145. SpikeEye says:

    A new VN? Nice! Moonstone… didn’t they also make
    Imouto Paradise?

    • ave says:

      Imouto Paradise is by Moonstone-Cherry their nukige sub-company. This is Moonstone proper which makes moege mostly. Expect similar art, more romance and drama, less sex.

      • SpikeEye says:

        Thanks for the clarification. Playing this ought to be a nice break from all the Imouto Paradise and CoC I’ve been playing.

  146. Shiro says:

    hmmm theres no crack yet?
    anyway thanks a bunch!

  147. ain_soph_aur says:

    Just refreshing the page if theres new…
    Wow! Now I can enjoy my summer with this, Thanks Admin !!

  148. abc says:

    wow that was fast, thanks ivan 🙂

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