Re;Lord 1 – The witch of Hertfort and stuffed animals

Re;Lord 1 - The witch of Hertfort and stuffed animals

In a world where swords and magic exist, the demon realm faced an unprecedented danger. Three ‘witches of disaster’ appeared and invaded a territory of the demon country of Saarland. Lacking skills due to the recent peaceful times and recognizing the witches’ overwhelming powers (including the ability to change the form of others), they surrendered the territory of Groesen to them. A half year later, the majority of the townspeople in Groesen had been turned into dolls. Wilfred decided to take back the land from the witches, and he possessed the only ability to defeat them.

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  1. Mati says:

    A good game but i didnt like the idea of restart the game to try get the anothers cg. So i completed in one go and deleted it. Also i didnt like de mc was an asshole the entire game eith his high ego. The heroines are really cute. Maybe i will try the another games if they get tranlated.
    Sorry for the bad grammar

  2. Player One says:

    I kinda like the game 😀 i really hope u can translate the sequels

  3. Nicholas says:

    It’ll be interesting to know who kills Erica – by the looks of it, Wilfried does

  4. Nicholas says:

    So, the third one still ends on a cliffhanger, even though *spoiler alert* Wilfried is killed ?

  5. Anonyme says:

    I download but the game don’t start. A advise ?

  6. Ferlucio says:

    Does anyone know whats up with the last couple releases of denpasoft, Kanojo to Kanojo to Watashi and girls in glasses, they `ve been out for a while but i cant seem to find them anywhere , so i thought maybe they have some new DRM over at denpa , But then Re.Lord got released just fine , so its not DRM. Anywhay , any info on those?

  7. no says:

    does anyone in here have any idea how to complete once in a century comeback achievement?

  8. random says:

    I already downloaded and installed, but it still shows the same error. Can someone pls tell me why and how to fix this.

  9. Pravus says:

    Hey guys, is anyone having difficulty downloading this game?

    It just keeps loading on new tab for me…

  10. Seph56 says:

    I get an error message saying something like the side-by-side configuration is incorrect when I try to run the .exe. Yes my syslocale is Japanese and I’m running it as admin. Any help?

  11. lawandorder says:

    does anyone knows how the trilogy ends, those cg and the tags of the last game botter me

  12. knight8 says:

    so i lookes the tags of the last game,and the MC and Erica dies?

  13. knight8 says:

    was that for my question?

  14. sos says:

    This is quite fun

  15. Rivni says:

    If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

  16. Knight8 says:

    anybody know if it’s a harem by the end of the trilogy?

  17. Kerfirou says:

    Hmm, does anyone knew about the drawbridge location in the 3rd chapter?

  18. Soiveheard says:

    If it’s closure you want then don’t hold your breath. Apparently even the third game in this trilogy ends on a to be continued ending/ open ending. The Re;Lord trilogy is apparently just the first story arc/ set up for a sequel series that probably isn’t even in production yet. Or so I’ve heard.

    With that said you might as well give this a try, it’s a surprising fun little time waster.

  19. wintair says:

    anyone know a fix?

  20. wintair says:

    i can’t play it. i just double click it and it doesn’t open. even when i run it as administrator

  21. goddamn says:

    this novel actually has a decent plot…

  22. Random says:

    Anyone know where to find the details for all the achievements? I’m trying to get the ones where you have to click on Ria, but i can’t tell if i’m clicking in the right place or not.

  23. SomeRandomGuy says:

    For a game with a “Low Sexual Content” tag, it sure seems to have a lot of sex tags…

  24. SurferDude says:

    There are 3 games in the series.

  25. touch me says:

    me too.
    i just know this game has many series. how many ?

  26. Guy says:

    When all the saga is translated then i maybe try this, i dont like to play then wait years to continue.

  27. LIGHTDX says:

    Don’t know. I think that at the very least it’ll take 5 years to get A-3 to A-5 games to be traduced…that is as long no one interfere.

  28. I exist says:

    Sigh.. whats the odds of me being able to finish the majikoi series in this lifetime

  29. Disendaa says:

    Uh I got nothing…

  30. Kinder Bueno says:

    Kinetic novel…

  31. Revvo says:

    Mhhhh whatever might that one ability to defeat the hot witches be…. Mhhh i wonder…

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