Based on the doujinshi series of the same name, this visual novel puts you in the shoes of the protagonist, an unassuming college student who lives by himself. Life goes from ordinary to the extraordinary very quickly when you stumble upon a girl collapsed in front of your apartment building. What makes this even more unusual are the cat ears, tail and wings on her body. Not wanting to abandon her, you offer to take her home and offer her food. While she tries to put on a brave front, her grumbling stomach says otherwise.

It turns out she is no ordinary girl but is a Cherubim, a half animal, half angel girl from Heaven. While she normally travels down to Earth to do her job, she ends up being exiled from Heaven and while searching for a certain important object, she becomes exhausted and collapses by the side of the road. One thing leads to another and you find yourself with a new roommate. Her energy and smile brightens up your day and pretty soon a close friendship blossoms into something else as you begin to develop feelings for her. It’s never a dull moment with the cheerful, naively honest, and rambunctious Mint by your side, which is only amplified when Lily, a half-demon and close friend of Mint’s, suddenly shows up on your doorstep in all her over-the-top flirtatious glory. How will your life change in your lovey-dovey life alongside the Cherubim, Mint?

10 comments on “NEKO-MIMI SWEET HOUSEMATES Vol. 1

  1. Am I the only one who can’t click the title screen menu? I mean, hovering over them changes the word color and makes the click sound, but left-clicking does nothing, even on the dialog box that lets me close the game.

    I played this game one time after install for a little while and no issue there, it’s only today after I just rebooted that I’m noticing it.

    1. *Update

      Just tried my controller, could move around the menu but no button would select anything.
      But when I unplugged the controller, my mouse clicking started working, so easy fix I guess? Figured I’d leave this here for anyone else who has the issue.

  2. What anon said, please upload Sakura Succubus 1 & 3 since 6(18+ edition) is almost out!
    When I saw the 2, 4 & 5 here it just felt incomplete. Hope you could upload 1 & 3 in the days, along with 6(18+ edition) if the schedule release date comes out.

  3. Hey admin I have request please upload Aku no Onna Kanbu and princes lover I wish to enjoy this games I hope you upload them although thank you admin

    1. For what i know Princess Lover isn’t finished, unfortunately. Only the prologue. It would be nice if that game was entirely translated.

  4. This game has the most fluid e-mote animation in VNs (at least Translated VNs) it’s JRPG with her hand also moving. too bad it comes with episodic stories. Hope it’s not like Tokeijikake each episode needs 4 years

    1. To be fair, the entire trilogy of Tokeijikake (Clockwork Leyline) did come out within 3 years in Japanese. It was the translation that took 4 years between the first 2 games.

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