The Eden of Grisaia (Unrated Edition)

The Eden of Grisaia 18+

He thought life at the academy would never change.
Everyone marched forward in the same direction, matching step for step; before he knew it, he began to surrender to that illusion.
He believed that he would only arrive at the same place if he continued down the same path as everyone else.
Then he realized.
Just as there are as many paths as there are people, no two paths are identical.

—”Asako. I’ve already saved the five of them, you know?
So it’s all right, isn’t it…? It’s all right… for me to die now, right?
I know that even if I save somebody, it doesn’t mean I can erase my past.
Still, wouldn’t it mean I can die with a smile on my face?”

“I might not be able to see those girls anymore.
But at least those memories would stay in my heart forever.
Still, this unforgiving world isn’t full of girls sweet enough to be satisfied by those words alone.”

That was the truth one young man finally understood…

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EdenOfGrisaiaAdult.part35.rar – 162.9 MB

88 comments on “The Eden of Grisaia (Unrated Edition)

  1. Guys, a little help at trying to install this game. I want to mount image using daemon tools 10.11. But the system said the image was locked. Any idea how to mount the file?

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh….. I am very disappointed at the afterstory….
    Can anybody explain why the fuck it has only one route……

  3. Have finished the game including the prologue of grisaia that comes her, having said that the prologue of grisaia have several diferences compared to what was said in the Fruit of grisaia. I guess that it’s what one gets by adding a prologue after a triology.

  4. Help! the game starts just fine but freezes up right in the beginning after it says “The man’s name is Kazami Yuugi. I have directx 11 and the 2015 version of c++ with the correct dll files.

  5. I downloaded the entire set of the free ones (35 total), unzipped them and ran the “Grisaia3.exe” file (I do not see any setup files or any other .exe files) and it always pops up the error of “missing MSVC140.DLL and VCRUNTIME140.dll”. I installed the visual c++ already and have the locale set to japanese. Is there anything that I am missing?

    1. It ask .DLL file it means that you have to download it from Google and install them manually not to the game but to your .DLL folder in the CPU. Search in YouTube how to add .DLL files they might give you sample how to find your folder.

      1. Also some .DLL files may crash the game so you have to change version by checking the 32bit or 64bit of .DLL file or try older versions. If it still crashes your built-in .DLL files are responsible so it will be a wild goose chase or you can install microsoft visual c++. If the problem persists buy a new computer that meets the game requirements from software to hardware.

      2. Also some .DLL files may crash the game so you have to change version by checking the 32bit or 64bit of .DLL file or try older versions. If it still crashes your built-in .DLL files are responsible so it will be a wild goose chase or you can install microsoft visual c++. If the problem persists buy a new computer that meets the game requirements from software to hardware.

    2. OK, I figured it out. There are two different areas inside the Windows folder that has those two files, “System32” and “SysWOW64”. I only replaced the ones in 32, while 64 did not have the files at all. I put the .dll files there and now it works.

  6. Was working properly and was able to clear both the main route and prologue, but after getting through a part of the after story I quit out for the night. Now every time I try to start the vn nothing happens. It can be seen running in task manager for a few seconds before closing itself. Any solutions yet?

    1. redownload it and extract it in your gamedir, keep the rar files, it happened for me too but i could fix it just by redownloading and replacing it, dont worry your save files will stay where they are, or you can do all above and then exclude the game file in your antivirus.

  7. Also want to add that some more pregnancy/impregnation VNs with lactation/birth scenes as the icing on the cake would be cool. It’s decades since the last one was uploaded. But that all ran dry with the flood of steam vns sadly… I recommend the ones from SwanEye. They really understand the pregnancy fetisch and are lovely made with an eye for the important little details. Curvy girls. Interesting stories, soundeffects. Thanks to you in advance.

  8. Game opens fine, but when i click start game, only the middle option seems available, main story. When i click on that, the game crashes, error msg says “CS2 stopped working”

    1. Lemme elaborate a little. There are two files when i extract, one labelled Adult and one Steam, the adult one is missing the .exe and, which is in the Steam one, but i’m not sure if and how i’m supposed to merge these files. If i just plop in the exe, it doesn’t work, and i’m an idiot, so i need help.

      1. I only said it’s shocking, at least for me…no spoiler here. Go to the after story and see for yourself ^_-

        1. Don’t mind him/her. He/she surely was just joking, if someone were so sensible to consider “shocking” as a spoiler then he/she has a problem there so it’s not your fault.

    1. The Admin doesn’t need to upload the uncensored version because the censored version is compatible with the R18 patch. I’ll put the instructions here since a lot of people are asking for it.

      Step 1: Get the R18 patch from the Dies irae kickstarter page. One of the links for the patch is only accessible to backers, but there’s another for non-backers.

      The “patch” should give you an executable file and a data file. Put them both in your Dies irae folder. Try running the executable and you’ll notice it’s not working. That’s normal because it only runs if you have completed one of the routes.

      Step 2: Google “sagaoz” and click the first link. It’s a website where people upload their save files. It’s in Japanese, but you can just use the search bar in the top right. Type “Dies irae” and hit enter. Then use ctrl + f and type “dies irae” and you’ll see the save files. Download the Amantes Amentes save (not the HD version).

      Step 3: The save file you downloaded should have a cgmode.dat, global.dat, and read.dat in it. Take those and put it in this location on your computer:
      (your username here)/appdata/roaming/light/dies irae ~amantes amentes~/save

      Now run that executable from the R18 patch. It will work now and you can experience the uncensored version without having to go through the censored version.

      – make sure it has those squiggly marks in the save directoy “~”. It might not have them if you don’t have Japanese locale on your computer

      – uncensored verion does not have the story additions found in the censored version like the secret ending for one of the routes, the side stories, etc.

  9. Thank you.

    That’s all i can say regarding the whole trilogy. I don’t have the means to purchase any of the games you present us on this site, and giving me the chance to read the Grisaia trilogy (among a lot of other VN-s, of course) is something i can’t thank you enough.

    And while i’m at it, let me ask a question: Is there any chance we’ll see Shards of Eradine on this site sometime?

  10. Finally found a solution to missing .dll problem.
    You know that everyone says you need visual c++ 2015 redistributable? That’s right, you need those. But they also tell you to install the same version as your windows, e.g. x86 or x64. Seriously, fuck those people. I have x64 system and installing corresponding gave me the same fucking problem. After wasting whole day on looking on the “solutions” and those files I concluded that I needed both of those files and the game finally ran properly.

    1. OMG Thank you so much I had given up !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! =)

    2. Just install all those types both x64 (if you got that OS) and x86 so you don’t got an issue ever again. There’s Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015. Get at least one of each some programs come with it but as long as you got one there shouldn’t be an problem with VN’s and PC games.

      Microsoft are stupid for not included them all in 1 place.

  11. I’m also having problem with MSVCP140140.dll. When I install it, I get the 0xc000007b error. I tried reinstalling the game, but the same problem occurred

  12. K so I had that error popping out “0xc00007b” and it seems the issue was that I didn’t have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable installed. Worked after installing it.

    1. I have downloaded “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x64” but I still have the error message of “MSVCP140.dll” who is missing and even if I download this application and put it in the game folder, I have the error message “0xc00007b”.

      What version of Visual C++ 2015 did you downloaded ?

  13. I have a problem with launching the game. It can be seen in task manager, but nothing else pops on the screen, nothing happens

  14. I manually downloaded ALL the dll files. All 14 of them. And now that I’m finally done, it says there’s no entry point. How do I fix that? I really want to play this VN I loved the other ones of the series and I want to play the final part. Please?

  15. happy new years admin thank you for uploading for us!
    excuse me for asking, but will you be uploading uncensored dies irae? if not, i’ll gladly just dl the steam version from here. thank you.

  16. Happy new year to everyone!
    Some VNs have just been released like Real life plus Kaname… So upload a few soon (I wanna play the last mentioned) . Thank you.

  17. First of all, thank you so much admin

    Secondly at everyone else reading this, stop asking for dies irae uncensored. that version likely won’t be uploaded. Just be happy we got the steam version on here!!!

      1. As with many other VN, the anime does technically follow that story, but it loses most of the details that make it great.

  18. Hey I could use help from the community, I downloaded this and the text won’t appear. I’ve tried reinstalling and redownloading it multiple times but the dialogue text won’t appear. I’m running windows 10 with region settings of japan if that helps.

  19. Thanks a lot admin but sadly when I try to launch the exe I have a system error which tell me that “MSVCP140140.dll” is missing.

    Even if I manually download this programm and put it in the game file, I have this time an application error “0xc00007b”.

    My OS : Windows 7 64 bits, the pc is set in japanese unicode.

      1. Thank you for your help. Like you advice me I tried to set the pc in English (United States) unicode but I have the same message error “0xc00007b” orz

        1. Then its probably corrupted game data that’s happening here if this error only happens on this VN. I suggest re-downloading this again and make sure if you are downloading free version only do 2 parts at a time since more than two corrupts the files.

  20. I also want to add the obligatory “FINALLY!”

    This series has always been one of my favorites…due to its storyline and the wonderful balance between seriousness and silliness. For those of you new to this series (is that possible?) here is the list and reading order of the main story and addons:

    1. Fruit of Grisaia
    1a Leisure of Grisaia

    2. Labyrinth of Grisaia
    2a Melody of Grisaia
    2b Afterglow of Grisaia

    3. Eden of Grisaia

    4. Idol Magical Girl (spinoff/non-eroge/2 parts)

    5. Phantom Trigger (3 parts/new characters)

    1. There is no patch for it and since all age was made for steam and the 18+ wasn’t overriding probably won’t work, best bet is to download the whole game.

  21. my screen is black while playing a music that is like the ending theme of labyrinth of grisaia but instrumental… did i miss something?

  22. ARE YOU GOD?? Thanks admin. You are the nº 1!!!! happy hollidays and happy new year!!
    Congrats and MANY thanks from Uruguay

  23. not sure if that’ll be possible honestly. unrated dies irae has some weird prerequisite if you want to see the unrated route (check the dies irare kickstarter page for more info). if admin can’t get around this little check they put in, then we likely won’t see it on this site. and there’s also the question if he even wants to bother with that as it sounds like a major pain

    let’s all just be thankful that he uploaded eden.

  24. Never really got warm with the first part. The main character felt extremely cold and isolated from everybody else. I get that this was part of his character, but usually you get some character development along the routes. In the original game i never got the impression that anything really got to him. Found that weird.
    Is this any different? Do you start fresh in this one, or do you select a girls route from past games?

    1. This is third game, if you want to understand why he was how he was you should read second game (cocoon of caprice arc) which consists of his complete backstory.

    2. To further answer your question.

      1 game = 5 routes for individual heroines

      2 game = after stories for the routes from first game + “main part” which consists of Yuuji’s past and setts up for game 3

      3 game = “true ending” to the trilogy. If you read the first game then you know that he basically “helps” the girls with their problems, the way this works is that this game assumes that he was able to help all 5 of them at once (a.k.a. all 5 routes from the first game happened and not just one) with that inn mind it continues where the second game left off.

      To conclude this without spoiling anything, I personally (and many others) see the first game as the best of the series (In fact, it’s probably my highest rated novel on vndb), it goes downhills from the second game (although I would still suggest to read the cocoon of caprice arc from it to understand Yuuji), the after-stories for the original routes are mostly bad. I don’t want to call the second and third game straight out bad but they should be read with a grain of salt, the whole thing is full of nonsense and plot-holes (extreme ones). Major things are left unanswered and without explanation and it overall makes no sense. Kinda shame when you look at the first title and let’s not even mention phantom trigger…

      (It is mainly IMHO because of choices made when it comes to writer(s) and it seems like the games were forced out to make money)

      1. Thank you for your very in depth answer.
        As said i didn’t really get the hype about the first game. From my point of view it was ok. Wasn’t bad but suffered from an unrelatable main character (cold and distant throughout the whole story), as well as waaaay over the top stories (see the maid route).
        So i’d judge the game on the interaction between him and the girls. Since this seems to progress throughout 3 games i’ll hold of on my final judgement till i checked this one out.

        1. If you found the first game too over-the-top this one isn’t going to help. It is vastly more absurd than the first one ever was.

      2. This might be a stupid question, but are you saying phantom trigger is extremely good or extremly bad since its not worth mentioning? I haven’t bothered downloading it because i think its a obvious cash grab.

    3. The problem is this isn’t the typical story around a spineless boy and his first loves. This dude was in the military, literally a child soldier, and with lots of experience with women thanks to the “localities” his soldier comrades thought it would be a good idea to take him with them. But the VN doesn’t tell us that right from the start and so we are constantly wondering about this perfect guy, fighter and lover. He is pretty pro active and hasn’t any second thoughts making love with a teenage girl 5 years younger than him. I like the arcs about the wannabe tsundere and the maid, even the isolation you can feel in the cannibal story but the brain gets constantly hick-ups thanks to “Mr. Perfect” that even his tragic backstory cannot fix.

      1. I wouldn’t even say that this was the problem, at least not for me. At first i liked how he handled himself and how he never let the girls drag him into some drama, i was even fine with him being more distant / cold but as i said this gets unrelateable as the stories advance. There was no character development. I did not feel like he personally got closer to any of the girls during their routes. He just kind of went along with it. This is just lazy writing to me which can not be fixed by adding some background to his character.

    1. I don’t want to kill your hopes and dreams but she has least screen-time in this game from all the characters among the 3 games. On top of that she gets 1 non-canon adult scene.

      1. We know thast Yuuji spent time with Julia and that they fucked a lot, even thought they were hurting themselves in the process so there is no reason to consider that scene non-canon. The same with Milliela’s and Captain garrett’s H-scenes since there were some mention in the second game that Yuuji actually had sex with them at some point, it was also said that Milliela’s was in the bathroom. So at least those 3 can be consider cannon.

  25. I was considering paying the 1 month thing to downloadani to download this faster, but everytime I try to upgrade to premium using Paypal, it never works. It brings me to Paypal, asks what payment method I want to use, I hit continue and then it says “securely logging you in” and goes right back to the payment method screen. No money to taken from my account and I don’t have premium.

    Guess I’m going to have to do this the slow way… anyways, thank you admin!

  26. YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! F*******NG FINALLY!! Now to the 3 hours of downloading all the parts… thanks Admin!! Really quick work!

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