King of the Raft

King of the Raft

Atlantis existed and the faction from our legends loved Earthlings. They departed, forgetting about Earth. A new faction sees our inferior species destroying the planet. They claim Earth as theirs, opening portals to flood the oceans to above 7000′. Zack is jet skiing in Florida when the apocalypse happens. He saves a damsel in distress, discovers freaky sea monsters, and creates a raft city. Zack must save the desperate, improve his base, and use the overlords reward system to bide his time.

1 thought on “King of the Raft

  1. Writing is phenomenal.
    Voice acting is done by a male and female British person for American characters, but it’s actually not bad. They voice every character though.
    The sex scenes great but there’s only 2. 8/10, mostly for the writing, although the art isn’t too bad either.
    The game is incomplete though, so go into it knowing that.

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