Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who doesn’t like chocolates. They are lifelong friends and students of the same school. They both belong to the food club with Mifuyu, their classmate. Actually, they don’t do anything everyday, just enjoying chatting… But one day, Satsuki, president candidate of the student council, promises to close the clubs that do nothing. To stop it, they decide to run against her… But who will they send out..? Yes, Yuuki is forced to run for the election… To save the club, he will just need to be the next president!

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi again.

    The game works fine, and quicksaves/loads work fine. Tried hard saving again, saved in slot 1 and this time, the back button appeared, so yay to that. But the button disappeared after clicking on it, leaving me again trapped in the save screen, so fuck to that. Had to close the game (before it CDT), start again and fortunatelly the hard save was ok. Well, it’s really a matter of doing all that work to save your game, or just make a quicksave and problem solved. Sorry for the bothersome post, had to point out this little bug.

    And sorry if you find any grammar misspelling, please don’t gun me dow. It’s quite hard to type with a cat or two in your lap that refuse to go…

  2. DatBoi says:

    Chisato is quite literally Yuno Gasai lite edition.





    The only problem is that Chisato isn’t part of a hilarious show. And she’s significantly more annoying. And significantly less interesting. And extremely stupid compared to Yuno’s twisted and sinister cunning. She is really good at manipulating stupid nerds into doing her bidding by virtue of being a grill tho. That’s something I guess.

    • shitass says:

      shes a dumb character. her route shouldnt have been forced. it makes sense in context since their relationship is the entire core of the story but that doesnt excuse shitty writing. plus literally nothing actually happens in her route. seeing their relationship have closure and her stop being a bitch because she got over herself is nice but everything else is just fluff text and a giant waste of time. they could have cut out 90% of the route and the outcome would have been the exact same as long as they left the “first date” chapter in there. i mean fuck, the election doesn’t even go anywhere in her route everything just goes back to the status quo. lame.

  3. sad says:





  4. sad says:

    If you want to enjoy this VN… I suggest holding off on Aomi Isara’s route. I chose it second because she seemed like the next most natural relationship after Chisato. It basically ruined the VN for me.

    The prejudice issues that it discusses reveal the other characters to just be awful, terrible people in every possible way and in the following routes I couldn’t get that impression of them out of my mind.


    Even Kiba Mifuyu, the kind elder sister, is revealed to be a disgusting self-serving bigot. Chisato, Miifuyu, the monkeys, and others all treat Aomi Isara horribly, completely disregard the prejudice issues for their own benefit. They abandon the club, their friends, and their goals with very little provocation over slight disagreements. They only care about themselves even though they were supposed to be fighting together for the club.

    It makes it even more obvious how terrible they are as people when they push all the blame onto Yuuki, blaming him for all their problems, and insisting that he’s the one causing the club and their friendships to collapse. This completely disregards the fact that he’s the only one standing up for what is right and legitimately trying to help others when they only care about themselves. Not to mention, they forced him into being the candidate, and pressed all responsibility and decision making onto to him. They act as if its somehow none of their concern, they take no responsibility for their actions, and continue being disgusting, selfish bigots who disregard everyone else’s feelings for their own personal satisfaction.

    Even Hazuki refuses to step in to correct how awful these people are acting towards someone who is working his ass of for them as well as their supposed friends. This kind of personal betrayal, bigotry, and abandonment of friends disgusted and unsettled me far more than many significantly worse VNs which were written specifically to be disturbing.


    I believe that this VN has broken me. It presents itself with colorful, cheerful characters and story. However, each successive route makes me hate it more and more, and makes me feel worse and worse. Starting with the forced Chisato route that has many of its own problems only magnified how awful Isara’s route portrayed everyone else because I was hoping to escape Chisato’s insanity by pairing up with the other girls. Now the only enjoyment I derive from this VN is the moment in each route when Chisato is completely broken. That moment when she realizes all her hopes and dreams have been crushed and that she will be miserable and alone for the rest of her life. Her suffering eases my own, however slightly.

  5. WHY? says:

    Why is there no Hazuki route? That’s such a huge waste of potential…

    • Lucas says:

      Not completely, her involvement in Satsuki’s route is great but I get what you mean.

      It just didn’t end up bothering me because of how good Satsuki’s route was. Chisato’s nonsense really helped highlight just how much better Satsuki was as a character, and since Hazuki was already a great character the interaction and growth between the two of them was very heartwarming. It also helped that the election actually mattered unlike some of the other routes.

      Also the sisters are sexy as fuck. Seriously.

      Isara’s route was good too. Isara’s character wasn’t super interesting, but her brothers were awesome, and the drama surrounding the election and the real achievements they obtained made the route itself very satisfying.

      Mifuyu’s route was just kind of… dull. Seeing the Chisato/Yuuki relationship from a slightly different angle was interesting and possibly handled better than Chisato’s route just because there was real emotion involved. The route itself just wasn’t particularly gripping.

      The reason why I though Mifuyu’s angle on the thing was more interesting was because of how it directly impacted the relationships between them, and the others as well as how emotionally impactful certain scenes were. I won’t say that Chisato’s route was stupid, but the character was really irritating up until she got her way and remained irritating in all the other routes. Even when she got her emotional payoff and everything turned out happy ever after, it didn’t really feel like an achievement.

      That’s because throughout the entire common route every character, all the dialogue, and the game itself are insisting that Yuuki and Chisato and meant to be together and that it’s going to happen anyway. There’s no real question about it, no conflict, and everyone cheerfully accepts it when it does happen. Sure, warm happy love is nice but for a story there needs to be some form of conflict to keep it interesting. Finally getting over your brother who died over a decade ago and/or deciding to eat a symbolic piece of chocolate after being a whiny bitch is not conflict or particularly emotional.

      The reason why Isara, Mifuyu, Michiru, and to a lesser extent Satsuki had more emotional scenes and meaningful endings was because they had to get through some serious shit to successfully maintain their relationship and/or meet their goals. Chisato had a free pass and just had to stop being a coward about it.

      Satsuki had less conflict, but also dealt with relationships between characters more. Yeah, the election drama wasn’t a huge deal because in the end it was beneficial to have the “bad” stuff happen but ironing out the relationship with her sister and family was handled well.

      The real unique route was Michiru’s because it dealt with all sorts of things that the other routes didn’t even remotely hint at. It was also the only one with a truly different election result. Most of the other routes had similar election results just with the focus policy or final position swapped around a bit.

      I would argue that Michiru’s route feels more like a “true” route or “canon” route than Chisato’s, even though her route is focused on as the core of the game. It deals with far more topics, has more interesting and self-contained conflicts, and even rounds out the story for a lot of other characters who would have remained a mystery outside of her route. I guess how much you like that route kind of depends on how much you like Michiru though, since she’s one of those divisive character types.

      If I had to choose a favorite route it would definitely be Satsuki’s. Partially because the two sisters are great characters (also sexy as fuck) and partially because it has a good story arc and development without the addition of “unnecessary” drama. Some of the situations in other routes felt kind of forced just for the sake of added conflict, but Satsuki’s route didn’t feel like that.

      The next choice would be either Michiru’s or Isara’s, leaning toward Michiru’s because they have actual challenges to surpass and goals to reach which make good use of the election backdrop contrary to Chisato’s route and Mifuyu’s route where the election is completely irrelevant in every way.

      In the end, I’m not entirely certain the game knew whether it wanted to focus on romance or story so it has some strange, disjointed writing that didn’t always match up internally. That’s one of the reasons why I thought Satsuki’s route was superior, because it strikes a good balance. However, Michiru’s route shows that they were absolutely capable of writing good story and drama so it makes me wonder why Chisato’s route, the main route, was flubbed so hard. Maybe her story would have been more interesting if the character wasn’t a complete turn-off that made me not give a shit about her circumstances at all. I mean come on, she actively interferes with basically everything in the VN… including interacting with other characters which is one of the core components of a VN.

      • Keaton says:

        A good piece/review on Koichoco. I agree with quite a bit of it, and disagree with a few bits here or there. Primarily, I agree on the ‘good balance’ that was achieved in Satsuki’s route. It just felt -good-… decent writing, decent character development, decent drama and conflict, etc. Plus, yeah, the sisters are sexy as fuck.

        I see what you’re saying about Michiru’s route, but saying that it’s possibly more canon than Chisato’s route rubbed me the wrong way. Although I agree with most of your points concerning Chisato’s route, I was still very sympathetic towards her. Replaying Chisato’s ending after finishing all the routes in the VN… it’s extremely satisfying. More so than when I finished it the first time. She’s a good girl and gets fleshed out more in the other routes. I guess you could say some loose ends got tied up.

        Anyway, I agree with you re: Isara’s route, Mifuyu’s route, Satsuki’s route, most of Michiru’s route… I guess I just felt more connected to Chisato by the end. I don’t know who I like more, her or Satsuki.

        Thanks for the opportunity to vent, Lucas, and I apologize for the disorganized thoughts. haha

  6. confused says:

    am i the only one that after i start the game it says something about a cd and then il close on its own?

    • Ndrcake says:

      as long as you use the “start” link in the folder, if you click yes when it pops up then the game will finish launching. however this prompt will pop up every time.

      Sincere apologies for not having a better idea

      • Doesn't work says:

        even if I click yes it continue to pop up for quite a few times and the game doesn’t seems to launch, do I need to continue to click yes until it launch? Anyway thanks for the help.

  7. NotLikeThis says:

    What if i can’t set my local to japan and the isn’t starting? Am i fkd?

    • Gakken says:

      If you have done that and it couldn’t start, you must have done something wrong related to the files. Or else, all should be fine. English patch launch once and make sure you restarted after the regional reset.

  8. Really Confused says:

    so i have tried running game with start and normal exe and neither way works, both times it runs but then gives a prompt that then closes the game

  9. JELLO says:

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME… HOW DO I INSTALL THIS?? It keeps on closing.

  10. Kazuto says:


  11. Kazuto says:

    HELP!! I can’t get it to work first off I extract the file and clicked “start” but nothing happened than I click the game and this popped out “??????” please!! help me I would very much appreciate it(:

  12. Muyashi says:

    The same problem here -.- isn’t there any solution for that ??

    • Gakken says:

      Go “Start” on Windows, type in “regions” in the search bar and enter the only suggestion shown. Once in, go to the “Administrative” tab and change the “Language for non-Unicode programs” current language to Japanese. With that it will require you to restart the computer to apply the updates, do that and re-launch the game. Done!
      Enjoy your new game!

  13. Gakken says:

    This is yet another visual novel that doesn’t include the required tuning to play the game, same as Majikoi A-1. The steps are simple as to just go to “Start” type in “regions” and look for the shortcut to access the admin for the Apps Locations. Set to Japanese and restart the computer(might take a longer restart as my not so bad gaming rig took 3 min extra). Once done, launch the game and Viola! You can play the game that you have been craving for after those damn gameplay videos!

  14. Etzel says:

    Welp, double checked and I still have my system locale set to Japanese. Tried running start.exe and of course got the same issues as the others. Not quite sure what’s wrong here but alas?

  15. Sifter says:

    So I am having the same issue as others in that when I start the game, I get a prompt asking me to insert the game into the CD rom. Clicking yes does not get rid of the prompt and clicking no closes the game. I am using windows and I made sure to run the english patch installer before trying to play. Any help or updates on this would be much appreciated, thanks!

  16. luy says:

    Same problem as the last guy, any help, please?

  17. dat says:

    Looks like this is a trial ver. Where can I download the full one?

  18. 2kinky says:


  19. KainHighwind says:

    Sorry to ask everyone of this but I was wondering if anyone could help with the DVD problem. I usually have any issues starting VNs: my locale is in Japanese and the crack is provided if need be. However, I’m not finding any crack this time. I have installed the English patch but to no avail. I have also tried starting with the regular and ‘start’ applications for the game. Thanks to anyone who can help!

  20. yuutohiroshige says:

    Ok for the love of god, this shit is stressing me the fuck out.

    I have attempted and researched both methods to try to open this game with the english patch


    I tried the one with start.exe before english patch; that mothershit doesn’t engage the code input so i can put in the code. Every time i press yes; IT DOES THE SAME SHIT!!

    When i do the other method; it is when i install the english patch, tells me to “please insert the game into dvd drive” like come the freak on I pressed yes so many times and it still wont let me do shit!


  21. DVDProblem says:

    same problem as the people above.

    game asking for a dvd everytime using the start.exe

  22. reza tandhika says:

    is this 18+ game ?

  23. for those having the “insert dvd” problem, just click the “start.exe” file in the same folder.

    make sure you first have the english patch runned.

    i hope this helps someone, have fun

  24. kiabee21 says:

    What’s up with Chisato? she act like she owns Yuuki what the hell , i hated her on Mifuyu route and Isara , she was so annoying , its her fault for not telling Yuuki her feelings like maji de , most tsundere are cute but hers was annoying.How do i unlock extras? is there and epilogue for the routes in extras?

  25. some dude says:

    I’m having the “Insert DVD” problem even when clicking on start.exe

    Locale is jap, non-unicode programs is jap. I’ve run tons of these with this setup, but there’s something going wrong with this one.

  26. Moh-sama says:

    my first read.. it’s hard to choose between satsuki or mifuyu, seriously.. both of them are the best girl (i skipped the chisato route by auto btw lol)

  27. Sorata says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a beginner in the world of VN. I like this anime and I want to try with this one. I have a mac, so anyone knows is those files works in mac? or knows from a page which have VN for mac?
    Thank you so much.

  28. Thanatos says:

    I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last hour but it seems that koichoco wont start. Yes, I’ve changed my local, yes, I ran the English patch. It still wont start even when I use the “start” application. It keeps saying to insert the game disk. Can someone help me?

  29. Siatama says:

    For anyone having trouble with no dvd issues. I made a .iso disc file that acts like the original disc and doesn’t need the start.exe file. You do have to enter a serial for this method that is on the .iso. I don’t know if you want me to send this to you admin.

    • Siatama says:

      Actually the iso isnt working right on all 5 of my test platforms. The mdf file that I started with is so thats what I would give anyone.

  30. Mr. Question says:

    Why does it tell me to insert koichoco DVD in the DVD-ROM drive if i click yes it will repeat if i click no it will exit

  31. supertaco512 says:

    I downloaded the entire VN using the DA-free links, extracted it, and McAfee flagged the .exe file as a trojan virus. I was wondering if it is a false positive, or is there something wrong with the download links.

  32. the war says:

    Chisato route completed but cannot extra,how? Sorry my english is bad.

  33. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    “Chisato is best girl!” is all I can say. Great game overall though with regards to art, plot, bgm, and routes.

  34. tears says:

    y u no work game, i follow the directions but you give me nothing im so sad

  35. Christian says:

    Can someone tell me if the patch 1.0 a uncensored patch

  36. Satsuke waifu says:

    I click start exe, but nothing happens. Help

  37. shin says:

    Just finished the entire game, best route (not best girl) for me was:

    Satsuki = Isara > Chisato > Michiru > Mifuyu

  38. DarkMessiah says:

    for all those who still have problems making it run,
    you dont need to change the systemsettigns to japan…
    theres a programm called “applocale” get it install it via cmd (you need to install it as admin, only way to do so is via cmd… dont worry the programm is from windows its save) then start applocale and choose the “start” file in the gamefolder
    now it will start without problems .. there will be a screen popping up with some things you can click .. click the clickable thing at the top
    then the game starts without problems

    • Glittz says:

      I know I’m late but I was just wondering if you can help me on something.

      So I downloaded all 17 parts and the English patch but when I try to install the English patch, it won’t let me? Apparently the folder that I want it to go in doesn’t have “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate”?

      Any advice? Thanks.

  39. wesieboy56 says:

    jeez, looking at how bad these review really makes me reconsider playing things are great now, but it seems like things will literally go to shit, should i keep playing or get out while im ahead?

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