Wanko to Kurasou

Wanko to Kurasou
People were crazy about pets years ago. The particularly popular ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. But the boom has died down with time, and now only people who really want them own them. Our main character is a college student who finds a stray anthropoid dog, collapsed in the rain. Unable to let her just die, he takes her up to his room and treats her. Even though he told her she can only stay until the rain ends, the dog stays in fear and worry.
The main character decides to look for her owner.
The life between a human and a dog starts…

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294 Responses to “Wanko to Kurasou”

  1. guest says:

    To solve the black screen, open up the settings and go to sound settings. Click on the voices button. After you click the close button, the game will start. Dont ask why it works. It just does.

  2. 16.5 says:

    Need Help!! why when i save the game then i load it
    theres a screen error occur
    What should i do

  3. 12345 says:

    english patch download not working?

  4. XIII says:

    I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

  5. mathus says:

    Love it! Loli! Hope there is more like this

  6. izaya says:

    why does i have mg_gra.mbl error in the end?

    • PlasticMaterials says:

      Greetings from 2017. Anyone having this error, try to just exit and re-launch. I got it at the “maid fashion show” scene and all the BGs and CG were broken. I relaunched the program and everything was working again.

  7. n00b says:

    Hi! This is the first time I’ve ever tried to download and play one of these. I know nothing about how to set up or run one, and I see I need to convince it I have the game CD.

    I don’t know what a VN is, can anyone point me somewhere I may learn all this? Eroge wasn’t covered in my basic computer courses.

    • Drazn says:

      To get it to run you will need Image Mounting software. Google Deamon Tools, any version will do the trick.

      Before you do that though, go into Control Panel and go to Region and Language > Adminstrative > Change System Locale > Set to Japanese. This will stop a whole bunch of errors when running japanese programs. Will require a retart, and will possibly make certain installers japanese, so beware.

      Make sure you are using a decent extraction tool before extracting, the basic Windows one sucks (google and install 7zip)

      Then extract any one of the part files or the whole one if you got it and it should compile the parts for you.

      Once you have installed Deamon Tools, run it and find the option to ‘Mount image/iso’

      find the ISO file inside what you extracted from the download and mount it. Depending on your autoplay settings, it may automatically come up with an installer or you will have to go into your computer and run the new disk drive you will now see

      Install the game (you will have to guess the next button, it usually has a N inside of all the moonrunes though)

      Once its done, then you can run the english patch.

      And then finally, you should have a working, english, visual novel.

      Hope this helps someone ~

  8. John6041 says:

    There seem to be no voices for the characters for me. Could anyone help me?

  9. wankofixw7 says:

    to fix the black screen on vista and windows 7, right click to gt into options, then go to the voice option and press the voice test and voila, whn you quit the options the game starts. ^^

  10. Jenjiru says:

    i managed to fix the black screen and got the voice running..
    (windows 7 64bit)

    not sure if it will work on you guys..

    but here is the setup instruction:

    1. Run the game.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Select the Sound Settings tab.
    4. At the volume frame, press the Voices button.
    5. Close the setting.

    and there you go..
    i’m sure it will work.. already tested it a dozen times..

    you’ll have to repeat the setup everytime you open the program.. (i know it’s a pain in the ass)
    you can only hear the main heroines voices, so dont worry if you dont hear voices from other characters. (not quite sure there, because i havent finished it yet *by this point*)

  11. Tamo says:

    So is it normal to have the ??????? buttons in the window? I’ve been wondering this for awhile now and it’s a pain because I don’t know how to save due to it.

  12. Imunk says:

    I just wait the game to play it self…
    it’s work!!!! belive me…

  13. Imunk says:

    sory i bad at english

  14. Zero says:

    So i tried to open the game, but an error saying japanese stuffs (i don’t understand japanese). It launched on a windowed mode, yet only showing white screen. I tried the suggestions above to do something with the voice button in the sound setting. It changes to fullscreen yet still white. Any help?

    • Garuther says:

      Same here bro, mine white screens… are the specs of your pc compatible with the game requirements to begin with?

  15. Kenji says:

    On the setup, for me, it either has question marks or japanese writing and I don’t know what it says, so I don’t know what to click to install it properly.

  16. brits says:

    this game was amazing it’s a must play tho risas’ route was very hard to play through at the end not gunna say any spoiler but like i said it’s a must play game has to be one of my top 5 graphic novels i’ve played

  17. moonshadow says:

    wasn’t there a walkthrough before?

  18. Vonddom says:

    Interesting plot…. but man… those Tags are inticing :3

  19. Andsen says:

    how do you install patches?

  20. Natsume says:

    i installed it with the English patch. i got the black screen and i fixed it with disabling only the bgm. but the voices and the sfx are gone too >_< please help

  21. Ryugenzawa says:

    I don’t know if this will work for others. But this method allows me to get it running properly in the beginning..no black screen at all:

    1. Open Windows Media Player
    2. Play a music, then pause it and leave the WMP on(you can minimize it if you want)
    3. Run the game

    I was able to get it running straight away when I did that. Make sure to leave WMP running with a paused music. It’s much less of a pain than using the Voice Test button every time you open it.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Garuther says:

    Mine’s gone white screen and I can’t seem to get the game running after all the advice people have posted so far in this page. Please help !!

  23. Loliphile says:

    I successfully installed the game, and it ran fine for a few days. However, after I restarted my computer and tried to run it again, it wouldn’t get past the Ivory screen. halp?

  24. Izayoi says:

    Windows XP is best for Visual Novels(Eroges) so i have main PC with Windows 7 and laptop with Win. XP for playing Eroge 🙂

  25. Aionis says:

    do you really have to set it in japanese locale?
    i’m using windows vista.
    and what do mean it will make some certain installers japanese??

  26. Kuuhaku says:

    yes .. it needs to be set in japanese local to match the version of the non-unicode programs u want to play.. for me.. i just set it first to japanese and extract it with Daemon tools…. Daemon tools works just fine so long as u set it to japanese before u extract it.. works for me.. btw my OS is Windows XP

  27. Shinobu says:

    Do you absolutely have to have it set to japanese locale for this game?

  28. Choxie says:

    This was the best thing I’ve ever played. Thank you guys so much for this, I really can’t express how much I loved this VN. I can do without the H stuff period. It was so touching, moving, and captivating. I felt so attached to the whole cast.

    Again, thank you.


    PS: I seriously do plan on purchasing this game as well.

  29. Lucky Bastard says:

    I don’t know where all the people get there problems from, im using windows 8, extracted the archives with the free winrar, windows 8 was able to mount the ISO by itself, guessed trough the installation and played the game with all SFX, music and voices without having any problems. I guess im just a lucky bastard, or the only one using his brain

  30. esoJ says:

    Wank until it hurts? D:

  31. KM says:

    How to install/ I am very confused. please help.

  32. dark says:

    is there an uncensored english version?

    • admin says:

      No. No such thing exists for this game.

    • Hatesu says:

      This would easily be one of my all time Favorite VNs if there was a uncensored english patch and it’s a bloody waste that there isn’t. Despite that I’m still impressed with this. The story is good and the cast is really good as well. To top it all off it’s packed to the brim with absolutely adorable lolis.

      • Special_K says:

        Yes, absolutely with you 100% of the way!
        I especially LOVE Silviana’s character, so friggin’ adorable!

  33. kazuya2040 says:

    good game, and realy emotional, the characters are realy cute.

  34. Tracy Jae says:

    This is censored. Vaginas and penises are pixilated and blurred.

  35. GuessWho says:

    Is the English patch corrupted, because my computer keeps saying it’s not safe and removing it?

  36. YourSenpai says:

    Mine doesnt run.Done everything mentioned on the older comments but when i try running, it says that VorbisFile.DLL is missing. Do i try downloading everything again?

  37. neko says:

    will this game work on windows 8.1? please help me

    • Foxe says:

      Since I’m running win 8.1 with this just fine, I’d say yes. Just look up “how to install Wanko to Kurasou” on google, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. 🙂 I couldn’t tell what buttons to press on the installer, so I searched for an install video, it was really simple.

  38. MR.font says:

    admin. what font the game uses?

  39. anon-kun says:

    Fonts look wonky for me (weird spacing issues). Readme says select MS Gothic font from the options. But when I go there, the selection is completely blank (no fonts to choose from).

  40. Chicken says:

    Hey guys. So, after scrambling around for about 15 minutes, whoever is getting the Error, and then white screen after start up, select ALL of the files in the folder, Right click, go into Properties, and uncheck Read Only. At least, that worked for me. Good luck 😀

  41. mcinsim says:

    When I tried to run the setup I got a pop-up stating “This app can’t run on your PC”. I am running Windows 8.1 and have changed the system locale to Japanese. I tried running it in compatibility mode but that didn’t work either.

    Someone please help.

  42. Mc. Meme says:

    This story made me cry like a little bitch.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      yea same here.. cried the whole time at near the end of risa route

      i played nadeshiko first (didn’t use the walkthroughs i found), which ended alot happier imo

      was really sad that mikan and silvie didn’t want puppies in this route

      with Mikan having puppies and wanting more, silvie wanting puppies, kotarou/kaie making puppies, nadeshiko getting married and having kids

  43. aka no-one says:

    can´t download the third part?

  44. Anonymous says:

    The download link for the english patch seems to be broken.

  45. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    First let me say this, Ivory, I love you guys and hate you. Lol

    In my opinion, This visual novel was great. The story was good art was good and sex scenes were nice, though a bit bland after a while. But all in all it was a good game. Risa/Mikan’s route made me cry for various reasons and I was going to hate the creators for, but that’s that. Nadeshiko/Kotaru’s route was heartwarming and an over all good ending, but left a bittersweet taste in my mouth… Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was hoping for more out of it. So, over all the games good and I highly recommend it and for you to support the creator if at all possible.

    Story: 8/10
    Art: 7.5/10
    Ero scenes: 7/10

    An over all fun and lovable story.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i agree with you on the ratings, Nadeshiko Route is the best imo (rather not SPOILER stuff but Mikan in the risa route is sadder in the end (has to do with puppies))

  46. KaneSalvatore says:

    since most of the other pages/posts anywhere asking about the few odd dog breeds are locked.. i will just leave this here

    Irish Crown (Shiffon OR Brussels Griffon)
    Highland Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound OR Scottish Deerhound), Siberian Biter (Siberian Husky),
    Ireland Retriever (Irish Setter)

    source: a dog breeder
    (we looked at the non-h pictures of Kotarou and Mikan for reference for Irish Crown and Highland Wolfhound)

    White Shiba, English Collie, Scottish Terrier, (Golden) Shih Tzu, Welsh Corgi — however are actual dog breed names.. (only one used in game is Shih Tzu (Silviana (which sounds better imo then Silvie)))

  47. This was the best thing I’ve ever played. Thank you guys so much for this, I really can’t express how much I loved this VN.

  48. Return says:

    I’m having problems running this in windows 10

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