School Days HQ

School Days HQ

In the school the three people met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories.

Makoto has been admiring a girl he has seen on the train. That girl is Kotonoha Katsura, and he even managed to take a photo of her with his cell phone. Due to new seating in his class, he ends up next to Sekai Saionji, a nosy, but sweet and sincere girl. As she snoops for his cell phone while talking to him, she discovers his crush and vows to help him until Kotonoha agrees to go out with him. When Sekai finally gets them together, she realizes her own feelings after finding out that the person Kotonoha liked was, in fact, Makoto. While waiting for her train next to Makoto, who was waiting for Kotonoha, she has him talking about how he can repay her for all of her help. Before leaving for her train, she kisses him and cries when she boards the way home. Kotonoha happily arrives for her date with Makoto shortly after. With all three main characters carrying different expressions on their faces, the story begins.

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  1. Nhoj:

    I Can’t Install the Patch for 1.11 Does anyone know how?

  2. wtf?:

    This game just goes above and beyond fucked up -.-

  3. sunny:

    Wait woah!

    It wont let the 0.2 movie file download for some reason!
    I clicked on the trouble shooting link and It was perfectly fine!
    why is it doing this! QAQ

  4. jorge:

    como instalo el juego school days para pc por fa

  5. HatsuneHideki:

    Shit! 50 parts of 200mb?! And i need to wait 5 minutes to download one by one…

    Sorry if my english isn’t good, i don’t speak fluently… because i im brazil =*3*=

  6. nareen:

    So comment yeah blu

  7. YourSenpai:

    i cant get past the 2nd disk park of the install. i mount the the other disk eject the first one then click ok but the popup asking for 2nd disks just comes back again. What am i doing wrong?

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