Majikoi S

Majikoi S

Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to the hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi’s many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines.

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  1. Selene says:

    The Next Button on the English patch is grayed out, anyone know how to fix this?

    • kuro says:

      If you have already mount the game with daemon tools, the next thing you have to do is change your sistemlocale to japanese (you can google how to do this for your respective sistem), then you have to follow this steps , when the installation is complete execute the english patch and play.

      I didn’t download the game from this page, so i don’t know if it has the crack, but you can easily find it on the internet, to secure that you don’t encounter any other problem install the update 2 and 3 of the game, you can also find that with a little bit of searching

      ps: sorry if my english is bad.

  2. zach says:

    When i try and play the game it keeps sending me to the Japanese software support website how do i play the game?

    • Vorthod says:

      That message that pops up before you get taken to the site says “Please insert disc 2, if you already have inserted it, then go to this site to download the [something] files” so it may vaguely be aware that this is a pirated copy. that being said, it’s all fixed by finding a no-cd crack for the game. I’m surprised that this page isn’t providing us with a link, but it’s really not hard at all to find.

  3. asdasfa says:

    is the english patch working? i try dling bt dint work

  4. goose says:

    same, i can install the patch but the game wont run, it takes me to a japanese website

  5. kingz says:

    When i try using the patch to get the game when choosing the directory to save the game files (i do have the files from the 33 parts) the next button is greyed out no matter where i put it. I’d like to know how to get around this as others have. Can someone help?

    • Vorthod says:

      I’m assuming the button is greyed out because it can’t find where you installed the game, so I will just ask this: Did you actually install the game or did you just extract the two CD images that were in the 33 rar files? If you haven’t installed the game yet you need to do that so that the english patch can find your game directory. (mount the first CD file with a program like Daemon Tools Lite to get started)

  6. Xionsith says:

    Is there a way to make the english patch part of the initial RAR files, like for the original Majikoi?? Or some other way? i’d rather avoid trying to use Daemon Tools to access the translation.

    • Vorthod says:

      you don’t need to use daemon tools to access the translation. The 33 rar files are the game itself (and you will need daemon tools for that), but the english patch is all in a separate exe file that can be run without special software.

  7. Sendir says:

    I just finish reading this and it felt like there can still be a extra one, I tried searching on google to see if there will a 3rd one but I suck at searching for stuff xD

    I was wondering if any of you guys know if this was the last or if there will be a extra one

  8. thomas says:

    kazuko route error “NeXAS stop working”, is it computer problem?

  9. Addi says:

    any of you guys have crack , crack nodvd/cd or someting like that? I can not find the link crack majikoi S is still functioning.because when I started the game may not work and display a japan description.

  10. James says:

    So is this just a trial for the game, or am I doing something horribly wrong? If it’s the latter someone please help because I’m a failure of a person.

  11. Kariston says:

    So, downloaded the crack, but now I’m just getting a blank white screen. Anyone know how to deal with this?

  12. Sam says:

    Is the download link working for anyone? It seems that is down so…

    • Sam says:

      It seems that it’s only online for a certain amount of time. This sucks as the download for 1 of 33 links can take a while if your internet sucks so the fact that it goes down regularly is really annoying. Anyone know a place other than where we can download this?

  13. I-Am-X says:

    I’m getting the config error upon selecting the dl/install location to program files part. Please help

  14. Deranged Madman says:

    I’ve got the game working after moving everything to the cracked folder. But all my symbols are messed up. I’m getting all the square brackets (which are at the beginning and end of dialogue) to be replaced with .u and .v All my numbers seem to be screwed up too.

  15. wintair says:

    Im getting an error that says that a debugger has been found running in your system. unload it and restart your system. what is this?

  16. RMNZKY says:

    i cant install it say config.html error in the installion path how to fix this

  17. RMNZKY says:

    AFTER clicking it

  18. firby says:

    Is this meant tp be censored? Or did i do something wrong

  19. firby says:

    Thought i posted here already but i dont see it.
    Is this meant to be censored or did i do something wrong?

  20. ArgonRend says:

    If i never played Majikoi can i start with this? Or this is a whole new story?

    I’ve to understand if this is just a “plus” with more characters and route or a continuation of the old story, becayse i’m downloading the old one.

    • anon says:

      It’s a semi-continuation. Some of the routes are after-stories of the old ones. The main routes though continue as if he had chosen no girl, but the events of the true route still happened. It helps to have played the last one to understand the entire cast better, but it is not strictly necessary for the main routes.

  21. Matteo says:

    Hi i have problem with config.html i need huge help for this.Someone help me out plzzzz!!!

  22. dark says:

    i keep have an error 1503 every time i try to load the game can some one help me out y dose it keep saying error 1503

  23. HuckleMyBerries says:

    Hi guys, just a quick question on story. [Spoiler? Not sure but ya] In the veeeery very beginning there are new characters that were introduced as the cloned reincarnations of past warriors from the “bushido plan” but no matter how much I wrack my brain I cant seem to remember when this happened. Was this every mentioned in the first majikoi? I dont seem to remember playing a route that introduced the bushido plan before it popped up in the opening scenes. Can anyone tell me when this happened?

    • Twisted Fate says:

      I think the Bushido Plan group was introduced in the first Majikoi series because Majikoi S is only the continuation of the first story where you can continue dating the 5 heroines. I think you will learn about them when you play the first game =)) It was stated in the Majikoi A-1 when I was playing that they were introduced earlier so that was Majikoi probably =))

  24. Lex says:

    Hey can I get this game without deamontools? like Majikoi? that’s be nice. I can’t understand deamon tools. it was a trainwreck when I tried

  25. Raziel says:

    i downloaded all 33 parts and used winrar to extract them yet i cant find the app for the game and start it did i do something wrong?

  26. dm1138 says:

    After I mount the disc, and choose the install path, it comes up with a confirmation screen, I hit okay, then it pops up asking about config.html The rest is in jp, so I can’t read it. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • skankhunter42 says:

      having the same problem, would also like to know this as well

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      If my understanding of the rest of the comments people have been leaving is correct, this is part of the games way of checking if your copy is genuine. Since it isn’t, there is a crack for the game you will have to find and use. Once the crack has been put into your game folder, hopefully this error will go away.

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      Sorry, ignore what I just said, I didn’t read what you said properly. Here is what I THINK that is. I THINK the game is asking if you want to load the configuration from the previous game, which may or may not work. When I clicked NO for this, the game continued to install normally. Try that!

  27. Baguette says:


    • Baguette says:

      Ok that was weird but what I meant was I was downloading the game from the first CD mounted on a daemon tool. Whilst halfway through the download, I received a message relating to disc two. What do I do here?

      • Baguette says:

        Actually I got through it but how do I even play the game? I’ve finished patching it and everything. None of the applications type files open the game.

  28. Naou38 says:

    Hi! I just changed my PC but I can’t play : when I start the game, an Internet Explorer page is opening with the software support. I’ve installed the crack and with my previous PC, it worked.

    Sorry for my bad english too^^.

  29. KHAN says:

    Can we get an enlish pre-patched version of this in the near future, like the original Majikoi? It’d be a huge help.

  30. Carrus-maite says:

    so where do i put the english patch once i have downloaded all the files?

  31. wolfbreed says:

    This has steadily become my favorite series even with my dislike of Yamamoto (can’t like him due to the h-scenes and the fact that him raping someone is ok). Overall much like the last I give it a solid 8/10 due to the story and characters but it loses points due to the H-scenes which I end up speeding/skipping through.

  32. Maxwell says:

    I’m forget I have downloaded Majikoi! S several parts in my PC in 2015. It’s time to continue downloading the last 11 parts. Glad I’ve found and downloaded Majikoi!! Spark, so I remember about this great VN again. Thanks admin.

  33. Darx says:

    Hi I have installed the game with patches and everything but when i start up the .exe, nothing happens. Using task manager, I see NeXAS.exe running but the application is not showing anywhere. Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

    • Maxwell says:

      Umm… What do you mean by nothing happens? Do you have black screen or anything?

      • Darx says:

        Nothing shows up. The game doesnt run at all, there’s no error or anything. Im using Windows 10. I tried reinstalling countless times but the game just doesnt show…

        • Maxwell says:

          Did you saw something when the game doesn’t work? Like not found d3drm, or error, or something?

        • Maxwell says:

          Maybe, it just doesn’t compatible with Windows 10. If you have other Windows, maybe it will work or you can try using compatibility mode. I’m not using Windows 10 so I can’t really now, that’s just the probability, but it works well on Windows 8.

    • Aee says:

      Did you ever figure out your problem I have same issue

  34. Hosho says:

    Hello !
    I have a problem : I installed with Daemon Tools the game, and when I want to start the app (with english patch or without), I get displayed the message “A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program”.
    I don’t know how I can get rid of that problem, can somebody help me please ? :s

    • Maxwell says:

      From what others said, maybe it is because of your antivirus thinks the game as a thread. You can try to exclude the game from its list.

      • Hosho says:

        Sadly, turning off my antivirus doesn’t help. I tried re-installing without antivirus on, but it didn’t help (and ofc tried to launch the game without antivirus, not successful either).

        • Hosho says:

          everything is fine . AVG is the real problem. Just need to desactivate it when it’s ready to be launched, and it’ll run without problem

  35. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    I love the Majikoi series. These should be on everyone’s list of VNs if they are getting into them. It’s super funny, great story and the romance is great.

    Alsoi anyone with the config.html error needs to go to

    Control Panel> Clock, Language and Region> Region and Language>(A pop up will appear)Administrative and change system Local to Japanese.

  36. 1234dragon says:

    I can’t get the game to run either. At first I was having that debugger error message pop up, so I disabled my AVG, but now I’m getting a new error (an internal exception has occurred…..) Does anyone know how to fix this?
    People were mentioning the crack in pearlier posts, does that still have to be downloaded elsewhere?

  37. udin says:

    Well.. this is for those who still had trouble to install this game properly, for those that “not so wealthy” (me included) to contribute to the gallant game dev
    but still wana play this game

    im an instalation noob myself, so i’l try to be as thorough as possible to follow…

    1. Change to japanese locale (u can find guide at this site FAQ)
    2. if not yet, download all 33 rar file here, Majikoi S English Patch here and search the web:
    find MajikoiS nodvdexe crack exe elsewhere (what i take was an exe file named alsignup)
    also program to extract RAR files, and Daemon tool
    3. extract the rar file (u’l get MajikoiS folder with mks-1.cdi and mks-2.cdi file inside it)
    4. Mount mks-1.cdi with the mounting image tool then click Run Setup.exe
    5. Then an image of heroines with appear with 5 japanese written box.
    Click left upper box to check your Directx readiness.
    6. After that, click middle bottom box, then click bottom left button, and click yes to begin instalation
    7. instalation will progresing for a while, then it’l ask for disc2.
    Unmount mks-1.cdi, Mount mks-2.cdi, close its autoplay, then click ok in Disc2 window box.
    8. Wait while till it finish installing BUT DONT DO CLICK ANY BOX AFTER IT FINISH!
    If u want to play this game for free, this is the important step to bypass the game security.
    Copy nodvdexe crack exe, go to instalation folder (to Program File >> みăȘăšăă”ăš >> çœŸć‰Łă§ç§ă«æ‹ă—ăȘă•ă„ïŒïŒł >>)
    Paste it in between files (NOT inside Back Up, Movie or ăƒžăƒ‹ăƒ„ă‚ąăƒ« folder)
    Double click nodvdexe crack exe u’ve pasted there , you’l have a pop up.
    Now its ok to click those boxes earlier and click bottom right box at the heroines image.
    9. Then double click Majikoi S English Patch u’ve download, and install to change the game to english

    hopefully this works for u
    thanks as always to Admin-sama for sharings.. u da best 😀
    and sorry for my crappy english

    • Rouge says:

      Thank you. It works perfectly.

      Thanks to the admin too ! 👍

    • Kuflarger says:

      I followed all these directions, but windows will not even recognize the no DVD crack as a valid executable file. It appears there was some type of windows update that made the crack unusable and I have not found any working replacement

  38. BlackSun says:

    is it censorship or without?

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