Fate/Stay Night

Fate/stay night
The Holy Grail War.
A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail.
There are two conditions to participate in this ritual.
To be a magus, and to be a “Master” chosen by the Holy Grail.
(The experience as a magus is not questioned if one has the aptitude)There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants.There is only one Holy Grail.
If you wish for a miracle.
Prove that you are the strongest with your powers.

Download Game:

(prepatched – includes voices and uncensored CGs )

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377 Responses to “Fate/Stay Night”

  1. anonygaza says:

    Is the voices for ’11th day – Ruins in the forest’ supposed to be gone? Cause I would really like the audio to be back…

    • Gui says:

      I have the same problem -__-

      • henrypurcell says:

        Yes, the voices are supposed to be missing.

        Originally there were no voices for the PC version, but they patched the PS2 voices onto the PC version so there is voice for the game, but since platforms other than PC do not support eroges, they took out some scenes eg 11th day – Ruins in the forest

  2. Izz says:

    How do you save the game? I’m not sure if the save is in game or via the tab in the windows. So I couldn’t save my progress and my com died because it ran out of battery before I plugged it in.
    I know it sounds stupid but please help. -__-

  3. pekoms says:

    How long is the game? Is there any other necessary files I need to download after downloading this game?

    • SGW says:

      I can’t say how long it is since I’m playing through right now, but judging by the prologue (which may not be the best and I’ve only just completed), it’s really long.

      All the same, I didn’t need any additional files to play. You should be all set downloading just those .rar files

    • Duncan Idaho says:

      120 hours long, given three routes

  4. Tatsuya says:

    having serious problem when trying to extract the files, probably the first one. some error occurred and the game won’t start, just a blue screen with code i don’t understand. someone please help me

    • Emstein says:

      Is your PC’s system locale set to Japanese already? If not, it may be the problem. That change in settings will only affect the non-unicode characters so your PC will still function in English, but will now also run Japanese.

      • its me says:

        I also got the same problem with tatsuya.. then i follow your recomendation, i change the pc’s system locale to japanese.. but its still wont play.. the blue screen is gone but there is a box with japanese letter with (X) mark with it.. and a little rectangle box with ‘control’ description on it..

  5. enkie says:

    is this game in english already? or do you need to use the patch provided by mirrormoon?

  6. PPK17 says:

    Really, thx u for sharing this game, I really enjoyed and understand all about this serie, took me more than 100 hours or playing to complete it, haha, It was worth it :3

  7. kevin says:

    i just downloaded the whole game (1-click) but now im having problems opening it any suggestions?

  8. Egamkan says:

    when I extract it the image.xp3 is corrupt?

  9. Egamkan says:

    well i tried keeping broken files when i extract it and play it
    it worked but will it stop working somewhere in the middle of the game?

  10. Tendarin says:

    hmm not sure if it’s normal but i can’t seem to skip read text
    with option go to next and i’m done with fate route now and i’am on first day can someone tell me if it’s normal or is there something wrong? and if it’s wrong can someone tell me what to do with it?

    • Say41Plz says:

      You can only skip text you’ve already “played” with the skip option.

      • Tendarin says:

        yea i know that i can skip only this that i already played or i should but i can’t i wanted to skip beginning with rin and go through all the way to first choice to but it’s just didn’t let me that’s why i was wondering what was going on

  11. steeve says:

    It’s a good story and I got it free, but the laziness in this game is really wearing me down. Is there ever a moment that isn’t a stock pose pasted on a background?

    I’m no longer wondering if there will be erotic scenes. I’m wondering if there will ever be a scene of any kind. Why spend so much time writing a long story and getting good voice acting if you can’t pay a guy to draw more than six pictures?

    • Count Monty says:

      You must not have gotten very far, since there’s a really great CG during the prologue showing archer and lancer fighting.

  12. nick says:

    I cannot run the game on windows 7 . An error message with questionmarks comes up when I click on the exe . Any suggestions ? I would appreciate your help fellow fate/stay night fans .

  13. Tony says:

    I want to know if this version of the game(which is already patched) include also the final epilogue from Fate/Stay night Realta Nua, which gives a better ending to Saber and Shirou.

  14. Jay W. says:

    Will this download work with the Mirrormoon English patch?

  15. Fai says:

    I can’t seem to get the download link to work… it says wrong ip =|

  16. CJ says:

    is this the realta Nua version or the PC version?

  17. CJ says:

    or i should ask is this the 18+ version?

  18. Emstein says:

    @CJ: This is the PC version of the game, but enhanced with the voices, addl BGMs, etc from the Realta Nua (PS2 / PS Vita ver). So this is the 18+ version.

    For Jay W.,
    this is already pre-patched. You only have to run the .exe file..

  19. DT says:

    Hey I got a question, when I try to extract the rar file, it said that the bgimage.xp3 is broken, what can I do to fix this?

    • Emstein says:

      Redownload perhaps? bgimage.xp3 contains the CGs and backgrounds, so I think the game would not run if you have that .xp3 file broken..

  20. RATM says:

    um.. i download and extracted and when i try to play i get some jibberish sign language error message and game basically won’t work ? jeez.

  21. toning says:

    what is DA in DA-Gmae stands for??

  22. Radde says:

    Can i use the Realta Nua patch 4.2 on this version?

  23. PH says:

    IS it just me or the 3rd rar’s DL link doesn’t work? As in it gives an error after I wait and try to DL… Or it just doesn’t want me DLing mroe than 2 files at the same time

  24. Bob says:

    I was just wondering since I am very new to downloading this in pieces could someone please help in terms of what steps I will need to do in order to download this proper. I need to know how I am supposed to extract and what files am I supposed to extract. I have never had this much trouble trying to download a visual novel before. I have already downloaded the old PC version of Fate/ Stay Night but would like to try this one out. Please, if someone could be helpful by giving me a step-by-step on what I need to do, that would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  25. scarlet eclipse says:

    is the realta nua ending on this too?

  26. Vis says:

    Mmh I can’t download it, it can’t open the links. I’m the only one?

  27. Bs says:

    can someone tell me if this has the H-scenes and the realta nua ending (secret ending)by the way great upload, the game works perfect but can someone answer me please

  28. Hellangel says:

    Apparently, I can’t download the one part file, I have to download all 12 parts … Is there any way to download it at once ? I really don’t want it in twelve parts …

  29. DX says:

    how come i don’t get any option to pick i just suddenly lose

  30. Axests says:

    You just extract part 1 in the files you download then it will automatically extract all, find the new folder created for it and the game is right there, also if you want to download all at once you need premium membership for the download site, this is because the site limits you to downloading 200MB at a time if you don’t have premium

  31. gabunxex says:

    GAWD So much dumb people in the comments. Just appreciate the upload, and the game itself. So many crotch-scratching basement noobs just itching to get to the H scenes it’s not even funny.

  32. Devon says:

    hey I can play the game and save/load It but as soon as I close the game I lose all my saves, can someone help me with this plz?

  33. Alyz says:

    Thanks for the download! Could someone please inform me on which (if any) patch to overwrite with the 01/07/2013 update of the realta nua patch?

  34. Devon says:

    Can anyone plz help me. When I close the game I lose all of my saves. Is there anything im suppose to do apart from just loading the Fate.exe and playing.

  35. DNottin says:

    “Don’t distrubute this without written consent from mirrormoon. Do you agree?”

  36. Hazu says:

    Why the downloadani.me always time out ? can’t you make some mirror ? please… make it for all.

  37. Tal says:

    so i got all 12 downloads. how do i run this, cuz i can be pretty bad with computers at times.

  38. Div IX says:

    Hay Admin, since the Realta Nua PC Version has been translated aswell should it be posted up aswell?, i know the Heaven’s Feel patch isn’t compatible with the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works patches but someone is working on getting all 3 patches to work together with Realta Nua’s PSVita intro

  39. zellrang says:

    I’m just wondering, when will Fate/Hollow Ataraxia english patch completed…?

  40. Axsis Rythorn says:

    I think some of the voice files are missing in the downloads because a box appears telling me they don’t exists.

  41. Lee says:

    So I downloaded this FSN version to see the Realta Nua ending. I’ve used a VNDS converter to port the game so I can play it in my phone. But the problem is, some parts of the game are not translated (they are written in Kanji and I cannot auto skip them). The TE Fate route has black screen only accompanied by Kanji sentences. Does it really work like that or I’m the only one getting this issue? Was a little disappointed because this is the only version of FSN with Realta Nua patch that I could find. Anybody knows how to fix this issue? Please help~

  42. Wolf says:

    The 1 click game download file is not found.

  43. sailerboy12 says:

    is this game a good game fore a beginer (in eroge)

  44. braindeadzombie says:

    is this patched with the august 2013 realta nua patch?

  45. Six says:

    Protagonist is stupidly annoying when it comes to any interactions with women that have the tiniest bit of sexual tension. That and his stupidly patriarchal attitude regardless of the situation and his nasal like voice makes the protagonist to be one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever had to play through. I understand comedy value associated with guys facing unfamiliar situations with sexual overtones but I’d expect it to appear in a situation with more tension than, “omg, a girl who’s been in my house before is entering my house!!!! PANIC!!!!!”. And I do believe that most guys are patriarchal to some degree but the insistence of the protag he will fight in place of his female partner (spoiler friendly!) because he doesn’t like women fighting, DESPITE her being OBVIOUSLY 100x stronger than him goes beyond chivalry and is just stupid and flies into the face of any sort of common sense.

    Thankfully, the game has an ABUNDANCE of ways to kill the annoying protagonist, some of which are quite graphic. Kudos to the developers for this!! I do gain a high measure of satisfaction when I hear the protag scream in utter agony when something goes wrong. +1 for that!

  46. Shirou says:

    why is the 2.2 gb file unavailable??

  47. Zul says:

    Hey,is this game for guy of girl,i mean the main character(the one we become)??

  48. God of Conquest says:

    is it me or part 2 is broken?

  49. ShinjiMatou says:

    Excuse me, i need help. All of a sudden, my game stopped working. Whenever I try to open the .exe file, it says: “authentication failed. Fate.exe may not be a valid kirikiri executable”. How do I solve this? I’ll have to download everything again?!

  50. I-Am-X says:

    Is there a patch or whatever to fix the fact that ‘day 11-ruins in the forest’ has no voices?

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