Fate/Stay Night

Fate/stay night
The Holy Grail War.
A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail.
There are two conditions to participate in this ritual.
To be a magus, and to be a “Master” chosen by the Holy Grail.
(The experience as a magus is not questioned if one has the aptitude)There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants.There is only one Holy Grail.
If you wish for a miracle.
Prove that you are the strongest with your powers.

Download Game:

(prepatched – includes voices and uncensored CGs )

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449 Responses to “Fate/Stay Night”

  1. person101:

    When I run the game in fullscreen, it stretches to 16:9 widescreen ratio which makes everything really fat. Is there a way to prevent this without having to run in windowed mode? I just want to play this game in fullscreen but in the intended 4:3 ratio.

    • MeowMachine2000:

      Check your graphic settings inside your computer wide settings. Nvidia control panel, or catalyst control panel. Then just change the ‘Scale image to full panel size’ to ‘Maintain aspect ratio”. For the Catalyst control panel it does the preferences based on each resolution so it’s a bit of trial an error to find the correct resolution, and it might overwrite some other ones (GTAV for example, where I can run 4:3 resolution and still output 16:10)

  2. Jadden:


    I just finished the Fate route but once I have restarted the game, I can’t do the UBW route, beacause I don’t have te choices to do it on Day 3.

    Could it be because of a bad installation ? If yes, could you explain me clearly how to reinstall it ? Because I don’t understand the the installer file well (for me, I have just extracted the whole files by starting the extraction with the first package).

    I am pretty desesperate, please answer ^^’

  3. Medusa:

    guys i have hint to share
    first F/RN,
    second 8 different opening movie,
    third new separeted music,
    fourth restore unused cg and voice
    fiveth of course for pc hehehehe….

  4. Passerby:

    Is there more requirements or do i just need to download all this files?

    • admin:

      Download files, change non-unicode locale to Japan (see site’s FAQ for instructions), extract the game (WinRAR or similar software needed), double-click on game.exe.

  5. sword:

    I need to know,

    does the text in english and the voice in japanese?

  6. sword:

    Oh and is this the “Realta Nua” version ?

  7. paper-san:

    can i download the game, extract files with winrar and play? or do i have to do something else?

    • admin:

      You need Japanese locale (Refer to site’s FAQ section for instructions) to run this game, but yea, it’s extract and click on .exe to play.

  8. J. C.:

    Question, it´s the uncensored version?
    If im going to play it, i hope it is, if isnt, can someone leave a link for a compatible patch (there is at least 2 versions of this game, so i dont know if it will work)and tnx for the game, i´ve been looking for it

  9. Sebia Fan:

    For some reason, not every image was saved in the gallery. The ones from Saber and Rin’s first scene in the ruins were saved in the gallery. However, when Saber’s next scene happened, only one of the previous images was left. Then, when I finished the fate route, I lost all those images and was left only with images from the final battle. Can anyone explain to me why? Oh, and, is every image saved? Or how are they saved?

  10. Rodrigo:

    Hey there! awesome page!. Question, are there any instructions to install the game? Please help, thanks for the uploads

    • obsica:

      [IF OS windows 7 ultimate] change your system locale to japanese and download the whole VN and extract it then start playing.
      if your using XP VISTA or W8/8.1
      you may need to download MS applocale.

      if you need proper answers just go to FAQ just above and ask the admins


  11. Asynja:

    Is there any way to remove the English patch from this game? I want to play it in Japanese, but this is the only place I’ve found to download the game and it comes prepatched T_T. Thanks in advance!

  12. Corrupted:

    The website that the DA1-click download is on won’t let you download anything about 200mb without paying.

    • admin:

      That’s why there’s second option – DA-free…

      • ordinate:

        { error starting the game part 1 writen in japanese can’t undersdant.}

        Admin do i need to download all of the parts in order to play it? It is said in the extraction that the part 2 is needed. Can i just play the part 1 just to try it out?

  13. y-axix:

    Need a quick reply.. does this game translated in english? and how to I input it in DAEMON tools?

  14. Kagura Mutsuki:

    Hi, I hope you reply to my question because I’m really confused.

    Does this version has H scenes? Like with Rin in the UBW route? Because I saw pics in Google like Shirou doing it with Rin in the class room, does this scene appear in this?

  15. Fernando:

    hello just to know does this version contain all the 3 routes, like heavens feel and the other 2?

  16. Mon:

    Will this work for windows 8 following instructions from admin above?

  17. edu:

    does this work on linux?

  18. Noob:

    I’m new to downloading stuff like this so could someone give me detailed instructions for the free download. Including whether or not I need to set Unicode to jap.

  19. Scotty:

    How do i acces saved files? I played it all before but all my saced data us gone. How do i acces my saved data?

  20. Bonnibel Peebles:

    I downloaded all the files and changed my computer region to Japan. But when I spoke to extract the files were corrupted (2-12) only one that was not corrupted. What did I do wrong? could someone please help me?

  21. Adrian Boyd:

    On Windows 8.1, the game crashes in the last scene of the prologue (when Saber confronts Rin for the first time). Is this a known error and is there a fix? Thanks.

  22. John Doe:

    Does this game require the Daemon tools or do I just download, extract, change Locale, and open?

  23. Miles:

    Hey, i’m having a little trouble on the install. I’m trying to find the image to mount for the installer, but my computer can’t find it with the install? I extracted everything and changed my region to jp, is there anything else I need to do? running on 8.1 if that makes a difference.

  24. Tom Cooper:

    Every time i click the download it takes me to an add.

    • ultimateAI:

      The same goes for everyone else. For me, it’s only after two clicks. Clicking a third time does what you want it to do. It might get annoying, but once you go through the long, tedious process for all 12 parts, you’ll be ready to install.

  25. ultimateAI:

    After downloading and extracting all files, I opened the .exe in the first part without changing to Japanese locale and the game still works. This makes me confused as to what the purpose of changing the locale was supposed to be.
    Maybe admin can help?
    If it matters, I am running Windows 8.1.

    • Anonymous:

      I’m in the same boat as ultimateAI, as I also downloaded and ran the game without changing to the Japanese locale and everything seems fine so far. Am I missing something?

      • admin:

        Well, the answer is simple – look at comment’s dates.
        I re-visit older uploads from time to time, if I notice many users having problems getting some games to run, and try to re-make simpler upload. Current version of F/SN posted here is I think 4th or 5th iteration. The current one is basically as simple as it can be – just extract archive and play.

  26. J:

    I’ve downloaded all 12 parts. but the extracted files all look the same to me, like all of the contents appear to be the exact same. Should I compile them all into one document without overriding the files named the same way somehow or keep all 12 files separate?

  27. J:

    Nevermind, figured it out. Winrar extracted them all simultaneously, so I was literally extracting the entire novel twelve times. My bad

  28. J.B.:

    I know I did everything right, I downloaded the files, changed to a Japanese-Local, and then extracted the files, but the novel is still not working for me. If it helps my laptop runs on Windows 8.

  29. watever:

    guys, im very confused, i watched all of the amines of this novel, so i dont know it will be worth to read or not, any helps????

  30. Trainee:

    Thx admin! Finally got to see Sakura getting some spotlight! ^^

  31. Del:

    Admin, there’s something wrong with the voices. On the beginning of the 15th day of Fate route, the voices are suddenly cut off. I thought that its supposed to be like that, but from what I’ve read, the voices are only cut off in the h-scene as there are never any voices in the first place. But I still played it till the end, hoping that when I’m done and start a new game the voice will come back. But it didn’t. I’m already in the UBW route, but still no voices. I downloaded this for the voices, but now that its not here, I don’t even have any motivation to continue playing it.

  32. Realta Nua:

    Don’t suppose you could upload the Realta Nua PC release and the new patch they made for it?

  33. Paladin:

    Nevermind, I got it working.

  34. user101:

    hey admin, I always save a file but then when I run again the game, everything’s deleted and i have to start all over again.

  35. Nekomelia:

    Hi, do I need to put all parts in one folder or else?

  36. ZazaTakirdayan38:

    Is this ”Realta Nua” version?

  37. Lisa:

    So I read the comments and I see other people are having the issue of the site requiring you to pay to download. Yes, I did click the DA-Free tab and it takes me to a site that has two options of payment and above those options is this: FateStayNight.part01.rar 199.3 MB
    but that is not a clickable link. I’m probably missing something, I’ve done all the steps for the game I just need to download it.

    • Killermcgriddle:

      All you do is look at the left-side of the screen, to the left of the captcha that pops up, which will have a countdown from 120 seconds. Once it hits zero, type in the captcha and click the download button that is also in the lower left, underneath where the countdown was.

      I mean you can type in the captcha before it hits 120 or after, it doesn’t matter.

      But after you download the first part you’ll have to wait about 6 minutes before being able to download the next part. Which is a pain, but worth it.

    • Killermcgriddle:

      I just realized what you meant. Underneath the filename, will be two links that say paddle/free

      Click paddle, and then exit out of the ad that pops up. After you click “free” another link will appear below it that says “Free Download”

      Click it. Then after that, just follow what I said before and you should be fine.

  38. Sapphire:

    Can the voice patch be disabled somehow? If not, is there any alternate download place where I can find a version without the voices?

  39. derwind:

    I can’t download it, it says I need to upgrade my account since is too heavy. Is there another way, pls?

  40. Arthur:

    this game has the last episode

  41. aRainbowedTailedPinkCat:

    14:42 Monday 31/08/2015 :
    Posted in erogedownload.com by aRainbowedTailedPinkCat

    Thank you for your uploading ! =^_^= The Mirror Moon team can be proud of the translation they made.
    This game has a really interesting history : all the characters have a story, the universe is really well developed. There is also an interesting reflection of what is really a superhero.
    It’s a pity that the choices are very limited. In my point of view, this game looks more like a book than a game.
    But it deserve to be played and even more if you have watched the really poor anime of 2005 that don’t reflect the quality of this game.

  42. Rick:

    The part 4 of the DA Free isn`t working. I click on the download and it says the page doesn`t exists. Can you please help me?? Thank you

  43. Gromph:

    I have download the game from here. DA-Free option. is there version or patch with better translation. Don’t take me wrong I am not complaining and I can still enjoy the story, but I feel translation is lacking somewhat and so I would like to know what are the options.


  44. Audrey:

    Im running windows 8.1..

    So,is this works for the new windows like 8 or 10?

    Pls reply

  45. Renzel04:

    hi when i click the link it takes me into another website which is odd how can downlode this game pleas with out signing up with wierd advert sites

  46. Yems:

    I downloaded all 12 files and extracted them but there is nowhere for me to click so that I can play the game. Any help ?

  47. totto:

    this version of the vn have the hevaens feel route?

  48. Any:

    Black screen and unable to quit

  49. lol:

    yep, but part of that is progress was done with google translate T_T

  50. maou:

    Is the traslation is finish sir?
    The webpage is no longer available.

  51. xDarkness:

    if you want a tranlation patch with a good quality, just take BLs they’re not finished, but they’re around 52% steadily realising new partial patches, you can look how far they are at the moment and download the patch here:
    tlwiki (dot)org/index (dot)php?title=Fate/Hollow_Ataraxia

  52. admin:

    Yes, I’m posting only fully-translated games here.

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