Although in his third year of high school, Okazaki Tomoya does not pay too much attention to school. His classmates are worried about him, but his best friend does not mind.
He does not want a girlfriend but he does not realize that he is popular with the girls.
However, his life changes when he meets a girl on the way to school…

Clannad Full Voice English Game download:

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340 Responses to “Clannad”

  1. Joel says:

    FOR THE LAST TIME, if anybody is getting a flower with a black screen just down load the patch and extract the files then copy the content in the files and replace it with the one in clannad folder! The translation has been completed from the 95% to 99.99999% after the team spent 300+hours on it. Also, there is a patch that works only with the full voiced version, that gets all the in game menus in english!

  2. ivan says:

    excuse me… i have a problem with the game.. i just extract it.. but, it was only black screen when i open the realive.EXE …. then.. after i fix it by install the new patch.. it was opened with good… but, after a few seconds.. it was closed and then it was show “debugger detected. please close and then try again”… i want to know how to fix it.. thanks

  3. Momo Chan says:

    I it works, but think its a pain how you need to wait until your next download.

  4. rico says:

    how to install it ?

  5. Leech says:

    Is it already in English or is there a patch included? I want to know before I download all of the parts because I wanna play JP version o,o

  6. GOOD_NAME says:

    LoL, i down 3,2Gb but cant extract it :(
    so please fix it :(

  7. Lee says:

    Hi, I just downloaded all, that patch too, but I have one problem – Tomoya don’t have a voice…Everyone speaks, but when comes his lines, there is just silence.
    How can I fix that?
    Everytihig else seems to work fine…

  8. Famous says:

    I downloaded the patch and the game works as normal. But on the main menu when I click on “Name”, it stops responding and then it closes.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Am I missing out on something by not being able to access that “Name” thing?

  9. ThatGuy says:

    No H scenes. I wanted some boobies…. oh well the story is good. So if you are looking for a good story you have found your game. Although if you are here for some H scenes this game does not have them. The spin off game does though that involves Tomoyo. Also, the captcha required to poast word was “sausages”… how fitting for the topic of this reply.

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