Although in his third year of high school, Okazaki Tomoya does not pay too much attention to school. His classmates are worried about him, but his best friend does not mind.
He does not want a girlfriend but he does not realize that he is popular with the girls.
However, his life changes when he meets a girl on the way to school…

Clannad Full Voice English Game download:

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  1. Joel says:

    FOR THE LAST TIME, if anybody is getting a flower with a black screen just down load the patch and extract the files then copy the content in the files and replace it with the one in clannad folder! The translation has been completed from the 95% to 99.99999% after the team spent 300+hours on it. Also, there is a patch that works only with the full voiced version, that gets all the in game menus in english!

  2. ivan says:

    excuse me… i have a problem with the game.. i just extract it.. but, it was only black screen when i open the realive.EXE …. then.. after i fix it by install the new patch.. it was opened with good… but, after a few seconds.. it was closed and then it was show “debugger detected. please close and then try again”… i want to know how to fix it.. thanks

  3. Momo Chan says:

    I it works, but think its a pain how you need to wait until your next download.

  4. rico says:

    how to install it ?

  5. Leech says:

    Is it already in English or is there a patch included? I want to know before I download all of the parts because I wanna play JP version o,o

  6. GOOD_NAME says:

    LoL, i down 3,2Gb but cant extract it ๐Ÿ™
    so please fix it ๐Ÿ™

  7. Lee says:

    Hi, I just downloaded all, that patch too, but I have one problem – Tomoya don’t have a voice…Everyone speaks, but when comes his lines, there is just silence.
    How can I fix that?
    Everytihig else seems to work fine…

  8. Famous says:

    I downloaded the patch and the game works as normal. But on the main menu when I click on “Name”, it stops responding and then it closes.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Am I missing out on something by not being able to access that “Name” thing?

  9. ThatGuy says:

    No H scenes. I wanted some boobies…. oh well the story is good. So if you are looking for a good story you have found your game. Although if you are here for some H scenes this game does not have them. The spin off game does though that involves Tomoyo. Also, the captcha required to poast word was “sausages”… how fitting for the topic of this reply.

  10. Alice says:

    If you get the flower cursor with the black background, install the patch. Look into the patch file once you have extracted it and it shows you what files you need to replace, don’t delete the original files (the non-patch ones) and put them in a separate folder (name it old game files if it helps you remember). Also, move the Seen.txt file into the game folder. Then go onto the FAQ part of this website and install Japanese support on your computer/laptop (you need this, Clannad may not work otherwise). Once you have done this, open up the Reallive. If the screen turns white and you can hear music and nothing else happens, move the patch files back into the patch folder and put the old game files back. Then move the Seen.txt (unless you never moved it out from the game folder) file from the patch folder back into the game folder and Clannad should work.

  11. David says:

    hi guys, i can play this game on spanish?

  12. JayxNagisa says:

    There is an error in the main title theme, there is also a few music errors in the gameplay where it goes quiet. I’m not sure if I’m getting a bad end or not, but for example; I ended up on the fuko arc, but I choose the wrong path (I think) and it sent me to the main menu after a few scenes. Is this an error, or a bad end?? Anyway, there is a few errors, but other than that, you guys have done a fantastic job or turning this game into a english sub. 4 1/2 stars for this one. A few bugs to work out and it’ll be perfect, no lie there!

  13. CPU-39_FR says:

    I have a problem with the file “Clannad.part01.rar”. I downloaded it 2 times but a file in this archive is corrumpted

    Can someone help me ?

    • JayxNagisa says:

      Download all of them and the patch, use the patch via drag and drop and duplicate it over “bad files.” It’s what I did and the game is working for me, although there are a few bugs; namely with the music and a few animations (gifs?). It’s a thoroughly enjoyable game, have fun! And bring a tissuse..

  14. JayxNagisa says:

    For the moderators, or game translators, or whoever is in charge here and working on, or worked on this project.. here are a few bugs that need fixing; BGM30.nwa BGM06.nwa BGM09B.nwa BGM16A.nwa FGKY04C.g00 FGKY04D.g00
    Also crashed during Ibuki arc on Apr19th.
    You’ve done a excellent job on it! It just has a few bugs that need fixing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for your time!

  15. mj says:

    anyone can give me the link for psp english patched already clannad?

  16. Anon says:

    Is this a VN where you have to go after Nagisa or can you choose your heroine?

  17. I-Am-X says:

    What is the ‘name’ thing under config?
    What does it do?

    I click it and it closes the game. Would like to know its purpose. if you could. D:

  18. I-Am-X says:

    I was wondering, but why does it end after the Fuko thing resolves? Like it doesn’t show Kyoukos wedding or anything, just that after they finally forgot her and him and nagisa were holding hands, it goes back to the title screen.

    Do you have to play through it, picking different options or whatever, to see the rest of it or something?

    Cause it just doesn’t make sense…

  19. Zul says:

    Hey,please…I’ve download but then when i open real live,It say Reallive.exe has stop working..please help..

  20. kevenka says:

    Did you follow the patching instruction where you copy and pasted those files into the root folder of the game? It should run properly after you’ve done that.

    Also, on a side note, does anyone else have it crash when you try to change the name? ._. I don’t mind not being able to do so, but it is more of a question out of curiosity

  21. ฤฐrem says:

    This my first VN so I am just so exicited about it. You are the only one that has got a lot of options to download.I couldn’t finish downloading but I think it will work. So thanks a lot for your work. ( Sorry for writing mistakes)

  22. Slayer says:

    I have downloaded the game and i noticed that when i try to change the name at the main menu,the game crash.Any solution?Thanks…

  23. Hitoro says:

    Yeah I have the same problem that Slayer has about the crashing when I try to change the name is their a solution

  24. Jeff says:

    Hi Im just wondering why when I load the game I can’t click on the “Return to previous choice” button? I followed the installation walkthrough and applied the patch, but it still doesn’t show up as clickable, instead showing up as a grey button.

  25. ZY says:

    Can this work on window 10??

  26. aRainbowedTailedPinkCat says:

    Thank you for the game ! =^_^= We can be grateful to the Doki-fansub for the well-made translation.
    Personally I first watched the anime and I’m really glad to be able to play this game as well. The story is really more detailed, so you will miss a lot of things if you only watch the anime.
    This game know how to both make you laugh and fell depressed, the awesome musics helps to it.
    To sum-up I really recommend you to play this game ! =^_^=

  27. Corinlee says:

    I dont know if i can handle this VN.. i saw the anime a long time ago, but i noticed there were other parts to the story, so i am going to explore them as well… mah feelz are going to be so broken after this…

  28. I just want to play this VN :( says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to download this VN for quite a time now and I think that this is the right site to get the complete version, but clannad.part05.rar doesn’t seem to work. It will say the following after I click on the download button: \ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.\ I hope that if somebody you guys can still see this that you’ll change it. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      You can download 2 parts at once as a free user. You’re probably still downloading parts 3 and 4, and that’s why 5th one trows up an error.

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