Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-

LABO – a giant research facility with a nuclear reactor–

September 16, 2030 – 6:19:30 AM – the “incident” occurs–

The security system malfunctions, locking down every section of the basement, trapping 3 rescuers and 6 people waiting to be rescued inside.

The incident occurred because the nuclear reactor caused a meltdown, filling LABO with the ashes of its dead.

There are still 9 hours before the system recovers.

The rescuers have only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for 6 people, but what about the other 3…?

And strange, unexplainable phenomena keeps happening…

There are 6 mysteries surrounding this incident:

1. During the incident, the captain of the rescue team lost his memory. What happened?
2. Why were these normal high school students locked up in a place like this?
3. A murdered body was found in the research facility they’ve been locked down in. Why?
4. Why did this incident happen? Why can’t they get out?
5. Why is the one that cannot exist — “that guy” — here?

The mystery gets deeper and deeper.

Gradually, the constant conflicts get more and more on these people’s nerves…
Which one of them can make it out of this hell alive?
The key to surviving is hidden 6 days ago. In the sealed memories of the young man–

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  1. iloveanime says:

    Thanks for this one. I was waiting for it. By the way why is this not appearing in the front page? Same with Ozmafia.

  2. Thanksforthegame says:

    Will you upload the new version of Beach Bounce Remasterd ?

  3. I-Am-X says:

    This won’t be able to play on xp, will it?

  4. Siegfried says:



  5. Siegfried says:

    Does anyone have the problem of not being able to play the movie?

    Mine doesn’t seem to be able to play them, even in the extras menu & I use full screen.

    Anyone know a fix for this?

  6. Drego says:

    How was this not on the frontpage? It’s a great and long VN…

  7. motoque456 says:


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