Monster Girl Quest 3

Monster Girl Quest 3

Toro Toro Resistance presents the 3rd act of the massive fantasy RPG adventure!
Epilogue to Monmusu Quest! Origins.

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!
Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you! Lose and you will be r*ped!
Not one scene of boys violating girls. Masochists rejoice!

You are the hero, a young boy.
Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.
All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all!
It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

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212 Responses to “Monster Girl Quest 3”

  1. mitchey:

    hello there, i was wondering if a person needed the first and/or second MGQ to play this game? Thanks for the reply 🙂

    • Jay:

      yea bro iy is. its even better if u do cause your save data rolls over your level. Like from game 1, you were able to transfer ur save data to game 2 to keep your level. I assume its the same with this game. Its not NEEDED, but it would be better. and you would understand the story

    • Raiku:

      what he’s saying is it’s not needed, you can play without the saved data from part 1 & 2

    • Trehek:

      I recommend downloading all three parts of the game. MGQ 3 lets you combine them and you’ll have one big game with the entire story.

  2. ErioKun:

    uwaa uwaa ~ !!! uwaaa uwaaa ~ !!!!!
    Finally i can play Part 3!!!! i finished 1,2 about 1 weeks…
    yay yay ~ !!! downloading!!! first try i was killed alice and get r*pe to illias ;_;… Eternity… forever.. ever… QwQ..
    so, i regret… and finally i wasn’t kill alice ~ finish the game and also here! can’t wait!! Hue Hue ~ awesome :3…

  3. IpMan:

    Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with my save files.
    They do not appear in the game (all load slot is empty),
    but still remains in the save folder,

    Could anyone please tell me how make them reappear?
    Thank you in advance 😀

    • otaku_guy:

      i also had the same problem when my computer
      suddenly crashed . . .
      when i opened the game again the slots were empty
      but when i checked the folder where the save files is it’s still there . . .

      need some here please i really appreciate it 🙂

      either way more support for you guys 😀

      • Santa-chan:

        Before anything, copy all your saved data some where else and then play the game and save on any slot, close the game and check where it got saved. Once you find it, move your saves there. It happened to me too with MGQ1, and there’s a probability that you will have the mbp and the another archive (both saves) on different folders, so it that happens. do it that way and it most probably play.

        Good luck.

        • Play The Game:

          i have save file that doesnt work, i tried placing it in other place and then save a new one, then overwrite it with my save file. But the “new one” keeps playing instead of my save file.. please help.. this is quite frustrating specially when your halfway to the end already..

  4. jiawei:

    is this english ? plz respond fast !!!!

  5. Yes, it HAS english. Where it says “DA-free: Game Download”, on this page, is where you get the actual game, but it’s not in english. you also have to download the file under “DA: English Patch Download” and extract that to the files you get from “DA-free: Game Download”.

    There will be a readme file in the patch file, so it should be easy to figure out.

    THEN it will be in English.

  6. when i meant readme file, i meant the readme file that’ll tell u how to use the patch to get the english version of the game.

    gawd, i hope im not being too complicated

  7. Duncan Idaho:

    I downloaded part 3, merged them, given that it’s impossible for me to continue from part 1 and 2 due to the import save function does not works for me i started from scratch and then i arrived at the last part, i defeat part 2 end boss and after i should start part 3 i get that error, any ideas?

  8. Sato:

    I have tried repeatedly to download this but parts 3-6 continuously fail. Is there any way to get around it, I seem to only need the arc2.nsa file to be able to play. Part 1, 7 and the patch went in fine but using just those it crashes as the gnome girl goes past the forest at the beginning and I can’t figure out what is wrong other than that one file. But all the rar. files are corrupted or incomplete, or at the last stage of downloading it says failed network error. any suggestions I really want to finish this story.

  9. mallard:

    The final battle for part 2 is Alice. To get her CGs let her beat you. If you beat her, you have two choices:finish her off to get Ilias CGs; keep guarding to start part 3.

  10. Void:

    To some of you this may seem like an odd question:

    Can someone direct me to ‘store’ page of this game’s series? I tried to throw some money at them for their good work, but I drew a blank card each result I hit.
    I never thought it’d be that hard to give someone money.

  11. Sato:

    I still haven’t figured this out if someone could provide aid please do so. I downloaded each file but still something must be missing. In game I start new game and as the gobling girl is running through the forest the screen goes black and an error box pops up. its got a bunch of unreadable text til the bottom it says. >bg\bg\+$haikei+\.bmp\ so i assume its a missing file but even after redownloading every rar. even those that can’t be opened for whatever reason. and its still missing can anyone provide aid?

    • Ogogin:

      That seems to be a very common error message when some of your files are corrupted.

      Clean the cache of your browser (how to do it change from browser to browser, but is always an option like “delete temporary internet files” or “delete/clean cache”), then re-download everything and re-install the game and the english patch.

      It is also safe to use a brand new save file or an old backup if you can, since the save file you used during the bug MAY has been corrupted.

      • Sato:

        ok I’ll try to redownload it after clearing my cache thanks for the tip here’s to hoping.

      • Sato:

        Well I just cleared cache and performed a tune up/ clean up of my data and then tried redownloading it and there is still a problem with the arc2.nsa file where its still corrupted or incomplete. so I guess I’ll try to find somewhere else to buy it or something.

        • Dom:

          Are you using Tuneup Utilities?

          That program is pure adware. It actually slows down your computer instead of speeding it up. I’d recommend deinstalling all It’s components and then trying again.

  12. Sato:

    I’m pretty sure that the file I am missing most is the arc2.nsa I believe that’s what makes it not work but every rar. is corrupted when it gets to it.

    • Sato:

      I do not know if the admin did it or if it self corrected but I finally got the game to work. If that was you admin thanks so very much.

  13. Remdur:

    Hey guys, I have a little problem with the game. I downloaded the game, combined with part 1 & 2, imported the save file in order to begin at part 3 and everything is working well…. Except that the saves from part 1 & 2 doesn’t work anymore.

    Indeed, the game recognize the save files and they appear in the load menu, but when I load one of the save file from part 1 or 2, I have a black sreen and the game crash. Because I’m really stupid, I have erased my folder with just MGQ 1 & 2, including my old save file from those two part. Of course the save file in MGQ 3 directory is the same, but I suppose he’s already different because I have combined and import the global save.

    So… Does anyone know how to do in order for my save files to work again ? I would be really thanksfull if somenone can help me !

  14. Ren Akihisa:

    That also happened to me a few days back when my computer also crashed, all I did was simply copied my save folder and reinsalled the game after thet just copy your save on the reinstalled game.Hope this helps 🙂

  15. splashatack69:

    really random but this might make someone crack a small smile. The SOLVEmedia image was “It’s super effective”…
    My alias is splashatack so… put two and two together…

  16. Anthony:

    hey i keep getting an error message every time i open up the game its something like
    099.txt line 305437
    isp 102:c/2,0,3;system/title_start.jpg”340,380
    anyone knows what wrong?

  17. brocon:

    hi, is the patch 100% english translate?? because i download it and i only get english translated till Sylph(2) scene, after that i got japan , phew. help please

  18. Charles:

    Hey everyone, quick question. I seem to have it all working alright, but… seems one of the locations cannot be reached. Witch Hunt Village won’t appear on the map in Chapter 3. What’s up with this? Does anybody else have the same problem? I can see the gap in the encyclopaedia and the files seemingly are there, but no village tab appears on the map……any ideas how to solve this?

  19. Rayen Blulytning:

    “099.txt line”

    So, guys, I’ve has been founded how to fix this error, okay let’s begin:
    1. Make sure you’re using Japan as region
    2. ONLY COPY FILE ARC.NSA!! ONLY THIS FILE! Do not copy ARC1/ARC2, this is the one who make problem <<<
    3. If you already copied Arc1/2, open the .rar files, then extract the Arc1 & Arc2, then move & replace to MGQ2 Folder.
    4. If with that three way you weren't fixed, re-download game, because that file you download has been corrupted.

    Hopefully can fix your error 😀

  20. Birkl:

    Can sombody please help me. I cant save. Every time i want to save my game i type in a name for the data and then i get an error message, that’s basically only some signs i don’t understand.

    • johny:

      you sure you have played this before?didnt you know that you shouldn change the data name text?oterwise it would go corrupt

  21. Someone:

    I love this series. I downloaded and played the first two in English, and I ended up playing this before the translation came out. Can’t read a lick of Japanese, so it was a bit of a bitch playing through and beating it but somehow I managed.

  22. ankit:

    i am playing the game it does not have fallen angel dance powers and others too when i face Archangel Ranael in battle
    please tell me how to deal with it

  23. ankit:

    where i can find the complete walkthrough of monster quest girl 3

  24. lewl:

    When i patch the english patch the game becomes part 1, help?

  25. rex:

    Just in case your still cant save your game I found a solution by chance:go to the game ‘s directory and add a folder and and name it save mine worked even with changing the file names

  26. seitn:

    whenever i try to extract the game 7zip says that crc is not valid for MonsterGirlQuest part 1, and after i extracted all and start to play it crashes after sabasa castle when the illias monsters attack the gladiators

  27. powergong:

    same here, shit.

  28. Midori-San:

    Hello guys I just redownloaded the game after having on my old computer but I have a problem… When I start up the game every time I start a new game or open a file from the encyclopedia it freezes when the text box shows up I have my region set to Japan (applocale) and I have redownloaded twice any suggestions would be helpful thanks in advance.

  29. zap:

    could someone explain me exactly how to do it because English is not my first language and I do not fully understand the read me file

  30. daniel:

    I had all 3 parts before but my computer crashed and so i re-downloaded them but some thing is wrong with them when i try to play them its like its in fast forward. it goes through the text faster than i can read. please help

  31. Azkard:

    In the 1st battle of this chapter there is 1 attack that can’t be recordable into monsterpedia. This battle is VS \Cupid\ (winning or losing this battle, the result is the same… there is no attack recorded). The attack with this problem is: Cupid’s Blowjob.
    If you had this problem and you have solved it, please share your experience and the solution for this. Thanks!

  32. xan:

    hey guys. Sorry to ask new to these sorts of things. After downloading all the separate files how do i then get the Game working from the seven parts of the RAR?

    • Lucas:

      Place all the rar files in a common area then extract it by moving the first part anywhere you want. The rest of the parts should be extracted along with the first.

  33. Koolman:

    I need some help, ive played part 3 but i noticed that i was under leveled so i took a look around and it seems that im missing giant parts of the game like i cant access to San illias or the port in illasburg and etc

  34. Zaraki:

    Hey I am having a problem concerning the fight with Archangel Ranael. I am unable to find the Fallen Angel Dance and I always lose to her no matter what. I read that it is a bug but I do not know how to fix it. Please help, I really want to progress in this amazing game!

  35. Rie:

    The storyline of this game (part 1,2,3) was damn amazing..
    and BGMs were stuck in my head all the time. Wish I could find another game similar to this.

    I think I fall in love with Tamamo in adult form… –\

  36. elwendir:

    it’s the third part,you need to the first and the second part for understand the storie(three partss forms one game with same save,achievment…)so aniway you better to downald the three parts.

  37. Arnar_J:

    So it seems I can’t download the 3rd part when I was downloading the other parts. When it’s suppose to have the icon showing that the fire is being downloaded it says the webpage is unavailable and I don’t get to download from there

  38. Cody:

    I have a strange issue. Wherever i seem to download part 3 from, i use this site but i attenmpt to download from different locations, and regardless of where i am, i do not get more than 50 kbps when i do the download. Usually I should be able to do like 3 Mbps but it isnt working here. Any thoughts on issue?

  39. nheka:

    im stili re-view anime on ma age.

  40. Problem?:

    Part 3 of the DA-Free download is broken. Every time I try to download it, it says file not found. Both Firefox and Google Chrome cannot access it, so the link is probably broken.

    • Lyle:

      Having the same issue.. part 4 of this download keeps saying the web page is down temporarily but I have a feeling it’s more then just temporarily

  41. nertor:

    alguien lo traduce en español ?

  42. Report:

    (This webpage is not available) for part 7

  43. nutsincases:

    Anyone have the updated English patch. The 1.1 version. Its 151 mb size but any link to it is (practically) dead. Can’t even get it from the translators website



    I just finished playing all 3 MGQ parts and it is the best game I’ve played in ages!

    Seriously think it needs a sequel involving freeing the original Monster Lord and 6 ancestors or something.

    I NEED MORE MGQ! I downloaded for the H-Scenes but kept playing for the story!

  45. Tyrantnyx:

    Gotta admit, I went into this series thinking it would be Shit, but it’s actually a pretty great game.

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