Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

Hoshizora no Memoria
The story begins with the protagonist, Kogasaka You, moving back to his hometown, which he left behind several years ago. Upon arriving, he stumbles into an abandoned, sealed observatory, whereupon he encounters a mysterious girl who looks exactly like his childhood friend did years ago. She introduces herself as Mare, a shinigami who reaps nightmares.

Meanwhile, back at school, You ends up joining the astronomy club, which is desperate need of new members. At night, he continues to visit Mare at the observatory, all the while trying to remember a certain someone’s name…

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807 Responses to “Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-”

  1. Red Riot says:

    aaAAAHHHH I’m crying so much (right now) at isuzu’s route!!!! BLESS THIS GEM!

    • Close Horizon says:

      I agree with you there, tis’ been a long time for a VN to make me shed tears. I love her route, was originally aiming for Mares route and just give 0 fucks to other route. But this one got me, that it made me want to like this VN more than a mainstream romance visual novel. BLESS THIS GEM ^_^

      • Red Riot says:

        Nvm, all of the routes where beautiful. That it’s hard to distinguish which one is the best.
        All were done beautifully top notched and it made a lot of change at how i look at the game before playing it.
        I feel sooo disappointed at myself for judging it at an early time. T_T

  2. Winter Symphony says:

    I guess getting through that hellish installation was worth it, Story was top notched for me… Execution of bgms and the bgms itself were exceedingly surpassing my expectation… Scenes and CGs were goddamn good. Especially the combination of the BGM and CG together in creating the scenes atmosphere. Great VN. I’m crying tears of joy right now T_T. thumbs up.

  3. Aldrin says:

    So much for being a teenager coursing through puberty, this visual novel was a spot on to my liking based on my current situation (as a teenager). Some may be (or may not be) expected at how the story will flow, but still a GREAT VN overall. It’s one of those things that you don’t feel you wasted your time playing it. And was contented.

  4. Mike says:

    Wait so I got it all downloaded… and I tried to read the readme. How do I install and play?

  5. Riku says:

    So the link to the bugfix patch gives an error 404. I went to favosofts website and found the new link to the patch


    the download is in

    (ファイル名)Memoria_update_v11.zip (31.2MB)

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