Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

Hoshizora no Memoria
The story begins with the protagonist, Kogasaka You, moving back to his hometown, which he left behind several years ago. Upon arriving, he stumbles into an abandoned, sealed observatory, whereupon he encounters a mysterious girl who looks exactly like his childhood friend did years ago. She introduces herself as Mare, a shinigami who reaps nightmares.

Meanwhile, back at school, You ends up joining the astronomy club, which is desperate need of new members. At night, he continues to visit Mare at the observatory, all the while trying to remember a certain someone’s name…

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798 Responses to “Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-”

  1. Dark says:

    hooray finally finished the 6th and correct route πŸ™‚

  2. Dark says:

    i almost shed tears when reading it πŸ™

  3. Dark says:

    another thing; it would be lovely if admin post a site where we could download the game’s OST πŸ™‚

  4. Error.. says:

    Hello ? the Part 4 is broken…

  5. Prince07 says:

    it;s it’s Awesome!
    I play this~ well took so long really long~ to finish all route but~ ahhh damn!! this game is awesome~ it’s make me cry though~….
    I am Waiting for the Hoshizora no memoria Ethernal Heart~

  6. Huan says:

    Does anyone get the Australia Gov pic when Mare nude scene play in Yume route or is it just me???

    • Anonymus says:

      just delete graph_vis folder – from game folder and from \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\\CROSSNET\memoria\graph_vis if you using 7 – that’s all you need

      • Anonymus says:

        it may be that is not a folder in \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\\CROSSNET\memoria\graph_vis in this case just delet only the graph_vis folder in the game folder

        please be indulgent with my writing errors my English is not so good ^ ^

      • Farcide says:

        What if im using a mac and i cant delete the folder?

  7. ^_^ says:

    i played this game for a while now and i realized something;
    the story of you x yume is very identical from the manga/anime hayate no gotoku(hayate the combat butler)hayate x athena. πŸ™‚

  8. Desimus says:

    Quick question before downloading, does this game contain “rape” situations? I do not wish to download if it does..

  9. Gamer says:

    im sorry desimus but there is a ‘rape’ in it; there’s 1-3 H-scenes in every route, commonly 2.

    • Desimus says:

      GAH!.. I dled it a day after i posted that since i coulnt find an answer.. been loving it so far since its very funny and i am using the walkthrough provided..Using the same order as it i am going to Kosame’s route….Danm if the order provided is in acending order of drama them im guessing that peticular scene is either the “Mysterious girl” or chinami’s route.. now im unmotivated guess ill power through it.

  10. CatSidheNekoko says:

    Just finished this and love it! Anyone reccomend some VN’s that are this quality? Same size and just as good art? Prefer hentai :3

    • Desimus says:

      I would say flyable heart but i that was translated with a program and its annoying to read after a while.

      • CatSidheNekoko says:

        I’ll give it a go πŸ˜€ Just starting Harem Party now, a geeks dream if ya ask me XD

        • Desimus says:

          Harem party is good but some scenes don’t match the dialog *a foursome in the school is one of them*, Flyable heart like i mentioned was translated with a program which in midgame+ makes it look like it was translated by a dyslexic person. If you want another funny one try Snow sakura.

  11. Kyo says:

    Skip previously read seems to be wonky so be careful, ended up missing stuff on my second time through because it didn’t stop when unread things popped up.

    • ila69 says:

      well. the author said the skip funtion only works in the common route, the original game has a big that skips ALL text in character routes.

  12. izzat7228 says:

    How to play I instal and use patch 1.1 and both english pack. it wont open

  13. dozer says:

    Hi, do you guys know what I’m doing wrong, since it is not translated? Is it not supposed to be?

    • Desimus says:

      Are you opening MemoriaEN.exe or Memoria.exe? Also have you followed the instructions in the “Hoshizora no Memoria – Installation guide/problem troubleshooting”?

  14. Jcurse says:

    When i unpack the rar, there is no iso file so how do i install it?

  15. gerald says:

    force close! when i started the game and seeing the introduction, when the first time that appears the white screen then the game force close. please help me .

  16. SpaceBar says:

    So I’m having one problem with this game….
    It works all right, and everything seems fine. BUT
    The text is all in Japanese for me. help? I suppose its because I’m in Japanese Locale, but isn’t that how its supposed to be?

    • SpaceBar says:

      Alright, so I figured out the problem with that… I was just using the wrong .exe file… now here’s the other problem:
      every time i get to where You says “Well, it’s still the rainy season…….” after he joins the hobby circle with okaizumi and them, the game crashes. I tried patching it with the latest update, but that doesn’t work at all, (mainly because i can’t read japanese, so i don’t know what the patch is asking) and I can’t get passed that one part. HELP!

  17. Lacruzel says:

    It’s a really long game. It’s worth playing because Kosame is too cute.

  18. sosharuhichan says:

    anyone have probs with dem memory mode?i cleared all the routes n try to play the scenes, but no sounds comes out.halp pls

  19. Gothren says:

    Wish the patch translated the options screen. Trying to do a second play through and my skip button doesn’t seem to work properly. There’s gotta be an option in here somewhere that turns on skip unread text.

  20. butterenpo says:

    I dont know hoy to run the game pls help

  21. w4rcr4ft says:

    hey does this part have censored since some scene are completely censored for me

  22. w4rcr4ft says:

    sry found what is wrong with it and fix it already.

  23. baloli says:

    I just finished this game. This is very Good game.
    I love Chinami Round so much.
    I thinks fandish Hoshizora Memorial External Heart is so good games too.
    I will wait for fandish Thank you.

  24. TacoLadder says:

    Lol, loved that part on Chinami’s route, what Shino says to the manager after finding out. “I might have a grandchild!”

  25. OliveiraDev says:

    Cryed during Asuho Isuzu and Komomo route <.< still have to clear the others D:

  26. ryosuky says:

    hurmmm why file no 1 and no 2 are broken???

  27. eri says:

    Hello everyone,
    i have a question too and hope you can help me.
    when i play Hoshizora the characters are not shown compleatly, neither in window or full screen mode – like this http://i.want.tf/to/that/aAKG8c.jpg upper half of the head is not shown in the whole scene. Is this normal? cause it feels rly strange to me

  28. Vondoom says:

    Huh…what are this warm liquids falling from my eyes…? Why does my chest hurt so much…? Oh I get it… T^T I’m so touched I cant even tell that I’m crying!!!

  29. hehehezozo says:

    A little help here Someone please help me how to install Staircase Subs Custom.ttf I just keep right click on it and can’t see anything install on it

  30. DarkKnight says:

    The game is good, but only one problem, the game does not start after the opening play in other window. Can anyone help me, I really want to finish this game.

  31. miki says:

    I get an error… something about etc/038 opening..when the text \Chinami slept in, slept in!\ just after the beginning of the game…. any solutions?

    • Iyase says:

      I’m having trouble with this too. Can someone help me?

      • Mico says:

        For the ones who will play this in the future, if you have problems with etc error blablah when the text says \Chinami slept in, slept in!\ just follow the Installation guide/problem troubleshooting and install the official game update. That fix it for me.

  32. Anon says:

    1 hour into the game… Am I the only one who wants to viciously murder Chinami? Please tell me it doesn’t end well for her.

    • WhatTheHell says:

      Well, Good sir. You are a piece of shit. ^^

    • EddyD says:

      Vicious murder is a bit strong, but she’s pretty annoying. In fact, she’s the only imouto character i’ve disliked so far. Wish there was a patch to cut her lines/scenes out of the game.

  33. Tomoya says:

    guy need help
    there’s this error saying “voice 2” then some japanese stuff next to it….how can i fix it
    need answer fast πŸ™

  34. Austin says:

    when i get to a certian paert of Aoi’s first hscreen i get an error and the game closes how do i fix this?

  35. Tomadeira says:

    One of the best VN I’ve played. Great chars, good story, good graphs. I just didn’t like the fact that the cgs were all in the end, but the quality of the story made me forget that. I would buy this if it was translated officially and sold on the west.

  36. devilspeaker says:

    the install wlkthrough confuses the everlovin hell outa me. Its like, install this delete this etc. which im ok with…. then further down its like \this patch is no longer valid so use this, these steps are no longer valid. btw here’s 3 more patches !\ and now im not sure what to install -_-

  37. VNs says:

    Around 1 hour into the game, And I want to kick this little sister out of the house, she is so annoying. I know Visual novels need jokes, but too much clinches and it is more boring. Wish the scenes goes normally, it would be a lot better game that way. (So far, I would cut the evaluation points by 2 (out of 10) just from her existence in the game alone)

  38. person says:

    Do you need a vpn or something to download?

  39. Hentai Kamen says:

    why the download links didnt showed up?

  40. omega66613 says:

    can anyone help me? i downloaded all the parts and extracted into single folder. mounted the image with DTlite and ran the exe but every time after the second ‘download bar’ it stops half way and gives me some kind of error starting with 1155 and some weird symbols followed by (the name of the game) msi. it then closes and nothing else happens. can anyone advise as to what to do?

  41. VNLover says:

    Hey I am having the same difficulty with the 1155 and some weird symbols followed by (the name of the game) msi. it then closes and nothing else happens. can anyone advise as to what to do?

  42. Coco says:

    What should i do with update english patch??

  43. omega66613 says:

    for those getting the 1155 (random japanese letters) .msi error during install after mounting, run the install ‘disk’ using applocale. the installer will be all in japanese so its a trial and error in terms of program path if you want to change it and the various other menus. however the main pieces listed in the how to install page here will be easy to spot.

  44. Vondoom says:

    Guys what is going on? is it just me..? or are the links dead or something?

  45. firby says:

    Hey admin will you post the fandisk?

  46. Codename says:

    Friendly tip:Turn off chinami’s voice to make her less annoying so that you won;t have to drop the game

  47. Revan says:

    Yo i feel like playing this again but i want to start fresh so it doesn’t skip everything, which file is the save data in the games files? I can’t seem to find it.

  48. Bep says:

    Everytime I try to install using “launch” on the .iso i get an error, and clicking on the “wish upon a shooting star” windows installer works until about halfway where it gets stuck. i have 2 isos mounted, one full size and one 5 kb. my locale is japan. what’s going wrong?

  49. PunWack says:

    Too bad you’re gonna need to go through all the horse shit putting your locale to Japanese. Doesn’t even work properly with AppLocale, don’t bother unless you know a little Japanese or you won’t find shit again after changing your locale. Had a bad experience with that, accidentally deleted my original locales, because the ‘Activate/Delete’ buttons are so alike and just next to each other and didn’t memorize the positions. A cmd command for system restore fixed it and figured how I failed to click the right buttons, but I ain’t going through that crap again. This is a no-go for me, unfortunately, was looking forward to it.

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