Utawarerumono cover

Suffering from a fatal wound, you have lost your memories and were taken back to Eruru’s village. The villagers not only gave you a place to stay, but also a new identity, Hakuoro.

To return their kindness, you helped them by farming and harvesting crops and doing small favours.

However this tiny north eastern village is under the iron clad rule of a difficult daimyo. This greedy person wants to take all of the crops you have worked so hard to harvest as taxes. Rescue the kind people who have looked after you and rise against the lord.

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259 Responses to “Utawarerumono”

  1. Harada says:

    I guess I’ll need to leave Tech untouched in harder modes, since I can’t do any combo precisely anyways (the battle is too fast).

  2. ShinAngelo says:

    how do i Extract this i did all files but it all comes up weird letters not mattar what files i extract

  3. KujoHisui says:

    I just finished installing the game but why do I still need to mount the disc file? Its just that it consumes to much space, is there any way around this?

  4. I-Am-X says:

    Exactly where do you put the english patch? Just in the base folder or is there another folder to put it in?

    Still fairly knew to VNs. Fate staynight had its patch written into it, so thats why I asked.

    • I-Am-X says:

      Game wont run hit set up and auro run and something notification pops up. I keep hitting ok but it goes nowhere. Game wont install

      • Downloader says:

        You see, you’re supposed to install the game via virtual cd drive (daemon tools). Install the virtual cd drive and then mount the mds file. The text will look jumbled but do not be alarmed its just that the unicode is different and the computer cannot not read it. Just keep clicking yes until the file is done downloading. Then click the .exe file and it should locate your game install and automatically patch your game in its intended language. I hope this helps.

        • I-Am-X says:

          I know it’s late but thank you so much for your help.

          Before your post, I gave up on the game but some time after I got off my ass and dled daemon tools light but I totally forgot to re-dl the game and try again but it never occured to me. Just re-dled it and did it and it worked.

          After all, I was able to play wanko to kurasou through the tools and I finally get to enjoy utawarerumono.

          • negativezero says:

            I-Am-X, can you tell me the steps you did to install the game please? by the way the game run if the iso is still mounted in my case, i cant figure out why?

  5. rezo says:

    I have a question – are there ANY skirmish battles avaliable in this version of the game? Few guides say that they should appear after Hakuoro’s becoming emperor, but I’m long past that part and so far none of them were there. Is it some bug, or wrong version? I would really appreciate some leveling up, hard mode 3 is frigging insane without it…

  6. Mithoz says:

    hmmm….i’ve been wondering too if it reallt have skirmish battles or even items in it…

  7. Mithoz says:

    they should be also skills…oh well at least u get to play.

  8. anon says:

    Can anyone give me the proper install order if I want to install the english patch and voices?

  9. Pikaru says:

    Does anyone else’s game crash when Aruruw says Erungaa? Or maybe atleast know whats wrong so I can fix it?

    • Pikaru says:

      Nevermind, seems you can solve it by right clicking utaware-mono.exe in the directory you saved the game in and changing it to run as administrator (works on both windows 7 and 8)

      • Kazena says:

        I encountered the same problem, but then when I chose to run the game as administrator, my save files don’t show up. Did they show up for you? They still appear if I load normally, though…

        • BenDi_Ro says:

          same for me,,, after i run as admin. my save file isnt show. huh. moreover this game doesnt have skipp button. hurm, how czn i play again.

          • BenDi_Ro says:

            i had solved the prob. i play without as admin. but use window mode. and it is work! bye

            “write words” below, in a box. its 1000 times easier than at the download side.

  10. goose says:

    so played past the tiger fight played about ten minutes then decided i was done for the day and turned of my computer now when i hit continue, try to load, or save, the game chrashes on me any idea why this happens and how to fix it

  11. BlckDrgon says:

    i mean is this game the censored or uncensored version

    • admin says:

      Uncensored in a sense, that there are still h-scenes in, but the scenes themselves have pixelated genitalia, as required by Japanese law. Different versions don’t exist for this game (no uncensor patch etc.).

      • faptain says:

        hello, I have a question, I installed and it works just fine. But the game won’t start up anymore when I unamount the MDF file. Is there any way to fix this ?

  12. baba says:

    you know wat….

    the anime is out


  13. Saronin says:

    Yay. I finally get to play the source work for the anime.

  14. Ripalaez says:

    The game crashes everytime I save, either instantly or after a while, anyone knows how to fix it please?

  15. Aragon says:

    DA-free link part 3 always failed. fix please.

  16. horndeer says:

    Hi, i’m trying to play the game in fullscreen at 1680×1050 but the game is too streched and the only resolution that work best is at 1440×900 and i would like to know if there is a command or something that could launch the game automatically with the 1440 resolution while running and return to my 1680 when i quit. Thank you and sorry for my English.

  17. Wizard says:


  18. Anon says:

    English Patch has a virus called “Win32.Virus.Lamer.g”?

  19. passerby says:

    Just finish this game after having install it more than 2 years..very touching story at the end..i cry like a horse..really want after story when hakuoro comes back..i know they make other game in which we play other MC in the same universe..which im not interested to play since its not hakuoro as main..im not satisfy with the ending..if only they make this game with multiple ending romance..i mean they done a good job with all the girls back story and makes you interested with them..heck i even wish they throw in harem ending as well..

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