Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia. The basis of the story is set in a high school setting. The first half of Rewrite primarily consists of the characters interacting in many everyday, enjoyable scenes. The latter half, however, is more serious, emotional, and carries a sense of mystery to the plot.

As indicated by the title, rewriting is the theme of the game’s scenario. The tagline for the game is, “Could it possibly be rewritten, that fate of her’s?”.

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  1. Ichien says:

    I have a little trouble. I don’t get any voices from anyone even thought i am sure I have them set on…anyone knows what to do?

  2. Ichien says:

    My game doesn’t have any voices…is there some patch i didn’t download or is it just some random error that might disappear after uninstalling?

    • Biertje says:

      Check your sound settings! I had the same problem, I was playing the game with my headphones on (stereo), but my Windows sound settings were on 5.1 surround. I suspect that’s why you are not hearing voices. Go to the task bar, right click on the speaker icon (usually at the bottom right), click on “playback devices”, right click on the default device and select “configure speakers”. Then set it to the correct one, probably stereo. Hope that helps.

  3. Haosond says:

    When I Try To open the file,it runs smoothly,but it dont work with the english patch,even after i patched it , it still japanese -_-

  4. VNs says:

    I think the easiest way to explain is, you just doing things like in this link but instead of little buster it will be rewrite.
    Don’t sure if this post will help I’m not good at write English. (Can read but can’t write well)

  5. Zoey says:

    wait…since my computer can’t download 200mb and above, do i have to download part by part?

  6. Kusabi says:

    Guys, I have installed the English patch and tried all 3 SiglusEngines, but the game is still in Japanese.
    Any suggestion?

  7. flix says:

    the link is down
    if idownload this part by part what should i do?

  8. fix problem says:

    I have the same problem as well, please fix english and full game patch

  9. VNfan says:

    Anyone know where that Siglus Engine hack file is…? Heard you need it to play Rewrite. X.x

  10. VNfan says:

    Okay,seems I have one last dilemma in getting Rewrite to work…it says I’m missing the mn_mw_mcur00 file…

    Can someone please help?

    • VNfan says:

      Hmm…found that file. But now Siglus won’t run at all still…

      Does this still work for anyone or am I missing something…?

  11. FoRtIsS146 says:

    nee I started to run the game and there’s a window pop up~ and it says


    how can I resolve this?
    please help T.T

  12. FoRtIsS146 says:

    ne someone(admin) please post a video on how to Install this game please

    I’m begging you

  13. Memoria says:

    Rewrite, Y U so big!?

  14. Brian Zheng says:

    So when I open the game its crashes because of the siglus engine. So I went to download a new one from the link that the r3 patch said. When I try to download the new Siglus Engine I get like a error note. Someone help me. Or is there a newer siglus engine i can download or is there a newer patch i can download?

  15. Diley says:

    I have a question you will post the rewrite harvest festa ?

  16. Jetto says:

    So, anyone know why I can’t hear any voices from extra characters? I mean, I can hear the principal characters’ coices, but that’s it. No ‘Dude A’ voice. Is it perhaps because of the Siglus thing? I had tou use another one to run the game.

  17. McAnon says:

    my 1st try doesn’t have any error and i am newbie here too
    here’s what i did and what application i used
    MagicDisk cd rom manager (or any apps that can mount)
    Winrar *offcourse

    1. You need to extract the files (actually the part1.rar only)
    *The files you will see there was cdpart1.iso , part2.iso <(totally forgot the name of the iso file), NoDvd, and etc
    2. Use the MagicDisk to mount part1.iso and part2.iso
    *ofcourse part1 is the 1st to mount then just install it,
    when your already finished the half part of the loading you'd need to mount the part2.iso
    3. Copy the signus file from NoDvd and english patch to your rewrite file location normally "C:\Program Files\Key\Rewrite"
    4. Install your downloaded english patch then play the game

    That's all i did… Sorry for bad english and tutorial but i hope that this will be helpful… 🙂

    • xXShimaXx says:

      okay so im using daemon tools lite to mount disc 1 and 2 but when it is done halfway it does not detect the second disc

      • KuroYui says:

        You need to make sure that disc 2 is placed in the same drive as disc 1 e.g I mounted my disc 1 and my computer detected it as (I:), so after they ask you to insert disc 2, remove disc 1 on Daemon tools and remove the entire (I:) slot, then you run the autorun for disc 2 and it shld work.

  18. Blazing Magpie says:

    Finished it.
    This VN is a gift from the gods.

  19. zack says:

    I don’t know how to put into words about how excellent this VN. This story is my favorite , even when compared to other anime

  20. KiritoCy says:

    I have done everything like it supposed to be mounted the iso and done the setup then i chance the engine with the one in the NO DvD file and then applied the patch but the game does not start with run as japaneese locale or admin ….. What did i do wrong pls help……..

  21. edmund says:

    So I have finished downloading and so far the VN seems working normally to me,this is what I been through with the downloading and installation.The software that I use is Daemon Lite( as suggested by this site)

    Extracting the file.
    When extracting, some file does not appear to be rar.files, don’t worry just rename it and manually click it.

    Note*All installation is done within one folder
    1.Mount Disc1 image using Daemon Lite
    2.Autorun it.Install it.Wait till it say required Disc2
    3.Without closing the Autorun,mount Disc2,autorun Disc2.Then back to autorun Disc 1 press \ok\
    4.install english patch,run it,it’s directory should be \C:Program Files (x86)KeyRewrite\
    (just don’t change anything inside).
    5.copy \SiglusEngine\ application from NoDVD folder and paste it at the same folder as the english patch.

    So I have notice there is two SiglusEngine application.The one which is to start your game is from here
    C:Program Files (x86)KeyRewriteSiglusEngine
    (Don’t run the SiglusEngine from NoDVD file,it won’t work)
    Woala,open it and enjoy

    Additional guide.
    I’m not sure if this VN need to change LOCALE to Japanese,but just a slight note for you all.
    Refered from

    Hope this helps,sorry for my bad english.

    • Kunty says:

      do i have to extract all the rar files at once or extract only 1st part of the disc files. I need help because when i download part 1 rar, it recognize it as disc 2.

  22. Dudez says:

    Seems like this game has problems I’ll try to figure things out, Wait till then GUYS!!! I WONT FAIL YOU!!!

  23. Dudez says:

    O_O over…30…parts…?

    >:D BRING IT!!!

    • Dudez says:

      Ok, so here is what I did it, I install the game, and the patch it with the “rewrite-r4.exe” dont bother using the NoDVD patch. That is all 😀

  24. Dudez says:

    Can I just say that I am sad and depressed in a very satisfying way…?

  25. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    Really loved every story.
    I laughed and cried a lot.
    I prefer VN with pure love than ones with H and no love.

  26. antharas says:

    hello there. i’ve been having problems to run this novels. i can start it and i start playing, but at random places my game crash. i’ve solved trough intalling again. But now i can’t past a window whe old man esaka shout “whyyyyyyyyyyy!”.
    I’ve already tried the other siglusengine.exe, and the problem continues.
    Anyone knows what i can do?

  27. shirane says:

    One of the best VN so far.. though the ending kinda weak.

  28. Hatesu says:

    Unless I’m missing something wiki says this is an all ages title so shouldn’t it have the all ages tag with the description. If this is the case I must admit I’m a little disappointed, I enjoy a good story but at least give me some boobies.

  29. fred says:

    can anyone upload the game .exe?
    i deleted mine and cant open it pls help

    • uhhuh.. right.. says:

      fred: goto recycle bin, restore the game .exe (unless you already delete it permanently from recycle bin)
      but seriously, even my mom know how to restore such a thing (no offense)

  30. Kagayako Kaya says:

    6Gb? WOW
    I must have much effort and patient to download it. Haha
    But I will try it whwn i have a good internet connection

  31. xXShimaXx says:

    heres what i did

    1.i downloaded all the files and extracted the 1st part
    2.i opened the iso of disc 1 and 2 with winrar and extracted the contents into the same file
    3.i ran the english patcher to the file which i just mentioned
    4.i ran the game

    i have problems though
    the game doesn’t make any sound except for the videos
    the game wont save
    its probably just my laptop but if you happen to solve it plz tell me
    my laptop is a acer aspire 4920 in case you were looking for my laptops specs

    • admin says:

      Being unable to save is pretty common issue for many games if you install it into “Program Files” or similar system folder. This is issue with windows security – to fix it move the game away from those “special” folders or run it as administrator (one of options in menu when you right-click on game.exe).

  32. Evening says:

    i cannot open the autorun for the second disc when the autorun for the first disc is halfway done. Help please

  33. arevain says:

    Can anyone recommend me a vn similar to rewrite? ‘Cause when I completed it last year I was so sad and depressed in a good way so I’m looking for moooar 😀 And Admin thank you 4ur great work <3

  34. arevain says:

    Thank You very much I’ll try Clannad then. :))

  35. max kim says:

    so it seems that i can’t play this cuz it wasn’t installed correctly or sth. how did you guys get it to work?

  36. Nuninho says:

    The game runs until the prologue after that my screen is dark and does not work , someone knows a solution?

  37. Box guy says:

    Where is the rewrite harvest festa version?

    • Someone says:

      Not available in English yet. Wait for Rewrite +. I heard that it’ll come out this summer in Japanese AND in English.

    • Yuuki says:

      now the rewrite+ or in another name rewrite harvest fiesta you can download it.
      but unfortunately the english patch still TBA or still prosessing i think.

  38. Codename says:

    The+game+is+stuck+in+a+black+screen+during+the+op+and+there’s+no+error+message+whatsoever help

  39. allen says:


  40. sophie says:

    can someone please give me a complete tutorial to install this game

  41. Kappa says:

    Can I download this through an android device?
    I’m using a tablet.

  42. Faizal says:


  43. Long says:

    Game hay , hình đẹp , vui , giống anime

  44. Long says:

    Game hay , hình hoạ đẹp , vui , giống anime

  45. freezypop says:

    i can’t open the autorun for the second disc when the autorun for the first disc say me Disc 2 is required. Can someone help me please.
    ( sorry if i did mistakes, i’m french)

  46. Hisha says:

    Please help, I just can’t install it !
    I mount the files, disc 1, then when it asked for the disc 2, I mount the 2nd one, but it didn’t work ?? Even if I was clicking on “ok” it was like I didn’t mount the Disc 2
    Please help, I really want to play it ;;

  47. HapUgMata says:

    is there any english translation available for harvest fiesta???

    i’ve finished playing this one a long time ago(many not so long ago) and i like it very much…

  48. rewriter says:

    i think the link is down, please reupload 🙁

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