“Dear God, I now make this, the single request of my life…”
—–The near future, Nagasaki.
Into this city, with its long and checkered past
was born a rarity: a child with wings.
I don’t know when it started, but
The school overlooking the town
came to be known as hallowed ground –
and that is where we met.

Though summer comes closer, there is nothing new, and a boring day just rolls on. But, his boring life suddenly ends. He is forced to look for a key of the observatory. He reluctantly accepts it, but gets a little bit excited. An exciting feeling…. A hunch of something will happen. Just before the summer holiday, he meets her….

166 Responses to “Period”

  1. Sei says:

    Great art, even if everyone has the same face with different hair. Love the stories too.

  2. game says:

    Heh, even Rena weird hands are cute for me. So… why not…? I think the art is pretty good and refreshing as well.

  3. Pretent says:

    Hello! Can you put up a guide for how to download this game. I’ve been getting a error message.

  4. Censuur says:

    This really could use a massive “loli” tag, even the more “legal” looking characters get magically turned into loli’s

    The story isn’t bad but really, this is too loli for my tasted, what a shame ;/

    • Mr.B says:

      lol, have you not seen the notices on “loli” based games. Everyone is 18+, even if they are in their 1st/2nd year of high school (like in school days, for example) so everyone is “legal” >.<

    • Daniel says:

      Nothing wrong with lolis. They’re so much more awesome than those overused gentle big-boobed chicks who have the personality of a cardboard.

  5. AustinKern says:

    call me stupid, but I have no idea how to download this, anybody want to help?

  6. tch says:

    how do u install this? plz help

  7. Mr.B says:

    Anyone else have the DirectDraw Error? Or know how to fix it? It was working fine earlier.

    • Mr.B says:

      So, figured it out. For me, I cant run it on full screen so I had to strain my weak knowledge of the Japanese language and find the “Run Full Screen” drop box and select something else.

  8. who says:

    hey how do i install this game

  9. Saxz says:

    I dunno but the art reminds me of CROSS†CHANNEL or Quartet i think…
    Is it worth it?
    I mean…The files are huge…So..I need a little push before DL it…
    Is it reccomended??
    Tell me a little about the story…

  10. SomethingWitty says:

    So I’ve completed all the prereq’s to Asahi’s route (miyu’s + tsuzumi, aoi, as well as kohane on top of that) yet I for some reason can’t get her flag to come up. Anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it?

    • Henry says:

      I was wondering about it too. Turns out, you have to do the common route over again to trigger the flag after you meet the prereqs (thank goodness for the skip function 😉 ).

  11. Andrew says:

    I played period for like a week and it was walking fine and then one day whenever i try to start it, after the system check thing, it just gives me white screen.I tried reinstalling, no luck. Really enjoying the game and the Yukine route just got interesting and now this… WHY GOD?!?

  12. gurusame says:

    Installing the game is unconventional.

    To those who are asking and who will ask…
    *note* at least, this is how I did it


    1. Download the GAME and ENGLISH PATCH
    2. Extract both files, they need not be in the same folder.
    3. Mount the MD5 file using DAEMON TOOLS LITE
    (this is what I use, if you prefer another mounting tool then you can skip this part.)
    5. While the cd image is mounted, lunch the SETUP.EXE that the english patch should contain. It will run the installation setup.
    6. Choose your installation options and after its installation, ALAS! You can now run it in english 🙂

    I wasn’t able to install the patch. If anyone has inquiries or comments regarding this “installation guide” please reply. or if you were able to install the friggin update which you could have probably done by changing the folder address, please post it also for I got my eyes blistered by all the japanese characters in the setup.


    • Calvin says:

      ok so i mo0unt the disc and it asks me to start the setup, i go and run the english setup i downloaded from here. it tells me to put in the disc. i click ok, it says u didnt put the disc in then turns off.

      where do i go form here?

      ps i only extracted the part 1 download to get the iso, do i need to extract the others as well?

    • oricalco says:

      hi I seem to have solved the issue, you just need to change your computers locale to japanese or use applocale to run the english patch, it will still ask you to insert the disc but this time it will install. Just be sure to mount the disc first and do not run the istall.exe

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks so much. Finally got it started. Anyone know what the “mini story” is for? I played this before so I think it might be related to that last girl? Her route is kinda short trying not to post spoilers.

  13. zeis says:

    can’t download part 3, eror??, can u check it, please..

  14. Maou says:

    Thanks Admin.
    The art in this vn is unique.

  15. yukisan says:

    ok i got the patch to work. What i did was change the folder name. i did not use spaces, you could try but i don’t know. I also ran it with Japanese local with administrator. That’s what worked for me.

  16. kidlat020 says:

    Anyone have the OST of this game?

  17. Amazon Rider says:

    Is this yuri?

  18. CalvinAgain says:

    hey i was wondering if someone could please help me out here. i downloade the torrent and the english patch, i extracted the english patch and the contents of the part 1 folder(only the part 1 folder, no other parts) i mounted the iso file and then tried to run the english installer, i keep getting a message saying to put the disc in, the iso is mountede already at this point. what am i doing wrong?

  19. IDK says:

    Torrent download is already patched in english or i need to download the english patch DA and intall it qith it ???

  20. Str says:

    Does anyone know when to apply the 1.1 update?

  21. oricalco says:

    hi, I cannot install this, I did exactly as gurusame said, mounting the .mds file using daemon tools lite did not work, when i try to run the english installer it gives me an error message saying “please insert period cd” even though it is already mounted, I also tried to do it with the .iso file and no dice. Anyone knows what can I do to get it to run?

  22. philtering says:

    Before I download, did they remove the mosaics or are they still there. (is it uncen?)

  23. Athena says:

    anyone want download from mf ? i can upload 🙂

  24. waaaaaaaaa says:

    can someone please tell me the name of miyu’s voice actor for the love of god i know the voice but i cant remember the name!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Masadi says:

    I downloaded this, loaded it on to daemon tools, my pc is set to japan regional (always set to this), installed……comes up with a error everytime. So I downloaded the english patch tryed setting up it with that, still the same error :S.

    I never had any issues isntalled games from here but this is the first having any issues. 🙁

  26. Twilightsword0 says:

    Having issues trying to download part 4, always ending up having in the internet fail on me? Just curious about that. I got part 1-3 fine till now. Could anyone give me advice or assist me, please????

  27. Peter says:

    Anyone know the name of the song that plays in the ending of asahi?

  28. birthofthecool says:

    Okay, first of I’ve no problem with the usual 1 or 2 loli characters in a game, but this one really is a bit too much.
    There are two older characters, but one of them looks the youngest of all and the other, when it comes to sex, not to spoil it, but that is jinxed as well.
    I liked the previous game, Quartett and especially the nice watercolour look of the graphics (sadly only the characters in period are drawn like that, not the backgrounds).
    Yet the look leads to extremely childish looking characters, which was fine in Quartett, because two of the girls definitely had a mature body. In Period all possible relationships are little girls, not in age, but in look. Most of them are like flatchested 10-11 year old, the oldest one like maybe 12-13 years with a small yet visible bust. Two are looking like really small children when the protagonist has sex with them.
    I found myself skipping all of the h scenes after the first 2, except for Aoi’s (the only girl in the game witha body that looks at least a bit womanly) because it really was too much loli for me.

    So, if you are into Loli this definitely is the game for you, if not you’ll probably really feel a detraction from the otherwise well written and funny game, because the sex scenes will make you feel uncomfortable.

    • anonymous says:

      You just don’t like loli characters that’s why. Of course the only girl that interested you was the non-loli one lol.

  29. Mr.Big says:

    Hey Admin, can u upload the MINI STORY DISC? are only 13mb and is translated btw.

    Well Thx Anyway for the upload, Cya.

  30. TheSilentGuy says:

    I can’t really say that the art style is up my alley, but the bgms and songs are great, and the UI is by far the best out of all the VNs I’ve played.

  31. Koala says:

    does anyone what to do with the 1.1 patch? cause it’s not downloading for me.

  32. Anon-kun says:

    fuck those guys who didn’t play this just because they said that they can’t stand the art (no offense, but my friend said the exact thing)…

    drama bomb with crowning music of awesome? count me in!
    don’t forget to listen to Baroque, and other musics in this VN…

    oh, and as an added bonus for those who love Little Busters (like me :p), you’ll get ‘Komari MAX!!!’ as a heroine here, you’ll know it when you hear her voice…

  33. Matsuki says:

    hello, does anyone know where the save files are stored on windows 7?

    • Gamerz4505 says:

      Hi, just found where the save files are located.

      My computer\local disk C\Users\your username\saved games\ Littlewitch\ピリオド\UserData

      Example directory:
      C:\Users\Gamerz\Saved Games\Littlewitch\ピリオド\UserData

  34. Gamerz4505 says:

    Hey guys, Just finished playing all the routes (enjoyed each and every one even the extra story). However, I seem to be missing 1 cg picture in the others tab. It’s on the upper right part. Anyone know how to get it?

  35. Jameson says:

    Okay, so I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve spent a long time scrutinizing this page for anything that might help me, but to no avail. Let me inform you on the things that I HAVE right now:

    I’ve download the ISO and MDS files. I’ve mounted them both.
    I’ve got all these English Patch updates and I have the installer.
    I’ve got AppLocale.
    (Unrelated: I’ve got the special disc and the Summer Sky installer.)

    After mounting both the ISO and MDS files, when I run them, I get a window that asks me if I would like to allow the program to make changes to my computer. I click yes. I can’t read anything on the installer, possibly due to the language it was written in, but at any rate it gives me strange symbols in the place of words. After the installation finishes, I get a message that I assume is telling me that it went smoothly.

    After mounting these files, I go and try to install the English patch. It tells me that I need to insert the disc into any drive. Okay, so since I’ve already mounted the files, I don’t know what to do.

    After this, I read this page, and deduce that I A)Need to demount the files and remount them, this time without running the installer, and B)Need to run the English patch installer using AppLocale with it set to Japanese.

    Performing both of these shows no results.

    I really want to play this, could someone please directly reply? No solution on this page has worked so far.

    • Jameson says:

      Also, I’m not able to run the game in Japanese either, why could that be?

      • Gamerz4505 says:

        Okay. I’ll try to help. But, I already deleted the RARs from mine.
        -Could you tell me what files you got after extracting the RARs?
        -Which windows version do you have?
        (I use Windows 7 so we might have different version.)

  36. Vivus says:

    I got the iso and mds from part one and win 7 and have exact same problem…. and I’m goood at this sort of thing… most of the time. Help @**@

    • Gamerz4505 says:

      Did you extract all 12 files at the same time (only an iso and mds appears, I think)? and mount the iso extracted?

  37. The Conquering God says:

    so those who want the last CG in the corner.

    At one point you will get 3 options: go to library, infirmary, or class.

    Pick library and stay inside after talking to rin, then pick the Erotica option.

  38. HelperGuyMan says:

    I have come bearing the gift of an easy installation guide!

    First off, there’s the 4 things you need.
    1 – The Original Japanese Game
    2 – The 1.1 patch for the Japanese Game
    3 – The Original English patch
    4 – The Engligh patch 7.1 update
    (Also the optional mini story stuff)

    SO, just install everything in that order!
    (NOTE: don’t unzip everything all at once. Do it as needed, so you don’t start mixing up setups)

    1) Make sure your locale is JAPAN, bro.

    2) Mount the ISO of the original Japanese game, and run the setup executable. It’s in Japanese, but it’s really straightforward! It’s just like installation of anything else. Keep clicking the YES/continue option, which is marked with a \(Y)\ normally. Also, at the end there will be a checkbox, that I’m guessing says \Run game\, so make sure that’s unchecked. BANG. Hardest part done.

    3) Run the 1.1 patch! It’s also in Japanese, but it’s even more straightforward. It’ll simply confirm the file location, and then you have to click okay/yes/confirm/DoItNOW. Once both the bars hit 100%, you can close that sonuvabitch. MAKING PROGRESS NOW, SON.

    4) Run the setup for the initial English patch! It’ll ask you to confirm the file destination, and ask if it’s okay to overwrite stuff that’s in there. THE ANSWER IS DEFINITELY YES. (When I did this, a window saying \insert game disk\ came up for about 1 second, and then disappeared, so I guess it takes a moment to register what you’ve got). Now, you have a few minutes of waiting to do, so grab a snack, yo.

    5) THEN, run the update for the English patch. Super easy stuff.

    (Also, if you want to install the mini story disc, this is where you’d do it. But it’s super simple, so I won’t explain.)

    When you’re done, in the \LittleWitch\ folder of your program files, there should be two folders. One in Japanese, and one in English. Go into the one that is IN ENGLISH, and run the \Period\ that’s in there.

    I’m using Windows 7. This took me less than 10 minutes, and took only 1 try. So, if you do everything in the right order, it’s pretty easy.

    Also, there’s some pretty helpful information on the wiki for the English Translation. Try reading through the release notes:

    Good luck, friends! If you’ve got simple questions, or are still confused about the initial Japanese installation, feel free to reply, and I’ll try to provide further assistance!

  39. Elevown says:

    Does anyone have a 100% save for this? I want to see the nurses route (koto?) but you need to have done every route to do hers 🙁 and i know its a short route.

    I finished kohanes route and loved it but some of the other girls dont appeal much and i dont want to have to play through it 6 more times 🙁

  40. LilAkurei says:

    Aren’t all these games basically the same face with different hair at this point?

  41. SoulTV says:

    does this game the r18 scenes?? (cause i was playing and following a guide to get one of the girls and from a moment to another it skiped to the next day, it skiped 4 choices)

  42. Revvo says:

    enjoyed the game, nice art, nice storys… but yes very very very loli-like characters. I found that at some points rather disturbing. even the shape of their heads had something babyish to them. Also they all seem to suffer from an eating disorder as they are absurdly thin, looks really unhealthy.
    a part from that, not a bad game.
    Ty for the upload, as always!

  43. jdsjfids says:

    what is the mini story

  44. Angurr says:

    Okay, I tried all the ways on this site, but I cannot, for the love of me, install this PoS. I run the installer from the disk regularly, with Japanese locale, nothing. I do that with the patch and the English patch. Nothing. I can’t install it no matter what I try.

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