Monster Girl Quest

Monster Girl Quest

Toro Toro Resistance presents a massive fantasy RPG adventure game!

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!
Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you!
Lose and you will be raped!

You are the hero, a young boy.
Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.
All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all!
It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

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863 Responses to “Monster Girl Quest”

  1. SK says:

    I’m actually download the game in “express file” and it have 1~>3 combine , in english and it free – i’m already finish the game and it awsome 😛

  2. Rex says:

    can someone post the steps in order to download this properly, i’m asking because i’ve never downloaded from a website like this, and i don’t want to screw up royally.

  3. Crim says:

    Part 3 keeps saying “File Not Found” when trying to download from Downloadani… any chance i’m doing it wrong? I keep having to wait the 120 seconds just to see that screen, other two worked fine.

    • admin says:

      You can download 2 parts at once as a free user. Wait until those two finish downloading before starting third.

  4. steep says:

    english patch for .exe file isn’t working. any way to fix that ? it’s only playable in japanese.

  5. VedVahlok says:

    I can’t find how to get the game in japanese, could someone tell me how to do it?

  6. Zephyer says:


    • Zephyer says:

      Sorry Glitch happened it’s supposed to say: I try to extract part 2 and 3 files, but the arc files can’t be extracted correctly or opened as an archive, please help.

  7. Beetah says:

    when i extract part 2 all i get is an empty arc file and part 3 wont even extract idk what wrong (im useing 7-zip btw)

    • Beetah says:

      it keeps saying that the file is broken

      • Anon says:

        For me, my issue is that parts one and two are saying that the files are broken. Originally, part one was not “broken” but I accidently deleted the unpacked version and now when I unpack part one again (and download it and unpack it… and try four times… downloading it for fifth time right now) it says that the “file is broken”. I am also using 7zip. It is really annoying.

  8. GemOfShadows says:

    When I try to extract part 2 it says the file is broken, its the only part to have this problem. didn’t have a problem with parts 1 or 3 or the English patch just part 2

  9. Michael Law says:

    Any way to enlarge the window?

    • Otto Eduard Leopold says:

      You can either play the game in window mode (by default) or in fullscreen. Just go into the options and change it from windowed to fullscreen and you should be good.

  10. A person says:

    Is this Mac compatible?

  11. dogemeaster says:

    anyone know if its posible to download this game on my phone?

    • frederik von hohenzollern says:

      I guess you could try but I 99.99% guarantee you that you can not use the game on your phone.

    • The Jipan says:

      If you download the file from this website, you get a .exe application, which can’t be run by a mobile OS, which only runs .apk applications. However, you CAN run it on your phone, if you get an emulator app that either runs a desktop OS on your phone (you can run a reeeaaallly old one like windows 95, which is less intensive than the default OS on even a low-end smartphone, and this game will run perfectly fine. It’s a very simple game.), or run .exe programs. These aren’t hard to come by, but can be a pain to use, as you are basically forcing your phone to run a program built for a larger machine, so it might have a problem with the file sizes and image scaling, especially the interface. Good luck!

  12. Wisp says:

    To those wondering how to make extracting the free files work, the uploader kind of messed up a bit. In short, only the first file in a several part rar file should have the extension ‘rar’. So to save an essay on why and how this is…

    Change the filenames and extensions as follows:

    MonsterGirlQuest.part1.rar > MonsterGirlQuest.rar
    MonsterGirlQuest.part2.rar > MonsterGirlQuest.r00
    MonsterGirlQuest.part3.rar > MonsterGirlQuest.r01

    Note the names on all three files needs to be the exact same, while the extention needs to change. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THE EXTENTION AS WELL! Extract -only- the first file (Which is now names MonsterGirlQuest.rar) and the other two will be referanced during it’s extraction. No need to extract them separately, just have them in the same folder.

    As for the english patch? Extract to a new folder, copy everything, paste into install directory, and overwrite all. Simple as that

    • Alexander says:

      I tried this, but the game’s proportionate is not right.

      • Zoyd says:

        I tried this and kept getting an error. I kept looking though since no one responded to my questions. I saw a previous post a few pages into the Older Comments that said to select all 3 files and open them. I gave it a try and it worked. Just having them in the same folder wasn’t enough. I had to highlight all 3 files together then I right-clicked and selected Open.

        I hope this helps someone since it is so hard to get anyone to respond on here.

    • Vyra says:

      I tried this method and it works for me.

      Download all three parts:

      Rename Part 1 to MonsterGirlQuest.rar
      Rename Part 2 to MonsterGirlQuest.r00
      Rename Part 3 to MonsterGirlQuest.r01

      extract .rar only, it will do the rest automatically and put them all in the same folder. Then extract the english patch into its own separate folder; and copy and paste the patch files into the game directory and Replace All when prompted.

      launch the .exe and it should work; it did for me.

  13. thestalker says:

    Is this pirating?

    • nyaan says:

      lol nah. it file sharing. no major jp to en has tl this and this was translated from jp to en by a gracious tln with the copy he bought. so it is in a gray area.

  14. Whythoo says:

    What is password

  15. jamal says:


  16. Kiabee21 says:

    is there voice acting in this game?

  17. Kass says:

    Hello, just downloaded the game today and got the English patch in, but starting up my game I see the screen is off center in the window. Even going to full screen doesn’t allow me to view the whole game screen, if that makes sense. Basically a portion of my game is getting cut off. Is there a way to center it or something else I can do to fix this issue?

  18. Zoyd says:

    I just found this site and have downloaded the game files. I have renamed them as a previous poster suggested and when I try to extract the files I get an error.

    “Error opening the archive(check available disk space, that you have a valid password, or the archive is not damaged or partial)

    I am new to downloading these games and would appreciate any help offered.


    • Zoyd says:

      Is there an actual forum where people will respond to questions we ask? So many people asking for help on here to get this working and hardly any of them get answers.

      I have my location set to Japan.
      I have my language set to Japanese.
      I have rebooted my computer several times.
      I have downloaded the files several times.
      I have renamed them to have the file extensions .rar .r00 .r01
      I am still getting the error “Error opening the archive(check available disk space, that you have a valid password, or the archive is not damaged or partial)”
      I have re-downloaded in case the files are damaged.
      I have 150G of space on the drive so I doubt I am out of space.

      I would really like to give this game a try but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Trying to google an answer is pointless as none of the links in the search are for this game or one like it.

      • The Jipan says:

        Not sure why you’re getting the problem, as mine works perfectly. I’ll tell you exactly what I did, maybe I did something differently in installation that’ll fix yours?

        1: install the files (duh)

        2: open winrar and select the three game files (excluding the patch), and extract them to some folder in your computer. (note: I did not rename any of these files before extraction, and they seemed to have merged correctly), then make a copy of this folder (for convenience, in case the next steps go wrong and you have to start over)

        3: extract the patch file to a different folder (for now)

        4: copy the patch files into the game folder and click on “replace all” when the dialogue pops up

        5: run the “mon_que” exe

        6: have fun!

        • The Jipan says:

          Note: I am running on Windows 10, and I didn’t change my location or language settings on my computer either.

  19. yes says:

    one of the legendary 10

  20. Steve says:

    Selecting “fullscreen” in the options isn’t making the game display in fullscreen – it stays in its small window no matter what I do. Is there a configurations file the game stores these settings to that I can check/edit myself?

  21. JT1919 says:

    Hi, i install all file,
    change jp location
    but how come my game still japanese language?

  22. Jack says:

    Not work on my pc

  23. Richard says:


  24. Richard says:

    I have successfully downloaded it as a zip file but when the winzip program tries to unzip it, it can’t find the file. I know it’s here but it can’t be found when I try to unzip it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I do not have a problem with the game itself, but I can only
    play Part 1 in English. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but
    can someone help me?

  26. Deathwing03 says:

    A little help here. When I try to run the game, it runs perfectly. However after installing the english patch, any menu I select from the main menu results in a crash.

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