Monster Girl Quest

Monster Girl Quest

Toro Toro Resistance presents a massive fantasy RPG adventure game!

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!
Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you!
Lose and you will be raped!

You are the hero, a young boy.
Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.
All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all!
It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

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809 Responses to “Monster Girl Quest”

  1. That guys rules:

    Ok so i thought i had it working because i changed the system locale and everything but when the english menu pops up three seconds later it crashes and i cant play. So can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

  2. Aitadon:

    I have downloaded the game, with the patch and all, and I am able to run the game, but I can not re-size the window for the game, nor can I maximize it. Is there any way I can change this?

  3. Bite the Pillow...:

    Best Game I’ve ever played.

    I went in thinking I would’nt like it(I thought it was ridiculous at first) then it ended up being my absolute favorite

  4. go blank yourself:

    I’m having trouble moving from the first part (that ends after you fighting gnome) to the second part. please help with this

  5. dyon:

    Can somebody confirm that the virus is a false positive?

  6. new guy:

    Okay I have a couple questions. the multiple parts download is all just the first part of the game but in three parts right?
    2.One guy above mentioned a virus? Is it safe?
    3.Is there a way to combine the parts into one?

    I’ve honestly never played an Eroge before but i’ve seen a letsplay of this and it’s actually interested me. But Since I’ve never played one I have no idea how this all works.

    • admin:

      1. Yes. Each “part” of game has it’s separate download page. The multi-part download links provided are all for first game only.
      2. False positive. All uploads posted here are manually verified before being posted. When in doubt, you can send the .exe file in question to your AV vendor and they will manually verify it and update their database.
      3. Just start extracting from first part – providing other parts are in same folder, WinRAR will automatically extract from part2 and 3.

  7. Chris:

    how do you download it in the first place. I don’t download games

  8. Mike:

    Does this work for OS

  9. Graville:

    I have download this game and also turn computer to japanese local but when games started the error report always appear
    so how I can solve this?

  10. camilojose:

    me encanta este juego

  11. Sharp One:

    Alright, I have downloaded the game and added the patch. I did this using 7-zip. There is only one, rather enormous problem:

    I cannot open the mon_que.exe file.

    As you can imagine, this makes it impossible for me to even play the game, much less find out what other files I need to fix. If it helps, my computer isn’t set to a Japanese locale. Would that fix it? If not, what can?

    • Sharp One:

      If it helps, when I tried without 7-zip, the system notice said “You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

  12. leo:

    im playing this game its good but????when IM playing its lagging >>>>how can I fix this>>>> sry for my bad english ..pls help me

  13. Lyx:

    On the free version whenever i try to download part 3 it says file not found… someone might want to fix that, i would really like to play this game from everything i’ve heard about it

  14. Dom:

    Language is in Japanese? how do i change it?

    • Kirisaki Zero:

      Go to Control Panel, Select Clock, Language and Region, Then Click Region, Change The Location to Japan and Administrative (Change System Locale) to Japanese, then restart your PC/Laptop.

  15. Jacob:

    Use the english patch

  16. Jacob:

    Yo i can’t seem to download the first game/part of the game ….. Anyone Help?

  17. Rune:

    there is a official translation out for part one now

  18. Luke:

    Which do I click to download the first part: DA-1click, DA-free, or DA-English patch?

  19. Earthworm Girl:

    So, sorry for bothering everybody. But for some reason whenever, I defeat the Earthworm Girl the screen turns blank and nothing happens except background music… I was hoping someone could point out the problem or if similar things had occurred with others. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy gaming.

  20. FranzderSchwanz:

    I hate this game. Now I have a damn hard crush on Granberia.

    A dream that will never come true. :(

  21. Eonflare:

    These instructions are the kind of thing that needs to be a public message here. Anyway, I followed these instructions and it seemed to work. The game is playable, no bugs, translated and everything. However once I finished part 1, I have no idea how to actually start part 2 at all. Imported or not.
    Is this a personal problem or are you able to provide steps as to why I cannot play part 2? Any help would be much appreciated as I believe this is a genuinely good game.

  22. Dav:

    i already download all off the file. when i extracted it some of the file is corrupted it says. and i cant even to extract all just from part one or two maybe? caould you fix this?

  23. Dav:

    the file is corrupted :
    -arc nsa (I dunno wath kind of files is this. in my pc the type is winamp media file
    -bgm/huutu 3

    thats all

  24. Stef:

    I had this game running before when i got a copy from a friend but i lost the data, i am trying to get it on my laptop now but the download for part 2 is just giving me a arc.nsa file. While the other files give me he .exe and other files. Why is this?

  25. Eonflare:

    Well, now that I’ve had my turn and troubles, I have a message for those who are supposedly having trouble with part 2, etc.

    Firstly, the three links under \DA-free: Game Download\ is only the content for the FIRST part of the game, as in the first third of the game is made up of those three downloads. It’s also why extracting one of them by itself doesn’t work, they’re all made together so they have to be extracted together, in my case using 7zip. English users need to extract those three parts at the same time, and then extract the english patch separately, then copy the contents of the english patch into the extracted parts of the game, replacing the files.

    To get the second part, follow the \Monster Girl Quest 2 – Game\ hyperlink under the Related links, it’s longer, but simply repeat the same general process for part 1 to get the second part of the game. Importing the data from part 1 requires you to copy the file called arc.nsa and ONLY THIS ONE over the file that’s in part 2’s contents. You will also need to go into part 1 save files and copy the file under the name: global.sav, and likewise overrite the file of the same name in part 2. Play part 2 and use the import options under the \Extras\ tab.

    Part three has the same process but with a few more steps, there should be a file there with the instructions. Just follow those. You might panic if you notice your skill points are blue, but don’t worry if that happens, they simply changed the mechanic so that these blue ones represent 5 skill points to make it easier to keep track of how many you have.

    • Dairegh:

      Thank you very much for this explanation, I was just wondering myself whether or not I should simply copy-paste the files from the English translation patch in to the main file. This cleared that up for me. : )

  26. So, i download it al, used winrar and extracted it all but i get an 099.txt line error? Can somebody help me?

  27. joe:

    so when i try to download i get redirected to Im not familiar with them is that where im actually downloading from ?

  28. Sargent:

    i need help when i try to start the game it crashes immediatly.

  29. joe:

    does the enlgish patch work on part 1,2, and 3 or only for part 1 ?

  30. VoiceSYRT:

    Ok, i was trying to download this when part 3 of the download would not work for me, it keeps saying the file specified was not found, i would really like some help here!

    • admin:

      Free users can only download two parts at once. Wait until parts 1 and 2 finish before starting 3rd.

      • Jay:

        I was having a lot of trouble until I read this part. Perhaps writing this in the Free section would help a lot of other people as well.

  31. Night453:

    The game gave me crash the game because of engpatch would you fix the problem because I want to play but the get in my way and I want play to understand everything so I could calmly

  32. Night453:

    The game crash at much because eng patch can you repair

  33. _MaLinTooTs:

    How do English patch?

  34. bumbum:

    So apparently you can save anywhere if you copy and paste the symbols text when you save.

  35. somedude:

    Is there a CP-free Version of this game?

    I played part 1 in 2012 and had a lot of fun with it, however I was quite put of by the depiction of prepubescent monster girls. Now that the translation is finished, I´m considering to give it another go, but I would like to play a version from which the CP content is cut.

    Does somebody know where I could get this?

    • Jay:

      You wont, its an integral part of the game and its not CP its Lolicon/Shota which is completely legal (at least where I am)

  36. Hentai-chan:

    So, when I try to download part3 of the game, I get this, *cough* *cough* – This web page is not available


    If this is only temporary or it’s just like this only for me, then sorry for bugging you, if not pls fix it. Thanks.

  37. Shimoneta:

    Can you play this on mobile?

  38. mkrnova:

    Hey I downloaded part 1 yesterday played a little bit of it was looking around and was wondering. I need to download all 3 parts I know but my question is do I put all 3 parts and there patches in the same folder or separate folders?

  39. Clem:

    I have extract the english patch and the part one, but when I start the game, it’s in japanese! Help!

  40. Clem:

    I cannot even start the game in english, it sent me a error message and crashed. How can I play the game if it crashed?!

  41. HentaiDude lol?:

    Do you need download DA-1click: Game Download,
    DA-free: Game Download and DA: English Patch Download?

  42. Eren:

    How do you use the English patch? Probably a stupid question, but I can’t get it to work.

  43. LordofLords:

    I’m playing the english patch on Onscripter for android and everytime I click new game it won’t let me click anything else.

  44. Blah:

    The part 3 download does not work anymore.

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