Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1

Majikoi A-1

Majikoi Fandisk. Features Benkei, Azumi, Sayaka routes.

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  1. denise 254 says:

    Why i always have this problem

    i try majikoi a-2 a-3 a-4 but still error. i need some help please.

  2. NIKO says:


  3. KemoLover says:

    Programm Freezes after startup. Tryd it with with win 10, 8 and 7

    Help pls

  4. botc76 says:

    Run it on japanese locale or with applocale.
    Applocale worked for me.

  5. risco says:



    i can’t run the program

  7. RANDOM guy 1 says:

    So does this include the Margit route aswell or do i have to download something else?

    • kiabee21 says:

      This only includes , Benkei, Sayaka , and Azumi. There’s MAjokoi A2 which includes Seiso/Haou-sama , Monshiro after+ ( contains adult Mon too ) and Cookie 4IS.

      The one you want is Majikoi A5 , which hasnt been translated.

  8. Megane-sama says:

    Censored or Uncensored ?

  9. MACK says:

    When loading it freezes. Someone answered this question earlier but i dont know what japanese locale and applocale are. Also the japanese aplication does not even open. Would someone kindly help me/explain?

  10. MACK says:

    Disregard last message. I know what they r now. I switched to japanese locale but it still freezes when loading y?

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