Little Busters!

Little Busters
Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids referring themselves as the Little Busters!.

They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away.

Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life.

DA: English Patch Download

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  1. Gumwing says:

    All age with HCG ? can someone explain why?

    • LilAkurei says:

      The original game was All Ages (12+), later there was a hentai patch released to the game that seems to not be in English yet.

    • Veron says:

      Basically, the original game is hentai-free. A special 18+ edition called Little Busters EX was later released adding 1 new heroine, full heroine status to 2 pre-existing characters and sex scenes for all the heroines.

      Personally Key VN’s are capable of working without the need of hentai to support them so the true incentive to get the EX version is the 3 new routes (the new heroine especially offers a completely new experience to people who played the vanilla version). Also, if I recall correctly they did translate two of the new routes for EX. It was the new girl’s route which was left unfinished (and still is as far as I know).

      • Ex Nihilo says:

        Thanks for the info!

      • Void says:

        If the original version was planned as for-all-ages, I don’t see a good reason as to why a sex-version would be relevant.
        If it was made to be without sex, it shall go without sex.

        tis my dogma, in a western world in which VNs, which originally had sex, are stripped apart.

        • Void says:

          P.S: Reading back, I wrote that comment rather like a dick.
          I merely wanted to state an opinion, and it seems like I’m attacking ye with the cavalry blowing their horns.

          Cheers for the info, good ol’ Key games…I wonder how long I’ll manage to go through this one without giving up and going for the walkthrough.

          • 9lemonbits says:

            There is a scene where you can miss and NEVER see if you don’t do routes in the correct order unless you dump the game and start completely from scratch. Not sure if spoiler but just in case –> **/Spoiler/** It has to do with placement of Kud and Kuruguya routes.

  2. Bob says:

    does the Little_Busters_ExEx_1.0.rar patch make the normal game the EX edition?

    • 9lemonbits says:

      ExEx stands for Experimental Extra I beleive. It is merely a fix for the terrible word wrapping job on the original pc version and incorporates voice acting for non-essential characters (ex, teachers, extra students, and the likes) that were originally only added to the psp version of this game. The ecstasy, or ex, version of this game is a completely different package, it is not actually made the ex version via patches but is an entirely different game as far as files go.

  3. roan says:

    ok i got a question. does this game already include the ecstasy veriosn? so does that mean i dont need to download LB ecstasy which has 3.7 gb file size? also bump on Bob’s question about the ex/me patch making the game ecstasy? pls help. tnx

    • 9lemonbits says:

      This game is not the ecstasy (ex) version. The ex/me does not make this game the ecstasy version, those are only the english patches for the ecstasy and memorial editions respectively.

  4. kapps says:

    hi can anyone tell if this works on windows 10 x64 bit , this game catches my attention ,, anybody has this system

    • 9lemonbits says:

      This game will work fine with this operating system. If there are problems, besides errors, then maybe look at system reqs and see if its too high for your pc

  5. tomo says:

    does any one know where i can get the japanese version of LB extasy?

    • 9lemonbits says:

      Hmmm the complete japanese version… I dont know where to find that one, but good luck on you endeavor. If you can settle for the english patched version it should be some pages down on google.

  6. birdc003 says:

    I’m sorry to ask this but could you offer the crack as a separate download file please. I gotten a copy of the game from somewhere else but I really need the crack

    • 9lemonbits says:

      Im not sure if the admin has done something like that before, but I have never seen that question asked here. Hope admin sees your request and makes one separate for you and people that may come across this problem

  7. Priest says:

    Downloads are felt 10 times slower than usual. If this is supposed to make me going “premium” I can only laugh. We don’t want to reward those “methods” right?

  8. 9lemonbits says:


  9. zrayers says:


  10. Kyliea says:

    I’m just gonna put this up here for those people who are still asking about it. Little busters was the original Vanilla game, and there were two remakes, little busters ecstasy and little busters memorium (I think), which add 3 new heroines (Two of which were already in the game as minor characters) and expands the story. These two games are the same thing, except Memorium does not have H-scenes. The english patch for either of these has been discontinued and will not be finished at any point. The reason for this is because it has been officially licensed and at some point in the future (No date has been set as of yet) Little busters Perfect will be released in english. Perfect is Memorium with yet more added scenes that weren’t in any of the other versions. those of you looking for little buster H-scenes… well there’s a link to HCG on this page, but beyond that, you’re more or less out of luck if you want them in english, and don’t ask me where to find ecstasy in japanese, I don’t know.

  11. Triskell says:

    Is there by any means a risk in downloading the files? My anti virus says they are dangerous.

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