Little Busters!

Little Busters
Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids referring themselves as the Little Busters!.

They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away.

Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life.

DA: English Patch Download

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426 Responses to “Little Busters!”

  1. hiro:

    It says I need the installation directory. whats that and where can i get it

  2. did you update the other scenes?

  3. Nyaruko:

    is it necessary to download both english patch?

  4. anzem:

    hello in Little_Busters_ExEx_1.0.rar – 79.4 MB file extract in litle busters folder and we can see ero CG?

  5. Takeru:

    OMG Little busters is anime i dont know is a eroge game of little busters xD

  6. Scy:

    Is this the normal or EX Version?

  7. RazoR:

    Guys, this is the normal version of Little Busters. So, there are no ero scenes okay? If you guys want to play the ero version, go and download Little Busters! EX(Ecstasy). There is no ero patch for the original version. Because the original version doesn’t contain the ero CG’s.

  8. Confused:

    Hello, I got everything to work except for one thing. How do we use the ExEx patch? The guide didn’t mention anything about it so I’m not sure where to put it to get it to work. Thanks and I appreciate whoever can answer my question.

    • Hitoshura:

      Just copy the stuff in the ExEx file into your game directory. It should overwrite a copy files and add a file into the KOE folder.

      • Confused:

        Yes, I looked over what was in the file and saw that only the KOE and one other thing was changed (it was the seetxt or something like that) so i just replaced/added what was in the patch in the game directory. Thanks for replying though.

  9. GeanC:

    This was truly amazing!!!! It’s annoying to have to restart and skip previously read text so many times to unlock the true endings but still a truly amazing VN. Refrain is SOOOO full of feels!!!!! Loved it!

    • GeanC:

      I forgot to add that the fact that there are no h-scenes shouldn’t stop people from playing this. Most stories are so cute and heartwarming sex wouldn’t feel right anywhere.

  10. Space:

    Is it the Ecstasy version or the normal censored version ?

  11. px:

    Thanks for the game. I will play it right away Xd

    Thanks admin for always bringing good games with their translation in english and for free 😉

    Keep it up 😉

  12. Okay, my baseball practice minigame isn’t working. DX Is there a way to fix it? Cause I really, really wanna play this game

  13. Shiosuke:

    Hey I Have A Problem With Part 9 And Part 14 When I Extract It, It Said Corrupted. What Should I Do? Help Me T_T

    • Rand0mr00ts:

      r u sure you download it exact full size file?

      try download it again

      • Shiosuke:

        I’m Sure I Downloaded It Exactly Full Size
        There’s No Different Between Any Other File About their Size

        Lately I Have Found Out That Only Part 9 Is Corrupted
        When I Try To Repair It With My WinRar Only Part 9’s Archieve Is Said Corrupted :(

        Have Any Idea?
        PS: Sory For My Bad English >_<

  14. Goul:

    So, what do the EX patch? bring the uncensured version or what?

    • Natsume:

      If you are talking about:

      Experimental Extra Patch:
      It just adds wordwrap and ‘Full Voice’ which adds 1500 voice clips from the PSP port, all misc characters are now voiced

      It’s not a patch, but an other game with 3 extras routes, some routes were rewritten, and has H-scenes in it.
      Memorial is the same, except it doesn’t have any H-scene.

  15. Space:

    I don’t know if I should ask it here, but…
    Where can I download the Ecstasy version :(‘ ?

  16. puregold:

    Thank you very much for the game

  17. Koko:

    I’m having some trouble with the font. Not something too serious but it’s kinda bugging me.
    ¥¥¥¥ and \\\\ appear instead of …. (I think so) in some place no matter what font I try.
    So… Anyone has idea how to get rid of that?

  18. SD:

    Make sure you try adjusting the In-Game fonts.
    I felt like an idiot cuz I had the same problem but kept adjust fonts on my system by accident.
    May my stupidity help someone else.

    Also, Little Busters EX has not been fully translated.
    Keep an eye on the VNDB site.

  19. johnjohn:

    damn, the part 17 is broken, it isn’t downloading
    crap always in the last part…

  20. HamsterZ:

    it’s normal not EX version :)

  21. noob:

    Let’s say I finished downloading the files and followed some of the steps except the Japan locale thing, what would happen after finishing the setup and fully installed the game? Would it be a problem later on?

  22. James:

    Looks good, will wait for the EX version though for the more complete story experience.

  23. Person:

    Is this the memorial edition? or just seriously ultra normal?

  24. DenkiTamashii:

    I have the EX version. If I download this English patch, will it run correctly? Wouldn’t it be a problem?

  25. eu:

    i have been play the whole story
    i didn’t get any H-scene
    can somebody tell me the route~~~
    hope somebody for the reply~~~
    sorry my bad at the english

    • Marx:

      Lol dude…. This is normal ver, not EX ver…. EX ver have H-scenes, while normal ver just…. normal all age suitable VN. You might have to find and download Little Buster! EX for H-scenes.

  26. guys ,… need your help..
    im having trouble after installed this game in my PC..
    when i wanna start the game there is a japanese word warning showed,,, can somebody tell me what should i do to make this game working..

    • RazoR:

      Did you copy the crack to the folder that you installed the Little Busters? Also make sure that you did everything on the Installation Guide.

  27. Confused person:

    Minna, there’s two file for the eng patch. Do we have to download both of them?

  28. lil bust lover:

    part 15-17 are broken
    can you please upload a new one?
    thank you in advance

    p/s :does guilty crown have a English patch yet?I’m dying for it

  29. sailerboy12:

    this is my first time downloading from this page, Is it safe? are there any viruses?

  30. rich20157:

    I keep getting a reallive 2100 error
    any fixes?

  31. AllenAndArth:

    I downloaded the EX/ME version but I can’t install the images, every time I try I get “there’s no g00 directory”, what can I do now?

  32. Satoshi:

    How do i make this normal verison of little busters! to the one where they have the sex CGs? i really want to have it in can anybody help me please :(

  33. D. Death:

    Admin, thank you for all your hard work so far. We really appreciate it.(^_^). Could you also upload “Little Busters Ecstasy” when its released.

  34. Project_Wish:

    where ? how ? to download Little Buster Ecstasy ?

  35. Cherry:

    Do I need to download ”Little_Busters_ExEx_1.0.rar” too? or just the 17 part and lb-english-6.0.exe?

  36. Echo:

    Best one so far. from mechanic to choice of action provided. even the story is quite complicated. but it’s need time commitment to play. thank you for uploading it

  37. WaffleNinja:

    when little busters ex is translated, will it be downloadble on erogedownload?

  38. kahlua:

    help~ I can’t properly switch it to fullscreen mode, it just stays in window mode without the border.

  39. Kitsune Kaze:

    it wont let me download it. when I click on DA-1 click: game download it says it doesn’t exist when I do DA-free: game download it sends me to download ilivid and other junk do I need to update flash??? give me a hand will ya??

  40. edmund:

    Just want to ask if anyone have reach kanata,sasami or saya route,because i cant unlock the route even that i follow the instruction in wiki. any complete guide to unlock these route.i have finished refrain. admin?

    • dxam:

      Are you playing this version? Those routes only appear in Ecstasy/Memorial version, not in this one.

      • edmund:

        oh i see, then thats too bad,thx anyway,good visual novel especially refrain, and just want to mention for those extraxting the VN, you might have to rename the zip.file so you wont get message like missing files,happen to me,hope this helps. next stop, rewrite…holy….6.3 GB -_____-

  41. Vondoom:

    Excuse me!!! I played the EX version, and I have a queston about Saya’s route and Kanata’s route… Basically… How do I get the Missing CG? There are missing CGs on the Crane Game from Saya’s route, plus a missing scene. And in Kanata’s route there is a missing CG in the 2nd H-CG

    Short version:
    – Saya’s Pantsu Scene and Different version of H-SCENE
    – Kanata’s Other CG’s in the 2nd H-CG

  42. dwikii:

    any walkthrough to get HCG? all i get is kanata’s HCG…

  43. ll0tus:

    I have a question.. Can I play this on my psp?

  44. Deltoto:

    Hi. Got a question.
    I finished 3 route. I started the game just now, and all my data had disparead. Any way to got them back ? (sorry for my bad english)

  45. Megadondon:

    Hello guys, I have a problem. why can’t I resuming my save data, the data is gone when I try to Load. Please help.

  46. Mofvsnm:

    Guys, everytime i try to open the game, it tells me “Process was illegal closed – Please restart your computer!”. i tried restarting my computer but that didn’t help at all. the only way im able to play the game is to run the english patch again and then check “start little busters! english” Help!

  47. Tomoya:

    Were do i get the Extacy Version?

  48. Leytew:

    Thanks a lot, I just installed the game + english patch without any problem. Now let’s try it :)

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