Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute and powerful girls, all of whom are based on real historical figures. There’s Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler, even Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci! Control over seventy playable characters designed by Ooyari Ashito of Littlewitch fame. Using a fun and sophisticated gameplay system, you will strengthen your army, conquer enemy territories, and build your very own harem of moe heroines. The world is your oyster—now reach out and take it!

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  1. Disendaa says:

    Is there a chance of Eiyuu Senkii Gold being translated?

    • Dofoo says:

      This, I enjoyed this version but from what I’ve heard gold is immensely better. Unfortunately I don’t know japanese lol.

    • Chaos says:

      From what I’ve found, there currently is only an interface patch for the game out and not finding any translations going on. Might just be missing it. There was another group working on this game as a translation that might have gotten a translation for the hentai parts in it but they were issues with a dmca from the game maker.

  2. Giovany says:

    ıt was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  3. JustAPasserby says:

    how come the patch and the vanilla game have the same size?. if i download the english patch do i still need to download the vanilla game?

    normally i would

    • Christian says:

      i just downloaded both part 12 of the english patch and the original game
      and the difference that i see is English patch having some bigger file than the original game and not having the .exe file
      not sure what other difference there is
      after download the english patch i’d like to see whether the app work by copying the .exe file from the original game inside.

  4. joe says:

    any link for the 1.3 and 1.4 patch?

  5. Quade says:

    Does this version cut out the h-scenes? please tell me it doesn’t

    • ever17 says:

      Sexual Content

      Well it’s not, but you would get many bugs…
      Because it’s translation from ps3 that don’t have hentay content and have little more chars

  6. xieh tie says:

    can someone tell me? i’m a bit confused about this patch thing. should I download both and patch, or the second is english patched?

    I see that both data is the same size and quite big at that. based on my experience with koihime musou and utawarerumono, I should download both. but that is because it included voice patch. is it the same with this one? or I just need to download the english patch to play the game? can someone help me answer this?

    and Ivan, you did a great job here. years of great times here. keep up the good work! if you need donations for the raws or other things (which I would not guarantee I could always give, but hey, maybe once in a while as a thank you) tell me the process through my email.

    • Derp Derpington says:

      nah, both patches are same thing.

      one is FREE download (many files per 200MB)

      second is PAID download (to those who want to slowly download, they can download it everything fast in just 1 file)

      • xieh tie says:

        I’ve been using this site for years and I understand about that. what confuse me is if I should only download the english patch, or download the english patch and the 18+ files.

        sorry if my previous comment is unclear somehow. I always used the free link so far.

        • Derp Derpington says:

          I can see only 4 downloads options:
          2 for original game entitled “+18 game”
          and 2 for patch entitled “english patch”

          you have to download both game and patch, duh

  7. Dante says:

    Can i ask, does anyone have the same problem as me? During the H-Scenes, the translations turn back into Japanese; throughout the game the English translation works but only in the H-Scenes it reverts. Anyone know how to fix this? Help pls D: Thx!

    • Marek Golonka says:

      You have the last version (this is PS3-without h scene + little restored from PC version) unfortunately in new patch 133 they not translated to english, but attached propably all cutted h-scene.

      • Some dude says:

        If the H-scenes arent translated shouldn’t it be in the partial translation section?

        • Marek Golonka says:

          I agree.
          This is plus that H scenes are added but I do not know japanese to understand text and atlas tool translation are very poor.

  8. Harry Fantasia says:

    So, I’ve read many problems regarding H-scenes is not translated or even 80% cut off from this English Patch.
    But, I’ve heard that you(Admin) have updated the English Patch to version 1.3.3 which I heard restore those H-scenes.
    Yet, I see some people still saying no H-scenes translated. Now, I’m confused.

    In the end, what is the current Patch on this download?
    the complete translated version include H-scenes translated, or no?
    Please tell me, Admin. if it still incomplete, I’ll patiently wait for the better update, I don’t want to let 4.4 GB go to waste. :/

    • Marek Golonka says:

      I am not admin but I will answer your question.
      Patch 133 have H-scene not translated.

      • Harry Fantasia says:

        :/ Still don’t know exactly what is the current patch though..
        But, Thanks for your informations.. x)

        • Marek Golonka says:

          EiyuuSenkiEngPatch133.part01.rar – 200.0 MB
          This is one of the link from above and it is CURRENT ONE – date 27/03/2016.
          This mean version 1.33 of patch or Like I said before patch 133

          • Harry Fantasia says:

            So, this current download have H-scenes but not translated yet. :/ uh okay, then I guess I really have to be patient and wait until the translated H-scenes update is here, if it will ever be updated anymore.. – –

            Again, thanks for your helpful information.

            • Derp Derpington says:

              at the moment patch on this page is: 1.3.3

              newest patch is:

              to get h-scenes translated you have to download at least patch EN 1.4 and then you can download Machine-translation of sex-scenes
              (check Older Comments, I posted some links)

  9. fuwaku says:

    can someone tell me how to get save data from my previous patch of this game?? cause i want to download the latest game but i dont want to play it from the start again

    sorry if my english suck

  10. help us plz says:

    Hey, when I remove the AUSys,Even, Game and SysGame and replace it with the Eng Patch 1.33 files, it won’t run, but with the original ones without the Eng Patch, it runs fine but in Japanese
    I tried launching it both with AppLocale in japanese but eng patch won’t run still

  11. thatoneguy says:

    Every time I try to play, it pops up with a CMD style screen, which then shows some system details (?), then it just gives me a load error with some weird ramblings in Korean and a code saying “TC010-1.05-40047-105 [40000101]”.

    When I press OK, it brings up a Script Error with more weird Korean ramblings and another code saying “TC01-1.05-40051-150 [00000000]” with Yes and No as the two options.

    Both of them simply crashes the game. My locale has already been set to Japan, so I don’t really know what’s causing it.

    Someone help pls.

  12. Guy says:

    What Derp Derpington say is true but the patch 1.33 is’nt necesary, just intall the game, apply the update 1.05 then add the patch 1.4, last apply the patch to translate the H-scenes and thats all, it works without problems, if you apply the patch 1.33 and then the patch 1.4 it will crash in the H-scenes always.

    • Disendaa says:

      Which should I get the Game patch 1.05 or the English interface patch 1.05 for version

      • Shamalama says:

        Download 1.05 and the 1.4 on Hongfire, it should be there after a bit of a search through the forum pages, look for the usernames of Surferdude 2016 and Winkelhime, take some time (like 15-30 min in my case 😭) to search. Not all scenes are translated but if you have been watching anime or something long enough you will understand most of what they’re saying/moaning anyway 😉.

  13. Egeslean says:

    Admin, I’m curious, why is this game (and a number of others) not on the download list?

  14. Bob the Builder says:

    Hum,i really don’t get it, why are the H-scenes untranslated?
    there is alot of patches making them available, is this a technical problem? or simply there is no one to translate?

    • admin says:

      Original Japanese game had two versions – PC one with h-scenes, and all-ages console one (since SONY are a bunch of fascists who don’t even allow nipples to be shown on their precious consoles). Then, a company translated all-ages version to English and released it on consoles. English patch posted here uses those translations to backport English text into PC version – as there were no H-scenes on console version the translation comes from, those parts remain untranslated.

      There are some patches that use machine translation for those parts, but it’s really unreadable, with text making no sense, so I opted to not include those.

      • Bob the Builder says:

        Oh i see, so there wasn’t any unoficial translation, only the console one. is there any chance that someday will be fully translated? if yes i guess i’ll just have to be pacient then… thanks anyway admin

  15. Alpz says:

    Do we need download both of the game and english patch because usually english patch not need that much…

  16. PawWaw says:

    can somebody help me? i was playing this game, everything is normal until i quit, when i play it again, the game become mute, no sound whatsoever, not even a soundtrack

    i’ve tried to extract from the new donwnload – nothing
    play the jap version – nothing
    install direct x – nothing

    soo… can anyone help me here?

  17. JoJo says:

    Thanks for the upload!

    Can someone who already DLed tell me what version the base Japanese files are? I want to install the latest ENG patch but the author says to only do it to a fresh Japanese version 1.05.

    There’s a partial 1.4 ENG patch that can be used to update from the previous 1.3 ENG patch but it doesn’t have the all features of the latest full 1.4 ENG patch, which has to be installed on a fresh Japanese v. 1.05.

    You can find the latest ENG patch pretty easy on google, but the official 1.5 Japanese patch seems to have been taken down everywhere so it’d be great if this was already 1.5.

    • Guy says:

      The latest patch is the 1.4.7,the vanilla game here dont include the 1.05 patch unless you apply the 1.33 patch, google this “ES_update_1.05.zip” for the update.

  18. jhc says:

    link+is+broken?i can’t+download

  19. MrHD says:

    anybody know hơ to play E patch. I downloaded 12 E patch but i cant find hơ to play game

  20. Saito says:

    Is that Rance in the background?

  21. TitsParfait says:

    why do the english patch have the same GB as the main game? a lot others seems to question this as well

  22. N0de says:

    How I did it and what happens.
    I download both game and patch in parts.
    As always I extract all 12 parts of the game and merge the folders and overwrite files when ask.
    But where I click the .exe and game is starting, error boxes appears. But when I have my headphones on, the error boxes appeared and then game quits automatically. That part is when I’m lost, but I realized there was another full game folder inside the game folder. Like what??? This happens to me, I don’t know if it happens to anybody else.

    The game folder within the game folder works without error boxes.

    So now, towards the patch. The same thing I did, I extract each part, merge and overwrite when ask and then copy the folders and move them to the game folder. Merge, overwrite, then click .exe. No error box until when I click New Game, error box appeared and quits automatically. Great another problem.

    I took a look inside the patch folders and some dat files were 0 KB and I thought that’s not right. I thought I must have extracted incorrectly or wasn’t completed. But it turns out when I extract the first part, I guess it automatically extract and merge the other parts into a single folder (EiyuuSenkiEngPatch133) and when I check properties it was like 2.28 GB (I used 7-zip). Yay? Then I used that and put into the game folder, rinse and repeat. Game starts, click new game, it works. I can hear the audio, the text in english, and that’s it.

    Well that’s what I been through.

    Also, I look through the comments saying something about japenese version or update 1.05 and patch 1.4. Is it something I have to do or is it just additional content/fixes for the game? Thanks I hope this help and hopefully somebody answer my question.

  23. Guy says:

    The patch 1.4 is a major bugfix and translates all the h scenes but requires the japanese version (18+ Game download) and update 1.05 because if you add the patch 1.33 it won’t work. Now, the reason for the patch 1.33 is 2.28 GB is because it uses the archives of the japanese version, which means you are practicaly are downloading the game 2 times while the patch 1.4 only is 750 MB.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I thought this was fully translated? I just did the “Himiko and…” event in Kyoto and its not translated…

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay so that was in Edo, and it’s an untranslated h-scene.

      Can someone please explain how to update this to the latest english patch and where it can be found?

      I downloaded a japanese 1.05 patch, but it wont work on the unpatchd game and only works on the 1.33 patch uploaded here.

      Where exactly are you supposed to get the 1.4 patch or whatever?

      • Anonymous says:

        Nevermind, its on hongfire. For the record, this is how i got it to work :

        1. Unzip unpatched version
        2. Unzip 1.33 english patch from here
        3. Download and run the 1.05 japanese patch.
        4. Extract the 1.4 english patch from hongfire, eiyuu senki forum thread, page 66.

        • Disendaa says:

          Some how I can’t find the 1.4 patch at hongfire eiyuu senki forum thread page 66.

          • Shamalama says:

            Because it isn’t on page 66 lol Search around the forum and you’re bound to find it! (took me a good 15-30 min to find the damn thing 😞)

  25. Hentabase says:

    So do all i do with the free downloads is unzip them all into the same folder? its been confusing me for a bit now and i cant get it to work.

    • Hentabase says:

      TC01-1.05-40051-150 [00000000] i am constantly receiving this error whenever i open the game, it happened after i installed the english patch.

      • Guy says:

        The error you have is because you applied the 1.33 patch, it’s rare if after adding the 1.33 patch and then the patch 1.4 to not occur errors. Just unzip the vanilla game, apply the 1.05 patch and then unzip the english patch full and youll be fine.

  26. Dovahsebrom says:

    Does this new patch fix Michelangelo sprite?

  27. charlbeef says:

    hi @admin,

    i would like to ask if theres any news on ‘eiyuu*senkei GOld’?

    from what i have gathered….

    the gold version has:
    -more heroine
    -a crafting system o_O
    -more content

    i have found an interface translation but thats all….

    even on vndb there was no english version yet…

    are they translating it currently? i dunno their site.

    • Guy says:

      I think it’s pretty early to talk of translation, JAST just announced the translation to this game for the 2017 so I don’t think anyone will consider take the gold version in the future if JAST has the rights. The gold version even if it’s considered a sequel is practically a FanDisk and FanDisk rarely get translated even for commercial release. Maybe I’m wrong and JAST only has the rights for this game and not the gold version but I wouldn’t be to hopeful.

  28. charlbeef says:

    problem downloading parts 10, 11 and 12. at this time…
    site cannot be reached… time out…

  29. meh says:


  30. Valeth says:

    I just finished this game with the True ending, with doing all the optional stuff other than Shambhala, but I am missing one CG from the graphics gallery. It is the one on the very bottom left of page 5. Can anyone tell me what that one is?

  31. Anthony says:

    Can you post the 1.4.03 patch

  32. Faggot says:

    As far as I know of this day, not all of the H scenes for this game are translated. I don’t have anything after Marco Polo.

  33. Kuroda Ren says:

    Someone please anser how come when I download the english patch and when i play it’s still japanese

  34. Sats says:

    Can I ask why the h scene with himiko at turn 10 after invading edo aren’t translated? if so are there any chance of my mistakes? or are there any possible download sites that I can acquire fully English translation of the game? Thanks in advance

  35. Old Hag says:


  36. Old Bag says:

    I think this one is outdated.
    It’s fully translated now, you can try searching using these keywords:
    Eiyuu*Senki Patch Version 1.7 Final

    There’s also a trainer out there in cheatengine forum(just an fyi).

  37. xredcloud says:

    Where are these files saved? I can’t find it in my documents or in the Eiyuu Senki folder either :/ Unless I’m blind

    Help please!

  38. the war says:

    Where eiyuu senki gold?

  39. CChameleon says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to miss character events in this game? So far it seems that character events are unlocked by having owning a certain amount of cities. However I’m cheating the hell out of the game and the victories are rolling in easily. I want to make sure I’m not going to miss out on cg by steamrolling the game XD.

  40. SilentK says:

    so how should I patch this game? Download the vanilla game first then apply 1.05 then apply restoration patch then the latest english patch? Or english is pre-patched?

  41. Czdelta says:

    Billy’s 2nd event is bugged! Auto finish. No item or heart.
    Farmer Billy PS3

  42. Zbra says:

    This has the tag “unavoidable harem ending” on vndb 9 9

  43. Zura says:

    I think i have seen a lot of that chara in this vn before in different Vn it just the name,role and the hair color that different

  44. atatatatatatata says:

    huh? is that….Rance i see?

  45. HelpMe says:

    i already download the game but i still don’t know how to install it. can someone help me, please ?

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