Guess how hard you study if the good GPA can take you to the sex paradise.

Kazushi and his buddies are fed up with their bad grades and boring high school life.

Just when their sex crave was ready to burst out, they found out about the exchange student program to a girls high school in isolated island: A ticket to ride for sex!!

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311 Responses to “Edelweiss”

  1. 6inches:

    Having trouble…

    I’ve downloaded all the rar files and extracted them, but I cannot mount the cd image via Daemon…

    Someone kind enough to help a noob?

  2. xenn88:

    In case anyone else encountered the issue i did,

    if you are using the hybridweiss version and you receive an error at the mangagamer logo remove the files makerlogo and mangagamer_n

    took me a while to get it fixed figured if someone had the same issue i’d save m some time..

  3. November Dude:

    Ehrm… I download the file and everything is nice, but many -too many- files has no extencion. Then, I decided to ignoer it and run the .exe (‘Cuase there was not an .iso or .mds file). It first runs ok, then (Just when the Overdrive logo fades out) apears an error.

    Also, the Readme file says something about an installation directory, and I just don’t get it. That means what?

    Will somebody help me?

    (Sorry if my english is bad)

  4. jojomanga:

    I Get this error message every time I try to start the game

    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $0001E838 / Program : $000001E8 ] , Instruction No. [ $16 ] , SP [ $00000900 ]


    This happened after I tried xenn88’s solution

  5. dude:

    is this the mangagamer translation version? or is it the older translation that’s not too great?

  6. Hasan:

    Help when i reached a scene where the island got higher i receive an error messege in strange letter please help me.

  7. ArrAx:

    Indeed after that Island lifts up in the air, and i believe after that the intro movie should be playin instead i get this error every thing else works just fine >_>

    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrsnd._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00010E08 / Program : $00001CE8 ] , Instruction No. [ $90F0 ] , SP [ $00000A28 ]

    ps. of course i followed all the instructions

    • ArrAx:

      Found a solution as expected there was some issues with videoplayback so I changed the name of the video-file into some thing different. So instead of an error i get a video not found rant + continue/close option “(yes/no)”. Just click yes and the games resumes without playing the movie, which seems to mess with my computer 😛 crude solution but works

  8. Orpachu:

    Just by the description I thought this was just a game with no story. But after reading it I enjoyed it. I kinda wished that one of the story’s didn’t have a story with a sad part. other than that it was it was really good.

  9. Amir faisao:

    This’s english voice ?

  10. Azure:

    thanks to the ppl who had the same problems and solved it for others… anyone noticed that the mouth moves in this VN.

  11. Amato:

    The mediafire link that jojomanga posted to fix:
    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $0001E838 / Program : $000001E8 ] , Instruction No. [ $16 ] , SP [ $00000900 ]
    No longer works. I was hoping for another link or solution?
    Just after I click start it gives me the error code and then closes. I’m going to search around the interwebs a bit I’ll come back if I find another solution. Help would be appreciated.

    • Ro:

      I have the same problem.

    • 6inches:

      Translated the japanese writing underneath the error code: “NULL pointer is specified in the jump / call”
      Anyone know what this means???

      Mediafire link is dead and noone else has it. Had to delete a file just to start the damn thing, This VN is one hell of a pain just to play… If it’s not worth it, I’m gonna be pissed…

  12. DecapoTator:

    This is a problem that everone whos downloaded is probably having. I try to start the game and the same error code pops up. Something about a Thread No. [1] Program [scrmain._bp].The mediafire link is a dead-link and know one seems to know what to do. Is visual novel even worth all of this trouble?


    so many noobs around here downloading VN’s

    1.download all files part 1 to 7
    make sure the file is not corrupted
    2.right click the edelweiss part1 then extract it to Edelweiss [folder]
    3.try play it once and you will receive an error dataxxx mangagamer
    4.go to the edelweiss folder and find the – mangagamer_n & makerlogo
    5.delete it or drag it anywhere if you dont want erase it
    make sure your all files part 1 t0 6 are this
    SIZE: 199 MB (209,000,000 bytes)
    SIZE ON DISK: 199 MB (209,002,496 bytes)
    part 7
    SIZE: 56.8 MB (59,624,032 bytes)
    SIZE ON DISK: 56.8 MB (59,625,472 bytes)


  14. Rand0mr00ts known as VN's Helper:

    MEDIAFIRE LINK PASSWORD : erogedownload.com


  15. Shin-kun:

    email him if you have any problems
    mine is working perfectly

  16. John6041:

    I need help. The voice for the characters isn’t working. I cannot hear any of their voices. I even checked the sound options. Whats wrong????

  17. DecapoTator:

    why did she have to die?

  18. http: //www.mediafire.com/ ?58ja1cqecp89tqh

    UPDATE: NEWPASSWORD: erogegames.com

  19. crazy hair:

    This is actually really good and enjoyable. There’s of character development, its very comical and can be serious near the end of each arc plus is pretty well done. I suggest you should give this VN a try

    • Farcide:

      I have now just started the game and i just imagine myself looking at all of my friends in shame yay for cringefest 2015

  20. AnimeDude300:

    I saw that other people had this issue and I looked around and havent found a soultion yet:
    I get this
    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $0001E838 / Program : $000001E8 ] , Instruction No. [ $16 ] , SP [ $00000900 ]


    Please help

  21. wingz00:

    this version has 1,32GB, contains 183 files and 2 folders (include fixed files+some save data) right?
    this version had error in path which you didn’t choose any girls, and vocal songs \happy go!!\ in extra menu

    i have version which has 1,54gb contains 21 files and 2 folders
    it didn’t have error but the translation is bad (very), lack of picture (emotion lips when talking) and some minor difference

    it’s just some information from me, cause i prefer this version(1,32gb) than i had before (1,54gb), but the error rather bugging me

  22. Panchu-fan:

    Panchu is so cool. Love his way of talking XD

  23. Anonymous:

    I keep getting an error that I haven’t seen in the comments. It’s after getting to Ran’s route choice, and after I choose “Can’t lend her”, and the scene changes to a new day, I see a black screen, and a little window pops up with some Japanese kanji, and [05006x], followed by more Japanese, leaving me with no other option aside from clicking ‘Okay’, which takes me back to the main menu of the game…

    Anyone else experience this issue and/or know how to solve it? I’m pretty sure that choice just leads to utter failure, and the scene that shows it is just being blocked for some reason, but I’d still like to see it nonetheless…

  24. Acli_N:

    Sorry everyone,could you help me, i am new here, and i just download this game, could anyone to reupload the file from clanbaka, because i got the same error, when i try to download it, the file is already deleted in mediafire. Thanks!

  25. Acli_N:

    sorry for the ruckuss, i don’t try to read all of the comments, sorry again.

  26. Tonymac:

    His friends were quite annnoying at first

    But they’re very lovable later on

  27. Awesome:

    Yeah, the guys (especially Appo) grow on you after a while. If you’re reading this, I suggest doing Natsume or Haruka (preferred) last. Mei and Mizuki can be done at any time, while Ran is best early on. Just my opinion though.

    The VN can be a bit annoying at first, but it gets better later on and the route stories are very good.

    Number of sex scenes spoiler: Ran has the most with 4. Haruka and Natsume only have 1 each.

  28. deathzxa:

    the mediafire link is gone again (T-T) can u guys fix it?


    Can anyone provide me with a working link of the re-translation?all posted ones are down :(.

  30. Anime Swag:

    uhhhh I never downloaded files split up like this so how do run/install the game?

  31. Anime Swag:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SPEND THE ENTIRE DAY FIGURING OUT THIS SHIT anyone who downloaded Ran’s fixed mediafire link and still gets an error after starting the game just delete the file “data04000.arc”

  32. bigfatround0:

    Anyone have the 2.0 patch?

  33. AhoBaka:

    why does she have to die ?

    It`s really a tear jerking one T.T

  34. NoobinVNs:

    T_T thank u sooooo much

  35. holybell:

    I launch the game and get a black screen. I don’t ever get to the logo at all, even with waiting. I deleted the 2 files that were mentioned in the comments and that rendered my game unplayable. I fixed it to get back to the former state but I can’t play the game. Anyone else have this problem? And a solution please? Thank you.

  36. the struggle:

    i downloaded all the files but when i try to extract them it says im missing a file that i don’t see here…..part2(1) it wants me to ISO the file but i dont have it.

  37. the struggle:

    \edel weiss v.2.0\Edelweiss.part2(1).rar

    is what it asks me to mount but i dont see the file

  38. the struggle:

    never mind now i cant get the game to get past start,media fire link is acting wonky hopefully it works.

  39. AzureGrimoire:

    Is this the Original version, the 2.0 Patch, or the re-release version?

  40. Excalibur:

    Me too that do the also error message when i’m run the game…

  41. Excalibur:

    He write this error message for each time I try to start the game but he want nothing do ;

    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $0001E838 / Program : $000001E8 ] , Instruction No. [ $16 ] , SP [ $00000900 ]

    the most funny in the story, it’s a txt data showing this also error take in note, why there was there a such thing among the files that indicated such mistakes, even if those problems were not set as such ?

    If not is it would if possible, a solution or a patch to address precisely these anomally ?

  42. Boo:

    Admin,upload Edelweiss v2.0 thanks.

  43. thefoxof72:

    why does this game hasn’t a drama tag on it. because it really is one

  44. i can’t get past the title screen. Every time i press start it comes up with an error message.

    Thread No. [1], Program [scrmain._bp]
    IP [Thread:$0001E838/Program:$000001E8], Instruction No. [$16], SP [$00000900]

    There is more but i am not able to find the symbols on my keyboard :P. I have no idea what it means or what i have to do, if someone could help in detailed non-techy terms that would be fantastic.

  45. zero:

    so i want to help everyone with the game start up problom
    it took me a while and i finally figured it out
    1. when you acquired the game when you open it you will notice
    a lot of files in in it well you only need to delete a couple of files for it to run right and am going to tell you what files you need to delete and the game should run with no problom

    Files to delete
    1. delete all the number file from 007e6 to 50605 thos need to be deleted
    2. amain,appo_image_n,Appo_image03_n,bmain,cmain
    4.emain, gallery_natu
    5.delete the ones that start with haru
    6.delete the ones that start with housou
    7.delete main,makerlogo,managagamer_n

    i just listed the files that should be deleted and the game should run fine with no problem if it dose not work then i don’t know why

    • loly:

      It worked! Thank you so much. Was about to give up on this one.

    • Xionsith:

      Yeah, i did this and it absolutely worked when it comes to launching and starting the game,(thanks for that!) but im two choices into Mizuki’s route and ive gotten two errors in a row, with the second crashing the game? so far its only happened with hers. am i supposed to delete any other files? maybe the \BGIerror\ one?

  46. Xionsith:

    Yeah, i did this and it absolutely worked when it comes to launching and starting the game,(thanks for that!) but im two choices into Mizuki’s route and ive gotten two errors in a row, with the second crashing the game? so far its only happened with hers. am i supposed to delete any other files? maybe the \BGIerror\ one?

  47. Araka:

    to fix the data02xxx.arc problem you need this : http://www.mediafire.com/?cvv3oyn1ljr79mm

    copy&paste its content to game folder.replace any files of the same name

  48. Kyra:

    This game really needs a reupload with working files.
    That you have to scour the comments to find a download link that may or may not work to fix all the issues is ridiculous!

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