Littlewitch Romanesque

Littlewitch Romanesque

An alternate world ruled by swords, magic, and monsters where four moons can be seen in the sky. The dark and chaotic twilight of the “Age of Tower” ended for this world called Stellamund and it entered the prosperous “Age of Crown”. But the wizards who triggered the great war during the Age of Tower no longer hold the power they used to have, and quietly researched the great magics that were lost, in a magical academy called Grimoire.

This is a story expanding three years of an extraordinary great wizard who was born in such age, the girls who become his pupils, a ruin from the old age, “Black Tower” that they live in, and the people that gather around them.

The main character Domino became the 9th great wizard of the Grimoire Academy. It was a very special case for a young wizard to be so successful, but Domino soon grew tired of the Grimoire. The other great wizards were only seeing magic as means for personal success than an important research. The research of magic has been put off and all they were doing was fighting over authority.

Domino left the capital and decided to live by himself in the sealed Black Tower on the frontier, rumored that a great wizard in the Age of Tower lived. But the other great wizards didn’t think well of that and gave him a test.

That test was to “Raise a full fledged wizard within three years”. Normally it would take decades to raise a proper wizard. On top of that, the two students that he was suppose to look after, Aria Vancliff and Kaya Xavier, were two of the most troublesome girls in the academy. Will Domino be able to complete this difficult task…?

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  1. Franka says:

    You’re missing all the diploma endings. Finish the game with 3 identical shield icons, or none at all, for 9 different epilogues. You can’t choose which epilogue you want if you complete multiple sets, so you need to only complete the set you want the ending for.

  2. Hideyoshi says:

    So Cute girls NICE ONE <3

  3. SSmash says:

    can someone upload the .exe because its giving me error when i save and load please

  4. Fyuk says:

    is there any walkthrough for this game so i can get all the ending?

  5. Slack says:

    I cant seem to get the endings for Merrett or Dianna. Gotten all of the diploma endings tho.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So is there any route/scene for the Fairy Queen (Constantine) and how to get it?

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately, no, not in the main game. She does have a sex scene in Holy Knight Rhapsody. I’m pretty certain she’s part of the harem end in Everyone’s Domino also, though I haven’t played through that yet.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cant seem to install

    every time I start installing it uninstalls on its own

    and says this:

    “Error occured while extracting archives. Please contact the author of this program.”

    • Mikael says:

      I also have the same problem. As the files get extracted, it suddenly uninstalls. What causes this type of problem?

  8. Kiyah says:

    I’d love it if someone could check the files on downloadani… I’ve dled them twice and when I try to extract I get “file broken” errors. Halp~ please and thankyou…

    • harghl says:

      1. Go to the directory with the downloaded zip file parts. Select ALL parts of the file (part 1-12 or whatever).
      2. Right click and HOLD. Then DRAG to wherever you want the installer extracted to. Select “Extract to *\” as the contents of the zip are already in a folder. (If doing for a different zip you can always double check by opening a part)
      3. Done.

      The error you see is stuff being dumb and not knowing there are other parts in the zip. Selecting them all at once and forcing the thing to do what you know it should is key. Another example of technology not having a brain beyond what is programmed into it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get Fianna’s ending, I’ve done all the heart quests for her but I’m not getting the ending option. Anyone know what I’m missing?

    • DP says:

      Im having the same issue with Fianna’s ending. gone through it several times doing all the quests, and using Tillet as a teacher, but her ending wont show up

      • HOPE says:

        I managed finally to get her star quest, but I’m not sure what did I do right to make it occur.
        How did I play:

        -Had Merrett as my teacher all the time
        – Did all Fiana quests as soon as they appeared
        – Did not have anybody else affected to me too much. I noticed that I almost ended up on Olivia path an had her star quest as well, but as soon as it got overdue, another quest from Fiana popped up
        – Learned Coalescere spell. I have high suspicions that it needs to be learned in order to trigger final Fiana event. Correct me if I’m wrong
        – The final star event appeared for me on the week 141. After people in the tower started noticing some weird people sneaking around it.

  10. anon says:

    really needs a walkthrough

  11. Anon says:

    Still waiting for a walkthrough , japanese is good too (google trans =.=)

  12. Anon says:

    Extracts without error, but the Installer fails at the very end. Corrupted file.

  13. best says:

    Admin, is this Jastusa version? and all age version?

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