Idols Galore!

Idols Galore!
Life is pretty good when you get assigned to manage the careers of two superstar idols! You are put in place to countermand the rebellious tendencies of these stars’ previous manager, and you have all the power!

Beautiful women surround you now, all at your beck and call! Do you feel like seducing your lovely assistant, or maybe the sexy ex-idol co-manager is more your style? And of course, don’t forget your two superstars. Their careers are in your hands, and surely they are grateful for that! Now what could these gorgeous girls possibly do to repay you?

Idols Galore game download:

1. Extract the archive
2. Run registry.reg
3. Start the game with MESIAML.EXE

20 Responses to “Idols Galore!”

  1. alexykill says:

    it as a problem with the sounds effects 🙁 could you check that?

    • JustWantToPlay says:

      I can confirm that there is some issue with the sound. The BGM control has no effect on the music volume, and the voices are much quieter than the music, so you can’t really hear them at all.

  2. Jjredster says:

    umm i have a question. How do i open this with ISObuster?

  3. Shunrei says:

    sadly it can’t go full screen in win 7, don’t bother asking why, win 7 lacks ability to do that, if you really want to play it full screen, then kick your display driver, all games will be able to go full screen that way. cmiiw

  4. ray says:

    I need help. When I try to execute the game it says “can’t use the connected file GGD”

  5. lalala says:

    yeah i have da same problem “can’t use the connected file GGD”.. anyone can help?

  6. Seikatsu95 says:

    ermm,,, anyone know how to play it in full screen?, bcause I cant play it in full screen. My pc OS is windows 7. If anyone know, pls tell me, TQ ^^

  7. Seikatsu95 says:

    Wait a minute, I know now how to play it in full screen for windows 7, just right click on “MESIAML.exe”(has anime guy icon) and click on properties, choose “compatibility” tab, and then tick (/) on “run in 640 x 480 screen resolution” and click “OK”
    Now u can play it in full screen.

    *haha I just feel funny bcause I ask and I also who answering it XD

  8. SilentSun says:

    looks like someone doesn’t know whats a display driver is… LOL

  9. meep says:

    lol. i remember this one. It was the first eroge that i played. And back then i didn’t know this was what you’d call an eroge. ~sigh. Good times. Good times.

  10. Rei says:

    part 2 error, plz upload….

    • KaigoAkuma says:

      Error, eh?
      It may because you downloaded more than 2 at once…..
      Or your connection was lagged as hell?

  11. yamato says:

    working fine part 2

  12. Kurai says:

    How do i start the game?
    i have allready registered the reg file.

  13. Covenant says:

    All I get is “can’t use the connected file GGD.” Any ideas?

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