G-senjou no Maou

G-senjou no Maou

You play the role of Asai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city – a beautiful girl from your past named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as Maou. Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.

G-senjou no Maou – HCG

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  1. Kazami_Kota says:

    I cried. and it was well worth the tears spilt. Thanks again Admin.
    This stuff does wonders for a frozen heart.

  2. Sam says:

    So I downloaded the .rar files. How do I run them?

  3. kamith says:

    Download-Link for Part 3 does not Work
    ”File Deleted”
    Hope for new upload soon cause i cant play it

  4. Sally says:

    How do I extract the files from the .rar. folders? I am using win7 but it will not work. Keeps saying part1 failed partway. HELP?!?!

  5. Shunsuke-kun says:

    Played this after playing “A profile” which is also from AkabeiSoft… Screw this circle for making me waste so much tears in a week T_T 10 out of 10 I say.

  6. Julian21 says:

    I cried my eyes out at the end one of the best games ever but what is litte girl’s name at the end ? I still couldn’t figure it out

  7. James says:

    I’ve just managed to install the game and would like to share how I did it!

    1. I first downloaded all the files from “DA free” on this website
    2. Then I selected all the zip files in file explorer (I have Windows 8), and extracted them all at once

    3. Download the DA English Patch
    4. Download, install, and open Power ISO
    5. Using Power ISO, click “Open” and select the file named “gstring.mdf”
    6. Highlight all the files you opened and extract them
    7. Run the setup “g_setup.exe” to install the Japanese version of the game
    8. Run the setup you downloaded from this site, in step 3. Make sure you install it in the same folder as you installed the Japanese version, and you’re done!
    9. Don’t forget to change your system locale to Japan!! Happy gaming!!

    • Concord says:

      the english patch always says stopped working. how do you fix this. if possible please tell me what buttons to press on the step 7. how do i change my system locale to japan as well?

      • Maou says:

        Hi Concord,

        Here are the steps for installation. I verified these steps just now on Windows 7.

        1. Download Power ISO software and mount gstring.mdf. You will see a virtual drive appear in the My Computer with the name gstring. This drive is now the virtual disk.
        2. Now click into that virtual drive and set up the japanese game. You won’t be able to read so just go with the instincts and install it.
        3. Once you are done with the installation, find the 14 Mb English Patch.
        4. Place that patch anywhere. Desktop, or some folder, anywhere is fine.
        5. Install the patch. They will show you the installation path to C:\Program Files\AKABEiSOFT2\G-Senjou no Maou English
        Don’t change it. Let it be like that and continue with the installation.
        The English patch will automatically extract files out of the Virtual disc gstring and install the game in English.
        6. Once the installation is complete, you will find the game icon on the Desktop. Enjoy!
        7. Alert: Don’t try to install the English patch in the same folder as the Japanese version. It crashes! I tried and failed three times. Then I realized that I shouldn’t try to install both versions in the same folder.

  8. James says:

    See my comment below!

  9. ASA says:

    guys what the heck is this??!!
    when i install the JP game it does not work when i try to open

    When i try to install the patch i cant get through because the JP game is not detected.

  10. sad face says:

    When playing g string maou I get an information screen outside of the school that stops me from playing help!!!!!!

  11. Raffro Singh says:

    Can any one tell me how to install this english patch thingy :((

  12. zaid says:

    Is this a censored verion?

  13. Mr_An0nym0us says:

    I loved the work as a whole… But chapter 2… I thought there would be a limit to how good something could be, but G-senjou no Maou proved me wrong. Highly recommemd to everyone.

  14. Tim says:

    Is this voiced?

  15. string says:

    is this version voieced or voiceless ????????????

  16. Kazuki says:

    Is this voiced?

  17. km says:

    if anyone is wondering, it is voiced.

  18. Stitched up leftovers says:

    this is the HD version right is it voiced??

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