G-senjou no Maou

G-senjou no Maou

You play the role of Asai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city – a beautiful girl from your past named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as Maou. Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.

G-senjou no Maou – HCG

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  1. Ian:

    I installed the game but the English patch did not work and when i ran the game a blue screen came up.

  2. some guy:

    My favourite eroge ever. I loved this. It was so enthralling that I played/watched/read it non-stop for about 4 days. And I’m usually a fast reader. Very emotional and by dealing with pretty shady topics it just gave it more of an impact. 10/10. Kinda wish there was a sequel but I kinda don’t. The main ending did leave unanswered questionsbut I would love to see something like this again.

  3. GeanC:

    Definitely one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever seen 20/10.
    Plot is amazing, characters are extremely lovable, drama is epic, funny moments are hilarious and doesn’t force you to replay to watch route endings. Simply Perfect.

  4. Devtt:

    are all links are working!

  5. Mark:

    is this VN is censored verson

  6. Archangel:

    what a nice vn i ever read 😀

  7. Noob-san:

    So im a complete noob and I have both Daemon tools and all the rar files downloaded. So any idea on how to set up the game so I can play?
    >Im using windows 7 and I have all the rar files (english patch included) all in the same folder. Now what?

    • helper:

      you only need one of them. The Daemon tools is if you have a fast internet connection to download it straight. The rar is for people like me, who internet is slow.If by rar you mean the patch, then you need it.

  8. Cen:

    hmmm, i finally could play this game,but..why maou’s voice doesnt come out? -_-a

  9. Cen:

    i finally installed it, but one thing..why maou’s voice doesn’t come out? anybody?

  10. Lolzxd03:

    Pretty famous erogame. Don’t know how I never heard ’bout dis.
    Found selecting \Random VN\ in VNDB. Is that… the meaning of fate?
    Anyway, time to play!
    I shall be back later to leave a comment ’bout it.

  11. Yujeen:

    The character voices aren’t working. Help, pls?

  12. haif:

    so i download all the parts then whats next im new to this i dnt know what to do

    • TWH:

      First, before downloading, set your locale to Japanese.
      Then download Power ISO or some similar program.
      Download all the parts in one go, extract them or whatever with winRAR or something, then once you have the stuff all downloaded, using your ISO reading program or w.e, use that to extract the files again.

      • Tsukiko:

        as for me.. i really didnt do that.. cause i dont have a language pack cd.. cant download one either.. what i just did is extract.. mount.. after installing, uncheck the last checkbox at the end of installing.. then open english patch and voila.. i was totally surprised leh.. 😀

  13. after i download it how can i play it ?

  14. Syahdu:

    Why can’t Maou’s voice come out? In the setting’s page it had been set as ‘on’ but there still no voice every time maou talks? Is it an error? please help

  15. Vesshar:

    That was fucking amazing.

    I had some initial problems getting the game to work (Apparently, firefox crashing whilst downloading will corrupt some of the files, even when the download restarts), so despite not having any voice acting, reading through that story was worth every single second.

    I’d highly recommend everyone interested in a very well-written story, exellent music score, (presumeably) great voice acting and good humor, to check this one out.

    If you’ve ever played the “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” games, or know of them, you’ll appreciate the style, or at least get a kick out of this, in some minor regard.

    In conclusion:

    That was fucking amazing.

  16. Seph:

    I have a problem, can anyone help? I already downloaded the whole version together with the English patch. But every time I try to launch the game, there’s an error that always intervenes with the whole game. Can anyone tell me what to do?

  17. zodios:

    maou’s voice is turned on, yet I hear nothing. how do i solve this?

  18. Duncan Idaho:

    Why doesnt the owner makes an extra set of mirrors on mega?, faster DL speeds and less of a hassle to get the files.

    • admin:

      … and traffic limit that would get used up in about 4-6 hours of current usage ( depending if you count downloads at peak- or off- hours ).

  19. beaststatus:

    Wow, thank you so much for the download. Cried so many man tears, 11/10

  20. beaststatus:

    such an amazing vn. By far my favorite, thanks for the download

  21. Mirey:

    On of the best VN I’ve ever read
    Makes me cried on the true ending

  22. subhajit:

    umm I have played this game for a while and have completed the first chapter . I wonder that how many chapters does this game have and how long is this game???

  23. slithe77:

    hey, i got the game all set, but its in japanese. but when i try to download the patch it says i need to save it in another area since i \dont have admin permission\. even though i am admin, so how do i get the patch? it says its exe not rar.

  24. Chowder:

    When I try to install it says I have a ???????????????(syntax error)what do I do?

  25. Tomo:

    Holy shit this VN is simply stunning.
    Good visual and a great musical background, loveable, cute and well written characters, excellent storyline with some unexpected twists and a true ending that made me cry like a little girl. I give this a 10/10, it might get hard for any VN I read in the future to top this, but we shall see.

  26. moeXix:

    It seems that I can’t unlock Tsubaki’s 3rd H-scene…. Someone have a clue?

  27. Kawaii:

    Well, I’m kinda new to this things. I really want to play this game, but I can’t install it.

    Can someone explain how to do it?

    Thanks, and keep the good work!

  28. SpicyBeef:

    Just finished it and really enjoyed it. This was actually the first VN I’ve read, and I gotta say this might be a good VN to introduce someone if they’re new to this genre.

  29. man699:

    thanks ! a damn great game

  30. Eu:

    i already installed it but everytime i play the application for the game something’s just pop-up… then automatically close the game

  31. Naim:

    Tears don’t come from my eyes, if they did it could form a hot spring. One word “truly beautiful”. I would recommend this Visual Novel to anyone. Its been a really long time I felt this way.

  32. Moonlight_Eclipse:

    One of the best VN’s I have ever played. Very plot twisting and emotional story 10/10

  33. Zayir:

    i love this game nice story and loved the ending and the songs i loved them

  34. Merovingian:

    This VN is so awsome~ 😀
    I love the story also the Soundtrack/BGM of this VN.
    especially, the “TRUE ROUTE” from this VN, my tears came out whlie I’m playing it T_T

    One of the best VN’s which I have ever played.

  35. Zelja:

    The cocky description of this game was a turn off, but the game was incredible. It’s already been a few years since the forum-goers here recommended it to me. I don’t know if I ever thanked them, if not, I’d love to do so.

    I really believed it would be as good as I was told, and like many of my other favorite h-games, trudged through stupid things, things I didn’t agree with, things that made me feel shit, all the way to the amazing things, and felt no ill or hatred for the parts that on their own I wouldn’t have liked. I found myself questioning my own life, my relation to my mother (similar in some ways to Kanon’s mother, similar in some ways to Kyousuke’s, both serving chilling reminders to me…) which I normally dare not to question.

    I remember the sex scenes as depressing, overwrought with wrongness. That was realistic; it’s sad, but true. Reminders that I don’t want my life to go this way, I don’t want to pursue what’s wrong, I want to be comfortable with myself and my partner. A lot of the time, people are going to do it wrong, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong thoughts, at the wrong times, we’ll do so for all our own reasons and live with these mistakes. We’ll try to connect to someone and at the same time believe we can’t.

  36. I-Am-X:

    How do you get by the bluescreen/syntax error?

    It was mentioned several times yet no reply to it.
    Seems whenever someone asks for help regarding it, it gets ignored.

  37. govinda:

    How much space does this take up in all? cus i cleared about 4 gb seeing that its only supposed to be 1 but after extracting bits of this its saying that each of the .rar files takes up like 2 gigs. Kinda new to this so maybe I’m doing it wrong but definitely a pain in the ass.

  38. AnAnon:

    Problem: Can’t extract the multi-part archive

    I’ve downloaded all 6 parts + eng patch and have them in the same folder, however when trying to extract part 1, it says some parts are missing/ doesn’t recognize them and can’t extract the file.

    Downloaded each part again, in case one of them was corrupt, hoping it would assemble from the intact parts. Didn’t work.

    Any tips/help, please?

  39. mat:

    Haven’t tried this one yet but there’s a chance your antivirus might be blocking the installation of some files, it happened to me in the past and I had to shut it down to enjoy the game…

  40. Anon Hystoric:

    Hello, I tried to click on one of the download link and it says I have to pay to download files that’s bigger than 1 gigabytes or something like that. Can someone help? (Provide me the installing package or a better download link?)

  41. Tank:

    So im installing it and it tells me i need to instert the disk of the game yet ive already downloaded all the things needed? what do i do?

  42. Haha:

    Very recommended.
    So many manly tears fall during the ending.

  43. Anon:

    One of the best VNs ever, if you’re starting to take an interest to Visual Novels, then start with this.

  44. Sineade:

    I have the same problem as Tank- I’m being asked to insert a disk upon installation, although it doesn’t seem that anyone is responding anymore.

  45. Sineade:

    I managed to get the game to work, so to answer Tank-

    I downloaded DAEMON tools Lite and WinRAR which being new to this I didn’t realise I needed (see site FAQs for download info, you’ll have to google to find a download link for DAEMON tools though.)

    Run WinRAR, select all the Gstring files you downloaded and click “extract to”, this should create a folder with two files in it.

    Load DAEMON tools and click “quick mount”- find the folder that was created when you extracted your downloaded files and “mount” the file that’s available. After this it will ask you if you want to run the file. Click yes. It will bring up an installation screen which is all in Japanese, but it’s not difficult to work out which button means ‘yes’ or ‘I agree’ so work your way through that.

    Then load the English patch you downloaded. The game should no longer ask you for a disk.

    Sorry if this is stating the obvious for a lot of you but for those of us who don’t do this every day it’s useful to have a basic explanation.

    • Shoichi:

      I would like a tutorial as to how to install this. I’ve already downloaded all parts, but when I try to unpack them into one folder, I keep being asked to replace them. I don’t think it’ll work if I rename them, so I don’t know what to do next… If I were to know how to mount all of them at once, or merge them into one file, it’d be great.

  46. Central:

    I really wanted to like this one but the writing is really inconsistent. Like in some routes the Maou is one character and in the true ending he’s another. Characters make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make and is against their character and motivations. That said, I still liked Maou as a character, especially since he sounds like Lelouche from Code Geass. Gotou was great too, just unapologetically evil. It’s too bad everyone else brought it down thanks to shoddy writing.

  47. hayate135:

    Yeah, thanks admin. Thanks to you, hundreds of others completely new to the medium can experience visual novels – which in turn can help out the dwindling US VN market in the long run. I’d like to re-iterate the fact that I really appreciate the hard work. Looking forward to the site’s future endeavors

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