The story takes place in the far future. A huge mass of energy called “Planet of Destruction” suddenly appears near Mars. The planet affects the Earth and causes unusual weather and diastrophism. Triggered by them, numerous wars and terrorist attacks occur and the world critically gets damaged. But it’s not actually a sign of destruction yet. Only one hundred years left. The human beings plan to get out of the Earth to avoid extinction. There are two plans. One of them is to form the World Integrated Government. The second one is called “Felix Plan”. Humans now need to invent a new technology to live in the outer space, but they have only one hundred years. Therefore, they first invent a new kind of creature called Felix by manipulating genes. Ninty-nine years later…. There is a Felix girl who works as a main member of the Escape from Earth Plan. She, who devotes her whole life to this plan, now completes her all works and decides to stay on the Earth for the rest of her life. One day, a boy is sent to her place. His mission is to protect the girl. The story starts when they meet…

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  1. Kyrian says:

    Hi guys, just wanna ask if i buy the steam ver. but i replace the exe. file from the R18 patch is it possible? If it doesn’t work, just gonna get it on steam, planning to support dev team ^^

  2. kyrian says:

    and regarding the file part 3, has it been deleted?

    • admin says:

      You can’t download more than two files at once as a free user. If you’re getting “file not found” errors, wait until previous parts finished downloading before starting 3rd one.

  3. Kyrian says:

    eheh ^_^||| didnt thought about that limitation for a free user..and admin-san, regarding the replacement of the exe files..will it work?

  4. Josetho says:

    is this one good? … i have read like for 5 hours now and i cant just get engaged by it, the miusic is cool, but it makes me sleepy and like not want to continue reading… so… is it worth?

  5. Lauro says:

    Is this archive works? Is need an emulator or is for pc even?

  6. Acco says:

    Hi, thanks for the work on this site, Admin!

    Playthrough was amazing, music was in the same mood as ef, and I held it up to those standards.

    I have a problem regarding the H-scenes in Plus Mosaic, though. Are they all supposed to be black? I didn’t see an option in the configuration menu, nor do I remember seeing a choice between all ages/adult (having read this over the span of 6 months or so, memory is a bit hazy.) in the beginning. Am I supposed to run through all 4 scenes before they unlock, or something like that?

  7. Faifu says:

    is anyone here who have the download lik for this game OST? I’m just asking

  8. Senri says:

    Anyone have 100% save file of this game?

  9. Gespenter says:

    Man, I bought this game on Steam and played it through completely, and damn it, after 12 hours of reading, bottling up emotions, crushing those emotions and going back to reading, I finally finished it and then cried my eyes out for a hour straight, yeah, non manly but fuck, that was a depressing ending. Even more than Plastic Memories.

    • Byakura says:

      I must admit. . . . this is seriously heart rending. The beginning alone was quite sad enough but the ending. . . . it just wants to make you cry…. i cried a lot at Plastic Memories because I watched it not knowing what I was getting myself into but this. . . . . Its too much …..

  10. Raffro says:

    does this contains h scenes?

  11. Tung says:

    i downloaded it but it said that “save directory creation fail. program will exit”, can anyone help

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