Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-


In year 200X, a black hole that would later be called “hellhole” appeared in the center of Japan. Shortly thereafter all contact between Japanese archipelago and the rest of the world got lost.

Giant crystal onyxes named “Crystal B” appeared. Contact with them increased human bodies “B power” and paranormal potential, “special student body” is used to describe those powers young people gained by this change. Emergence of such powers caused panic in the masses and a dark age of violence began.

A few years later a powerful organization appeared, gathering those with the “special student body” to form the nationwide “Students Union” to bring out Japan out of the dark. But the battle was just starting…

1. Enable japanese support for your system( Vista XP )
2. Extract game archives
3. Mount or burn to DVD “DAIBANCHOU.mds”
4. Install the game
5. Extract English patch to main game directory
6. Start the game

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  1. grimspeaker says:

    So, can someone whos played give a better summary?
    also, took a look at the HCG, and it seems theres rape, s that avoidable? Imma pure vanila man, cant have that .

    • Imperial Razgriz says:

      It’s an Alicesoft product Grim…If your familiar with their work then you know what that means…If not, well…Yes, they usually have rape HCGs…Most are avoidable, for example: in Sengoku Rance, when you go to war with a certain clan you have two options when they offer peace…If you kill the messenger, and then don’t defeat them before 5 turns (if I remember correctly) pass then the rape HCG happens…But if you defeat them you get basically the strongest sword unit in game (base combat stats wise).

  2. ifgodfhgodfhngdf says:

    the patch seems to be broken.
    if you have any problem you can find the working one here:

  3. Rei says:

    Hmm…trying to install this in windows 8.1 but cannot seem to finish installing it, got blank message error, change setting to japan local already and running with admin permission..is there any way around this?

  4. Devilsraging says:

    so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn’t start.

    here’s how to get this game to work properly, well for me anyways:
    1:install the game, choose any location you want (B), start install with (R) button
    2:then once you’re done with installation, close what ever pops up
    3:delete the game folder you installed, by going to the location you installed it in
    4:install it again, click \yes\ and it should automatically install into the location you previously installed
    5:click (S) after the installation, it should launch the game in japanese, if it works, you did correctly so far, if not, then idk

    -now for the english patch i didn’t get it from here, i got it from another website, there was the english patch + text fix
    6:extract the english patch into the main game folder
    6:(optional):extract the text fix into the main game folder
    -now the game should launch in english and bypass the black screen

    enjoy i hope that helped anyone having the same issue i was having

  5. patrick says:

    why does both files only have the 2 mds files it is niether a .ISO file nor has it an .exe file ?

    • admin says:

      .mdf/.mds file pair is different format for game disc images (kinda like .rar and .zip for compressed archives) – any disc emulator software should be able to open those.
      Alternatively, you can try renaming .mdf file to .iso and open it that way, but I don’t guarantee it’ll work.

      • patrick says:

        it seems changing it to iso does work as long as you dont choose mount itself

        but view disc images and from there install it works for me atleast

  6. sieness says:

    i got problem with english patch seem like missing dll SurfaceFactory.. anyone can help?

  7. Mantus says:

    so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn’t start. Can somebody help me about this. What i need to do?

  8. Redfren says:

    Devilsraging Thank you very much for your walkthrough on how to install the game. I had the exact problem of a black screen and did everything you said. Game works great.

    Again thank you for your help.

  9. mysteryz says:

    For ppl having black screen problem,
    I got quite a big headache in dealing with the problem after installing the game and not being able to play.
    After about 5 or 6 times or so installing and uninstalling the game, and trying various methods, I managed to make it work.
    1.Install the game. (R)
    2.Extract the English patch in a folder before copying into the main game folder.
    3.RENAME the three files in the Eng patch with 大番長.ain,大番長DA.ald and 大番長GA.ald CORRESPONDINGLY. You will most probably know which files you must rename by just looking at the characters.
    4.Then copy and replace all the files in the patch folder into the main game folder.
    5.Start the game and enjoy!

  10. SomeRandomGuy says:

    I too ran into the same issue with the black screen. After half an hour of uninstalling and reinstalling like a moron, I noticed some discrepancies between the characters used in the patch’s file names and the original’s file names. Since the characters in the patch don’t line up with the original files, you end up with a bugged mess that won’t run properly. To fix this, rename the files in the patch to match the original ones. Alternatively, you could just download a version of the patch that didn’t botch things in the first place.

  11. randomperson says:

    i need help with numbers in income phase coming up as bars along with few words. any suggestions on how to fix this?

  12. Sponge says:

    Love it when the patchmakers themselves don’t know how to properly put together a patch. I’ve tried multiple times, it doesn’t work. We need a different source.

  13. Vincent says:

    How install the game in Windows 10 I see ??? the it install
    come a Window with blue “i” but I do see nothing

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