A Profile

A Profile
Beneath the scorching sun of midsummer, a pampered, aloof sort of girl declared that there are four windows through which to view a person.

She was not the only one by his side, for he had had a wounded girl thrust upon him – a wounded girl who could not help but depend upon him, as the girl he had known for so long once had.

Now, however, that old friend of his vanishes in the dead of night to prowl where an ordinary girl should not.

The blue sky of the stadium and the filth of the city streets spread out before him; unsustainable aspirations and an unsustainable love beset him.

What in the world is he thinking as he gazes at their profiles?

A Profile installation:

1. Change locale to japanese
2. Mount the game image
3. Install the game
4. Install the 1.01 patch
5. Install the English patch

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240 Responses to “A Profile”

  1. DeloreanFanatic says:

    I am able to play the game but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it in English…The English patch doesnt seem to work…I’ve tried to install it 3 times and the program is still in Japanese…I also have my locale set to Japanese so I’m not sure what to do next. Can someone help please?


  2. MusicMan says:

    When I setup (or install) the game by mounting it, it says that voice.xp3 has something wrong. It gives the options abort, retry, and ignore. Is this normal?

    • Tom says:

      got the same problem with yosuga no sora installation.

      • dale says:

        check the file to see if it say “.xp3.backup” if it has backup on the end delete it and try again

        • dale says:

          when i say delete it i mean delete “.backup” from the end of the file

          • callumjacobs says:

            erm, could you be kind enough to tell me what sotfware you’re using to start up the game? O.o i’ve got the files-however they’re ‘rar’ files so it won’t let me open them. any advice you could give me?

            • charlbeef says:

              download winrar or winzip. to open .rar files, right click and extract here. they are compressed files.. they are used to split huge files to parts… then merge them together again. because some have unstable internet, 1 wrong move and poof restart again, atleast this will give others some ‘checkpoint’ area, so they dont start from the top

  3. z says:

    do we need to login to filesonic?? it said like that when i want to download file

  4. unconcious666 says:

    Admin what happen to filesonic?

  5. Haru says:

    Mediafire and Rapidshare up already huh?
    Thank you for your hardworks, admin-tachi ^^

  6. Carnage says:

    This art…..those eyes……is this VN from the same creators of G Senjou no Mao??? if it is…then I’m so downloading this!!! =3

    • Danilo Antunes says:

      The word “akabei soft2” ring any bells?
      Same producer.

      • admin says:

        There’s also third game from them translated – “Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo”.

      • Carnage says:

        Yup, rings a bell all right xD and I also tried to download some time ago the Sharin no Kuni one….but then filesonic died……btw, do you know how to install the patch?? I already did it (or at least i think i did) but the game is still in jap T_T

        • Carnage says:

          more like…i don’t get the :
          4. Install the 1.01 patch
          5. Install the English patch….part

          I installed the game, and extracted the patch 1.01 that contains patch.exe, prof_patch.xp3, and a “read me” in jap….

          And when I try to instal the “patch.exe” and select the folder where I installed the game a message pops up in jap but says “prof_patch.xp3″…is the file demaged or something like that?? How do I do step 5 Install the English patch??

  7. S says:

    having probs with installing the game i get Blue screen with error symbols alto my region n lan is jp

  8. lol says:

    hey im having a problem with installing the game. I have extracted the file and install the patch but when i mount the imafe file and open it nothing happens and i so this to all th file and when i double click the file with the A profile image it makes me choose a file and anything i choose doesnt work. plss help 🙁 PS:ive changed my locale to japanese

  9. JizzWizz says:

    No NTR right?

  10. krocolatos says:

    now that’s our hero^^, way to go admin 😀
    …. now sit back and watch admin do the magic to change all the download link.

    i waiting for galaxy angel ml now 😀

  11. Stranger says:

    can’t instal 1.01. patch.Anybody had the same problem? how to overvcame it?

    • StellaBae says:

      Are you sure? I could download it fine. Did you download the MediaFire version? Because that’s the one I downloaded :3

  12. StellaBae says:

    Wait, bu can you mount the image? Because I can’t. :l I extracted the file. Then, I got the sonoyoko.MDS and it says invalid…

  13. Problems says:

    So I get to step 4 which is install the 1.01. I did that successfully. But when I install the English patch it goes back to 1.0 but it is in English. Any way I can fix that?

  14. Carnage says:

    hey someone please help me!! u.u I really want to play this, but the damn patch doesn’t work for me, someone please tell me how do I get it running T____T

  15. Seithis says:

    It took me a while, but I finally got the patches working. Some of you’re having trouble, so maybe this’ll help.

    After I got it installed(I used applocale on the setup file on the disc), I tried and failed with the ver 1.1 patch. Moving it outside that folder it’s created in with the weird, tweaked out name fixed that for me. Note I also ran the patch in applocale.

    After that, I ran the english patch file. Note that even if you try and install the eng patch in the wrong spot, it still runs. Whatever, just copy&paste the files it makes into the folder with all the other game stuff.

    Who knows if this’ll help anyone, but ya never know.

  16. yamete888 says:

    Running A Profile on my OSX Lion Mac, with Wineskin…just remember to set in “Custom Commands” to “export LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8” in Wineskin, install the Asian fonts in Winetricks…then:
    a) Install game
    b) as stated above, take the contents of the patch folder out of the folder…I put the patch.exe & prof_patch.xp3 in Wineskin’s “C:\Program Files\” folder, and ran it…chose the folder folder (just one level above the installed files) as my install folder…and it patched ok…
    c) Ran the aprof-r2.exe

    Was able to listed to the game’s background music, and speech…running it on WS8Wine1.3.37 engine…just happened to try this one, so others might work as well…as usual, I haven’t gone thru all the features of the game, but game seems to work…! Thanks!

  17. Carnage says:

    holy shit… I thought that the aprof-r2.exe was some of the junk I downloaded before!! I’m such a retard, that’s why the game kept running in japanese (‘ °-°)

  18. Jjredster says:

    good game

  19. Carnage says:

    sooooo yeah, just finished all the routes and….damn….AB2 still manages to make me sob like a missy and scream to my screen expecting to change someting xD great game, kinda short compared to G Senjou no Maou and…well…

    Miou’s route pissed me off more than any other in such a long time…to be honest I don’t think I could forgive her after doing all that…maybe because despite having dated some girls, I haven’t fallen in love, or maybe I’m just a jackass….so it kind of depresses me a little that the protagonist shows so much love xD

    Well, that’s all I have to say, enough ranting from me lol everybody should give the game a chance, it’s worth it =D

    • Denis says:

      The clue is somewhere in the novel : love is also about continuing to love the other even if everything go wrong… Even if you feel betrayed… Love is about being able to pardon things that should not be…

      Keep in mind that love is irrationnal…

      I think I lived something worse than the main protagonist in term of betrayal… and that didn’t kill the love I still feel weakly for that girl, even years after… even if I don’t see her anymore… even if I don’t have any contact anymore… even if we broke in a very ugly situation… I just can’t remove her from my mind… I can’t prevent me from wondering from time to time how she is doing now…

  20. Dude says:

    so I got the game downloaded and the english patched but 1.01 wouldn’t install… Is the game playable without the patch?

  21. Repede says:

    Has this happen to anyone where it is suppose to be the sex chene it’s like skip it. 🙁

    • HammerBlitzs says:

      Yeah I notice that to I play through the walkthrough and did what it said. still don’t know what the either choice thing is, and on top of that all h scene are not in all three characters storyline

  22. Yomi231 says:

    Okay,I downloaded all parts and i put the english patch in my program file,but the game don’t start….Someone can explain to me how to make it works?? I really want to play to this game…

  23. BeatMyHeat says:

    btw can anyone tell me if miou is really a prostitute because i’m now hesitating to finish miou route because if she is really a prostitute better stop playing. . pls tell me if she is or not

    • NeAI says:

      She is, and why stop playing? And is it in the Synopsis that said “Now, however, that old friend of his vanishes in the dead of night to prowl where an ordinary girl should not.” Is it clear? and in the vndb, it has tag about it 😀

  24. MementoMori says:

    it seems the english patch has a virus.

  25. Satsuki says:

    the lnk of part two is not working….

  26. cradirel says:

    I’m getting a problem. i downloaded all the files,installed all including patch 1.1 then english patch but when it comes to the first part where rizu wakes up i hang. game keeps going but the text doesn’t come out. how can i solve this?

  27. Lumy says:

    hiya, i cannot download the part 2 anyone know how to fix it or send me another link. thanks

  28. John says:

    Can some one help me with the neccesary steps to install this game. Is it neccesary to change the locale to japanese.

  29. Rowen says:

    I don’t know how to change this Locale thing…. I was so Excited to play the game….Could someone please help me on this. Tnx..

    • John says:

      I will tell you if you tell me how to install the game. Please
      Go to control panel
      go to Clock, Language, and Region
      go Region and Language

      After go to Administrative

      Change System locale to Japanese.

  30. Rowen says:

    Oh one last thing when opening the sonoyoko.exe… use applocale everytime you play the game…

  31. Faith says:

    im getting the problem of others after the applocal thing I can start it

  32. Ijen says:

    I think i may have to give up!!!one last time let me reconfirm-
    first. i changed the locale
    second. i extracted the files then installed it.everything is okay yet
    third.the game is installed.now i don’t with the patch 101.exe
    I having a hard time understanding how to do it.what is asian wineskin front thing or this applocale thing help me patch the 101.exe from abc stp bt step!!!!please

  33. Ijen says:

    Would you guys please don’t give away your incomplete weird info’s.
    Those who are having problems do what i say
    First. change your locale to Japanese and copy the fonts(follow faq of this site)
    next.download applocale and change the language from Region and Language control panel
    then extract the files.
    after that mount the game image(follow the faq)using daemon tools or whatever suits you.
    next install the game.and try renaming the files.
    after that extract the patch 101 and copy the within files to the game directory.The patch isn’t necessary to launch the game.I did it without it.but for further reassurance please do.
    then install the english patch and copy the files to the directory.try renaming the japanese.

    • fon says:

      “try renaming the japanese”
      could you expain in more detail please! i don’t know what file i must renaming & what name we should put on that file.

      • Ijen says:

        Don’t bother its not necessary!it was just annoying!so its for making things easy!
        just where are you stuck!
        Put every files in the main game folder!(also the inner of the patch)

  34. latos1117 says:

    Everyone sorry to bother I know this has been ask until the point it can be annoying, but when I install the program I have no problem I already change the region to Japan and I did the same with the language. But when I try to run the program I get a blue screen and a message that tells me some signs or letters were not I identify (not sure) well I don’t know what to do so if there is any advice please it would help a lot. (Side note even though I change it all to Japanese I really don’t see a change on my computer it seems the same to me.) Well pleaseny advice I really want to play this game I don’t know why, but I will be very grateful.

    • TinkleWinkle says:

      Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language: Change Location -> Region and Language: Administrative -> Change System Locale… and select Japanese Locale.

      There should really be video tutorials for this.
      I have no idea what that patch says, therefore I have no idea what folder I’m supposed to pick (I’ve tried a lot though, it should have worked) and I have no idea if the xp3 message means the file is corrupted or something.
      Video tutorials would solve everything.

  35. TinkleWinkle says:

    For those of you who are having trouble installing this game (or any game)… I have made a quick tutorial on it!

    I haven’t installed this game yet but I’ve obtained a fair idea on how to install VNs now.
    First, change your locale to Japanese. To do so, you just: Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language: Change Location -> Region and Language: Administrative -> Change System Locale… and select Japanese Locale.
    Second, download ALL parts of the game.
    Third, extract all parts of the game in order, 1-?. You may need an extracting tool (I use winRAR) and if you have one it will probably give you the option to extract all volumes in order after you go to extract the first part. Make sure you extract when all the parts are downloaded.
    Finally, if there are any patches you have to install, install those in the given order the the website tells you to do and read the readme notes they give.
    some patches won’t install properly.
    If this is the case for you (it always is for me) then you have to look at the files in the patch and then look for the same files in the game and manually replace the game’s original files with the patch’s files.
    Make sure that you don’t replace entire folders because sometimes there are parts of the patches that don’t replace all the old existing files. In other words, there are some files that the patch doesn’t change and if you replace it with the entire folder in the patch, you’ll lose some other files required for the game. It shouldn’t be too hard to do so long as you have half a brain (no offense to those of you who have trouble).
    This technique works for just about any game. Some you don’t need to change your locale and stuff, but I just keep mine on Japanese locale because it’s less work. 😀
    Hope I helped!

    Now, it’s my turn to ask for help!
    Someone please tell me… does that 1.01 patch still exist?
    Is it in the English patch download or something?
    Or is it just outdated stuff that the admin hasn’t removed yet?
    Do I even need it?

    • TinkleWinkle says:

      Well I downloaded everything, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m supposed to do with the patch…
      It’s in Japanese, how can I?
      I don’t know what folder I have to pick for the patch stuff and I don’t know what the patch is saying, nor do I know what the message about the xp3 file is saying. -.-
      I need to learn Japanese…

  36. DaReaper says:

    Quite a lengthy game, took me abut 24 hours to complete. The graphics are very good 8/10, the story is captivating to the point where I got emotionally attached to it (9/10) though it did get a bit confusing on Rizu’s path. It does have H-scenes but unfortunently they are censored. Paths are easy to get and the responses from the main character are pretty much how real-life responses would go. All-in-all it is a good game, would’ve been great if it was uncensored and had more music to it but good nonetheless

  37. HaZ says:

    ó__ò\ perfect…tanks admin…

  38. yup says:

    I received this error during Miku’s sex scene. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  39. blaiseantoine says:

    could you tell me how to do the savings in this game ? when i do the savings and exit from game nothing’s loaded why ? i have to wait something to do the first saving ?

  40. Vergil says:

    Whew,I just found this game now and it works well. The install instructions above is already really clear and I have no problems at all. Just in case someone having difficulties understanding the instruction, I explain it once again.

    0. Make sure you’ve already changed your applocale to Japanese (refer to the FAQs)
    1. Download all the files
    2. Install the game (mount the ISO file using Daemon Tools, then run setup.exe)
    3. Install the 1.01 patch (in case you are wondering, the patch is already included inside those 4-part files)

    *to install the patch, extract the .zip folder and then run patch.exe. A window will pop out, and then select the directory where you install the game. The default directory is inside C://ProgramFilesx86/AkabeiSoft2(written in japanese)/Sonoyoko(written in japanese). Otherwise, you can just cut the “prof_patch.xp3” (or whatever is the name, I forgot, it’s also inside the .zip folder) to the directory.

    4. Run the english patch

    Now you can enjoy the game ^^ Have a nice play.

  41. Kodaka says:

    To Akabei Soft2

    This is is awesome. Even though, it is smaller i finished it in 18 Hours. I was really happy to finish the game [Well i get after every game finishes] but after finishing the Miku route in the end of the true end or even the other end . I cried and had the same feeling when anime finishes . Something Peircing the heart and poor Masayuki he has to once again redoa school year but he will have his GF [MIKU] and am sad that miou didn’t have much good of an ending .But still i am crying… 🙁 UWUWUWUWUWUAUWAWAWWAWAWWAWAWAWA.

    P.S. Make Good games like this with always suspenseful story lines and routes and make more choices instead of just reading . SO , we get to have more flag events.

  42. Oyama Shusui says:

    Can these be played on the PSP ?

  43. Ace says:

    the patch.exe doesn’t work because there is this message that pops up with japanese and says prof_patch.xp3

  44. Ace says:

    the patch.exe doesn’t work because there is this message that pops up with japanese and says prof_patch.xp3

    plz help me

  45. Lucas says:

    If someone… ANYONE can help me play these games i’ll be forever grateful! ok, i installed the east asian languague pack, so now i can see japanese symbols. i also downloaded applocale…and thats as far as i got. help me. oh, btw im using windows XP….ya its old, but its all i got 🙂 thank you!

  46. Szarah says:

    Works great, thanks! Patches were easy to install.

  47. Kuroneko-kun says:

    I fucking HATE Miou

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