Heart de Roommate Remaster

Heart de Roommate Remaster

Yusuke’s luck is runs dry when he transfers to a brand new school. Thanks to his rotten luck, and a series of unfortunate events, he’s left on the streets with nowhere to live.

Just when he’s given up all hope, he runs into Asumi, and old friend who claims she owes him a debt she still has to pay back. Upon hearing of his struggle, she begrudgingly invites him to live in her dorm, with her two roommates. The problem? It’s a strictly girls-only dorm!

And so, naturally, Yusuke has to dress as a girl on his way to and from class every day. And since here’s lodging there for free, he’s forced to do all of the housework, and sleep in the closet. It seems our hero just can’t catch a break, and to top it off, his feelings towards his new roommates begin to shift into something significantly less platonic…

5 comments on “Heart de Roommate Remaster

  1. This was one of my first VN’s. I first played it back in 2005. I’m glad to see it get a remaster that will work better on the newer Windows systems.

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    1. Most likely it’s just a facelift that allows it to run on the newer OS systems and not much else, and face lift of the artwork too it seems…. at least that’s what it says on vndb about the remaster.

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