Steins;Gate – Installation/Error troubleshooting

1. Download Steins;Gate game, 1.20 patch and English Patch

2. Change locale to Japanese (XP Vista 7)

3.Right-click on SteinsGate.part1.rar and select “Extract here”.
SteinsGate Install 2

4. Once extracting process finishes, you’ll be presented with two files: SG.mdf and SG.mds . Mount the SG.mds

5. Setup window will appear. Choose “GAME INSTALL”

6. New setup window will appear – just click “Next”

7. Accept the license terms and click “Next”

8. Choose installation path and click “Next”

9. Click “Next”

10. Wait while the game is being installed.

11. Now you’re asked if you want to create desktop shortcut. Answer “No”.

12. Uncheck the tick-box (you don’t want to run the game yet) and finish the installation.

13. Run the 1.20 patch now. Select the path you installed the game to and click “Ok”

14. After few seconds you’ll get message that the patch was successfully installed.

15. Finally you need the English patch. Download and extract it.

16. Move the patch contents (two files: nss.npa and STEINSGATE-patched.exe) to the game directory.

17. Start the game with “STEINSGATE-patched.exe”.

206 Responses to “Steins;Gate – Installation/Error troubleshooting”

  1. Newbie says:

    I’ve installed the English patch but the game still run in Japanese..
    Help please… please…

  2. Mock says:

    Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble with the game. I’m running Windows 7 on Bootcamp, and I did everything the guide told me to do. But whenever I try to start up the game, it says that the app crashes. My locale is changed to Japanese so I really don’t know what’s wrong.

  3. flam94 says:

    I’ve the same problem who has Newbie…

  4. kalbob says:

    i installed everything and the game starts up fine but when i press start it just takes me back to the menu!

  5. Roku says:

    I’m trying to extract SteinsGate.part1.rar with WinZip but it says that there is an incongruenze CRC (?!?!) with SG.mdf.
    I’ve tried everithing! Please help me! do i have to use another program?

  6. Roku says:


  7. Roku says:

    SteinsGate.part1.rar is not complete.

  8. Ookami says:

    Hi I’m using a mac and installing with Crossover Games but when i select the same pathway for the 1.20 patch i just get a message in japanese and thats it, does anyone know what my problem is and how to help?
    Or did any one els using a mac use some other app that worked for this?

  9. coldeye says:

    hi i have a problem, everytime i try to start the patch 1.20 there is a error message saying: “vorbis.dll doesnt have vorbis_window”
    where can i get vorbis.dll with vorbis_window?

  10. yande says:

    Every time i try to extract SteinsGate.part1.rar it say that it is broken or split file is needed i already have the rest of the files needed what should i do to fix this and thank you for helping me

  11. Ichigo1750 says:

    hi. I installed all what I can download and I have a strange problem. I click start , I wait a moment and game back to menu please help ;(

  12. lulu96 says:

    I got the same problem as here.
    I click the START menu but it’s only take me back to the main menu. But other options such as LOAD, CONFIG etc. are fine the way they are… oh, and is some words (like config, etc.) will still be written in Japanese?

    I would appreciate any of your answer/solution. Thanks for your time =)

  13. Nick says:

    I just keep clicking start over and over TT_TT

  14. lulu96 says:

    I’ve changed my local but it didn’t work.
    I mean, I succeeded the installation part, but when I click “START”, it just came back to the main menu over and over… .__.

  15. Jelo says:

    Just like most people are getting im stuck at the main menu. Changing local to Japan did nothing. Help please =)

  16. Warsheeper says:

    when i start the english patched exe it says it can’t be started because libvorbisfile.dll cannot be found and i reinstalled it twice already..

  17. Sophie says:

    To the guys who are stuck at the main menu, I had the same problem on Vista and running it on compatibility mode for XP and as administrator fixed the problem.

  18. khorne11 says:

    ok everything works but… THE PHONE

  19. khorne11 says:

    LOL NVM, I forgot to run the patch XD now its all in English thank you 🙂

  20. Dayan says:

    as many others i’m stuck in the main menu. i click start it goes back to main menu again, runnig as administrator won’t do the trick. i’m using windows Vista. if someone could help me i’d be the most gratefull person in the world D=

  21. Melody says:

    Yes, I’m also having the same problem while trying to start the game. I’ve tried all the given solutions but nothing seems to be working. I was really looking forward to this game so if someone can help, I’d really appreciate it.

  22. Vennis says:

    hmmm, everything works but it’s still japanese 🙁
    and i started the english patch 😉

  23. Vennis says:

    okay, somehow managed to switch it 😀

  24. otaku says:

    I have downloaded a patched version 1.20, but now it crashes instantly after starting.
    I have changed the language to Japanese in Windows 7 and restarted the computer before running the game.
    Could it be that I don’t have the game under program files?

  25. otaku says:

    Sorry for double post, but when I “reinstall”, in my case just extracting all the 2Gigabyte of files to another folder 7-Zip told me there were failure:
    it shows me this for basicaly every file:
    can not open output file C:¥Program Files¥NitroPlus¥STEINS;GATE
    and so on.
    I am very confused know. I’ll try changing my language back from Japanese and then to Japanese AGAIN.

  26. Kurisutina says:

    I think I accidentally mounted the wrong file. But it looked the same as in the pictures still, so I continued the steps like that. I finished all the steps but when I click the game to start playing, it said “The program can’t start because liborvisfile.dll is missing from you computer. Try reinstalling the program.”

    Any tips that don’t involve reinstalling? The installation process was very slow, it took three days to finish.

  27. Greed says:

    Can anyone help me?

    Whenever I start STEINS;GATE the screen goes black and nothing is happening. If I click anywhere the game skip the first prologue goes to the 2nd and freezes there(I can see only the stars)and if I click again it goes the beginning of the story.
    (Same thing with all video from extra menu.)

    I am using Japanese regional settings and i update my video codecs. (I can see them without problem if I used VLC)

  28. Hiruandan says:

    Hello, I just tried to install this game but when I had finished mounting it and clicked the install button a windows message asking me if the program was installed correctly or if I wanted to install/repair it again with the recommended settings appeared.
    I clicked “install again” which made the game crash and now it just blackens out every time I press the install button.

    Anyone knows how to fix or reset it?
    (I’m running 32-bit Windows Vista by the way)

  29. hey10 says:

    after the main menu the game wont start. just the black screen

  30. Krisu/004 says:

    Please help me, im sure you have all heard the same problem but i simply cannot start the game, everything else seems to be clear but the start just brings me back to the menu, ive changed my region time and location, and ive ran the game as admin but it doesnt seem to clear it up, Please i love this series and id love help.

  31. Hans Blix says:

    How to install the English messages/menu screen patch? When extracting the second one, it says that the file is the same as the file from the first one.

  32. help please says:

    can i please get some help…?

    So, i did the first two steps correctly(downloading the game and changing my location) but when i right click the file the extract option dosent appear!

    and a secons question- what do i run it on? internet explorer…?

  33. lukp says:

    it says i need a license ID to use it :p and it says there’s no room for the english patch :p can someone help me?

  34. John says:

    I’ve followed the steps one by one, and everything ran smoothly, until I ran STEINSGATE-patched.exe to run the game. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library window pops up, with description saying:

    Runtime Error!
    Program C:\Progr…

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

  35. Lawrence says:

    I have it downloaded and everything and the game gets me to the main menu and when I finally click the button to start a new game then It simply won’t start.

  36. medoli says:

    Please help!
    Its been 1 year since i’ve post my question and it doesn’t have been solved.When i play,all is fine,but when Okabe Rintarō (Hōōin Kyōma) send the message to “Daru” and return to the alternate timeline,a big white “vortex” or “shining” light appear then… nothing.Its black.The escape button still work (the screen with exit and option on it) but nothing appear.

    • desi says:

      A year? Damn. Can you register at and go to the tech support section and explain this problem? Some of the users can help you out over there and it’ll be a bit easier to trouble shoot your problem.

  37. Sho-ko says:

    For those who got the “libvorbis.dll, libvorbisfile.dll” error when starting up the game, i found a way to fix it:
    1.(IMPORTANT) Create System Restore Point since DELETING DLL FILES from Windows directory are risky
    2. Find “libvorbis.dll” and/or “libvorbisfile.dll” in C:/Windows/System32/
    3. Delete the .dll file(s) mentioned in Step 2
    4. Run the Game
    5. Enjoy
    i tried it and the game worked for me

  38. AysonK says:

    I keep pressing “Play” but nothing happens ._.

  39. Qrsou says:

    For everyone that keep looping back to the menu.
    Go to your control panel => region & language => Administrative => modify regional parameters (language for non-unicode software) => japan , it will ask you to restart your Comp, do so and you are all set.

  40. reveur says:

    the game is english but the menu stay japan how do i ajust that

  41. javaris says:

    Note: The directions here aren’t quite correct because the wrong file is uploaded.

    Instead of the 1.20 update patch, the actual link is to the 1.10 update patch.
    As such, it isn’t updating to the 1.2 version, but instead the 1.1 version (and that might be causing some issues).

    The correct update patch can be gotten at

  42. Nekome says:

    for the people with the start menu problem i instaled HF pApploc and then u run STEINSGATE-patched.exe as Run with Japanese locale as administrator problem solved u should know that woked when u see Steins gate logo in the start menu.

  43. alex says:

    well I have seen that website but I can’t download the patch, it’s all in japanese and I don’t find a download

    I have the game in japanese and the patch doesn’t work


  44. lion says:

    Can anyone help me? Every time a video is supposed to play, i can hear the first few seconds of it and then the screen is kept black and it freezes. If I click anywhere the video is skipped and I continue playing. I located the files on the game folder and I can play them without problems.

  45. ficha13 says:

    How do you set fullscreen? :S

  46. Knight says:

    Is there a 64 bit version of this? Apparently my laptop won’t install it since it is not compatible with my 64 bit Windows 7.

  47. keira says:

    the game keep crashing at cahpter 2, any suggestion on this?

  48. Koala says:

    I installed the game with everything, but when I click the game it tells me that I’m missing the libvorbis.dll
    Can anyone help me???=(

  49. Koala says:

    also when I try to reinstall the game it says the file name is incorrect.

  50. Lewis J says:

    Does anybody have a clue on how to sort this ‘vorbis_window’ thing out? It’s driving me insane, been trying for hours now.

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