Violated Hero

Violated Hero

Dragoness, Mystic Warrior, Elf, Mandragora, Thief, Slime Girl…
To save the world the hero challenges each vixen of evil!
(and gets gleefully raped by her when he loses)

An epic, erotic fantasy world.
You are the naively driven hero who wants to vanquish villainy at its source: the Dragon inhabiting historic ruins!
It’s a quest of many meetings, from normal to protective monster girls, and for some reason they’re all sexual…

Can you rise to victory? Will you protect the peace of the world!?

Or will you falter, fail and die in a glorious blaze of sex…?

Violated Hero – HCG
Violated Hero 2 -game
Violated Hero 3 – game

232 Responses to “Violated Hero”

  1. Tran says:

    I think the download link for part 2 is broken. It keeps giving a file not found error. Anyone have a different link for that file?

  2. D_Way says:

    I can’t run the exe. it says error or something

  3. swan says:

    i have downloaded the game and switch my locale. when i try to run the batch file that installs the english patch, all that happens is a notepad window pops up with 3 lines of arguments. i’ve tried installing it the manual way to but it hasn’t worked. what do i do?

    • The undergamer says:

      Yeah what you need to do is after copying the files from the patch folder click on the english patch install file ,it will open up the cmd prompt thing or whatever and just let it run.After its done try running the game again and viola you have an english patched game hope you see thing and happy playing

      • jared nielsen says:

        I need help cuz when i change to japan’s locale and the game open screen look like black with no picures. what happen why i can’t see the picture. i did follow ur step by step and there is the game when you open the window of this game i open is showing me a black screen. and when i exit the game and then i see there is game screen finally said exit yes or no, that’s it and there is no-no game open screen. What should i do? the window of this game is purple and the game screen is black.

  4. phraetoria says:

    same here. there really is something wrong with the exe here.
    I hope it would be fixed soon though.

  5. phraetoria says:

    do I really need to switch to Jap Locale?
    may I ask if there is another way? I have no Japanese
    in my Regional Option thou.

  6. Kanade says:

    can someone help me? I can’t seem to patch my game into english.. :(( I followed the instruction in Changing Locale to Japanese.. opened the English Patch.bat file then when I start the game it’s still in Japanese.. Help please.. 🙁

  7. Ez says:

    Ok, so I tried everything on here suggested and I get a pop up reading “EAccess violation” and then the install runs, and when I go to run the game I get a popup of a load of japanise char’s which I can’t read, help?

  8. Kitt says:

    Keep getting blue window error (3 windows open: 1 error, 1 blue screen with random coding, and a tiny window thats just the header).

  9. thinsane says:

    Seems to be working fine for me. English patch worked as well. Thanks for the Upload

  10. Smaranje says:

    In this game, sex scenes only happend when u lose?

  11. boom says:

    can someone tell me,
    how i can unlock the elve girl scene?
    or how can i find her
    sorry for bad english

  12. xfullmetal17 says:

    Part 4 seems to not be working…

  13. greenfox212 says:

    when i try to extract the files with winrar it gives an error message saying that part 2 is corrupted. should i even redownloaded part 2 and i still got the same message

  14. Devilsraging says:

    I liked this game somewhat, it’s similar to “Monster Girl Quest”, but with no plot. It’s just a mini dungeon raiding, level up, and fight boss deal. This game, part 1 is pretty short, it took me 4 – 5 hours just getting 100% completion.

    Would recommend this to people who likes monster girls.
    Rating: 7/10 [would have liked it more if it had a little story going, also the protagonist is such a weakling, even when he’s super leveled up on skills, he still gets man handled by females no matter what lmao. Would be nice if you were given choices on what he can do]

  15. Rae says:

    there is something wrong with this one.
    especially the exe and does this work both
    xp and windows 7?

  16. Rae says:

    nvm….I fixed my problem. damn windows 7 local is a bit
    different from Xp….btw This game is good but not that good.
    and its quite funny too. win or lose you’ll gonna be raped anyway or another 😀

  17. cb says:

    I need some help, this is my first time downloading a game like this and I already reset my computer to japan and I got the RAR File Mzip but its stil not working. It keeps saying that the mzip couldn’t be extracted because its not allowed access to the output directory. l

  18. cb says:

    Also I have Windows 8

  19. ax says:

    When I open game without english, a blue screen pops us with ??????? marks. I use windows 8 help?

  20. Tanabe says:

    Syntax error ??? or whatever any idea?

  21. The man says:

    I need help, when I beat Dragona with the mage knight (I forget her name) she rapes me and the game ends. I fight dragona by my self and she wipes the floor with me. Is this the end or is there some way to defeat dragona?

  22. TWH says:

    Is there any way to fight Dragona alone on the second floor? ‘Cause I spent like a twenty minutes grinding for max stats on the second floor then spent half an hour hoping to fight her alone.

    • TWH says:

      Nvm I just grinded the first floor and killed her.
      So I guess you can only fight her solo after finding the stairs on the first floor, then you can only fight her with Relia after finding the stairs on the second floor. So you can pick the ending through picking a floor and killing 2-3 bosses repeatedly and dying over and over again.

      • TWH says:

        Nevermind I just discovered she’s about 10000x tougher on the first floor than on the second… Back to trying to find out how to fight her on my own…

  23. Frynois says:

    Every time i start this game i get a syntax error… How can i avoid this error?

  24. Alt guy says:

    And the part 3 file doesn’t download now…

  25. Jkl says:

    There’s something wrong, I always get synthax error when launching.
    Please check the download files.

  26. Juanma says:

    It was fun to play, not too hard nor too easy but….there are 3 “bad” endings and no more…that’s disapoiting.

    Literally, in the “you lose to the final boss” ending, you get raped and kept as a toy. In the “defeated the boss alone” ending, you die beccause the boss was not really dead and rapes you to death. And in the “defeated the boss with a partner” ending, you are kept as a slave (not only sexual) of your partner.
    I’m not against the sexual endings, but the main character is supposed to win at least in 1 of them.

  27. zero says:

    sorry i have a problem when i run the game after to put the parch english and run this parch, well my problem is when i run the game it appear a blue windows said me the syntax error
    who can i help me?

    • Anomy. says:

      Maybe this app cannot run by windows 8….

      • Anon says:

        It can be run in Windows 8. The problem is that the actually location setting you need to change is hidden somewhat. You have to select change location in the control panel. Then switch to the administrative tab and the correct change location button should be there.

      • Renya says:

        You just need the NTLEA aplication amd it will work 100%

  28. jirachi385 says:

    i keep getting this weird error upon trying to start the game, although i´m always at japanese locale. it´s the same error whether or not i have installed the english patch. any idea how to fix this?
    it´s also the same error for part 2 and 3 of this game. never seen this before, japanese games usually fully work here.

    • admin says:

      Do you have any special German characters, like Ü,ß etc., in your username/filepath? Try moving the game to some “basic” (a-z letters only) filepath, like c:/ViolatedHero.

  29. FishHat says:

    how do i install or play it?

  30. pandaboy says:

    can someone help me please?
    how do i patch this game?
    i want to play it in english

    • Kern says:

      Click on windows search
      type in ‘Region’
      Click administrative
      Select the region as Japanese (Japan)
      Restart PC
      Install the game regularly
      Install patch and run the .bat file named englishpatch (or something similar to that)
      Try launching the game, if that doesnt work, there are other comments on here with other solutions
      (Note: When you change to japanese you can still enable english text on windows, just near your sound icon in the tasktray, theres either text saying ENG or JAP, If its ENG your fine, if its JAP set it to ENG)
      Hope this helps!

  31. Krooma says:

    Can’t seem to get this to work. Am I doing something wrong? I run the patch files, and I get a large blue error window with lots of text and a windows “syntax” error. Any clue why?

  32. Renya says:

    To get this game working you need ntlea application and it will work 100% sure because i had the same problen as you all had and this application can work to play this game!

  33. Renya says:

    Im now playing Violated Hero 2 thanks to this aplication and a tip. For the game to work you need to see the ntlea icon in your shortcut menu and press the second option japanese generic and it will work. You can go to youtube and see how to use this aplication!:-) Well let me know if it works for you guys!

  34. justPhil says:

    Is there a way to play it on Android?

  35. kapps says:

    help guys I can’t really tinker computer programmings so can anybody help me I’ve done the procedures but I can’t install the English patch “error from Directory it says after I run the promtr ” I am using windows 10 so can anybody help I really like RPG games. PLSSSS

  36. ADDI says:

    WORK 100%
    Copy all English patch to Violated Hero directory/folder
    Double klik English patch install
    cmd will open and scan
    but first, choose file data you place violated hero (press C/D/E/F WTF)
    Open again English patch install
    And with sec for scan

    This what I did to install the patch english violated hero(windows 7)
    if you cant just two words that i say
    >>>>>>>> FACTOR FACE <<<<<<<<
    good game well played

  37. One Ugly Sunuvabitch says:

    After much frustration of finally getting VH1 to work via applocale I can now go through it without much stress. However… I AM wondering how the hell one can restock on items though since one is essentially boned once he/she has no restorative items left and as such i’m wondering how can one restock on said items, thanks in advance. 🙂

    • One Ugly Sunuvabitch says:

      After testing it for a bit it seems the only way to “restock” said items is to lose and then reset with stat gains acquired, huh, ah well. I still haven’t figured out how to get to the second floor without initiating the “hope battle” against Dragona though, so if anyone can help with this then i’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂

      • One Ugly Sunuvabitch says:

        So… I’m supposed to lose to Dragona on purpose after traversing the first floors four choosable bosses, wish i’d known that earlier. XD lol

  38. kindred says:

    how can i instal the eng patch pls help

  39. Rex says:

    i keep coming across games that require a password to access the archive. WTF, dude this is getting annoying!

  40. asdf says:

    So I got the game working, is there any way to move it? I want to move it to my monitor it’s currently on my laptop screen. The laptop screen is a tad small but I can’t find any way to move the game itself.

  41. Artaeus says:


    Install the game (follow readme instruction), after if you have a Syntax error on Windonws 10 :

    – Write region in your windows search and enter
    – After select administrative and modify language to unicode program, select japan.

    PLAY GAME !!

  42. Artaeus says:

    And, i think it’s important to install japanese characters ?

  43. CCoDu11 says:

    I need help please!! I have everything installed normally but when I launch the game there is a window that opens with question marks and “syntax error” in parenthesis and there is also another blue window. Can you help me please ?

  44. Daysukeshion says:

    where is the password for the part 2 (sorry for mi english)

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